• Woey

    A slang terms for bullsh-t. An example use would be “I bought a 10 piece nugget from McDonald’s and they only gave me 9. This is some woey!”

  • Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP) refers to the percentage of the bets placed over an online casino game that the online casino will pay back to players over a period of time. The RTP all depends on the type of slot game you are playing. These include classic slots, video slots, 3D slots and many more […]

  • Okurtt

    Something Cardi B says. You have to roll your tongue for the ‘r’. The ‘r’ kinda sounds like a bird call depending where you live. Anyways you say it when you are happy or like speech sis. Also can be spelled Okurrr and Okurt

  • tennpain

    tenpainn is a sri lankan-american rapper. birth name : sajith geethanjana, born : 4th march 1997 in colombo, west side, sri lanka. submitted by: darol dannis

  • jeona

    it’s the cutest ship between teona flemino and johnny orlando! we don’t know if it’s a thing….but we hope it is they are so adorable! submitted by: emma jules

  • quasmatic

    semi automatic, or needing -ssistance ostriches are quasmatic

  • operations petrophysicist

    a person of dubious morals, generally found in the oil industry but also sometimes found in the personal ads of unsavory magazines. typically able to make the unpalatable sound attractive, usually to his own advantage i tell you what, he can talk a load of sh-te but still make you want to believe it – […]

  • Flobaho

    an unintelligent person “that girl just asked what year it is! what a flobaho!”

  • man to man

    (noun) when a man has -n-l s-x with another man, the former’s sperm cells (which are referred to as a man) travels through his p-n-s until they get converted into s-m-n; the s-m-n escapes and flies into the latter’s -n-s hole. see also man in the man. gerald’s sperm cells turned from man to man, […]

  • lindenhurst liquor lid tipper

    the arousing act of carefully popping the cap of a wine bottle off using your partner’s throbbing -n-s, and then proceeding to fill the potentially bloodied -n-s with the distilled beverage. usually between two men, but can be performed between any two s-xes, (provided both have an experienced, prolapse-able -n-s of divine integrity.) this one […]