When you don’t know what to do with that gigantic, windowless, blank wall, it’s immaterial if you live in a sprawling country bungalow or a small city apartment. You could be a maximalist or minimalist, but a blank wall is something you need to fix.

However, a blank wall can also be refreshing at times. Many people do love it, especially when your space is replete with printed rugs and bold furniture. However, bare walls mostly give an impression of negligence or let’s admit it, plain boredom.

If you want to induce some visually interesting and intriguing designs with a whimsical wallpaper or classic artwork, read on.

  • A color theory is a great thing to start with. Bring some juvenile spirit to your girl’s bedroom. Bedeck it with varying colors of blue, purple, and pink. When you combine them with floating pendants and cubbies, you can transform its bare wall into some sort of an optical illusion.
  • Accents can spell wonders. Glitzy and fancy, they can rekindle your bare walls instantly. Festoon your walls with an opulent and ornate mirror with gold frames, and pair it with bronze Empire scones.

Let your art talk

A large scale and oversized art can redefine your living room like no other. it depicts the land that’s your escape route. Apart from commanding attention, oversized photography or painting sets the mood in a small room.

  • If you’ve minimal space, stick to black and white options. You can also add a jolly hue to bolster the setting.
  • A gallery wall is a timeless classic. An array of miniature pictures can invoke nostalgia. It’s the best tool to add color and personality to your room. You can enhance the appeal by putting up wall letters that highlight the dates, names, and venues of those events.
  • An accent wall adds an eternal statement to a bland wall. Use a bold and bright paint color for creating an accent wall. You can also create a pattern with stencils, wallpapers, or auxiliary decorative paints. When you add the same design to the ceiling, it will clinch the trophy.
  • Apart from that unique vibe and tone, it also creates an aura of inclusion. Decorative accent walls are very important for small spaces.

Explore the new trends

A woven basket collection on your blank white walls can act as warm-up. Put honey tones to create a cozy feel in your space. The woven component adds dimension and texture to your walls.

  • Mounted bikes or bicycles as wall décor can be exemplary. Modern wood mounts are damn chic. They can hold the vibrant bikes in place.
  • If you’re a biker yourself, add some jazz to it with wall letters that display your wins, special events, and trophies. You can also thank your mentor or coach in this way.
  • For geography fans, try adding an antique world map to your wall décor. It’s budget-friendly and pretty easy. Just mark all the places you’ve traveled or plan to visit, and create a great rendezvous with your guests.
  • House number stickers are not only for exterior designs. You may also order a custom sticker so you can have it on your feature wall, especially if the number holds so much meaning.

If you have a vintage scarf, just frame it. It creates a color pop on your wall. Make sure the scarf entails intricate patterns for a terrific visual impact.