punk-ass chump

a bully, frat boy type with no redeeming qualities.
george w. bush is a punk–ss chump.

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  • Punk Card

    when someone calls you out and dares you to step up, usually in front of a lot of people. if you say no, you just got labeled a punk. person 1:dude, you gonna pick that up? person 2: pick what up? person 1: that punk card he just laid down in front of your -ss. […]

  • edu-ed

    when one is very high, stoned, drunk, or any other sympton of a drug that inclued amazingness, especially as a symptom of edu stoner: holy sh-t man im so f-cking edu-ed… very very stoned stoner: waaaattt??

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    the university of georgia located in athens, ga where female undergraduates outnumber male undergraduates almost two to one! if you can’t get laid at uga, you’re a total f-cking loser. where baptist girls learn to drink chelsea used to be a good girl until she went to uga and became a total alcoholic. pr-nounced “ugh […]

  • Ringtailed

    extremely mad or p-ssed off dude, i’m so ringtailed right now my car took a sh-t.

  • ripped up sic

    this is a term often yelled by chavs to the retreating/wandering away backs of anyone who they feel they have just beaten at a round of verbal sparring/who has fallen foul of another person’s wit or what the chavs take as wit, but is actually exasperation (this is much more likely, as it is very […]

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