Mobile gaming has increased in popularity to the point that it makes a large percentage of the total gamers.

Technology has advanced to the stage that our mobiles can play memory and graphic-intensive games, and that has seen a steady increase in the number of mobile gamers. In 2021 it, was reported by Statista that 2.6 billion people were playing mobile games.

We often consider gaming a male-dominated area, but in 2021 Statista also reported that when it comes to mobile gaming in the US, 55% of players are women, and they play five or more times a week.

The mobile gaming industry is worth a whopping $98 billion and is set to keep growing.

Mobile is so popular because it is accessible to anyone with a mobile device and the internet. But more than that, is that there are games released for all age groups, from the over 18/21 online slots to dino games for kids.

What makes a great mobile game?

There is an art to making incredible mobile games; luckily, developers have access to any type of software and environment to build the games they want. But very few skyrocketed into huge popularity.

When a game has a continuous challenge, people are more likely to play regularly – with challenges comes the ability to overcome and be rewarded.

Rewards play a significant role in our sense of success and achievement; when we feel good about what we are doing, we are likely to keep doing it.

While a storyline isn’t essential, it is one of the things that many people can get into. Some of the most popular games and games that play themselves like Cookie Clicker – there is no storyline, but there are rewards. Zelda and other fantasy games offer a tory line that takes the player to the end of the game through rewards and achievements tied into the story.

No one likes to be tied into doing something for longer than they want; games that have a pause and save or that are easy to dip in and out of our very popular.

In recent years games that include VR and AR (like Pokemon Go) have added a level of real-life to gaming and changed how people expect their mobile gaming experience to be.

So what are some of the most popular mobile games?

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds took off like wildfire because it was a simple to play game that increased in difficulty. The premise is you can fire different birds from a slingshot into a pile of piles and crates or other debris.

The idea is that you will destroy all of the pigs on that level.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush and Candy Crush Friends Saga are easy to learn, brightly colored, and have new challenges at each level. It is reported that Candy Crush makes $1 million per day on in-app purchases.

The in-app purchase can help players progress through the levels and achieve as many combinations as possible in the time limit. People who played either Bejeweled or Tetris will be familiar with the style of play.

You move some of the icons on the grid to create rows of three or more – with bonuses for more or shapes like T or L.


Wordle is a more recently popular game you can play on the move, and millions of people are sharing their online. What makes Wordle fun for many is that it is a test of smarts.

A free-to-play, ad-free game that has a daily puzzle where you need to guess a word in 6 chances or less.

Puzzle games are top-rated to play on the go as they are easy to pick up and put down; with Wordle, in particular, there is only one Wordle puzzle per day for players, and it resets at midnight. Making it easy to fit in with any schedule.

Thunderstruck 2

Mobile slots are one of the easier pick-up-put-down types of games, and Thunderstruck 2 has exploded in popularity. In part because in recent years, we have seen more Viking and Old Norse mythology on the TV and in movie theaters, and because slots are the most played casino game.

Thunderstruck 2 has Odin, Thor, Loki, and Valkyries delivering bonuses, free spins, and more fun stuff. But this game is so popular because you don’t need to commit to more than two or three spins if you don’t have the time.

Like the other popular mobile games, there is no time demand placed on players here.

Among Us

Played by celebrities and regular folk alike, Among Us swept the globe in 2020 and has held its popularity. Among us actually launched in 2018 but steadily grew to be a smash hit. When you join a game, you’ll either be an imposter or a crewmate. The job of the impostor is to sabotage the crew from fixing the ship – and kill as many as possible without getting caught.

You’ll need to convince everyone in the game that it wasn’t you and point the finger at other people. Or, as a crewmate, fix the ship and survive as long as possible without being kicked off.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania was a much love game, so when Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was released on mobile, it quickly took off. It has a new script, so you won’t find some of the classic lines that were in the Playstation 1 version.

The iconic Maria is available to play this time around, but it still holds true to the 1997 original release.

You’ll play as Alucard, who slays multiple demons to stop them from overtaking Dracula’s castle.

Mobile gaming is a great way to play the games you love on to go. Ideal for commuting, long trips, and those moments you find yourself with 15 minutes to spare and nothing else that demands your time.