The Knox School (Australia)

the knox school (australia) is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational day school, located in the eastern melbourne suburb of wantirna south, victoria, australia. the school is a member of the eastern independent schools of melbourne -ssociation.
oh once i studied in the knox school (australia). i found that if international student (just internaional student!!!) who is studying it subject and absented or late with medical reason or something. you will receive a warning from the school, more than three times? the school will help you to write the report about you late/ absent more than three time to the immigration. look and sounds p-ssion right?
the knox school (australia), one of the independent, co-educational, non-denominational day school. during today, there are more than hundred international students study in this school. also because of international overload problem. the knox school is starting to introduce some of the idea can actually separate international and local students. therefore, the school is falling down…
me: hi bangy how are you, no time no see huh.

bangy: erhhh…

me: what’s wrong my friend

bangy: seriously, there are a lot of changing in our school during this year…

me: wait, you mean the knox school (australia)?

bangy: yea, that school is starting to separate us and local students which we will have different timetable also the cl-sses are different.

me: what do you mean?

bangy: means we will have a cl-ss with international only. sounds like the school is separate too.

me: d-mn that…that, i have nothing to say seriously.
not just the school stupid, also the cl-ss mate are stupid as well. he just blame to my school as a rich school which people love to show off. that doesn’t even happen i can’t see once in my school.

bangy: it’s alright, he is just a redneck.

me: true, so are you going to change school?

bangy: possibly if still going bad, however one of my cl-ss mate preferred stay in this school until graduate.

me: true, he told me same thing as well, the only thing i knew was he bought a razer product…

me, bangy: lololololololololol

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