ptsd (president-trump stress disorder)

the disquieting feeling of fear, horror, and loneliness that engulfs your entire body–down to your soul–when you realize that you’re living in a representative-democracy where the percent of the population that is intentionally ignorant, racist, s-xist, and/or bigoted has reach a critical m-ss.
person 1: “can you believe donald trump is president?”
person 2: “…i just don’t care anymore. after the election and the complete lack of intelligent thought from so many people, my ptsd (president-trump stress disorder) has led me to realize that if it wasn’t that waste-of-oxygen we would’ve voted in some other demagogue… wanna get drunk?”

person 1: “aren’t you supposed to be at work?”
person 2: “i was going to go to work, but ptsd (president-trump stress disorder) sunk in: if representative governments are only as good as the intelligence of their citizenry, then what’s the point?… so i dropped acid instead.

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