One of the most impactful methods of learning has turned out to be eLearning which has been designed and curated especially for an organization and its workforce. There’s a lot more than meeting the learning objectives when it comes to eLearning. Your training course should also adapt to the brand tone and aesthetics in order to be more inclusive among teams.

This is where an LMS with customization-capability is vital. One such LMS is Thinkific Pricing. This tool allows you to customize your training, integrate brand colors, and add or remove audio, video, and text among many.

It is important to customize the learning experience for your employees as otherwise, they will only be consuming content that is not relevant to them. However, customization without a plan in mind can often go haywire.

There are certain practices that you should keep in mind when customizing your employee e-learning experience. These may include:

  • Define goals of training

Like every other project, it is important to begin your customizations by establishing a goal first. If you don’t know the desired results and consequences of your training, it will be a little tricky for you to direct your efforts in the right direction. Thus, make sure you begin by defining what you want to achieve by your training program.

Make sure you also address the skills you are looking to improve. This step will enable you to create a training program that is employee-centric. Exactly the way it should be.

  • Plan and implement a robust approach

Your eLearning efforts should not only circle around achieving your learning objectives. It’s true that covering all objectives is important, but in order to actually achieve those objectives, you need a perfect path. This path, this approach needs to be more visually appealing and instructional in order to be successful. The more aesthetically pleasing your program is, the more engaged the learners will be.

You can use approaches like case studies, storyboards, gamification, and branching scenarios among many.

  • Ensure content relevance

Irrelevant content is one of the major culprits that make it a little tricky to keep the learners motivated. If your employees don’t have anything to do with what is being taught in the training program, it is only obvious that they will avoid being a part of it and completing the session. Thus, ensuring that relevant content is being offered to the employees is extremely crucial for every organization.

Make sure that you are adding information that will provide value and will help employees grow in their careers. The information should be in accordance with their job designation in the organization.

Also, avoid sharing information that employees already have an idea about. Repeating information will not be of any help to them. Always offer contextual elearning content to your employees in order to make your program a success.

  • Integrate collaborative learning practices

The world today is fairly connected. Leveraging collaborative and social learning will not only be beneficial for employees but for organizations as well. Peer-based learning allows employees to initiate conversations, discuss, and debate over certain topics. These mediums for collaborative learning could include discussion forums, social media groups, and also knowledge sharing portals.

You can also opt for customizing your program where you can add real-life scenarios and simulations to make it more interesting. Such training sessions give a better understanding of the learning to the employees. Problem-solving among groups will help make the session more collaborative and social, thus instantly increasing employee engagement.


While customizations are a great way to make training sessions more impactful, they should still be adopted carefully. Before you opt for customizations, be sure to establish your goal of the training program and plan a perfect eLearning approach. Once you have a design in place, it is important to make sure that your content is relevant in nature. Offer everything within a collaborative learning environment and your personalized training session is good to go!