Do you want to organize the wedding of your dreams in as calm a fashion as possible? If so, be sure to put the following advice into practice.

Here are three top tips for stress-free wedding planning:

Work out your finances and set yourself a budget

Allowing your wedding spending to spiral out of control will be sure to have an adverse effect on your stress levels. If you want to avoid putting financial pressure on yourself during this very delicate time in your life, you need to set yourself a budget.

To perform this all-important task in a highly effective and efficient fashion, you must:

1. Be open with your partner when discussing your personal and joint finances

2. Discuss your wedding with your parents and find out if they are comfortable with contributing (but whatever you do, don’t make them feel pressured into giving you anything)

3. Draw up a guest list that is compiled of people that you must invite (your parents, siblings, grandparents, best friends, etc.) before you start adding other people to the list

4. Don’t forget the small expenses (stationery, marriage license, venue corkage, clean-up costs, hotel rooms, etc.)

Explore your entertainment options on a centralized platform

Why attempt to compare different wedding bands using their individual webpages when you can easily explore your options on a centralized comparison platform? Taking the latter route will be sure to save you a lot of time and effort, which in turn will no doubt have a profound positive impact on your stress levels going forward.

When you align yourself with a company such as Alive Network, you will have the capacity to weigh up your entertainment options in a quick, efficient, and stress-free fashion. Whether you want a string quartet wedding or whether you would much prefer a live jazz performance, you will be sure to find the band of your dreams on this booking agency’s online comparison site.

Create a timeline that leads up to your wedding day

Creating a timeline is one of the best things that you can do to take the stress out of your wedding planning. This will allow you to set yourself a number of deadlines, which in turn will help you to remain on track with regard to all of the important tasks that you face in the run-up to your big day.

Here’s a rough example of a timeline that you should follow as your wedding date draws closer:

12 months before — Put deposits down on your ceremony and reception venues

9 months before — Book your external vendors (photographer, caterer, florist, DJ, etc.)

6 months before— Order your wedding attire and arrange fittings

3 months before — Confirm final arrangements and schedule any necessary trials (e.g., hair and makeup)

1 month before — Make sure that your speeches are written and apply for your marriage license

If you want to keep stress at bay during your wedding planning process, be sure to heed all of the advice and guidance listed above.