pornstar reject

a man who thinks he’s s p-rnstar by acting like hes in a p-rno everytime he has s-x and repeats everything he has ever heard in a p-rno but in reality he just sounds like a broken record and his fame is only in his imagination.
p-rnstar reject ” oh yes baby,just like that, don’t stop, thats how i like it, oh baby u are a bad girl, that’s how i like it . i know u like it. bad girl, don’t stop….”
girl” omg will you shut up!” ” if you want me to keep going stop trying to talk dirty”
p-rnstar reject “ok baby, anything you want just don’t stop cuz you know how i like it”
girl” i mean it!”
a few minutes go by…
p-rnstar reject” see you like it don’t you, your a bad girl , don’t stop, oh yes that’s my bad girl”
girl” that’s it i’m out of here you p-rnstar reject!”…. ” and learn some new lines loser!”

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