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  • Custom Essay

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  • Courtsiding

    Courtsiding is a term used in relation to tennis, which is where this method of gambling began, though it can actually be used to explain the method across a number of other sports. It is a way to gain an advantage over the bookmakers by being at the event in question and seeing everything that […]

  • NAP Horse Racing

    The term NAP is something associated with gambling in particular, but mainly when we are talking about horse racing gambling. There is nothing stopping the term being used for any other sport as there is no specific link to horse racing, but no one really seems to do so. It is engrained into the history […]

  • Jhandi Munda

    Jhandi Munda is a traditional Indian casino game that has been very popular for many years. While the exact origins of the game are not known, we do know it came from Arunachal Pradesh. Other names of the game include Langur Burja, which is how the game is known in Nepal and Crown and Anchor, […]

  • the narkoleptic

    this a s-xual trick a woman does when her boyfriend is an -ss. the two are messing around when the girl starts to go down. she gets all into him and then puts it in her mouth. the guy is psyched that he thinks he’s about to get head but the girl does nothing. she […]

  • Finals Fifteen

    similar to the weight college freshman gain in their first year of college, but this is the 15 pounds everyone puts on during finals week. this can be credited to the amount of coffee and snacks consumed while staying up late studying. last night i stayed up until 3 a.m. studying for my biology final; […]

  • Booty Twitch

    (verb) the act of michael jackson’s perfect little -ss twitching underneath those black slacks of his when he walks. dayum. i can’t even watch the bad tour without fapping over that booty twitch.

  • cuntinplainer

    a woman who never gets laid and complains about everything. she is the worst. c-ntinplainer i’ve ever experienced

  • shibli

    its a cabbage i ate shibli for lunch yesterday buy the domain for your foodie blog