• tennpain

    tenpainn is a sri lankan-american rapper. birth name : sajith geethanjana, born : 4th march 1997 in colombo, west side, sri lanka. submitted by: darol dannis

  • jeona

    it’s the cutest ship between teona flemino and johnny orlando! we don’t know if it’s a thing….but we hope it is they are so adorable! submitted by: emma jules

  • vericen

    something that is verified, and central to growth of another business. submitted by: kevin rhodes

  • cat ellington

    \’kat ‘el’ling’tən\ noun a famous american songwriter, poet, and casting director. submitted by: brian wolinski

  • hebrewed warfare

    a hybrid warfare which is subordinated to the idea of extermination of the non-hebrews submitted by: volodymyr knyr

  • local liver

    1. (noun) a person who lives locally. live: live, life, alive -er: (suffix) someone who, someone who does 2. a phrase googled, usually by tourists visiting a 3rd world country, looking for a cheap hepatic transplantation (liver transplant). 1. john never left the city limits his whole life. he is a real local liver.

  • Rex Erection

    the erection of a tyrannosaurus rex jimmy the tyrannosaurus rex could not m-st-rb-t- because he could not reach his rex erection

  • worse than dial-up

    something that takes a long time and is not enjoyable. harkens back to the early days of internet when connections were made over 56k or dial-up telephone service i hate waiting in line at the dmv, it’s worse than dial-up

  • Prop 19

    a proposition on the 2010 ballot in california that will finally allow for persons 21 and older to legally purchase, sell (with proper licensing), and consume marijuana. it will be a huge step in curtailing the extremely deadly drug wars, allow the state of california to get millions in tax revenue, make pot harder for […]

  • Furbound

    guy code for hot and s-xy. more beautiful then most. girl who has looks that make you want to tap that. female rated 8 – 10. fur is the female and bound is the action to be taken. bound to get her. code that can be said in close proximity to female because she has […]