Writing experience helps you to produce the most compelling work. Whether you are submitting an essay, writing a blog, or a journalistic piece, you will capture the attention of the reader as well as pass the message easily if you are experienced. Experience will also reduce the time it takes to complete a writing task. This leaves you with more time to work on personal projects or rest.


Experience requires time, a strategy, and the right habits. Some professional writers revise my essay online to create more time for personal engagements like pursuing hobbies or social events. Writing experience will also enable you to easily handle more complex projects.

Here are excellent tricks to help you gain writing experience while in college.

Start a blog

A blog is a platform where you can share your ideas and written pieces with the world. It causes and forces you to keep writing since your followers are expecting new materials at the set intervals. Feedback from your followers also helps you to improve your writing skills.

Blogging is easy to start because of the existence of numerous hosting platforms. You may start your blog on social media, free blogging websites, or set up a website. Write your articles or any other type of content and upload it on the blog.

Choose a specific niche for your blog to capture the attention of a particular audience. It builds loyalty and paves way for return traffic. Develop a blogging schedule to make your page predictable. Engage your followers through comments and allow them to share your content. Respond to their concerns and constantly improve your blogging strategy.

Blogs allow you to share ideas on an area you are passionate about. Consequently, it will be easier to generate interesting content. You can also monetize the blog, allowing you to earn from your writing endeavor.

Join a writing club

The college environment allows students to join numerous clubs and societies. One of the most profitable clubs to join is a reading and writing club. You meet peers with similar interests in reading and writing. You share your ideas and benefit from the ideas of other participants in the club.

Writing clubs organize activities that will test your skills. They include competitions to draft different items including essays, poems, short stories, and novels, among others. The club will review the written work, provide feedback, and even award the winners. As they highlight your strengths and weaknesses, you have the chance to improve your performance.

Study the best-written works

Do you admire a particular writer? Study his works to borrow a few tips and improve your delivery. Writing is an art and skill that requires constant enrichment. Borrow a few ideas from the best writers and implement them in your next assignment.

Samples will also guide you while writing. If you have never written a dissertation, for example, you have no idea where to start or how to craft particular sections. Obtain samples and examples from credible sources. Imitate their approach to writing. Studying other materials gives you the confidence to work on your projects since you know you are moving in the right direction.

Work as a freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of the most lucrative part-time ventures for a college student. Freelancing allows you to write blogs, homework, scripts, resumes, and other materials required in the text. You work in your free time, allowing you to still attend class or engage in sports.

Freelancing websites have made it easy for students to register. They are free to register and will connect you to clients looking for your services. You will also be paid for the writing, helping you to earn a fortune through writing.

Get a mentor

A mentor is a guide who shines a light on your writing path. Mentors are usually accomplished or experienced writers. They evaluate your work and help you to identify areas you can improve. A mentor will also help you to avoid mistakes made by other writers in the course improving your writing skills.

College is the best time to improve your writing skills because of the opportunities it presents. Work with a mentor but also practice through freelancing and blogging. With better writing skills, you will be a more competitive professional.