Didn’t you expect it? Here I am too … And in general, at the first stage, the thought came to me more than once that “you can’t figure it out”. I switched between TikTok accounts for a long time, so that a full-fledged structure was formed in my head. And it happened! If you are also wondering which type of account to choose in TikTok, this article will help you. More info about promotion in TikTok read here.

The choice will depend solely on the development goals of your channel and on the availability of the proposed tools. Depending on the type of account, the tools for its promotion and promotion may differ.

  1. Personal TikTok account
  2. TikTok profile design
  3. How to switch to a Pro TikTok account
  4. Author account type
  5. Business account on TikTok
  6. Little secret

Personal TikTok account

After registering with TikTok, your account is automatically assigned the personal status. If you came to this site as an ordinary user with only one purpose to while away your time watching a video, this account will be enough for you!

There will be no problems even if you have a desire to upload your videos to TikTok. They will also be featured in your feed and attract subscribers to your channel. Overlay filters, text, sounds, melody, etc. – you can also use these tools without restriction.

For me, the only drawback of a personal account is that there is no analytics here. If you are promoting your brand or your business on a more professional level, this type of TikTok account will not suit you.

And here is the right time to pay attention to the Pro account. But before we move on to its review, I would like to say a few words about the design of the profile.

TikTok profile design

All changes to the profile are made through the button of the same name under the avatar on the main page.

In a personal account, TikTok allows you to add 2 links to social networks: YouTube and Instagram.

TikTok is very democratic in this regard. If other social networks do not support the idea of spilling traffic to third-party platforms, then TikTok does not seem to mind at all. I just don’t know how long it will last. But for now, the channel authors are taking advantage of this opportunity and are actively attracting the audience from TikTok to other social networks.

In addition to links under the avatar, it is allowed to add a description for your profile. But you can’t “run away” much here, because the allowed number of characters is only 80! It’s time to remember the saying – “Brevity is the sister of talent.”

How to switch to a Pro TikTok account

If you feel that the tools of your personal account are not enough for you, and you, for example, would like to track analytics for each video, it’s time to switch to the Pro account.

By the way, it is a mistake to think that you have to pay some money for this. Connecting a Pro account from TikTok is absolutely free! Would you like to spend money here? Then set up ads. True, it is available only for users in the status of individual entrepreneurs or legal entities. Well this is so – information for general development.

So, to switch to a pro account on the main page with an avatar, click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner.

Next – Account Management – Switch to Pro-account.

And here a surprise awaits you! In your pro account, you will need to choose in the status of whom you want to “collaborate” with TikTok: as an author or a business project. There are slight differences here.

The Author status is suitable for content authors, public figures, artists and influencers.

Business status is suitable for brands, sellers, organizations and service workers.

Author account type

After selecting the type of the Author account, a list of categories opens. Specify the category that is most relevant to the topic of your channel. The next step is gender selection (optional).

An additional section appears in the author’s office called the Author’s Tool.

Absolutely every user has a section with Analytics here. And not for everyone, but gradually this function appears for everyone – Questions and Answers.

Analytics will collect statistics on profile tiktok views, videos and subscribers. For fast account growth buy tiktok views here.

In the Questions and Answers section, viewers have the opportunity to leave questions, and you, as an author, have an additional reason to broadcast your expertise by answering these questions in video format. By the way, all questions will be in the public domain.

In the profile, this setting looks like this:

This is where the differences between an author’s TikTok account and a personal one end.

TikTok in the description allows you to add a link to an external site. But this feature is only available on a Business account!

Business account on TikTok

Let me remind you that a business account is the second type of Pro account.

When switching to it, the following message appears:

And again you will need to select the Category of your channel. Basically, that’s all). Next, a window will appear with information about new features and the Change profile button.

It is through this button that you can add a link to an external site.

In addition to the link to an external site in the business account, the same you still have the option to leave links to YouTube and Instagram, add a description and email address.

You will also be interested in the section Tools for business.

The Analytics you already know is no different from the analytics in the Author’s office. It is possible to connect the Messages button, which will be displayed under the avatar in the profile. Creative Business Platform is a guide to content creation.

In preparation for the creation of this article, I saw the following information on the Internet: the author’s account is more intended to gather an audience within TikTok, to form a certain community within this social network. A business account will be aimed at attracting a loyal audience to external pages – to a website or social networks. What is the difference is understandable. It’s just a mystery to me, how will this be implemented by the TikTok algorithms? It can’t just be limited to the presence of external links .

Little secret

Please note that the TikTok business account does not have the option to add the Ask me a question option. But there is a little trick.

First, switch your account to authoring and enable this option, and then switch to business. In this case, the profile will display a link to an external site (if you specify it), and users will have the opportunity to ask you a question.

Don’t play too often with a different account type. While I was writing this article and switching settings back and forth, my account was blocked for being too active. What sacrifices you will not make for the sake of your readers!