• tennpain

    tenpainn is a sri lankan-american rapper. birth name : sajith geethanjana, born : 4th march 1997 in colombo, west side, sri lanka. submitted by: darol dannis

  • jeona

    it’s the cutest ship between teona flemino and johnny orlando! we don’t know if it’s a thing….but we hope it is they are so adorable! submitted by: emma jules

  • vericen

    something that is verified, and central to growth of another business. submitted by: kevin rhodes

  • cat ellington

    \’kat ‘el’ling’tən\ noun a famous american songwriter, poet, and casting director. submitted by: brian wolinski

  • hebrewed warfare

    a hybrid warfare which is subordinated to the idea of extermination of the non-hebrews submitted by: volodymyr knyr

  • hermiz

    ugly guy , with no friends and life. what a fat hermiz he is/

  • bj eyes

    eyes that are already pretty, and would be even better when looking up at someone whilst they gave them a bj she has amazing bj eyes

  • balls off

    refers to weather cold enough to freeze one’s proverbial “b-lls off.” mainly used as a colloquialism in britain. steverson: what’s the weather like? oliver: it’s b-lls off, guv’nor. delightfully, deliciously crazy. did you hear about all the chaos in the er over the weekend? that place is b-lls off!

  • passer by

    the act of farting as you’re walking past someone who is in a seated position. man, i was embarr-ssed the other day. i was in a movie theater and gave this chick the p-sser by as i got up to walk to the bathroom.

  • Floor Swimmer

    an inexperienced drunk whose booze-fueled antics usually either descend into such ridiculous acts as pretending to swim on the floor, or becoming legitimately unable to stand giving the impression of swimming on the floor. “that guy who staggered into the party last night was a sloppy drunken mess, a real floor swimmer.” an inexperienced drunk […]