Two women were walking through the park in the Greater Ville neighborhood of St. Louis when they stumbled upon an overly curious puppy. When they went to investigate, they noticed that he had shoved his head into a sewer pipe and was stuck. The two knew that they had to help in some way and it led to a life unimaginable for the puppy while he was stuck inside of the pipe. It also changed the lives of another family, which had no connection to the events just yet.

Just a Walk

In a park, two women took a normal walk on a leisurely day. Little did they know they were about to start a butterfly effect of events all due to one puppies curiosity and their kindness.

A Dog and His Curiosity

When the women went to investigate the issue, they found a dog that had become a little too curious and was stuck in a sewer pipe. They quickly called for help, which starts a chain of events for this little guy and a family in need of another member.

To the Rescue

Without hesitation, the St. Louis Fire Department arrived on the scene to start assessing the issue and try to figure out just what they could do. This was not the most common of problems, and not one that they dealt with regularly, but ingenuity may just win the day.

Experience Saves the Day

Firefighters deal with issues of all sorts, and those that showed up to help that day had to use a little of their experience to help this dog without injuring it. Fortunately, the St. Louis Fire Department is no stranger to helping animals in trouble, finding ways to rescue all types of dogs, puppies and other animals. They truly do not get enough appreciation for all they do, regardless of the city.

If at First

The firemen thought that they would be able to simply pull the dog out with a little force, but the little guy had his head stuck in too tight and they knew that pulling the pipe with too much force could seriously injure the dog, so they had to rethink their strategy.

Try, Try Again

Understanding that the dog was likely panicking and the only way to help it would be to remove the pipe without using force, the firefighters grabbed a large pair of pliers and started cutting the pipe from the dogs head inch by inch. It may have taken some time, but the results were worth it.


Once they started cutting, they were able to make enough room for the dog to remove his head and neck from the pipe without much struggle. Frightened, it ran away from those that rescued it. With a little calling and whistling, though, they were able to get the pup to come back to them. Maybe it just realized that it was safe and those were the rescuers.

Next Steps

The firemen were keenly aware of the dog being scared and knew that they would need to let him calm down, which is just what they did. They knew there was more to the story but first they needed to gain the dogs trust. In short order, the dog realized they were there to help and protect him and he stayed with them.

The Hunt

Until now, you likely didn’t think about the dogs family, or if he was a stray. It just seemed like a dog in trouble. The firemen, on the other hand, had that foremost in their mind the entire time. They started by spreading pictures around town, looking for an owner of the cute guy, while they cared for him, hoping that his family would come claim him.


After a long search it started to become clear that this beautiful pup was a stray and the search for a new family would be important. Finding a good home for a stray dog is not always easy and it requires a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance, but if anyone would find a way, it would be the St. Louis Fire Department.

Family Found


The search seemed to be one that would take a good while, but it turned out that a family, the Wizeman’s were ready to adopt the cute guy almost immediately. As with any adoption, though, you never know if the fit will be right until the new pet and family meet and spend time together. Still, this was a solid start for the pup.


The Naming Ceremony

As you have likely experienced, same as I recently did, naming a new pet, especially when children are involved, is one of the hardest decisions a family will ever make. Arguments can break out, fights, hurt feelings, long lasting anger. It all builds until that perfect name is found and everything is forgotten and the new pet is now a new family member. The youngest child from the family picked the name, and the name he chose was nothing you would expect.

 Hey Bulldog


Without a clear understanding of what experience the child had leading up to naming his dog, McCartney was chosen, named after Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles. Hey Bulldog may have been just one of the many great songs the Beatles wrote, but this was a name for what was likely a mutt and a surprising one at that. Still, the name stuck and the family let it be.

A Worthy Addition to the Family

With more than one child in a family, it can be difficult to keep up with the energy they try to spend. Fortunately, McCartney was extremely active and was perfect for the kids. They would play together for hours and burn off all the energy possible. The parents were likely bigger fans of the nightly routine with a tuckered out family than they could have ever imagined.

The Growing Pains

With a new member to the family, though, things would have to change, and there would be growing pains along the way. McCartney and the Wizeman’s would learn this quickly. “I’m trying to figure him out, because he doesn’t seem to know how to dog,” Wizeman said. “He just wants to lay around and hang out with us. And when we go outside, he lays under the porch where it’s cool. He’s just the strangest dog, but he’s so sweet.”

The Cat


The biggest fear McCartney faces is the family cat, which is a bit of a tough guy when it comes to the new family member. Fortunately, McCartney has learned to run to his mom for protection, much to the annoyance of the family cat most likely.

Not an Uncommon Issue


While McCartney’s story is a beautiful one, he isn’t alone. Dogs around the world get stuck in places and too often people don’t help, due to fear or indifference, but in most cases, the dogs are nothing but appreciative of the help and will often become even more loyal after being rescued.

The Heroes

This story should teach one thing; it takes more than one act to save a life. The two women found the dog, called for help, and saw it rescued. The fire department pursued a forever home for the McCartney, and the Wizemans took the stray in to give him a good life. Everyone involved was key to rescuing this one dog.

Making a Difference


Everyone has to make their own choice, and buying the perfect dog you have always dreamed of is understandable. But let McCartney’s tale help guide you in your choice. Purchasing a dog from a pet store may fulfill your dreams, but there are beautiful sweet dogs from all breeds and at all ages just waiting to be adopted. Search your local area to become one of the heroes that gives these dogs a second chance.

Becoming a Hero

Delta Animal Shelter

If you aren’t able to adopt an animal, there are plenty of ways for you to help. You can foster, volunteer or just get involved in your community. Apps like Nextdoor let you speak with your neighbors, which is a great way to help lost dogs find their way home, or strays to find a new home. These animals rely on us for a healthy life as much as we rely on them for a myriad of physical and mental benefits, so look for ways to make a difference in your area just like the two women did for McCartney.