One of your rooms may contain an air conditioner or every room of your house may have air conditioners. If you want to stay cool throughout the year without much repair, you should maintain the AC well. Let us discuss some tips to take care of your AC to keep it in working condition.

Know Your AC Well

You should understand your AC properly. There are two basic units that are indoor units and outdoor units. You may possess a heat pump instead of the furnace; the indoor unit will handle the air.

Keep the Condenser Clean

Before the summer hits, you should clean the AC condenser. First, you should clean the condenser fins with the help of the brush with soft bristles. They can easily be crushed or bent. The metal box which is covering the condenser needs to be unscrewed. Make sure you know the steps and if not, you should call the expert professionals from Klondike Air | Heating & Cooling Experts of Irvine.

Obtain a Thermostat

With the modern AC technology, a programmable thermostat needs to be installed. The thermostats help in adjusting the temperature many times in the day and automatically decrease the temperature when you needed most. This automatic process will never increase your electricity bill and keep them under control.

Include an In-line Duct

An inline duct or vent fan can increase the flow of the cool air keeping your temperature pleasant inside the room. Two types of booster fans are available in the market. One of them can be fitted inside the duct and the other one can be mounted near the outlet. Depending on the type of in-line ducts, you should control the fans with the help of the remote control.

Repair the Noisy Air Conditioner

When the condenser of your AC is almost new but worse noise is coming out from the compressor, you should take care. The sound blanket can be used for fixing a noisy air conditioner. Installation of the blanket is not very difficult and you can take help from professionals when in doubt.

Make a Checklist for the Warm Season

Your AC can only run smoothly when it is properly maintained and cleaned. You can go to the professional service center here

During the spring, if you make a checklist and keep on checking the HVAC system of your house, your AC will be in a good condition.

Filter Replacement

Replacing the filter is very important to avoid building up dirt. You should turn off the power before removing the filter. You should check the amount of dust build-up. If you think that the filters have become very dirty, you should replace them as soon as possible.


To keep your AC running without any glitches, you should clean and maintain it regularly.  First, you should know the type and requirement of your AC and then start the cleaning and maintenance process. If you think that the DIY plan of cleaning will bring a huge mess without addressing the issues well, you should call the expert professionals to handle it.