a stinkybrowneyedpedro is a mixture of -n-l and siemen juice produced by f-ggots after intercourse without removal and the over exposure of the back door exit 4 extended periods of time. also known as a purple -ss gerbil, or an -sscamper.
there once was an -ss gerbil that loved to stick his little fuzzy monkey finger in everyone’s -ss waffle so much that the little g-y -sscampers limp -n-l cave driller got stuck.turned blue, fell off and the dumb f-get ended up with a stanky blue c-ntwaffle permanently. and so hense the saying “silly f-cking f-ggot d-cks are for chicks, and stickybrowneyedpedro’s are grotesque, so a c-ntwaffle is what you gets!”

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