trump promise

when a person promises to do something so grandiose, that it is quite clearly obvious that they will not be able to follow through with said promise.

a grandiose promise that won’t be fulfilled and is made in an effort to show off.
-maxamillion is running for cl-ss president of new voices elementary and is currently speaking at his school’s gymnasium debate against his rival shillary-

maxamillion : “if you vote for me as your cl-ss president, i will build a great playground– and n-body builds playgrounds better than me, believe me –and i’ll build it very inexpensively. i will build a great, great playground , and i will make the new voices elementary pay for that playground! mark my words.”

random student: “i’ve never seen you build a playground! how can you build a playground? you’re only 7 years old! that sounds like a trump promise if i’ve ever heard one. you just want use to vote for you!”

-other students yell out “yeah!”-

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