• carmel the stupid bitch

    a sometimes annoying girl that can be the equivalent to a idiot female dog hence stupid b-tch. a carmel is proud to be a stupid b-tch and embraces the fact she isn’t any normal b-tch she is a stupid one. the stupid b-tch is unique and has normally has the first name or nickname of […]

  • cahleesi

    cahleesi is the mother of dragons and is very fierce! yet, she is beautiful and very loyal. she can be mean at times but only for reasons. can she be a b-tch? yes a lot! but makes a good friend and is very different than others. wow! i want to be friends with that girl! […]

  • young dick

    young d-ck- a man with a small c-ck that is a disciple of the rapper lil d-cky. usually has a small c-ck and doesn’t care if people know. it’s your boy young d-ck

  • yeety mcdabingtonjith

    an expression of surprise used when the yeet is so c-mbersome that abhijith appears in a cloud of crustiness “yeety mcdabingtonjith! that yeet was certainly c-mbersome.”

  • darron su

    the s-xiest man alive darron su is pretty s-xy

  • caray

    means oh fuc k or oh sh-t caray, my house burnt down!

  • Skench

    a mixture between being skinny and hench (muscular.) skench people are thin but have defined muscles on top, but are not bulky in appearance. ‘omg, that indie guy is so skench, he’s my perfect type!’ a skench is a person that has absolutely no earthly idea what they are talking about, but they think that […]

  • Alyss

    an amazing girl who can take a man’s breathe away. the kind of girl that a man wants to spend the rest of his life with, the perfect girl did you see that girl yeah bro thats alyss

  • lemonino

    a non-alcoholic beverage made from approximately 1 pint of chilled san pellegrino sparkling water and the juice of a fresh lemon (0.5 to 1.0 lemons, depending on taste). bartender: what would you like to drink? thirsty folk: i’ll have a lemonino, please.

  • hizzy tizzy

    a doo doo mama or ho who looks a mess girl 1- that girl peyton dix is such a hizzy tizzy girl 2- i know did you see her bad weave?? girl 3- yeah and those nasty apple bottoms

  • Armed services

    Synonyms for armed services noun military forces military armament service troops defense forces fighting machine military service

  • Topography

    Synonyms for topography noun terrain contour profile province domain land form area soil region sphere field shape dominion bailiwick country turf territory ground the lay of the land Antonyms for topography sky

  • Casting one net

    Synonyms for casting one net verb throwing bait to catch seafood troll trawl angle chum extricate bob cast produce bait net extract find pull out seine bait the hook go fishing haul out cast one’s hook cast one’s net

  • Not partaking of alcohol

    Synonyms for not partaking of alcohol adj not drinking alcohol abstemious dry restrained sober abstaining abstinent cold sober drying out free of alcohol nonindulgent not drinking not drunk period of abstinence stone cold sober sworn off took the pledge unintoxicated

  • Art plausible

    Synonyms for art plausible verb make an impact hit get move reach carry touch affect look impress register influence seem sway inspire be plausible come to mind dawn on have semblance occur to Antonyms for art plausible dissuade fail lose miss depart leave discourage tap not touch pass up Synonyms verb be convincing stick convince […]

  • Policies

    Synonyms for policy noun procedure, tactics code management protocol theory arrangement scheme practice administration rule guideline program plan behavior action strategy approach method stratagem polity custom course design organization line tenet order red tape channels the book the numbers Antonyms for policies disorganization

  • Suggestive comment

    Synonyms for suggestive comment noun unwanted sexual advance exploitation victimization intimidation impropriety inappropriate behavior offensive sexual advance sexual abuse sexual pressure suggestive comments unprofessional behavior unwanted sexual advances

  • More burntout

    Synonyms for more burntout adj used up, gone; tired out wasted finished used dead lost wearied enervated shot weakened drained blown exhausted bushed weary depleted dissipated prostrate debilitated limp bleary down the drain effete washed-up worn out shattered consumed fagged expended disbursed all in burnt-out dog-tired done-in far-gone had it played-out ready to drop thrown […]

  • Got into mischief

    Synonyms for got into mischief verb act in inappropriate manner trespass fool around act up sin offend fail misconduct roughhouse deviate carry on cut up transgress be at fault be bad be dissolute be guilty be immoral be indecorous be insubordinate be mischievous be out of line be out of order be reprehensible bend the […]

  • Hung with

    Synonyms for hung with verb be friendly with; fraternize mix befriend join attend associate chaperon company bear mingle bring conduct carry accompany pal convoy chum together chum with clique with gang up with go around with hang around with hang out with hang with keep company pal around with pal with run around with run […]

  • Being turned toward

    Synonyms for being turned toward verb be opposite; look at confront watch meet stare glare overlook gaze front border be turned toward front onto Antonyms for being turned toward hide retreat run withdraw back

  • Counting

    Synonyms for count verb add, check in order total cast estimate tally calculate compute score figure reckon sum number cipher enumerate foot tell numerate run down add up cast up keep tab take account of tick off tot up Antonyms for counting subtract guess estimate disregard ignore exclude Synonyms verb consider, deem look regard expect […]

  • Shopped with

    Synonyms for shopped with verb do business at an establishment frequent habituate buy be a client be a customer buy from deal with give business to purchase from shop at shop with trade with Antonyms for shopped with antagonize ignore contend oppose be humble be modest use competition

  • Going down line

    Synonyms for going down line verb choose or take something as one’s own use ratify take up support accept maintain embrace endorse follow approve select opt mimic tap seize assume affirm assent utilize borrow imitate appropriate affiliate adapt espouse take on go down the line go in for take over Antonyms for going down line […]

  • Lunch counter

    Synonyms for lunch counter noun short-order restaurant cafeteria canteen delicatessen diner snack bar deli dog wagon drive-in restaurant fast-food restaurant hamburger stand hot-dog stand ice-cream parlor quick-lunch counter sandwich shop

  • Gone hollywood

    Synonyms for gone Hollywood adj changed in a bad or artificial way contrived studied ham imitated assumed shallow pretended hollow feigned overdone simulated unnatural counterfeit sham apish artificial awkward chichi conceited fraud insincere melodramatic ostentatious pedantic phony pompous precious pretentious put-on schmaltzy self-conscious spurious stiff stilted superficial theatrical counterfeited faked playacting campy false hammy high […]

  • Bang

    Synonyms for bang adv suddenly, with force smack straight hard headlong precisely suddenly abruptly head on noisily Antonyms for bang slowly Synonyms noun explosive noise roar rumble thud thump sound smash wham shot clash burst thunder salvo peal clang detonation pop slam discharge boom crack report howl blast roll clap Antonyms silence loss quiet tap […]

  • Privileged information

    Synonyms for privileged information noun something kept hidden, unrevealed mystery code key occult confidence unknown puzzle cipher enigma oracle formula password confidential information classified information magic number skeleton in cupboard Antonyms for privileged information revelation known public knowledge

  • Tickles pink

    Synonyms for tickles pink verb charm tickle seduce amuse engross entertain entice wow lure solace slay send delight occupy cheer distract vamp divert attract knock out turn on knock dead tickle pink tickle to death sweep off one’s feet Antonyms for tickles pink tire reject dissuade turn off bore forget repulse turn away trouble upset […]

  • Highbinders

    Synonyms for highbinders noun schemer collaborator traitor accomplice subversive betrayer plotter highbinder backstabber caballer colluder

  • Big money

    Synonyms for big money noun lots of paper money mint packet paper money gigabucks nice hunk of change serious money

  • More -carat

    Synonyms for more -carat adj authentic, real natural positive honest certain legitimate pure bona fide palpable absolute accurate actual demonstrable exact factual good hard indubitable kosher literal official original plain precise proved sound sterling -carat 24-carat Antonyms for more -carat indefinite uncertain unsure questionable counterfeit illegitimate sham unreal deceptive dishonest insincere misleading doubtful dubious false […]

  • Droop

    Synonyms for droop verb hang down; languish wilt slouch dangle sag wither decline faint sling depress lean lop drop slump suspend loll flag settle bend fade subside fail diminish weaken sink let down fall down Antonyms for droop bloom improve increase ascend straighten complete grow inflate rise continue finish strengthen

  • On the cutting edge

    Synonyms for on the cutting edge adj in the current style avant-garde chic craze dernier cri fad fashionable happening hip latest thing mod modern modish smart stylish trendy in swank a la mode all the rage chi-chi in fashion in style in the latest style in thing in with it latest fad latest fashion latest […]

  • Traded in

    Synonyms for traded in verb hold, maintain preserve control enjoy manage carry place have conduct put retain save store amass grip own possess season deposit cache direct detain grasp pile stock heap accumulate stack withhold garner conserve reserve hold back put up care for deal in trade in Antonyms for traded in lack need squander […]