poop culture

culture created by edgy, unstable, irresponsible teenagers such jake paul, justin bieber, miley cyrus, calvin cordozar broadus, and others.
look at this p–p culture here! gawd d-mn them edgy, unstable, irresponsible teenagers.

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  • booze it or lose it

    when one refuses to spend money on anything other than any kind of alcohol. me: “hey hudson want to go eat? hudson: “nah bro, booze it or lose it”

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    “silly duffer brother” or “sdb” for short can be used as a noun or adjective to describe an extremely idiotic person (also a nitwit or fool) or an extremely idiotic action. sdb combines aussie slang (duffer) and incorporates a reference to the world renowned duffer brothers (american twin brothers who write and direct science fiction […]

  • the kober

    when you throw a frag grenade in h1z1 whilst jumping to launch the grenade farther by emulating kobe bryant’s slam dunk and you end up killing someone. holy sh-t eryctriceps just killed stormen with the kober from 30 yards

  • mattsims

    anorexic meth head with rotten teeth . s-xual deviant. rides bike everywhere to look for drugs. dang! did you see amber with that meth head? ya. hes a mattsims. they deserve eachother.

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    when someone does you a favour but you have no intention of paying the favour back. so you’re essentially using them as a slave. dude, can you do us a favour? yeah, what are you going to do for me? nothing come on, im doing you no slavours

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