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  • Custom Essay

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  • Courtsiding

    Courtsiding is a term used in relation to tennis, which is where this method of gambling began, though it can actually be used to explain the method across a number of other sports. It is a way to gain an advantage over the bookmakers by being at the event in question and seeing everything that […]

  • NAP Horse Racing

    The term NAP is something associated with gambling in particular, but mainly when we are talking about horse racing gambling. There is nothing stopping the term being used for any other sport as there is no specific link to horse racing, but no one really seems to do so. It is engrained into the history […]

  • Jhandi Munda

    Jhandi Munda is a traditional Indian casino game that has been very popular for many years. While the exact origins of the game are not known, we do know it came from Arunachal Pradesh. Other names of the game include Langur Burja, which is how the game is known in Nepal and Crown and Anchor, […]

  • miyabi

    from the j-panese diary called the pillow book (makura no soshi) – miyabi (pr-nunced: mee-ya-bee) things are those of courtly elegance. but in todays usage it just is used to describe the things in life that give lots of happiness and pleasure for being stylish and perfect. it means more than just pretty or nice, […]

  • ryg

    a small hobbit like person who benches three times its own body weight and slays dragons at a par to sub-par rate. they are mostly found in icy areas and on occation snip cheese. “i may, but probably won’t hook up tonight if i pull a ryg” “ryg your so adorable, you make me so […]

  • Mantenance

    any form of male grooming. “yo dude, i gotta run. gonna do some mantenance. gotta be tough on the scruff!” a portmanteu of man and maintenance. usually refers to the unspoken maintenance tasks some men perform or actions taken by a woman to keep her boyfriend. man i feel great after some mantenance today, shaved […]

  • Fornicated

    adjective. describes the utter destruction following a rough night of s-xual intercourse. verb. past tense of fornicate; to engage in premarital s-xual intercourse last night, mr. chocolate shakes committed a blast-ssination in downtown detroit. police deemed the scene highly fornicated.

  • Kristin Tabor

    the most amazing person you will ever meet. a loyal girlfriend, she is there whenever you need her. loves being carefree and caring for others. that girl is amazing..no that girl is kristin tabor