Northfield Mount Hermon

the best prep school to ever be created. in the beginning, if you were pretentious and sn-bby, you were turned away by admissions immediately. it is a place where, both in history and present, many celebrities send their kids i.e. jackie robinson, daniel craig, john irving, patrick ewing, etc. celebrities are made at nmh too, such as uma thurman, laura linney, chiddy bang, etc.

it is a prep school that proves you don’t have to be sn-bs to be a successful prep school. nmh basketball is the biggest feeder to the ivy league in the country and dominates typical schools like deerfield. nmh teaches kids to go out and do something in the world, not make a lot of money.

it has quite possibly the best food in prep school, and one of the nicest campuses too.

other schools such as choate, exeter and deerfield think nmh is a hippy drug school, because the students don’t dress in pastels 24/7 and can have good times.

all in all, nmh trumps the other prep schools except maybe taft which is a pretty sick place.
northfield mount hermon students are real people, not kids riding daddy’s money through life.

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