• biane

    biane is one of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and kind people out here livin. if you’ve ever met a biane, you’d be so all up in her face cause she is so darn lovely. “oh wow, is that biane!? i want to be her friend too.”

  • birthday tits

    a southern tradition where a guy is shown t-ts for his birthday it’s my birthday. time for some birthday t-ts!

  • libreh

    pr-nounced (lee-bray) a female “breh” (see breh) breh 1: i would never have s-x with shanon, she’s like a breh. breh 2: breh, i feel you breh. she’s like one of us with a vag and t-ts. she’s almost like a sister. breh 1: ja feel breh. shanon’s a libreh. breh 2: i still wonder […]

  • mlesia

    mlesia is usually a very outgoing girl. very loyal and only seems to trust a few people. she’s very nice but once you mess with her your gonna regret it. she’s loud and sometimes weird when she’s comfortable. she’s very funny and can keep a crowd laughing. she’s one of the most gorgeous girls you’ll […]

  • junkalanche

    junk + avalanche. when a large pile of stuff falls and envelopes around something or the unfortunate someone. person 1 – watch out! a junkalanche!!! person 2 – (gets covered in stuff)

  • mehedi

    mehedi’s are lazy as f-ck, sluggish and slow. mehedi’s always procrastinate and he is afraid to step out of their comfort zone and always often ends up broke, lonely and bitter. snails walk as fast as mehedi

  • facebook comsent

    a facebook comment on an alb-m requesting the removal of an unflattering picture. as a result of this comment, the embar-ssing picture is sent to the news feed, bringing much more attention to the picture than if it were to be left un-commented. facebooker1: like omg tiffany.. remove this pic asap! ewww i have like […]

  • Dinodike

    a large lesbian like dinosaur. has big teeth and likes to rawr! that lezbo is one ugly dinodike.

  • Keys n Gray

    the male right to be s-xist and bigoted. guy1: that bird is well fit, i’d hang out the back of it. guy2: f-ck yeah… i’d smash her keys n gray right in!

  • Glock O’ Clock

    generally announced when it has been decided that it is now an appropriate time to shoot somebody. man im sick of my mother telling me to eat my greens, its glock o’ clock

  • Desperation

    Synonyms for desperation noun hopelessness heartache gloom melancholy anxiety pain agony sorrow grief discomfort despair misery fear anguish desolation unhappiness distress dejection despondency pang depression trouble concern torture worry distraction disconsolateness Antonyms for desperation happiness joy contentment health relief delight joyfulness advantage calm collectedness cheer ease peace comfort pleasure confidence security cautiousness peacefulness Synonyms noun […]

  • Felttip

    Synonyms for felttip noun writing instrument stick marker fountain pen nib reed quill ball point felt-tip stylograph Antonyms for felttip open space pencil

  • Deadend street

    Synonyms for deadend street noun closed-off passage cul-de-sac dead end impasse tangent blank wall dead-end street Synonyms noun street closed at one end blind alley dead end impasse dead-end street

  • Were shown

    Synonyms for were shown verb indicate, reveal reflect record say show disclose exhibit read express manifest betray bespeak mark display point out be shown point to Antonyms for were shown conceal hide withhold eradicate erase secrete cover

  • Notice to mariner

    Synonyms for notice to mariner noun internationally recognized signal requesting help alarm fire alarm flare warning signal burglar alarm Mayday SOS call for help danger signal notice to mariners signal of distress

  • Jabberings

    Synonyms for jabberings noun trivial talk, often incessant gibberish jargon drivel gab ranting jabber blubbering burble gabble murmur gossip prattle clamor chatter gushing muttering tattling jabbering idle talk Antonyms for jabberings silence quiet wisdom sense Synonyms noun babble ranting jargon blubbering jabber burble drivel murmur gossip gibberish gabble chatter gab twaddle hot air small talk […]

  • Am cognizant

    Synonyms for am cognizant verb understand information notice recognize appreciate perceive experience see have learn realize ken discriminate prize apprehend fathom comprehend grasp differentiate distinguish undergo discern apperceive cognize be acquainted be cognizant be conversant in be informed be learned be master of be read be schooled be versed feel certain get the idea have […]

  • Concentrated

    Synonyms for concentrated adj condensed, reduced robust fixed full-bodied rich potent complete stuffed total entire lusty straight strong thick unadulterated undivided whole undiluted evaporated thickened telescoped crashed boiled down undiffused unmingled unmixed Antonyms for concentrated incomplete unfinished diluted weak diffuse loose thin free Synonyms adj intense intensive fierce hard all-out deep desperate exquisite furious terrible […]

  • Malcontentment

    Synonyms for malcontentment noun discontent, unhappiness dismay complaint anxiety displeasure distaste jealousy disquiet disapproval resentment discomfort uneasiness weariness frustration irritation exasperation boredom annoyance worry regret envy distress disinclination chagrin disgruntlement oppression indisposition desolation dislike discouragement heartburn aversion disfavor hopelessness ennui malcontent trouble disrelish querulousness lamentation fretfulness disliking Antonyms for malcontentment encouragement happiness calmness composure calm […]

  • Refill

    Synonyms for refill noun something that takes up cartridge center content contents cylinder dressing fill guts inlay innards inside layer mixture pack packing pad padding stuffing wad bushing capacity batting impletion liner replenishment shim wadding Antonyms for refill emptiness Synonyms verb fill, stock restore refresh provide top replace renew provision furnish make up restock reload […]

  • Emergent

    Synonyms for emergent adj resulting budding coming outgoing rising appearing developing efflorescent emanant emanating issuing forth Antonyms for emergent declining dependent

  • Art in the power of

    Synonyms for art in the power of verb be contingent on hinge on bottom hang rest stay found ground hang on pend turn on revolve around rest on be at mercy of be based on be conditioned be connected with be determined by be in control of be in the power of be subject to […]

  • Wast consonant with

    Synonyms for wast consonant with verb agree, approve coincide jibe acquiesce league accord collaborate join consent assent equal unite cooperate band accede combine harmonize meet okay cut a deal be consonant with be in harmony coadjute come together pass on shake on Antonyms for wast consonant with deny disallow disapprove refuse disjoin dissent protest reject […]

  • Unhooked

    Synonyms for unhooked adj not tight; unconstrained relaxed sloppy lax easy baggy limp hanging escaped floating unlocked separate untied disconnected free released unhinged slack clear undone detached apart asunder flabby flaccid insecure movable unattached unconnected unfettered unrestrained unrestricted wobbly unconfined unbuttoned loosened unbound unclasped liberated unpinned unfastened unbolted slackened at large not fitting uncaged unlatched […]

  • Cathode ray tube

    Synonyms for cathode ray tube noun tv or computer vacuum tube display monitor screen CRT computer display

  • Hurrayed

    Synonyms for hurrayed interj yeah cheer yell encouragement whoopee yay hip-hip hurray huzza rah-rah three cheers yippee

  • Tootsie

    Synonyms for tootsie noun someone adored heartthrob love dear honey girlfriend rave pet treasure sugar darling idol sweetheart beau baby boyfriend prize steady flame lover heartbeat number one significant other dearest inamorato fiancé first and last love of my life numero uno object of affection one and only true love Antonyms for tootsie hate enemy […]

  • Suited

    Synonyms for suited adj adapted appropriate suitable satisfactory befitting fitted Antonyms for suited unsuitable unacceptable inappropriate incorrect improper unfitting

  • Attorney general

    Synonyms for attorney general noun chief legal officer AG Attorney General of the United States chief law officer chief legal advisor chief of the Department of Justice

  • Music hall

    Synonyms for music hall noun place for musical presentations opera house auditorium amphitheater hall hippodrome theater concert hall dance hall ballroom variety theater vaudeville theater

  • Workingwomen

    Synonyms for workingwomen noun manual or technical laborer employee hand laborer common laborer factory worker industrial worker lunch-bucket worker member of the working class nonoffice worker proletarian working stiff workingman workingwoman Synonyms noun laborer grunt worker drudge peon hand hireling operative blue-collar worker migrant worker workingman workman farmhand manual worker unskilled worker working girl working […]

  • Unreeling

    Synonyms for unreeling verb undo, untangle loosen unravel unfurl loose slacken separate disentangle free unroll unwrap ravel unbend untwine untwist unreel uncoil Antonyms for unreeling tangle wind prepare ready twist agitate

  • Gotten behind

    Synonyms for gotten behind verb allow, authorize authorize advocate okay license uphold ratify support endorse confirm accept sign certify sanction back recommend establish agree permit groove charter accede concur acquiesce affirm consent empower seal assent second maintain bless dig buy encourage mandate validate boost pronounce accredit thumbs up push for buy into get behind give […]

  • Arts and sciences

    Synonyms for arts and sciences noun ideas, values of a people development lifestyle knowledge habit society civilization folklore mores customs convention way of life ethnology humanism grounding folkways the arts

  • Medicares

    Synonyms for medicares noun medical insurance Medicare Medicaid comprehensive medical insurance group medical insurance health plan major medical managed care Synonyms noun government-provided health care health insurance Medicaid Medicare sickness insurance state medicine