Piedmont, Alabama

a hick-town in alabama located near jacksonville & anniston alabama. it has 70 churches in its zipcode, 99% baptist churches. most of the people are rich white people. the others are poor white people, with some races that fall in between. very close-minded. has nothing to do in it. the school system is pretty cool because every child in 4-12th grade get macbooks to keep 24/7 and use for school. great football team. no elective cl-sses really unless you consider football, band, and cheer. football obsessed town. will drive 15 hours to see one football game. full of hypocrites and old people.
are you from piedmont, alabama?
yeah, why?
you’re a rich white sn-b. tell-tall symptoms of a piedmontian.

– walks away to go to restaurant to drink away sorrows like a rich white sn-b –
where winners come from.
person one: hey you know matt?
person two: he’s from piedmont, alabama. he’s a winner.

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