• kadarion

    a young s-xy man who will always be there for you at any time you need love and affection get me a man like kadarion

  • strx

    it is short for streaks on snapchat. hey did u send your strx today? no lemme do that now!

  • gimmelstump

    another name for some really crucial pressure and the name of the town where doctor me: ay bro, you got any of that pressure? plug: h-ll yeah, i got that gimmelstump; that big boy pressure

  • temporary girlfriend

    a non committed female usually a friend that will have hot freaky s-x with you but does not want anyone to know about it and has no intention of entering into a committed relationship with you. “dude, i hooked up with my temporary girlfriend last night and we had some bad -ss s-x.”

  • touching teeth

    when a gentleman or gentlelady, gently touches his/her teeth on to their corresponding subject, gently. i wasn’t going to bite you, i was just ‘touching teeth’.

  • vio link

    vio (link) some idiot who ruins everything he touches, is a traitor, has a villain complex, and f-cks a mirror image of himself a ton. the one wearing purple all the time. has a deeply rooted personal hate. (see shadow link ) “hey, that guy… you know him?” “yeah, he likes that mean guy, you […]

  • JenBug

    very adorable and loveable. enjoys attention and will do nearly anything to get it. someone who shines. on who bounces off walls and looks cute doing it. her grades show that she is a real jenbug! she’s being a real jenbug!

  • Mulford

    to destroy, to wreck, useless acts, newspaper reading; see mr. dispatch,stock market expert they mulforded that car all up

  • Corridor Alzheimer’s

    when someone is walking in a corridor, specifically and what seems to be most commonly right in front of you; they stop all of a sudden, look around with a clueless expression, sometimes with a sigh or a confusing mumble of inaudible words, and then start walking the opposite direction as if they forgot where […]

  • telewarp

    means the same as teleport, when matter is transferred from one place to another instantaneously, where warp>port i wish i could telewarp you here.

  • Go down

    Synonyms for go down verb lose, fall decline plunge collapse tumble reduce drop slump decrease sink pitch crumple descend droop fold founder go under keel lessen sag set submerge submit succumb topple submerse be beaten be defeated cave in make less suffer defeat Antonyms for go down increase ascend grow gain rise go up expand […]

  • Average deviation

    Synonyms for average deviation noun measure of dispersion mean deviation mean deviation from the mean

  • Pick one brains

    Synonyms for pick one brains verb question inquire challenge quiz request demand grill needle hit investigate institute catechize pump interrogate direct examine sweat roast enjoin canvass query buzz cross-examine go over pop the question give the third degree hunt for pry into put the screws to put through the wringer pick one’s brains Antonyms for […]

  • Quick wit

    Synonyms for quick wit noun brightness, ingenuity dexterity wit gumption quickness flair wisdom discernment sense ability gift calculation intelligence sharpness resourcefulness sagacity adroitness shrewdness talent skill astuteness smartness brains canniness Antonyms for quick wit inability ignorance weakness incapacity foolishness senselessness ineptness stupidity naievety

  • Tie that bind

    Synonyms for tie that bind noun legal joining of two people; a union merger wedding alliance amalgamation wedlock nuptials confederation matrimony Sacrament link match espousal tie association coupling conjugality connubiality spousal consortium monogamy mating holy matrimony pledging tie that binds wedded bliss wedded state wedding bells wedding ceremony Antonyms for tie that bind antagonism disunion […]

  • Holding discussion

    Synonyms for holding discussion verb discuss with another huddle exchange interact visit confer negotiate contact consult interview argue commune dialogue network deliberate chew confide parley vent reason relate touch canvass palaver confabulate touch base reach out collogue groupthink interface be in contact carry on conversation engage in conversation go into a huddle have a meet […]

  • Was no end to

    Synonyms for was no end to verb exist in abundance proliferate flourish thrive teem crowd swell flow swarm infest overflow be alive with be all over the place be knee deep in be no end to be plentiful be thick with crawl with have a full plate be up to one’s ears in Antonyms for […]

  • Bisexual

    Synonyms for bisexual adj having relations with either gender epicene AC-DC androgynous bi gynandrous hermaphroditic intersexual monoclinous swings both ways Antonyms for bisexual homosexual heterosexual

  • Distressingly

    Synonyms for distressingly adv completely, intensely severely sadly passionately thoroughly profoundly seriously surely intensely acutely genuinely affectingly feelingly gravely mournfully movingly to the quick Antonyms for distressingly lightly incompletely little slightly Synonyms adv with difficulty badly vigorously severely awkwardly carefully hardly harshly inconveniently laboriously painfully roughly strenuously arduously agonizingly burdensomely cumbersomely cumbrously exhaustingly gruelingly ponderously […]

  • Tailgates

    Synonyms for tailgates verb go or be with something follow guide attend escort lead spook convoy guard consort chaperon squire dog drag draft conduct date usher shadow come along string along tailgate associate with go along hang around with hang out keep company look after shlep along show about show around stick to tag along […]

  • Gridiron pastime

    Synonyms for gridiron pastime noun a sport soccer rugby American football Association football Canadian football grid game the pigskin sport

  • Dragoman

    Synonyms for dragoman noun interpreter linguist adapter polyglot cryptologist decoder cryptographer explainer glossator

  • Ruralists

    Synonyms for ruralists noun landowner provincial rustic squire cottager ruralist

  • More feelingless

    Synonyms for more feelingless adj indifferent, callous crass unresponsive unkind heartless uncaring aloof bloodless hard hard-boiled hardened hardhearted obtuse stony tactless thick-skinned tough unconcerned unfeeling incurious unsusceptible coldhearted feelingless hard as nails imperceptive Antonyms for more feelingless kind considerate impressionable mindful responsive aware nice caring concerned feeling sensitive touched sensate Synonyms adj hard-hearted, numb apathetic […]

  • Disk shaped

    Synonyms for disk shaped adj ball-shaped; semicircular area spherical rounded cylindrical elliptical oval curved bowed looped arched spiral circular arced bent egg-shaped rotund annular arciform curvilinear globular bulbous curled ringed orbed coiled spheroid discoid disk-shaped domical globose orbicular orbiculate Antonyms for disk shaped incomplete lacking unfinished inadequate tiny deceitful dishonest indirect straight small low soft […]

  • Believes

    Synonyms for believe verb trust, rely on hold consider conclude regard accept admit understand have suppose trust think buy affirm conceive credit deem posit postulate presuppose swallow accredit count on fall for swear by take it attach weight to be certain of be convinced of be credulous be of the opinion give credence to have […]

  • Defeated

    Synonyms for defeated adj beaten overcome conquered crushed

  • Blood lines

    Synonyms for blood lines noun person’s family tree lineage ancestry parentage pedigree extraction generation descent strain heredity derivation line history stock genetics stemma blood line progeniture stirps

  • Walked

    Synonyms for walk verb move along on foot trek run parade lead trudge hike saunter stride step race escort roam go shuffle strut amble wander stroll traverse stump file patrol toddle shamble traipse tread plod tramp slog pad exercise canter march scuff leg promenade ambulate prance foot advance perambulate pace tour lumber stalk troop rove […]

  • Makes larger

    Synonyms for makes larger verb make or grow bigger; increase develop extend augment broaden magnify lengthen add to grow build multiply widen inflate boost swell expand distend pyramid dilate expatiate elaborate rise diffuse bulk stretch snowball spread pad aggrandize wax elongate exaggerate heighten mount embroider amplify beef up blow up upsurge give details grow larger […]

  • Gathered intelligence

    Synonyms for gathered intelligence verb question interrogate grill probe examine quiz investigate interview cross-examine ask questions gather intelligence give the third degree put through the wringer work over Antonyms for gathered intelligence answer

  • Most case-hardened

    Synonyms for most case-hardened adj cruel, insensitive insensitive unsympathetic heartless careless cold-blooded indifferent apathetic uncaring hardened unbending cold hard hard-boiled hardhearted impassive impenitent inflexible insensate insensible obdurate soulless spiritless stiff stony stubborn thick-skinned torpid tough unaffected unconcerned unfeeling unresponsive hard-bitten insentient uncompassionate unimpressionable unsusceptible indurated toughened inured blind to case-hardened deaf to Antonyms for most […]

  • Doyen doyennes

    Synonyms for doyen doyennes noun person who guides aircraft, ship, or other vehicle flier navigator captain aviator leader scout jockey dean conductor lead bellwether director ace flyer guide eagle aerialist coxswain steerer aeronaut doyen/doyenne helmsperson one at the controls one at the wheel steersperson wheelperson

  • Practices non violence

    Synonyms for practices non violence verb maintain order pour oil on troubled waters practice non violence wage peace

  • Calumniation

    Synonyms for calumniation noun false accusation obloquy aspersion defamation malice denigration slander libel traducement calumny vilification character assassination malicious statement Antonyms for calumniation compliment praise kindness