• nozzle fucking

    the act of using a nozzle to f-ck someone or something, typically used in the nose region. often nozzle f-cking is a religious term used by the vudamimes, the vudamimes would insert a epidermalicall nozzle into the nasal cavity, immediately following, the vudamimes would insert there p-n-s inside the nozzle, is the p-n-s is too […]

  • kubenetes

    from pig latin origins- a highly infectious disease typically -ssociated with those of the code monkeys whereby the brain becomes infatuated with the latest software developer stack. typically kubenetes results in excessive amounts of money spent to silence certain people in the it profession. that guy has a bad case of kubenetes!

  • mitsubishi challenger

    most underrated 4wd on the market, don’t need big bucks to get far off road. challenger owners enjoy the confused look on patrol owners faces when one out drives them. i’m p-ssed my patrol can’t keep up with that mitsubishi challenger

  • sadlands

    the badlands, a roleplaying group on bearbonesrp.com, when the majority of characters are sad or have angsty plots going on. wow, the badlands is becoming the sadlands.

  • willow dick

    just before entering your d-ck into a stank p-ssy it becomes limp and sad. much like the branches of a willow tree. i hope i don’t get willow d-ck again!

  • Britt

    the above definition is untrue. britt is a beautiful girl. person above me, how dare you lie about britt! my girlfriend. the most beautiful girl ive ever met. the first definition is very offensive and is untrue. britt is hot. contraction of “be right”….used for a girl who is super cute and smart; not bigheaded […]

  • Old Time Photo

    to get aggressive and nasty./ to get into a fist fight. jeremy: wanna go man? wanna take this outside? chuck: let’s go man. i’m gonna get all old time photo on you!

  • prossably

    somewhere between possibly and probably. i have a ton of homework, so i’ll prossably go to the club tonight, -ssuming i get it done.


    a term, coined by time magazine writers, which stands for “n-bel prize for not being george w. bush.” the term refers directly to president barack obama’s receiving of the n-bel peace prize. the term contends that since 2002, the n-bel prize committee has, on several occasions, given out the n-bel peace prize to individuals who […]

  • stutso

    the last name of the most bad-ss family in the world dont mess with stutso, he’ll f-ck you up

  • Chiefest

    Synonyms for chief adj most important, essential prime leading main preeminent principal superior head star champion grand premier major primary cardinal ruling key capital telling central arch first consequential controlling crucial effective especial foremost highest momentous number one outstanding paramount potent predominant primal significant stellar supreme uppermost vital weighty Antonyms for chiefest subordinate unimportant auxiliary […]

  • Masqueraded as

    Synonyms for masqueraded as verb pretend to be another portray imitate mimic represent play ditto do perform fake mirror act enact ape put on an act pose as masquerade as act like personate playact act a part act out assume character do an impression of double as dress as make like pass oneself off as […]

  • Scrivened

    Synonyms for scrivened verb put language down on paper compose rewrite create scrawl sign note record pen draft address print scribble tell ghost engross transcribe formulate author communicate correspond inscribe reproduce letter indite commit copy scribe autograph draw up knock off knock out take down turn out typewrite ink pencil chalk bang out comp dash […]

  • Failing to remember

    Synonyms for failing to remember verb not be able to remember blow obliterate clean forget consign to oblivion dismiss from mind disremember draw a blank fail to remember let slip from memory lose consciousness of lose sight of misrecollect think no more of escape one’s memory Antonyms for failing to remember recollect remember learn recall […]

  • Rightminded

    Synonyms for rightminded adj ethical clean conscientious correct decent elevated equitable fair fitting good honest honorable humane just kosher moral noble principled proper respectable right righteous rightful square straight upright upstanding virtuous high-principled moralistic true blue Synonyms adj moral, righteous virtuous honest proper honorable principled humane clean conscientious correct decent elevated equitable fair fitting good […]

  • Re thought

    Synonyms for re thought verb reconsider reevaluate reexamine amend rework revise rehash retrace review rearrange emend polish correct go over run through reassess consider again have second thoughts recheck replan reweigh see in a new light sleep on take another look think better of think over think twice work over change one’s mind Antonyms for […]

  • Subscription tos

    Synonyms for subscription tos noun support, authorization confirmation permission backing recommendation commercial advocacy favor ratification signature approval affirmation fiat okay go-ahead approbation stroke qualification sanction warrant green light countersignature superscription championing hubba-hubba pat on back seal of approval subscription to the nod Antonyms for subscription tos denial veto disfavor disapproval refusal censure rejection opposition

  • Feel in gut

    Synonyms for feel in gut verb become aware of notice feel anticipate appreciate perceive think understand grasp believe realize discern catch divine consider credit read dig apprehend observe suspect know savvy hold deem pick up take in apperceive be with it catch on catch the drift feel in bones get the drift get the idea […]

  • Presidios

    Synonyms for presidios noun reinforced position barricade reinforcement fortress citadel wall defense fastness support bastion battlement barrier buffer consolidation protection outpost fort stronghold parapet bulwark keep preparation stockade castle garrison block earthwork strengthening blockhouse presidio breastwork entrenchment embattlement Antonyms for presidios opening Synonyms noun refuge bastion garrison fortress bulwark fortification keep fastness castle fort citadel […]

  • Long pull

    Synonyms for long pull noun hard work strain operation employment endeavor use utilization stretch effort labor application exercise travail toil struggle trouble attempt industry trial activity action elbow grease pains striving hard pull Antonyms for long pull idleness inaction inactivity misuse laziness entertainment fun happiness indolence inertia unemployment peace

  • Giving a party

    Synonyms for giving a party verb accommodate visitors feed dine invite welcome regale treat nourish room harbor house recreate chaperone receive admit foster board lodge quarter put up wine and dine be host do the honors give a party have a do have a get-together have company have guests have visitors pick up the check […]

  • Sneakings

    Synonyms for sneakings noun a mean action cheating scolding degrading groveling quarreling sneaking belittling coveting deceiving defaming defrauding dishonoring grudging shaming Antonyms for sneakings generosity nobility worthiness

  • Mania

    Synonyms for mania noun fixation, madness craziness fascination lunacy rage passion frenzy craze enthusiasm dementia obsession craving fad infatuation desire bee partiality aberration hang-up furor fancy insanity tiger thing fetish derangement delirium compulsion disorder bug preoccupation ax to grind idée fixe grabber monomania bee in bonnet bug in ear fixed idea on the brain tiger […]

  • Inharmoniousness

    Synonyms for inharmoniousness noun conflict, discord friction dissension dissonance contention clash strife variance difference disaccord dissonancy Antonyms for inharmoniousness accord compatibility agreement peace concord harmony

  • Letter drops

    Synonyms for letter drops noun mail box mail drop letter drop letterbox mailbox pillar box postbox Synonyms noun postbox letter box letter drop mailbox

  • Omnipresence

    Synonyms for omnipresence noun occupancy, attendance existence latency companionship being subsistence company habitation whereabouts potentiality residence occupation ubiety ubiquity inhabitance Antonyms for omnipresence reality agitation upset absence distance confusion distress

  • Final appearances

    Synonyms for final appearances noun final performance farewell adieu climax conclusion crowning achievement culmination epilogue goodbye windup closer coda crowning glory dying words end piece envoi famous last words farewell performance final appearance final appearance or performance final gesture finis last act last hurrah last shot last words parting song peroration

  • Becoming rancid

    Synonyms for becoming rancid verb become sour or tainted decay curdle taint crumble putrefy sour spoil disintegrate ferment molder rot dull decompose acidify become rancid break down go bad Antonyms for becoming rancid grow improve put together combine unite build develop flourish make well

  • Was there for

    Synonyms for was there for verb feel for, be compassionate commiserate comprehend pity comfort love compassionate appreciate condole understand ache agree identify with relate to be in accord be in sympathy be kind to be there for be understanding bleed for emphathize feel heart go out to go along with grieve with have compassion offer […]

  • Drave insane

    Synonyms for drave insane verb make angry annoy distract exasperate shatter infuriate pester upset incense unhinge enrage inflame unbalance irritate derange anger vex provoke bother craze possess frenzy ire umbrage drive crazy drive insane drive out of mind drive to distraction make see red steam up Antonyms for drave insane aid soothe calm comfort placate […]

  • Hire purchase plans

    Synonyms for hire purchase plans noun deferred payment plan borrowing layaway plan consumer credit hire purchase plan installment buying installment credit store credit time payment plan

  • Most edged

    Synonyms for most edged adj limited, confined surrounded restricted fringed enclosed contiguous definite finite determinate bordered belted enveloped edged circumscribed walled defined fenced girdled compassed flanked rimmed encircled hog-tied delimited encompassed hedged ringed boundaried limitary Antonyms for most edged unconfined unlimited free loose unbounded Synonyms adj sharp, piercing acute strong intense penetrating acid pointed cutting […]

  • Making book

    Synonyms for making book verb predict, warn signify prefigure prophesy portend foreshadow augur presage anticipate figure apprehend forewarn prognosticate divine divulge forecast forebode call announce tell disclose read dope betoken adumbrate bode reveal proclaim declare foreknow auspicate call it call the shot crystal ball it dope out figure out make book psych see something coming […]

  • Took wing

    Synonyms for took wing verb take to the air, usually employing wings shoot take off float glide drift travel sail reach cross flutter swoop climb circle operate speed rush pilot control dash skim skirt barnstorm jet hop circumnavigate soar maneuver hover dive dart hurry whisk flit mount zoom scud whiz buzz fleet wing zip whoosh […]

  • De motions

    Synonyms for de motions noun a demoting lowering reduction degradation downgrading Synonyms noun letdown, blow undoing humiliation downfall setback down blow decline comeuppance descent wreck ruin anticlimax demotion crash collapse dive failure discomfiture fall reverse flop disappointment defeat pratfall cropper deflation Antonyms building success accomplishment achievement improvement increase attainment win boon creation good fortune elevation […]