piss of shit

– spelling mistake (it should be called piece of sh-t)
– when a sh-t takes a p-ss
u f-ck-ng p-ss of sh-t

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  • p*ss on it

    another way of sayin, screw it or f-ck it chick:lets go somewhere dude:i dont wana chick:pleezzz, i luv ya!! dude:p-ss on it, letz go forget about it; to do something later. person1: i can’t go out tonight, i have to study for a test. person2: p-ss on it. let’s go. when you’re playing baseball and […]

  • p*sspotical

    ridiculous, pathetic, laughable. your attempt to define that word was p-sspotical. ridiculous, stupid, unqualified don’t be so p-sspotical what a p-sspotical comment bullsh-t, babble, cr-p, sh-te-talk dont be so “p-sspotical”

  • p*ss pull the trigger

    the act of forcing yourself to spew, and p-ssing, simultaneously. this is usually done after defeating an ultimate p-ssy b-tch in a beer chugging contest the night before going to cape cod. wickert p-ss pulled the trigger after he chugged 8 beers in 20 minutes. 1. p-ss pulling the trigger occurs when drinking more than […]

  • p*ssy-slit

    a p-ssy slit is a slang word for the female v-g-n-. it is a naturally occurring “slit” shape from which springs “p-ss” after large quant-ties of liquid are consumed. hence the name “p-ssy-slit”. that p-ssy-slit is sure to get your d-ck wet!

  • pistake

    noun. a mistake based on a taking of the p-ss. see take the p-ss, taking the p-ss, pistaken “did you really think he was going to give you 100 quid for nothing? that must be a pistake – he’s not even worth 100 quid”

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