Pregnant Susan

noun: a generic term for a person who has an awkwardly placed adipose deposit on their lower stomach, as to simulate a pregnancy; a generic term for a girl who is just plain fat; a pejorative term for a person who is acting like a fatty
cole: “i feel like such a jerk. i just asked that lady when she was due and she turned out to be a pregnant susan.”

a.j: “hey look guys, we can go eat at that table by the window.”
sheila: “oh, it looks like there’s somebody there.”
a.j: “well, that’s okay we can go eat with them.”
juanes: “oh h-ll no. look at those flabby chins. no way am i eating dinner next to a pregnant susan.”

alexis: “you guys really want to take the subway seven blocks? stop being a bunch of pregnant susans, we can all manage to walk that far.”

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