Sometimes it can be overwhelming when we look at the library of games available in the app stores or at online websites. How can we know where to start? With so many themes ranging from puzzle games to elvish adventures, it is easy to become lost in the labyrinth.

While there are lots of ways to break them down into different categories, one way to think about them is in terms of strategy or chance. Here we provide some examples of each type of game, and also a discussion of each type!


Breaking Down the Binary

While there are some games based purely on luck, these are few and far between. Similarly, there are few games based purely on strategy, as there is some sort of randomness involved in most games in terms of which enemies appear in battle or if a critical hit lands.

In other words, even games that appear to be of pure luck will inevitably have some sort of strategy and calculating involved. Even if it is in terms of how much to risk in your wagering, you will do better with an overall strategy.

Plus, there are other ways of thinking about which games are most important to you. Some people may prioritize finding the best mobile games. While others may prioritize games where you can make real money. It is up to each player.

Games Based More on Chance

Here are some of the best games out there that we think of as being based more on luck. Again, you will need some strategy here, but chance will also play an important part in how successful you are in the game.


One of the most classic games of chance is roulette. In this game, the dealer spins a wheel that has several colored slots on it. The player then guesses where the ball will land. Luck clearly plays a big role in this game.

But winning big in roulette also has a strategy. This Thai online roulette guide, known as รูเล็ตออนไลน์, has roulette tips and strategies, as well as an explanation of all the different types of roulette games. If you prefer these types of games, they have handpicked the best online sites available in Thailand. They have many sites organized by country, so they also have recommendations for many countries across Asia. These sites will even have live roulette options, to bring the action to life.

Coin Flip

If you like games of chance, then coin flip is for you. In fact, there is an adage that something that could go either way, good or bad, left or right, is a “flip of the coin.”

But this is exactly what can make it so much fun! You can enter into an intense rivalry with a pal, while keeping it friendly. In other words, whether you guessed the coin flip right or wrong cannot be interpreted as saying anything about your intelligence.

This is a way to channel our desire for competition in a healthy way. If you develop an intense rivalry in a strategy game, the losing party could have their self-esteem hurt.

Games Based More on Strategy

If strategy is something you are looking for, check out these intense strategy games!


Chess is the ultimate strategy game in many ways. While each game starts the same layout and ends with the capturing of the enemy’s king, there are millions of ways the game can play out.

You can play this game in person, in parks, or online with opponents around the world. This game has been around for millennia, so there are libraries of books written about different approaches and strategies. If you really love strategy, this rabbit hole can go very deep.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan initiated a new board game era. It was one of a new generation that made board games more fun, complex, and strategic. In this game, you collect resources such as wool and wood, and you build roads and buildings.

Similarly, it has many approaches and strategies, but it is more of a friendly festive game. It is more amenable to being played on a Friday night with some friends who also enjoy working out strategies and building alliances!