Eating is a whole package. It does not concern itself with just how good your food looks and such things. The more important aspect here is the nutrition the food gives. Microwave ovens keep this in their mind. They warm your food and look after the fact that you stay fit at most times. But are you taking equal care of your microwave oven? It is a common notion amongst many that they will not contact and call for professional help until their microwaves stop functioning at all. That is a habit you must forego. Here are some tips by which you too can take as good care of your microwave as it does of you.

  • Ways to maintain your microwave:

Here are five simple ways to take care of your microwave on rent. These are mostly just the most common things that we more often than not forget.

  • Cleaning it:

You need to clean it after almost every use. The problem is that we do not understand but the moments bring about results. It is not too hard. If food traces remain on the walls of a microwave they may take up energy and even cause damage to the machine as a whole.

  • Keep the dishware in mind:

Do not use the kind of dishware that is specifically mentioned not to in the descriptions. Aluminium foils, dishware that contains silver or gold accents, and metallic dishware are something that we already are aware of that should not be used in your microwave oven. If the dishware that you are using turns hot while heating the food, it is probably the best idea to avoid it in the future.

  • Keep the weight restrictions in mind:

Mostly all the food that we heat in a microwave remains under the weight restrictions offered by the model. However, if you are to heat something big that you realise may have a weight even a little bit higher than what is specified then it is best to go through the guidelines once and be sure first. You can get them online or even in the literature provided with the machine.

  • Avoid door damage:

This is the worst kind of damage possible to your machine. The door of the microwave oven is what keeps everything inside. If the door itself gets damaged then there is little hope that the machine will be working till long.

  • Know when to stop:

Know when you must stop being the mechanic yourself and ask for help. Microwaves are quite complex machines. It is practically impossible for us to repair them on our own. If anything we will just end up making it worse. It is better to stop and call for professional help when you see matters slipping your hands early on only.


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