Parkinson’s Disease

a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes tremors, stiffness, and rigidity in the muscles. there is no known cause or cure. mohammad ali and michael j fox both suffer from early onset parkinson’s disease. early onset parkinsons often ends in a wheel chair with the ability to only move their eyes.
my father was diagnosed with parkinson’s disease.
1. a disease caused by the aids virus, which causes elderly people and michael j. fox to stare blankly at women’s br–sts.

2. a funny disease.

3. like autism, but funnier.
judy contracted parkinson’s disease from her neighbor and now has to wear a shock collar when playing in the backyard.

ha ha, you’ve got parkinson’s disease.

my grandmother died from parkinson’s disease, so i am lawfully able to make fun of people with it.
the habit of stabing people.
look at all the people you’ve stabbed, you’ve got parkinsons disease

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