• biane

    biane is one of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and kind people out here livin. if you’ve ever met a biane, you’d be so all up in her face cause she is so darn lovely. “oh wow, is that biane!? i want to be her friend too.”

  • birthday tits

    a southern tradition where a guy is shown t-ts for his birthday it’s my birthday. time for some birthday t-ts!

  • libreh

    pr-nounced (lee-bray) a female “breh” (see breh) breh 1: i would never have s-x with shanon, she’s like a breh. breh 2: breh, i feel you breh. she’s like one of us with a vag and t-ts. she’s almost like a sister. breh 1: ja feel breh. shanon’s a libreh. breh 2: i still wonder […]

  • mlesia

    mlesia is usually a very outgoing girl. very loyal and only seems to trust a few people. she’s very nice but once you mess with her your gonna regret it. she’s loud and sometimes weird when she’s comfortable. she’s very funny and can keep a crowd laughing. she’s one of the most gorgeous girls you’ll […]

  • junkalanche

    junk + avalanche. when a large pile of stuff falls and envelopes around something or the unfortunate someone. person 1 – watch out! a junkalanche!!! person 2 – (gets covered in stuff)

  • toot & scoot

    this is the act of p-ssing gas in public and quickly walking away so you don’t get blamed for the offense. “hey man- i had burritos for lunch and had to pull a toot & scoot at the grocery store.”

  • monkeyshine

    monkeyshine—the activity of black folks when the boss is’nt looking. ok, knock off this monkeyshine and get back to work! mischeivous doings. i’ve heard about your monkey shines. pranks and other debauchery (usually playful) mary’s 5 year old cousin keeps stealing her shoes and hiding them around the house. that kid is full of monkeyshines. […]

  • chin backa head

    this is a style of bl-wj-b whereby the woman kneels in front of the man and while she’s performing f-ll-t– he positions one hand under her chin, and the other hand on the back of her head thereby maximizing his control over both the rhythm and depth of her c-ck sucking. this style is used […]

  • Oppa Hunter

    a person (particularly a non-korean or mainly a non-asian girl) who is obsessed with korean men and is desperate to either be friends with them, be in a relationship with them, and or marry a them. they are also commonly known to overuse the word “oppa” (korean word for a male that is older than […]

  • Justifiable Nomicide

    when food looks/smells so gotd-mn good, you just have to eat it. (even if it belongs to someone else) that pot of crackaroni and cheese yoli left out was just beggin to be nommed. i had to eat it…totally a justifiable nomicide.

  • Lawsuit

    Synonyms for lawsuit noun case brought to court litigation claim bill prosecution argument accusation trial suit action indictment dispute proceedings arraignment cause contest impeachment presentment assumpsit replevin Concept Thesaurus for word lawsuit 5. Institutions Synonyms – noun lawsuit litigation arraignment presentment arrest summons venire bill information answer rebutter suitor trial writ of error precedent appeal […]

  • Cogwheels

    Synonyms for cogwheels noun main part of device prong wheel gear transmission tooth tine tusk rack fang cogwheel differential ratchet pinion Synonyms noun toothed part of wheel cog sprocket cogwheel pinion gearwheel ragwheel spurwheel

  • Bobcats

    Synonyms for bobcats noun feline animal, sometimes a pet puma panther tabby kitty lynx tiger cougar lion puss kitten leopard bobcat jaguar tomcat pussy ocelot tom cheetah mouser grimalkin malkin Synonyms noun large cat feline lynx bobcat caracal Synonyms noun large cat wildcat cat bobcat catamount caracal

  • Accurse

    Synonyms for accurse verb hate imprecate abominate despise vilify curse reprehend reprove revile excoriate denounce censure objurgate detest damn condemn reprobate anathematize deplore abhor loathe Antonyms for accurse admire cherish compliment praise laud adore like love approve commend Synonyms verb curse execrate maledict damn imprecate excommunicate comminate anathemize Synonyms verb curse imprecate cuss execrate blaspheme […]

  • Pining away

    Synonyms for pining away verb pout, be dejected brood sulk chafe despond grumble regret grump lament repine grieve yearn pine moon idle despair sink ache languish bleed fret droop waste time be apathetic be down in the mouth be gloomy be in a funk lose heart pine away stew over sweat over wear a long […]

  • Handprintings

    Synonyms for handprintings noun capital letter block capital handprinting lettering

  • Tirade

    Synonyms for tirade noun abuse, outburst ranting invective denunciation diatribe harangue sermon revilement philippic jeremiad condemnation censure malediction fulmination anger lecture tongue-lashing vituperation dispute screed berating Antonyms for tirade compliment praise calm harmony peace

  • Pre paid

    Synonyms for pre paid verb give money for goods, services refund settle handle extend grant reimburse offer disburse repay compensate meet present satisfy render liquidate clear stake bequeath confer remunerate foot bestow adjust recoup recompense remit proffer requite discharge reward honor defray chip in come through foot the bill hand over kick in put up […]

  • Over steps

    Synonyms for over steps verb exceed violate meddle trespass encroach Synonyms verb infringe violate trespass exceed encroach transgress intrench Antonyms obey Synonyms verb go against, contradict hinder overstep impugn violate repudiate disobey interfere infringe negate breach defy exclude resist intrude spurn combat cross encroach interpose traverse fight break trespass oppose refute reject offend thwart counteract […]

  • Indubitableness

    Synonyms for indubitableness noun positive assurance confidence trust certitude credence lock sureness surety positiveness steadiness shoo-in stock lockup belief validity firmness cinch faith conviction setup store sure thing inevitability definiteness dogmatism staunchness positivism all sewn up authoritativeness open and shut case rain or shine sure bet surefire wrap-up Antonyms for indubitableness distrust disbelief ambiguity doubt […]

  • Were sick

    Synonyms for were sick verb vomit regurgitate spew discharge throw up upchuck retch be sick lose one’s lunch Synonyms verb vomit spew hurl gag regurgitate heave bring up throw up retch upchuck barf be sick chunder cough up do the technicolor yawn get sick spit up toss one’s cookies Synonyms verb vomit eject expel spew […]

  • Get one started

    Synonyms for get one started verb excite, provoke prompt inspire trigger vitalize encourage arouse spark spur quicken foster activate move pique vivify animate hook enliven incite motivate goad send exhilarate whet prod instigate urge elate galvanize fire jazz inflame fan rouse spirit foment energize impel perk grab support juice set up turn on work up […]

  • Un sighted

    Synonyms for un sighted adj sightless dark eyeless purblind unseeing unsighted groping amaurotic blind as a bat destitute of vision in darkness typhlotic undiscerning visionless Antonyms for un sighted seeing sighted aware understanding uncovered cunning quick sharp controlled open revealed Synonyms adj unable to see blind sightless unseeing unsighted visionless Synonyms adj blind dark eyeless […]

  • Downcomes

    Synonyms for downcomes noun deterioration decline abasement comedown discomfiture downfall lapse slump degradation down anticlimax debasement pathos cadence decadence downcome Antonyms for downcomes increase boon success ascension improvement rise ascent promotion elevation upgrade

  • Drave the bus

    Synonyms for drave the bus verb vomit eject expel spew puke hurl gag heave emit throw up retch upchuck be seasick be sick boff drive the bus dry heave pray to the porcelain god ralph spit up urp lose one’s lunch toss one’s cookies Antonyms for drave the bus take in

  • Grow famous

    Synonyms for grow famous verb attain good outcome prosper accomplish get win triumph benefit thrive flourish overcome prevail realize achieve gain retrieve secure obtain surmount recover profit avail outwit score hit acquire worst fulfill reap outdistance possess distance earn receive work conquer arrive vanquish come off make out pull off turn out be successful carry […]

  • Switching over

    Synonyms for switching over verb change; adapt reorganize modify transform turn switch download apply translate remodel transmute interchange make transpose metamorphose appropriate commute transmogrify transfigure alter revise downlink restyle switch over Antonyms for switching over stagnate refuse persist remain wait leave alone keep endure hold idle stay Synonyms verb alter, change repair tweak vary adjust […]

  • Haddest propensity

    Synonyms for haddest propensity verb be disposed prefer incline tend favor look be prone be willing gravitate toward have propensity not mind Antonyms for haddest propensity straighten dislike disregard forget not like

  • The eyne

    Synonyms for the eyne noun test, analysis checkup scan probe questionnaire review research experiment inquiry exploration raid scrutiny interrogation investigation questioning audit search observation study trial survey diagnosis inspection breakdown inquisition inquest catechism exam perusal battery dissection quiz quest once-over tryout canvass assay reconnaissance oral final view third degree written cross-examination checking make-up grilling blue […]

  • Spoofings

    Synonyms for spoofings noun joking, tricks roughhouse farce teasing jesting sham trifling high jinks horseplay mockery nonsense pretense roughhousing frolicking spoofing kidding skylarking bluffing joshing buffoonery clownishness making light rowdiness Antonyms for spoofings seriousness

  • Under medication

    Synonyms for under medication adj not healthy, not feeling well disordered indisposed down ailing incurable funny nauseated debilitated invalid wobbly frail imperfect suffering confined impaired peaked ill tottering green mean bedridden defective delicate diseased feeble feverish infirm lousy poorly queasy rickety rocky rotten run down under the weather unhealthy unwell weak laid-up infected hospitalized declining […]

  • End of rainbow

    Synonyms for end of rainbow adj at a great distance distant deep long bit piece remote afar far-flung far-off faraway out-of-the-way outlying removed ways miles a good way a long way far piece far-removed good ways middle of nowhere stone’s throw Synonyms noun very large treasure land of milk and honey El Dorado Golconda end […]

  • Most discarding

    Synonyms for most discarding adj leaving out withholding missing neglecting slighting precluding canceling overlooking excluding discarding disregarding excepting ignoring repudiating not including not naming passing over Antonyms for most discarding including mentioning inserting

  • Revelatory

    Synonyms for revelatory adj telling, revealing thoughtful vivid colorful striking eloquent poignant articulate suggestive dramatic artistic passionate energetic alive brilliant demonstrative emphatic forcible graphic indicative ingenious lively masterly meaningful mobile moving pathetic picturesque pointed pregnant representative responsive showy significant silver-tongued spirited stimulating stirring strong sympathetic tender touching understanding warm allusive pictorial Antonyms for revelatory uncaring […]

  • At the drop of a hat

    Synonyms for at the drop of a hat adv quickly; effortlessly willingly easily freely eagerly promptly gladly immediately cheerfully hands down lightly nothing to it piece of cake right away smoothly speedily swimmingly well at once facilely in a jiffy in no time no sweat quick as a wink slick as whistle straight away unhesitatingly […]