• biane

    biane is one of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and kind people out here livin. if you’ve ever met a biane, you’d be so all up in her face cause she is so darn lovely. “oh wow, is that biane!? i want to be her friend too.”

  • birthday tits

    a southern tradition where a guy is shown t-ts for his birthday it’s my birthday. time for some birthday t-ts!

  • libreh

    pr-nounced (lee-bray) a female “breh” (see breh) breh 1: i would never have s-x with shanon, she’s like a breh. breh 2: breh, i feel you breh. she’s like one of us with a vag and t-ts. she’s almost like a sister. breh 1: ja feel breh. shanon’s a libreh. breh 2: i still wonder […]

  • mlesia

    mlesia is usually a very outgoing girl. very loyal and only seems to trust a few people. she’s very nice but once you mess with her your gonna regret it. she’s loud and sometimes weird when she’s comfortable. she’s very funny and can keep a crowd laughing. she’s one of the most gorgeous girls you’ll […]

  • junkalanche

    junk + avalanche. when a large pile of stuff falls and envelopes around something or the unfortunate someone. person 1 – watch out! a junkalanche!!! person 2 – (gets covered in stuff)

  • Commissionectomy

    when you’re denied the commission you rightfully deserve. dan: “hey mike, did bob pay you for that construction job you landed for him?” mike: “nope, got the ole commissionectomy.”

  • scindie

    scindie is made up of two words: “scene” & “indie”. and basically involves the merger of the two cultures into one. people considered to be “scindie” love music from both genres and dress in a mixture of “scene” and “indie” fashion. bands such as fall out boy, panic! and the kooks are popular amongst “scindie” […]

  • Bouche Dag

    a person of significantly low mental status, originating from douche bag. the letters are switched to signify that the person being insulted is even more r-t-rded than a douche bag. that guy is even more stupid than a douche bag, he’s a bouche dag. rhymes with douche bag. from the french word bouche which means […]

  • Desperary

    during the month of february, when your ex gets desperate and tries to hit you up. jane: billy just texted me. lilly: what i thought you guys were done? jane: we are but its desperary.

  • Seamoose

    a magical creature invented by ty, seamus, and inspired by mr. leslie. seamooses are moose with a fish’s tail and magical flying powers. “seamoose, oh seamoose- the moose that lives in the sea” a person who can’t decide whether they prefer hollister(seagulls) or abercrombie(moose). emily straley is such a seamoose! 1.corward 2.dead beat 3.common folk […]

  • Light headed

    Synonyms for light headed adj silly; feeling faint changeable delirious dizzy empty featherbrained fickle flighty flippant foolish frivolous giddy harebrained hazy punchy rocky scatterbrained shallow superficial swimming tired trifling vertiginous whirling woozy gaga reeling swimmy Antonyms for light headed healthy OK sober Synonyms adj silly changeable delirious dizzy empty-headed faint featherbrained fickle flighty flippant foolish […]

  • Cadaverous

    Synonyms for cadaverous adj pale, corpselike ashen blanched bloodless consumptive dead deathly emaciated gaunt ghastly ghostly haggard pallid peaked sallow shadowy sick spectral thin wan wasted deathlike skeletal bag of bones exsanguinous peaky skeletonlike skin and bones Antonyms for cadaverous flushed lifelike lively

  • Coach persons

    Synonyms for coach persons noun person who engineers vehicle operator jockey motorist trainer whip hack chauffeur coachman handler automobilist autoist cabbie coach person leadfoot road hog Antonyms for coach persons passenger

  • Atom splitting

    Synonyms for atom splitting noun atomic fission fission atom smashing atom-chipping atom-splitting fission reaction nucleonics splitting

  • Grunt

    Synonyms for grunt verb snort groan squeak squawk cry

  • Turns informer

    Synonyms for turns informer verb be disloyal abandon mislead forsake deceive seduce jilt cross trick finger bluff desert knife delude blow the whistle break faith break with double-cross let down sell out stab in the back take in turn in walk out on be unfaithful bite the hand that feeds you break promise break trust […]

  • Most nonresisting

    Synonyms for most nonresisting adj enduring, passive satisfied subdued gentle reconciled yielding quiet ready willing calm tame adapted agreeable amenable compliant cordial deferential docile genial long-suffering manageable obedient patient peaceable philosophical pliant quiescent submissive subservient tolerant tractable acquiescent biddable adjusted relinquishing renouncing accommodated nonresisting stoical unassertive unprotesting unresisting well-disposed Antonyms for most nonresisting boisterous excited […]

  • Warning signal

    Synonyms for warning signal noun light used as signal, guide flare lantern rocket alarm sign beam lamp watchtower alert bonfire radar lighthouse heliograph pharos lodestar balefire guidepost signal fire smoke signal Synonyms noun internationally recognized signal requesting help alarm fire alarm flare burglar alarm Mayday SOS call for help danger signal notice to mariners signal […]

  • Staying in

    Synonyms for staying in verb stay, wait hover go on linger stop live continue endure stand persist last prevail survive wait reside perch tarry rest freeze squat bunk visit abide delay cling lodge dwell inhabit halt hang nest outlast pause sojourn bide outlive sit tight bivouac roost be left hang out hold over hold the […]

  • Most geological

    Synonyms for most geological adj terrestrial earthly geographic geological topographical

  • To the end of time

    Synonyms for to the end of time adv always, at any time regularly forever constantly continually consistently usually anytime eternally evermore for keeps incessantly invariably perpetually at all at all times at any point by any chance endlessly everlastingly in any case in perpetuum on any occasion relentlessly till cows come home unceasingly unendingly

  • Compassionating

    Synonyms for compassionating verb listen to woes of another sympathize pity console feel compassionate condole ache feel for have mercy share sorrow Antonyms for compassionating turn away be indifferent Synonyms verb feel for, be compassionate commiserate comprehend pity comfort love compassionate appreciate condole understand ache agree identify with relate to be in accord be in […]

  • Wast on pins and needles

    Synonyms for wast on pins and needles verb move restlessly fret squirm twiddle jiggle twitch chafe trifle play fuss toss hitch jump wiggle fiddle bustle stir worry jitter joggle be antsy be hyper be nervous be on pins and needles be spooked be wired Antonyms for wast on pins and needles relax rest be still […]

  • Death instincts

    Synonyms for death instincts noun desire to die pessimism black despondency death instinct gloom and doom self-destructive urge suicidal despair

  • Am consonant

    Synonyms for am consonant verb belong, correspond conform suit apply go become click match respond accord set join consist dovetail relate tally interlock befit harmonize concur answer meet parallel agree be apposite be apt be comfortable be consonant be in keeping go together go with have its place Antonyms for am consonant refuse disapprove disjoin […]

  • Summoned up

    Synonyms for summoned up verb keep in mind; summon into mind commemorate get recall recognize remind learn revoke retrospect memorize extract treasure mind revive recollect educe reminisce elicit memorialize retain bethink enshrine cite bear in mind call to mind conjure up go back nail down think back look back relive know by heart brood over […]

  • Bet bottom dollar

    Synonyms for bet bottom dollar verb wager the last of one’s money gamble on lay money on make book on Synonyms verb depend on; rely bank on bargain for believe heed score swear by tab trust aim for believe in bet on expect from lean on pin faith on place confidence in plan on reckon […]

  • Art acquainted with

    Synonyms for art acquainted with verb be familiar with feel see identify experience fraternize associate taste savor sustain undergo be acquainted with be friends with get acquainted have dealings with Antonyms for art acquainted with abstain misunderstand misinterpret forget be ignorant

  • Partially

    Synonyms for partially adv incompletely moderately partly somewhat by degrees halfway piecemeal by installments fractionally in part in some measure little by little not wholly piece by piece to a certain degree to a certain extent Antonyms for partially completely totally wholly

  • Selectboard

    Synonyms for selectboard noun city government board of aldermen board of selectmen city board common council

  • Universal accord

    Synonyms for universal accord noun agreement of all consensus common consent consensus gentium consensus of opinion consensus omnium universal testimony

  • Compression ignition engines

    Synonyms for compression ignition engines noun engine heating diesel fuel by compression diesel compression-ignition engine diesel motor

  • Lollapaloozas

    Synonyms for lollapaloozas noun wonderful year wonderment amazing thing extraordinary year lollapalooza marvelment notable year remarkable year wonderful thing nine days’ wonder

  • Reconnaissance plane

    Synonyms for reconnaissance plane noun high-altitude military reconnaissance plane stealth bomber

  • Lorn

    Synonyms for lorn adj lonely abandoned alone apart comfortless companionless deserted desolate destitute disconsolate down empty forlorn forsaken godforsaken homeless isolated left lone lonesome outcast reclusive rejected secluded single solitary unattended withdrawn by oneself estranged renounced troglodytic unbefriended uncherished unsocial Synonyms adj abandoned alone bereft derelict deserted desolate discarded dissipated dropped empty forgotten forlorn forsaken […]