delicious and scrumptious in its own special way.
that pizza was scrumpdidiliumpcious!!

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  • gooberspoot

    mixture of s-m-n and feces that runs down the leg of someone who has received -n-l s-x jane had gooberspoot running down her leg after d-ck slammed her backdoor.

  • donkishnardo

    pr-nounced (donk-i-sh-nar-doh). just an all-around doofus, jerk, or dunce. mostly used on people who have done something stupidly funny. tim: mark did you see paul throw that water bottle on top of the school roof? mark: yeah dude he’s such a donkishnardo

  • trophy son

    a trophy son is someone who doesn’t do anything that a normally kid would normally do for ch-r-s. he/she doesn’t clean their room, wash the dishes, or do the laundry. mom: good job on you’re ch-r-s hun dad: i’m glad he isn’t a trophy son like the older one

  • chr*n*l

    christmas -n-l. man, mary gave me some d-mn good chr-n-l!

  • dusht

    noun status of severe hangover, synonyms: bhurst, dushty rhodes, kaput, broken. “jaysus , mike is dusht today since he drank all of the left over cans at the party”

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