red shirt guy

a world of warcraft player, dubbed red shirt guy by his various fans, that corrected the blizzard developers on lore. he asked why falstad wildhammer wasn’t in cata. the developers answered that he had died a long time ago in day of the dragon. when in fact, he’s very much alive! go red shirt guy!
yo did you see the red shirt guy at blizzcon 2010?” “heck yea, that red shirt guy owned! it was about time someone brought the devs back down to earth.
a character in fiction (usually tv or movies) that will meet their demise almost immediately at the beginning of the story. can also be a real person that is clearly going to fail at the onset. derived from the original star trek tv series in which unimportant characters (wearing red shirts) would accompany the main characters on an adventure and get killed before the first commercial break.
(pointing at tv screen) “see that ditzy chick with the radio? red-shirt guy!”

“manfred wants to play darts with them.”
“red-shirt guy.”

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