Surveillance Police State (SPS)

the united states – in which all persons are subject to continual observation and monitoring by the government and corporations in all aspects of life; where no piece of information is too private or insignificant for inclusion in the permanent digital record; where all persons are subject to the jurisdiction of secret courts and the arbitrary suspension of const-tutional rights. the surveillance police state (sps) is sponsored by the presidential administrations of george w. bush and barack h. obama, the democrat and republican parties in congress, the u.s. judiciary, all government agencies and most large corporations – particularly telecommunication, finance, defense, media and internet companies. its creation was foretold by numerous literary and cinematic works; and although its actual existence was known since at least 2001, it only received critical attention when brought to light by whistleblower edward j. snowden in 2013.
the surveillance police state (sps) is an act of terrorism against united states citizens.

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