Surprise Poop

you are in the bathroom to pee, and suddenly, and out of nowhere, like a phantom.. you have to p–p. there was no previous sensation as if one had to defecate, it snuck in like flynn and out like a trout.
last night at my families house, i was taking a nice long p-ss when suddenly i had a surprise p–p
the water that splashes up your b-tt hole when taking a sh-t.
when your sitting on the toilet and the dump is coming out and you think its going to flow like a river into the stream but then ends up shooting like a volcano straight into your -ss. surprise p–p!
when you go to the bathroom thinking you have to pee, when suddenly, out of the blue, you have to p–p.
“dude, i just had a wicked surprise p–p”

“surprise p–ps p-ss me the f-ck off”

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