Twitter is a powerful social networking and microblogging site where people interact with the help of posts or messages called Tweets. Twitter is used for business purposes as well to spread brand awareness. For this, you need to focus on growing your Twitter account. By using effective social media marketing methods, you will attract your targeted audience. And if you’re just starting, services like Twenvy will assist you further to conveniently gain more and more followers every month.

How Will Twitter Help Your Business?

Twitter has 353 million monthly users, and 80% of all Twitter users propose their brand in their tweets. Now, you can realize that Twitter has provided a platform to connect with a massive audience for business growth and Marketing.

Twitter is one of the most reliable platforms for business marketing. Even for small businesses, it assists you in finding your targeted customers. Either it is B2B or B2C business, using Twitter to grow your marketing will be a smart decision and worth your time. If you want to generate leads, spread brand awareness, or expand your reach, Twitter will be a great marketing tool.

How Can We Grow Our Business Using Twitter?

To grow your business, you need to develop audience interest. You need to make their online experience better so that they can interact with you willingly. Following are the tips that will help you to expand your business through marketing:-

1. Improvement in Profile

Your profile will be the first impression on your customers; therefore, you need to optimize it. The profile will help your customers to decide whether they will interact with you or not. Complete your profile thoroughly. You should include relatable links in your profile to increase traffic on the website. Upload a compelling profile picture. Focus on brand logo, bio and description, and background photos.

2. Build Community

You should start by following your friends, customers, influencers, and other business pages to build a community. Focus on following the right people. Following your competitors will help you to find which marketing scheme or tactics they are using. Start to like and retweet the tweets of people you follow.

3. Valuable Content

Focus on posting quality content that will encourage and inspire your customers. Your content should be like you are talking with your customers. Content that will be educative, entertaining, or ideal will grab more attention from customers. The images, videos, or quotes that you will be sharing should be inspiring. Also, the use of relevant hashtags below your tweet persuades more audience.

4. Find interests of people

You should keep on checking analytics after regular intervals to find out which type of content is engaging. You should add images to your tweet to get more clicks and shares. You can schedule your tweets, e.g., 5 pm is an appropriate time to get more retweets; 12 pm to 6 pm can bring more Click Through Rate(CTR).

5. Customer Service

After the completion of your profile, it’s time for tweeting. Your goal should be to respond to a maximum number of tweets, questions, and replies to grow engagement. You should have problem-solving nature to resolve the doubts and queries of customers. It will encourage new people to join your community and believe in your services.


Twitter has allowed you to communicate with customers easily. You need to respond to every query and complaint of your customer to establish a loyal relationship. Businesses should include Twitter in their marketing scheme to attract the most targeted audience and convert them into customers. You can use Twitter to share updates about your business to engage them. Therefore, Twitter for business and marketing will worth your time.