south plainfield girl

a south plainfield girl is from of course south plainfield nj. the most typical out of all of them is all they do is act like any other sl-t to get attention. if they don’t know you they will roll down the window p-ssing by saying loud stupid random flirty bullsh-t. they ask for money all the time even when they have a job and act like they are into you just to get something for free or have something there way and think they can take no for an answer and act like they are tough when they are just all boney from all the drugs, drunk from all the booze they drink, and always p-ssy prissy from all the time from bleeding everywhere from their lose beef curtains sounds like they will be great extras for (the walking dead). most of them are losers that are mostly pregnant while in high school or graduated from not wearing any sort of protection and introducing another future sp loser into the sh-tty -ss town to follow their footsteps. some are jocks, some are in clubs, and last mast majority are sl-ts that just want it all for themselves going to gyms to lose baby weight and wanting to find a man to take care of them when they all fail nearly 97.5 % of the time. the ones that do drugs either walk around with a hood on pick up cigarette buds and brag. they are all fake, immature, and has that r-t-rded heyy wannabe valley girl voice.
southplainfield girl 1: my dads a cop and i suck c-ck.

southplainfied girl 2: can i borrow a dollor !? i will suck your c-ck.

south plainfield girl 3: i will make you cry (but, has a man who beats them and crys like a usual b-tch on a pillow)

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