raccoon eyes

when you cry in the bathroom and then look in the mirror to discover your mascara has run down your face.
sarah: i’m over jamie breaking up with me…
jessie: then why you got racc–n eyes?
when you have been partying hard for a few days with no sleep you get dark rings around your eyes, known as racc–n eyes..
“dayum!! ive been up all night partying hard, check out my racc–n eyes!!”
when you wear your sungl-sses in the sun too long and get the reverse rac–n look. most common in spring skiing while wearing goggles.
the sun was bright on the slopes today and i got a serious case of the racc–n eyes
after a long night of drinking you will usually get terrible mud b-tt (aka the beer sh-ts) the next morning, after your first chocolate shotgun of the day you stand up without wiping your -ss, approach the nearest p-ssed out person and while holding your b-tt cheeks apart you firmly press your -sshole around that person’s eyeball leaving a perfect ring around the person’s eye.
i hope that chick doesn’t get pink eye, i gave her a nasty -ss racc–n eye.
when a guy puts his b-lls into the eyes of a woman and slaps her in the eyes with them until she gets 2 black eyes
bro last night i gave her racc–n eyes!
when a male -j-c-l-t-s specifically on both closed eyes of a female. similar to dot her eyes but usually done from the side of her face thus giving the impression of racc–n eyes.
my brother dave said he finished off by giving his girl racc–n eyes.
when you are dating a nut job and dark circles appear around the eyes.
pete has racc–n eyes again, his girlfriend is taking him down for the count..

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