5G is the latest cellular network and it is capturing media and youth attention recently. It has become a crucial part of the digital transformation in the areas with excellent mobile markets. We all know that Dubai is the Hubspot of technology and it adopts the technology quickly as compared to other countries.

UAE has recognized the importance of this technology to drive industry, connect devices at high speed, and enable smart city capabilities. The telecommunication department of UAE assigned 200 megahertz to operators to deploy 5G services. It is the first country in the Middle East to launch this technology.

Dubai is already a smart city and it attracts millions of tourists every year. With the enhancement of this technology, the tourists of Dubai will love to give 5G a try. In case you want to Rent A Car in Dubai opt-in for RentalcarsUAE as they are offering the most professional and affordable services in Dubai.

In this blog we will discuss:

  • What is 5G technology?
  • 5G in UAE
  • Opportunities presented by 5G to UAE
  • Final thoughts

What is 5G technology?

It is the 5th generation network for mobile that offers wireless standards to communicate. It enables a new kind that allows people to connect virtually. This includes different devices, machines, electrical objects, etc. It will also deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data, high reliability, huge network capacity, and availability for more users. It will also empower new user experiences with improved functionality and better performance.

5G in UAE

The JLT is one of the largest residential areas in modern Dubai city and it is all set to become the first 5G district in the future. After its launch, more than 16 thousand companies and 100 thousand people will get the benefits of 5G services.

The telecommunication regulator of UAE set the target of 100% 5G coverage by the year, 2025. According to the Gulf news, there are expectations to connect all the citizens to the 5G connection in the upcoming 5 years. The recent frequency relocation that is 24.25 to 27.5 GHz will be the rollout of modern technology.

Also, the UAE is the first country in the entire Middle East and North Africa to allocate such a band for its citizens and tourists. Their second plan will occur next year to allocate the 1 GHz to each and every operator in the 25.5 to 27.5 GHz range.

The director of TRA (Tariq Al-Awadi) said that the introduction of these frequencies will take the development of the UAE to the next level and provide all the crucial resources for international mobile applications for communication.

Back in July, they announced they would close the 2G network and launch 5G technology soon. They have taken this step to take advantage of technologies like IoT and Artificial intelligence with the collaboration of 5G. It will help to transform the cities into smart cities.

The launching of 5G technology will support numerous departments and sectors in terms of performance, privacy, and security. It will help to further utilize the emerging technologies for several applications like self-driving cars, smart industries, big data, etc.

Opportunities presented by 5G to UAE

5G technology is going to transform the enterprise, government, and consumer experience after its launch in 2025. It will empower all these users and customers to move away from the core business. After the launch of all digital technology we mentioned earlier, 5G will enable us to hyper-connect devices and enhance the growth of businesses in the UAE.

The launch of 5G will not only help to get more powerful mobile network speed but also help to improve the life of people. It will allow people to enjoy the embellished connectivity experience. For instance, the streaming of your favorite season is done in just a few seconds in 4 to 8K resolution. Isn’t it amazing? Also, the consumption of data is expected to grow as the users will be increased.

Final thoughts

Excited much huh? We all are because 5G is going to bring a lot of change in our daily life. Citizens of Dubai can enjoy 5G data packages. If you want to visit the UAE as a tourist, you can also enjoy the 5G services. Furthermore, we recommend you to book a car on a Monthly Car Rental package if you are going to stay in the UAE for a month or more.