We just hit the Ber-months and the holidays are definitely around the corner. Most homes are getting ready for the yuletide season. Suppose you are too but don’t want to go all out. Well, that’s not a problem. As a matter of fact, you can always utilize your creative juices while also keeping it low for aesthetic purposes. This blog will teach you some helpful ways to go minimal on your Christmas decor this year.

Got No Time To Decorate? Perfect!


Ditch the Ornaments

A plain Christmas tree isn’t as horrible as it sounds. It’s actually a cool idea to ditch the glistening multicolored ornaments, so you’ll have an all-green statement piece. Place it in a simple basket and adorn it with a fuzzy blanket to make it a little more cozy and interesting which is perfect for the cold season.

A Mini-version

Splurging on a brand-new full-size Christmas tree every year is financially exhausting, isn’t it? Why not try something different this year and switch to mini-versions instead? A mini Christmas tree can be easily fixed on the dining table as a centerpiece or alongside other simplistic accessories to complete the set.

Another tip for a perfect mini-tree is to use the tip of a pine tree on a transparent vase half-filled with water. This decor can be another suitable statement piece that will less likely become an eyesore.



Minimalist Christmas decor doesn’t you’ll have a boring space for the most part of your home. You can still make the room feel cozy with a few candles to light for Christmas dinner. In a gold-colored tray, place a few candles and tie them together with a nice ribbon for a classic minimalist vibe. Candles are being lit on Christmas as a symbol of hope, love, joy, and peace all around the world. In the Christian faith, candles represent the light that the Saviour has brought into this world.


Wreaths are ideal for anyone who does not have a lot of time to make complex decors. It’s so easy to make and perfect to hang in your bedroom, door, or any part of your home to give off a festive look. If you’re not able to spare a few minutes for a DIY, you can purchase ready-made ones that cost under $100.


A Bowl of Ornaments

Another simple idea for low-cost and hassle-free Christmas decors is a bowl of assorted ornaments. Throw in a bunch of ornaments in a large transparent bowl for an elegant look – some items you can include are pine cones, tree ornaments like Christmas balls, etc. Do this and you’ll have an instant elegant looking but affordable Holiday embellishment.

Simple Banners

Banners are not just for kiddie parties, they can look great on Christmas day too. There are tons of minimalist banners available on the market if you do not want to spend a lot of time crafting decors. You can choose one that has simple designs to match the minimalist look that you are going for.

If you have to spare, simply gather cardstock that you can cut out letters from, then use a hole puncher to create a space where you can insert an inexpensive string. Now, you already have something dainty to hang above your bed, table, on the wall, or on any other part of your that you desire to liven up. If you want, you can add photo cards to your DIY banner. Photo cards can be photos of your family members, friends, pets, or other favorite things.


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Nothing yells “joy to the world” or “Merry Christmas” like the company of the people who mean the most to you. No matter how the decorations look, it’s not a complete Christmas without those that we love. Don’t forget to share this season of love with everyone.