VPN – What Is It?

VPN is a virtual private network. What is a network, we think, is known to many – it is the connection of several computers for exchanging information. Yet what is “private,” and why is “virtual”? VPN is called a private network, where the exchange of data within such a network takes place between identified trusted computers.

Hence the analog of the local network is obtained. That is, computers or other devices connected to the network can exchange information. Users outside the local network cannot see the data. Note that such users connect to the local network using a cable or Wi-Fi. Yet with a VPN, the situation looks different.

Why virtual? The VPN nodes are connected not with cables or Wi-Fi but with the help of software. Services can locate the software anywhere, and at the same time, the connection between VPN servers is maintained. The Internet is the tool that connects them.

Why is VPN important for business?

The Internet is becoming an increasingly scary place with the rise of cyber-attacks and data breaches. By 2021, cybercrime is projected to cause a staggering $6 trillion in damage to B2B businesses a year. If you run even a small business, don’t think that you are too insignificant. More than 40% of cyber-attacks are specifically targeted at small businesses.

VPNs are used by large global companies, which unite branches in this way, ensuring data security, and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. Suppose your laptop, tablet, or phone has information about financial affairs, access to the corporate network, and other information you would like to hide. In that case, information security experts strongly recommend installing a VPN service.

What is a B2B VPN?

A B2B VPN performs the same functions as a VPN for consumers. However, they differ from each other:

  1. B2B VPN is faster than a simple VPN. Why? A simple VPN is aimed at unblocking a video or website. B2B VPN is designed for employees who urgently need to find information. Also, B2B VPN provides the best protection against hacking and provides businesses with personal data protection. There are many VPN with no logging, so make sure the service is reliable before using it.
  2. B2B VPN provides a reliable IP address with a dedicated server. That is, the IP address for ordinary users, the service can provide to other people. These addresses can be transmitted in a circle. But B2B VPN is designed for business users, where IP addresses belong only to them.
  3. Multiple workers can use a business VPN. All employees don’t need to buy a VPN, and it is enough to provide access to one program. Note, however, that the company will know which resources you have viewed.

What are the advantages of using a VPN?

For years, businesses have used VPNs to access corporate systems over the public Internet securely. However, today, there are many advantages of VPN that business owners do not even know about. VPN features will be useful as for small business, as for big companies. Let’s take a look at them.

Safe Remote Work

In doubt, is VPN worth it to use to work safely? Cast aside doubts. The VPN service will provide ultra-strong encryption and hide data from hackers. This is especially important if part of the team works remotely and connects to open networks. Reading emails in a coffee shop or using Wi-Fi to log in to Facebook at the airport can potentially put you at risk, so encrypting your messages is essential.

Business Trips

If your employees travel abroad regularly, they should have access to the same websites and services they usually work with. However, many countries restrict internet access in one form or another. For example, a VPN in China is a must. Without it, it is impossible to go to Skype, see the email, use Google. Exist a VPN with no logs for working abroad that allows you to connect to the server in a matter of seconds.


VPN service is one way to protect your online activities, and it provides an additional layer of encryption for your financial transactions. Keep in mind that not all VPNs have the same features. Choose one that offers reliable protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPsec, or choose double VPN. Remember right away what is a double VPN – this is the simultaneous use of two different VPN servers.

Safe Browsing For Your Clients

If you have a cafe or other business that offers free Wi-Fi, install a VPN to prevent public traps. The best way to do this is by setting up a VPN on your router. Many services work with routers and provide detailed instructions on how to configure them. This is a smart policy to help you gain customer trust.

Location-Based Testing

Many websites and services display different results depending on where you are. For example, Google search results are not only country-specific but local-specific. VPN service allows you to hide and replace your IP address, and you can get new results.

What to Choose: Paid or Free VPN?

VPN services are a full-fledged product that costs some money to develop. It’s foolish to hope that the company that spent the money on the service will let you use it for free.

How can a VPN developer make money? The most obvious answer is by selling the information it has. They run all of your traffic through their servers, so they know almost everything about you. Services can sell to third parties all the information you are diligently trying to hide. By the way, passwords and logins are also theoretically available to a free VPN server.

When you pay for a product, you are already generating income for the developer. Accordingly, he does not need to look for other ways to earn money. Therefore, they will not spread data about their customers and expose them to danger.

VeePN – Reliable Service

VeePN is a highly trusted company serving businesses that require maximum privacy. Business owners get double data protection, unlimited bandwidth, DNS leak protection, and personalized help desk assistance.

Of all the business VPN options, VeePN is the fastest. If your employees need to download large files, this may be the best option for you. The service is also suitable for employees who often travel on business trips, where countries block a lot of content.

The company offers a free version with which you can learn about the advantages of a VPN. The trial provides all the same functions as the paid ones. Veepn is positioned as a service with maximum security, encryption, and anonymity. Therefore, take advantage of the recommendation and protect your data.

Pros Of Using VPN For Small And Large Businesses

If you still doubt the usefulness of using VPN, check out the advantages of this tool:

  1. VPN encrypts internet connections and improves internet privacy.
  2. VPN changes locations and helps regional bypass blocks.
  3. VPN provides access to blocked content.
  4. VPN protects on public Wi-Fi networks. Often, an employee’s workplace is in cafes, airports, hotels, where the risk of traffic interception is especially high.
  5. VPN provides security for your clients. When intercepting traffic, a cyber attacker can obtain passwords, addresses, personal information. VPN will protect you from this.

We also note that the experts identified a series of hacker attacks against telecommunications and financial companies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Within these companies, attackers tried to take possession of the victims’ money and financial data. The message says that the hackers tried to withdraw tens of millions of dollars from the attacked companies’ accounts.

“Even though the vulnerability was discovered in the spring of 2019, many companies have not yet installed VPNs. Given the availability of an exploit, such attacks can become widespread. Therefore, we strongly recommend that companies install the latest versions of VPN solutions,” said a leading antivirus expert, “Kaspersky Labs.”


The demand for VPN services has grown steadily over the years due to the increase in online threats. The importance of data security and privacy to both businesses and individuals is likely to continue in the future. Waiting for the best moment to join the VPN trend can be unwise. The sooner you connect with a VPN, the better for your business.