one word used in a quick manner to express extreme happines or dissapiontment

lottery- 7-7-7
guy- ohmygodicantbelieveit

lottery- 7-7-q
guy- ohmygodicantbelieveit

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  • oike

    coined by khrystyana at star lake, summer of 1999. derived from the words ‘bloke’ and ‘idiot’. can be used as a noun or as a adjective. also helpful with coupled with the word nubt, nubty, w-nker, etc. the goalie is such an oike w-nker! run, you nubty oike! catch the ball, you oike!

  • olandor

    dustin hein; the white, caucasian version of orlondo mccoy hey there’s white orlondo; olandor!

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    mate(s); c-ckney rhyming slang; shortened form of china plates was out with me old china and all got sixes and sevens . slang for weed, pot, herb you know the good stuff “hey lets get some old china”

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