tall leprechaun lawyer

a tall leprechaun lawyer is a tall man resembling a leprechaun. tall leprechaun lawyers can be referred to as the ericsan. tall leprechaun lawyers are often found to be incredibly nerdy nerd nerd like. they are often found in law firms listening to 80’s top hits. tall leprechaun lawyers can often be confused with the average leprechaun man. the difference is a tall leprechaun lawyer will have a small, fuzzy, white dog by their side, often referred to as da fuzz, and they will also a sacred belly-b-tton. tall leprechaun lawyers can be found in breweries or courts, these are their natural habitats. if you are so lucky as to find a tall leprechaun lawer make sure you ask for legal advice, hand them a beer, and say merry christmas, because it is obviously their belief that christmas and st. patrick’s day are combined all year.
wow! by the looks of him, and his small, fluffy, white dog, he must be a tall leprechaun lawyer!

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