Without the right web hosting service, large amounts of data can be a problem. In comparison to a shared server, VPS offers more space and specifications than cheap storage servers.

Optimize your data management with a efficient KVM Linux Storage VPS, which is a reliable Virtual Private Server designed to handle large-scale applications and content.

So, to get you covered, we have gathered some of the best and most excellent storage VPS hosting services. When looking at hosing services, you’ll also want to consider storage technology. The whitepaper from ISCSI, does a great job of explaining this.

Best Storage VPS Hosting Providers

1.     DomainRacer

VPS hosting with storage is one of the best services offered by DomainRacer. Scalability is an advantage of DomainRacer’s storage VPS hosting plans. It is easy to scale up or down their storage solutions based on the needs of the organization.

Experience the benefits of best cheap VPS hosting with DomainRacer, their scalable and fully managed solutions are designed to meet the demands of businesses in India and beyond.

As companies’ storage requirements increase, they can upgrade their plans to meet their needs. This versatile solution is perfect for businesses of all sizes, making it a great option for securing VPS.

The Benefits DomainRacer offers

DomainRacer offers you the following major benefits;

  • There is a high speed of working with the technology that they use. Data is stored on solid-state drives with integrated circuits in these hosting plans.
  • You can connect at high speeds with it.
  • Security, SSD storage, and the installation of an operating system are included.
  • Upgrades are available at any time for VPS hosting plans.
  • You are provided with high-speed network capacity because this infrastructure is cloud-based.
  • Hardware and network wear and tear are also handled by them.
  • In addition to managing the hardware and network, they also handle security and data backup.
  • Multicore Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 processors are used in these servers (20 cores / 40 threads)

With DomainRacer, you can get reliable and affordable services. DomainRacer provides secure web hosting services. Unlimited bandwidth is provided by them.

2.     DedicatedCore

Searching for a VPS with the best storage that isn’t only affordable but also the most powerful? You should consider DedicatedCore. Experience high-performance VPS India servers and reliable uptime with DedicatedCore’s affordable and feature-rich VPS solutions.

You get full access to your precious data with DedicatedCore reliable solutions and excellent performance. The amount of information and data on your website is significant.

The Benefits that DedicatedCore Provides

You will be able to benefit from DedicatedCore in the following ways;

  • Increased traffic on your website can be handled and managed effectively.
  • You may also choose from a wide range of Operating Systems, including Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and more.
  • A cheap storage VPS from DedicatedCore offers IPv4 and IPv6 management, DNS management, and full software stacks.
  • VPS hosting provides a secure and safe environment for your data. Powered by a Tier-III data center located in Europe, you can install a free domain name server and OS.
  • Thousands of control panels are constantly active with root access to connect any compatible app.
  • A very cost-effective and cost-saving VPS provider.
  • 24×7 award-winning customer service.

In terms of budget-friendly high-storage servers, these features make them a good choice.

3.     BlueHost

Among the most popular hosting companies on the planet, Bluehost is a leader in the industry. Shared hosting is the company’s primary offering, but it also offers dedicated and virtual hosting plans.

Bluehost offers dynamic storage add-ons on the fly, making it a great entry-level VPS host. For first-time customers looking for inexpensive storage options, Bluehost offers a good deal of server resources.

4.     HostGator

You should know your choice of storage VPS hosting before you try to find the best. It is also important to understand the requirements that your business needs. Therefore, HostGator certainly meets your requirements.

Consumers can benefit from VPS by getting top-notch performance and reliability at a low cost. The flexibility offered by VPS hosting at a very reasonable price can be compared to that of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You may be able to meet all of your needs with a VPS.

Storage VPS – What is it?

For storing large amounts of data and information, storage VPS is the most suitable choice. With this solution, you will get excellent performance and a more reliable solution. Storage VPS Servers offer a secure, stable, and affordable virtual private server solution.

A VPS server gives you complete control over your storage. VPS Hosting offers affordable storage as well as automatic OS installations.

How to Choose the Best Storage VPS Hosting

Are you looking for a VPS with a large storage capacity? Do you know what to look for? Check out these things.


The first thing to look at is the capacity. Ensure that you have enough storage. Also check if there is extra storage available if you can afford it. You can also check the type of storage (HDD, SSD, or NVMe).


You will have limited bandwidth since you are using a VPS. If you choose high-storage servers, you will also need decent bandwidth.


Take a look at the number of CPU cores and the RAM capacity as well. It depends on the storage size and how much RAM you need.

Special features

Data center locations, security, and backups are all special features. Check whether automated backups are available. The security of most VPS accounts is decent. You don’t need to worry about this.

If you have traffic from a specific location, you can see the data center locations as well.


Make sure you consider the price before choosing a VPS. Initially, the fee is lower, but it will increase with each renewal. Make sure you plan for the long term and keep your vision in mind.


There are also other plans you should see. There is a possibility that you will need to upgrade your storage. If you need more storage, you may be able to purchase it. The amount and type of data you have depends on your present and future plans.


Make sure you keep an eye on the uptime among all this rush. It is important not to stop the server while you are 99% of the way through a big file transfer.

Benefits of Using a Storage Server

●      Recovery of data

By planning properly, disasters can be recovered reliably.

●      Insight into security

Data security is improved by maintaining consistency in data protection algorithms.

●      Bandwidth reduction

By taking over a large portion of network traffic, LAN bandwidth issues will be reduced.

●      Improved backup response

A responsive backup method that allows data to be backed up from multiple locations at once.

●      Flexibility and scalability

A greater ability to scale to meet the changing needs of the business.

●      Cost-savings

For storing data within budget, storage virtual servers are better options than high-performance servers.


In general, VPS hosting’s suitability depends on your particular requirements, technical experience, and budget. Due to its performance, control, and price, it’s a popular choice for many people and companies.

Your needs can be met by DedicatedCore & DomainRacer. Your business requires a storage VPS hosting service that is scalable, secure, accessible, and cost-effective.