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  • mehkaila

    mehkaila is a girl that’s funny and entertaining. she’s weird in a good way and i’m her is way. but to tell you she is not the person to mess with. she will really beat a b-tch -ss if she have to. but she has a good side too. she only have like three best […]

  • camryn glanville

    a gorgeous girl with perfect eyes and a gorgeous hair. people treat her like absolute trash, and she deserves way better. god d-mn camryn glanville is so hot! buy the domain for your travel site

  • rock and rick roll

    when you listening to rock music and the dude on the aux changes the song “i swear shawn, if you rock and rick roll me, i am beating yo -ss.”

  • manner

    a term used for internet games. when a player just plays games in a good mannered way and doesn’t talk cr-p or complain. usually manner players will always type gg gl hf before games and at the end of the game they will wait for the losing player to type gg before they themselves type […]

  • gaqe

    term used inplace of p-n-s. this term has be mistaken for gat. brian: suck my gat me: why would i suck your gun, but you can suck my gaqe buy the domain for your travel blog

  • cowpounded

    the process of receiving poundage from behind and in particular from a cow. “the old man shrieked when he felt a sudden f being cowpounded. a smacking echo ensued when the old man was entered from behind by a fellow bovine creature. he had been cowpounded.

  • nooki

    nooki is s-x…. it is a much pleasent way to talk about it. bob…. i got some nooki from mary last night…

  • Baybrij

    n. in baltimoron, this refers to the chesapeake bay bridge. the chesapeake bay bridge is where us 50 crosses the chesapeake bay from annapolis md (at sandy point) to kent island md. this bridge is not the chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel. the chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel is about 120 miles to the south of the chesapeake bay […]

  • go catch a fish

    something snoop dogg used as an insult on doggy-fizzle televizzle, to much amus-m-nt. go catch a fish!…b-tch!

  • Roadworkaholics

    people so addicted to doing roadwork, they always have one of their annoying projects cutting into your daily commute. ugh, the freeway is down to one lane again because of a big road construction project. must be those roadworkaholics at it again, they just can’t get enough roadworkahol

  • Highest level

    Synonyms for highest level adj best possible top-level excellent top-drawer top-echelon top-hole top-ranking

  • Homage

    Synonyms for homage noun devotion, admiration deference tribute allegiance reverence loyalty obeisance duty adoration fealty faithfulness service fidelity worship adulation honor esteem praise genuflection respect awe kneeling Antonyms for homage disregard disloyalty disrespect faithlessness treachery dishonor censure condemnation scorn inconstancy criticism

  • Idiot lights

    Synonyms for idiot lights noun warning lights hazard lights 4-way flashers flashers four-way flashers Synonyms noun four-way flashers emergency lights flashers warning lights

  • Talion

    Synonyms for talion noun what is due one right guerdon merit discipline comeuppance due penalty return revenge requital payment retribution chastisement compensation recompense deserving reward punishment lumps disciplining chastening meed get hers get his what is coming to one what one is asking for Antonyms for talion award reward forgiveness pardon penalty sympathy

  • In susceptibility

    Synonyms for in susceptibility noun resistance battle check combat contention counteraction cover defiance detention fight friction halting hindrance holding immunity impediment imperviousness intransigence obstruction protection rebuff refusal retardation safeguard screen shield stand struggle support unsusceptibility watch blocking impedance impeding parrying protecting striking back warding off withstanding Synonyms noun dullness inactivity unconsciousness stupor lethargy numbness trance […]

  • Grandiose

    Synonyms for grandiose adj theatrical, extravagant splashy flamboyant bombastic noble imposing magnificent pretentious monumental showy ambitious grand pompous lofty affected august cosmic egotistic fustian high-flown impressive lordly majestic ostentatious overwhelming purple royal stately unfathomable vast high-falutin’ Antonyms for grandiose restrained trivial unimportant insignificant unassuming unpretentious moderate modest humble common poor unimposing unimpressive bad low calm […]

  • Most cashable

    Synonyms for most cashable adj made negotiable accepted endorsed approved certified passed validated cashable Antonyms for most cashable disapproved

  • Solar powers

    Synonyms for solar powers noun energy from undepletable source solar energy geothermal power hydroelectricity renewable resource solar power wave power wind power Synonyms noun energy from the sun solar radiation solar power insolation sun energy

  • More worthwhile

    Synonyms for worthwhile adj helpful profitable beneficial productive useful advantageous good valuable constructive rewarding important lucrative worthy excellent invaluable justifiable estimable gainful meritorious priceless remunerative serviceable money-making paying Antonyms for more worthwhile disadvantageous useless worthless unimportant unworthy valueless unprofitable hurting unhelpful bad

  • Institutes legal proceedings

    Synonyms for institutes legal proceedings verb bring matter before court of law prosecute sue appeal contest dispute drag into court file suit go to court go to law institute legal proceedings press charges see one in court take the law on Antonyms for institutes legal proceedings agree Synonyms verb bring legal charges against prosecute file […]

  • Transferrings

    Synonyms for transferrings noun assignment of responsibility appointment reference investiture ordination charge conveyance consignment mandate installation trust nomination deputation authorization referring transferal conveying relegation committal transference devolution apportioning commissioning consigning deputization deputizing entrustment giving over sending away submittal submitting transferring Antonyms for transferrings keeping Synonyms noun art created by carving engraving inscription reproduction impression imprint […]

  • Vouch for

    Synonyms for vouch for verb be a witness for attest guarantee vouch assert under oath swear to

  • Ionic

    Synonyms for Ionic adj concerning ancient culture classic academic attic bookish canonical humanistic Latin Hellenic Doric Greek roman scholastic Grecian Augustan Homeric Virgilian belletristic canonic classicistic Antonyms for ionic complicated modern unclassical

  • Neo darwinisms

    Synonyms for neo darwinisms noun theory of evolution adaptation evolution natural selection social Darwinism Darwinianism Darwinism Neo-Darwinism evolutionism law of the jungle natural law organic evolution phylogeny punctuated equilibrium social evolution

  • Most shortened

    Synonyms for most shortened adj smaller, inferior limited lower negative lesser subordinate minus minor secondary beneath deficient depressed lacking reduced shorter unsubstantial without fewer declined diminished excepting not as great shortened slighter subtracting Antonyms for most shortened higher greater more important superior major bigger Synonyms adj insufficient, infrequent limited rare scanty deficient sparse scant sporadic […]

  • Grappling with

    Synonyms for grappling with verb come up against a situation risk confront challenge experience fight oppose take allow meet suffer encounter endure withstand brave resist accost abide contend court brook cross submit sustain brace beard stomach defy bear countenance dare affront tolerate stand venture swallow take it take on tell off deal with run into […]

  • More conservatory

    Synonyms for more conservatory adj saving conservatory defensive conservative precautionary protective safeguarding

  • Refraining

    Synonyms for refrain verb do without; keep from doing abstain halt renounce avoid forgo resist desist cease restrain curb forbear quit inhibit pass stop withhold arrest eschew interrupt keep check leave off be temperate give up go on the wagon not do pass up sit out take the cure take the pledge Antonyms for refraining […]

  • Most exploitative

    Synonyms for most exploitative adj immoral selfish petty underhanded deceitful ruthless illegal shady dishonest crooked corrupt venal unethical crafty shameless arrant base degraded degrading disgraceful dishonorable improper mercenary perfidious questionable recreant scandalous scheming shifty sinister slippery sly two-faced unconscionable underhand unfair unprincipled unworthy wicked wrongful conscienceless self-seeking casuistic exploitative low-down unconscientious Antonyms for most exploitative […]

  • Washiness

    Synonyms for washiness noun insipidity blandness flatness flavorlessness innocuousness insipidness jejuneness vapidity vapidness wateriness staleness

  • Tidal

    Synonyms for tidal adj gushing, abounding sinuous running rolling falling full liquid smooth fluid teeming rushing rich sweeping brimming overrun continuous easy fluent prolific unbroken uninterrupted streaming rippling flooded spouting liquefied issuing cursive fluidic pouring out Antonyms for tidal needy empty solid trickling

  • More animalistic

    Synonyms for more animalistic adj lecherous, desiring sex animal bodily carnal erotic gross lascivious lewd lustful profane sensual voluptuous animalistic venereal Antonyms for more animalistic spiritual immaterial religious mentally Synonyms adj physical, erotic voluptuous sensuous sexy exciting sexual tactile X-rated animal bodily carnal debauched delightful epicurean fleshly heavy hot lascivious lecherous lewd libidinous licentious lustful […]

  • Earth mother

    Synonyms for earth mother noun the earth personified Gaea Gaia Ge Great Mother Magna Mater Tellus terra mother goddess

  • Till blue in the face

    Synonyms for till blue in the face adv forever; continually regularly constantly consistently repeatedly invariably ever perpetually eternally evermore for keeps till hell freezes over everlastingly forevermore in perpetuum till cows come home unceasingly without exception Antonyms for till blue in the face at no time never Synonyms adv for all time; everlasting always permanently […]

  • Crowing

    Synonyms for crow verb brag, exult squawk boast gloat strut blow prate cackle babble cry gas whoop rodomontade mouth gurgle jubilate flourish puff swagger bluster triumph vaunt caw cock-a-doodle-doo glory in Antonyms for crowing fail