gorgeous light skin female
x’zheviannah is so pretty and gorgeous and has a nice body

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  • smellaholic

    a drunk stinky person. dat dude reeks he’s a smellaholic.

  • love you the most

    when you are trying to compete with your partner over affection. the most is the highest amount of affection that can be on offer and cannot be beaten. meg: i love you scott: i love you more meg: i love you the most

  • instasnaptwitfacegramming

    the describing name of the world that today’s youth live in teenage daughter : dad…. dad… there’s a emergency! dad : what wrong dear? teenage daughter : i have no internet service on my phone dad: omg my dear! no instasnaptwitfacegramming for you….. your going to actually have to talk to people to let them […]

  • midget picket

    when a long hardy rod is inserted into the -n-s of a little person. the little person has something written on their body resembling a picket sign. last night joey and i made a midget picket.

  • ya dont say

    similar to phrases such as “no duh” or “no sh-t sherlock” often used when someone points out the obvious that you even sarcastically act like it’s a big deal. -calling pizza hut- customer: i would to like order a pizza. phone: ya dont say!!!!!!!

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