Introduction –

For marketers in 2021 social media is the best way to endorse their product. A platform like Instagram Is rapidly evolving every day and you need to know about this evolution which will help you in how to use Instagram. A new guide and state are here to make sure that you use Instagram in a way that in 2021, you will be able to make the most of this app and will be able to gain Instagram followers.

User and usage statistics –

According to stats, Instagram is among the top five most downloaded apps in Apple or Google play store. It has crossed more than 1 billion users by the end of 2020. The platform is largely dominated by ‘Millennials and Gen z’s’ and mostly – the young crowd have the user base of Instagram. Instagram has steady and consistent growth and is popular all around the world in between young crowds.

Changes in the algorithm –

Even though the changes in the algorithm can help the owner of Instagram by keeping the audience engaged with their favorite content page it can affect brands, influencers and business. The reason why Instagram has changed the algorithm is to ensure the user spends more time on their app. In such a situation, it is very necessary to keep yourself as a marketer up to date with the new trend because the algorithms change every time. Now, you will have the marketing strategy of 2021 but they may change it and you won’t have any clue if you do not keep yourself updated.

The growth of business account this year –

Business profiles are now very much active on Instagram. According to stats, 900 million Instagram users follow at least one business account. Believe it or not, but Instagram users are interested in marketing content. If you have a business profile and have the right set of audience – you can easily gain Instagram followers and the right audience will be interested in your offers. Business accounts are helpful these days – so if you have a brand using a business account can be beneficial.

New products and Instagram –

If you have a new product or new business Instagram is the best platform for you to get regular consumers and it will also help people find new products. According to new stats, 60% of Instagram users learn about new products every day by other people’s profile or Instagram ads. This is why sharing plays a huge role when you want to gain authentic Instagram followers.

Likes do not matter anymore –

It is absurd for anyone to think – Instagram without likes? The Genz, influencers or even a normal person do all sorts of things to gain more instagram likes and followers. Instagram likes to make people depressed, anxious and what not! To decrease this kind of mental trauma – Instagram decided to get rid of likes. But unfortunately, when currently this is being tested – the Canadian influencers mentioned that due to no likes the engagement rate dropped. This is why it is very important to create engaging content.

The popular gender in Instagram –

According to research and stats, female users get five times more likes than men. The reason behind this is – Since Instagram is a photo-based platform which is why women get more likes. Another part is that Instagram has a different business platform and most of the brands are fashion brands and in the US 43% of American females are active users of Instagram whereas 31% of users are male.

Stickers in stories can help?

The least known factor which you should know when you talk about marketing is, stickers in video stories improve their performance by 83% but not every sticker works like that. You need to be careful about which sticker to choose because there might be a chance that when you post a story with stickers it can easily reduce the performance which can affect your engagement rate.

The popular videos on Instagram –

Rather than reels, the best and popular videos on Instagram are the tutorials. You can use tutorial videos like, ‘how to ace an audition? Tips for your next audition’ something like that. You can also include behind the scene videos, interviews and so on. These videos are easy to make and engage your audience easily. You can make these engaging videos as IGTV or reels, depends on what you want to explain to your audience.

A platform for Influencers –

Marketers and influencers love Instagram! 80% of influencers choose Instagram to collaborate. This is the favorite platform for influencer marketing and brand promotion. Instagram is affordable and offers a lot of advantages which makes the platform better than others. Influencers can earn money while collaborating with other brands but first, they need the right content and Instagram followers which can help you in getting the brand collaborations.

Instagram can boost your e-commerce –

In a world where your business needs promotion Instagram helps you a lot. Review of your product from Instagram and adding curated customer photos can help you in getting a better conversion rate. Since everyone loves Instagram – review blogs, pictures by the customer can help you in gaining Instagram followers.

Bottom Line –

Instagram is a popular social media app and works on how their user uses the app. The app needs to engage the user and with the help of content, they can easily do that. Where Instagram is popular and now, the center point of every business – you must know about every little detail and how Instagram marketing can bring profit. You need to know about the Instagram marketing strategy and trends to work on your next strategy. What audience want and what can engage them, how the algorithm can help you and so on.

This blog will help you in understanding the statistics of Instagram, so you can work and make money out of the social media app. Deliver the right content to the people and you can get the best from Instagram.