Youtube is one of the best educational sources for digital professionals. There you can find channels of professional UX/UI design agencies as well as freelance designers who share their knowledge and experience.

No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned designer, you will manage to find content that satisfies your tastes. Let’s get started.

Amazing Youtube channels to follow for UX/UI designers

These Youtube creators will teach you a lot of new stuff and share their first-hand experiences. Who knows, they might even inspire you to start your own channel about UX/UI.

The Futur

This Youtube channel provides you with everything you need to know to be successful in the digital market. It has guides about UX/UI, branding, and design tools that will blow up your mind. However, being aware of everything that is going on in the world of design is not enough. You should also possess solid communication skills, be able to analyze information, and present your ideas. You will find videos regarding all these aspects as well.

UX mastery

Being a UX/UI professional means that you are able to do quality work in a bunch of different situations. If you are looking for opportunities to expand your skill set, this channel will be of great help. It is not updated anymore, but it contains plenty of interviews with design experts, masterclasses, and tutorials about sketching, testing, UX analytics techniques, and many more.


If you are a UX/UI designer (especially if you are a freelancer), the chances are high that you are working from home. In this case, it is normal to feel like you lack a sense of community.

Charli is a web and graphic designer from New Zealand. On her channel, you will find not only incredibly useful videos about web design, mobile app design, and graphics but also lifestyle videos. There she talks about her ups and downs as a design and discusses concepts and projects that are important for her.


Maex is the place where a professional UX/UI designer shares his knowledge of tools and techniques with beginner-level specialists. He gives plenty of practical tips and encourages you to move forward with your development. His videos are very detailed and contain useful tips and techniques about using Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and other tools.


Dansky is one of the most popular UX/UI channels on Youtube. And such a level of success never comes without dedication.

This channel is regularly updated and contains high-quality content about different fields of UX/UI design. You will be able to learn how to create mockups, work with common design tools like Photoshop, animate websites, and more.

Sketch together

Sketch is one of the indispensable tools for creating user interfaces. If you are looking for a job, having this skill in your resume will make you a highly desirable candidate.

Sketch together is the channel that teaches you all the things that a designer should know in order to work with it effectively. You will use it to sketch and draw like a pro, create animations and clipart. On Sketch together, you will also be able to find videos about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


Watch Youtube tutorials whenever you have time is a great way to learn new things the fun way. On Tutvid, you will find plenty of materials that teach you to work with graphics, apply advanced techniques in UX/UI design tools, organize your work process better, and more. There are a lot of fun materials and little tricks that you can learn to become a master designer.

Jesse Showalter

On this channel, you will find advice from a professional designer in what concerns not only the UX/UI side of digital products but also the development. He also shares his personal stories of becoming a designer that can be useful and inspiring for aspiring UX/UI specialists.


Youtube can be a useful resource, just like it can be fun. Subscribe to the channels that you like, and don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about UX/UI from the first hands.

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