• wikipedia choose your own adventure

    noun. when you find a concept that a person who is brilliant wrote, that you don’t understand. you open the wikipedia article about that concept, and open tabs in your browser for all of the links in that wikipedia article that you also don’t understand. eventually, you have 25 tabs open and you hit the […]

  • ttet

    tyler hulec = ttet = tyler touches emmas t-ts tyler your ttet.

  • malgus

    noun what you get when a man mates with or f-cks a horse. malgus is….. interesting

  • patrosity

    the utter smell of cow sh-t and dead plants. commonly used in northern colorado. that smell is pure patrosity!

  • shahyar

    strong ,powerful and fearless n-body can scare him hurt him he may get hurt but he will stand up and he would fight back rich and hot this boy is always gonna be trustworthy he wont lie shahyar is the bomb out here omg he is so rich and hot dammm shahyar originated from the […]

  • Lynchism

    nonsense word or phrase brought about by confusion in the brain. meaning one word but saying another. 1. saying “it’s in the glove department” when you mean glove compartment.lynchism 2. writing cemetery road when you mean seminary road.lynchism 3. saying jack when you really mean smurf!lynchism

  • willnod

    little sh-tb-lls that hang from your -ss hair that don’t fall off while taking a smash w-lly took a big sh-t today and had crusty, sh-tty, toilet paper willnods hanging from his b-tt crevice

  • roflmaoaicscismp

    rolling on floor laughing my -ss off and i can’t stop cos i’m sh-tting my pants guy nr. 1: here’s a joke: joke!!!!! guy nr. 2: roflmaoaicscimp!!! that’s funny!

  • armsummermangosushiysizzleyo

    when an orange straw takes a left at the third red light just before john adams begins his daily meal on a sunday block of ice. theres no way that an armsummermangosushiysizzleyo will ever happen.

  • oobo

    noun a person who, in a display of misguided political correctness, points out insensitivity towards a group of which s/he is not a member, and which has not been offended. o(utraged) o(n) b(ehalf) o(f) a: mike’s upset about the ladies’ bathroom signs, and wants them taken down. he says they’re s-xist. b: what? why? a: […]

  • Steps on gas

    Synonyms for steps on gas verb increase speed, timing advance step up further hasten spur stimulate expedite quicken tool drive gun impel forward dust precipitate railroad hurry roll open up rev fire up hammer on lay a patch lay rubber make tracks nail it peel rubber put on afterburners put pedal to metal rev up […]

  • Sloping upwards

    Synonyms for sloping upwards verb get up; ascend rocket surge lift climb grow soar scale sprout mount up surface arouse awake arise aspire surmount tower rouse levitate blast off come up rise and shine turn out upspring move up push up be erect be located be situated bob up get out of bed get steeper […]

  • Scrapes together

    Synonyms for scrapes together verb make money bring in draw derive secure get receive win make acquire obtain pick up collect score gain reap realize gross perform rate pull profit clear gather sock procure snag turn effect consummate attain cop net wrangle hustle pull down be gainfully employed be in line for bring home bring […]

  • Pseudoevents

    Synonyms for pseudoevents noun media happening photo opportunity nonevent photo op pseudo-event Synonyms noun chance to get publicity media event media happening nonevent photo op press opportunity pseudo-event staged media event staged public event

  • Walking one through

    Synonyms for walking one through verb explain, illustrate teach express describe confirm debunk proclaim testify to give for instance make clear ostend set forth show how walk one through Antonyms for walking one through conceal hide distort falsify misrepresent confuse

  • Works out of

    Synonyms for works out of verb break away from fly dodge depart emerge avoid evade leave slip elude run vanish flee disappear elope abscond skip pass double decamp bolt duck shun circumvent desert bail out cut loose get off make off slip away burst out cut and run duck out fly the coop get away […]

  • More beatable

    Synonyms for more beatable adj open, likely susceptible inclined apt sensitive vulnerable prone assailable disposed exposed given penetrable subject tending attackable vincible beatable conquerable in danger verisimilar Antonyms for more beatable excusable freed irresponsible unaccountable immune unlikely unsusceptible Synonyms adj conquerable achievable attainable beatable Synonyms adj liable apt assailable attackable disposed exposed given inclined open […]

  • Reciprocally

    Synonyms for reciprocally adv as one simultaneously mutually together accordingly agreeably alike combined en masse hand in glove hand in hand inextricably intimately side by side similarly concurrently cooperatively collectively unitedly conjointly arm in arm coincidentally companionably concomitantly connectedly harmoniously in a group in common in company with in concert in conjunction in league in […]

  • After birth

    Synonyms for after birth noun amniotic sac afterbirth amnion arachnoid membrane placenta water bag

  • Unimpaireds

    Synonyms for unimpaireds verb continuous, whole ceaseless constant deep endless entire even fast incessant intact perfect perpetual profound progressive regular solid sound successive total undisturbed unimpaired uninterrupted unruffled untroubled unremitting Antonyms for unimpaireds broken discontinuous inconstant intermittent partial

  • Celebrated cases

    Synonyms for celebrated cases noun controversial issue bone of contention controversy debate scandal moot point celebrated case grist for the gossip mill hot potato political football war of words

  • Selfhatred

    Synonyms for selfhatred noun personal punishment self-flagellation self-hatred self-punishment

  • Counts noses

    Synonyms for counts noses verb calculate, estimate gauge count tote figure reckon sum tally tot enumerate rate cipher measure total run down figure out add up cast up count heads count noses cut ice dope out keep tabs size up take account of tote up take one’s measure Antonyms for counts noses estimate guess subtract […]

  • Put through grind

    Synonyms for put through grind verb do repeatedly, especially to improve develop prepare exert train work out improve discipline maneuver practice inure rehearse hone fix work ply labor break strain foster set drill habituate cultivate teach condition groom break in dry run put out run through tune up lick into shape limber up loosen up […]

  • Blistering

    Synonyms for blistering adj hot scalding scorching searing sizzling torrid sweltering fiery heated broiling baking roasting burning boiling intense red-hot severe blistery Antonyms for blistering freezing cold cool

  • Metrical compositions

    Synonyms for metrical compositions noun expressive, rhythmic literary work verse paean song rhyme poesy stanza rime rune versification poems doggerel balladry metrical composition rhyming Antonyms for metrical compositions prose

  • Trans lucid

    Synonyms for trans lucid adj transparent apparent crystal thin cloudless glassy limpid pellucid pure translucent crystal clear crystalline see-through tralucent translucid Antonyms for trans lucid cloudy shadowy unclear ambiguous indistinct mysterious unintelligible vague congested foggy obscured culpable guilty uncertain dark dim dull fuzzy gloomy obscure blocked clogged closed hindered clouded smudged responsible Synonyms adj clear […]

  • Imbricates

    Synonyms for imbricates verb overlap envelop enfold swathe fold ride cover twist turn override wrap swaddle imbricate shingle overlie Antonyms for imbricates release uncover unwrap free let go Synonyms verb lie over something else flap overlay ride project overhang protrude overrun imbricate shingle overlie extend along fold over go beyond lap over run over Antonyms […]

  • Subterrestrial

    Synonyms for subterrestrial adj underground alternative avant-garde clandestine concealed covert experimental hidden hush-hush hypogeal hypogean hypogeous private radical resistant resistive revolutionary subterranean surreptitious unbowed unconventional under wraps undercover unusual on the QT on the sly

  • Most facial

    Synonyms for most facial adj in front, first leading anterior advance head fore front foremost facial ventral Antonyms for most facial later last meek timid ending backward past reversing back reserved shy Synonyms adj lead, beginning frontal anterior head obverse fore leading forward advanced first ahead foremost topmost facial headmost in the foreground vanward ventral […]

  • Mishmoshes

    Synonyms for mishmoshes noun work of art formed from disparate sources hodgepodge compilation reproduction patchwork collection imitation assortment copy potpourri synthesis collage paste-up mishmosh reappropriation Antonyms for mishmoshes original

  • Neologies

    Synonyms for neologies noun new word slang neology coinage buzz word new phrase synthetic word vogue word Antonyms for neologies time-worn Synonyms noun word borrowed from another language borrowing borrowed word calque imported word loan translation neology paronym

  • Wooden boats

    Synonyms for wooden boats noun a boat propelled with wind by sailcloth yacht skiff craft vessel ship catamaran schooner clipper galley yawl jack bark brig sloop cutter windjammer ketch brigantine pinnace dory galleon Sunfish gaff-rigged sailboat ragboat tall ship wooden boat

  • Corn pit

    Synonyms for corn pit noun commodities market pit commodities exchange commodities futures market wheat pit

  • Most neverfailing

    Synonyms for most neverfailing adj unalterable, definite tenacious flat unwavering adamant unflinching steadfast resolute consistent steady unshakable persistent specific strict unyielding determined stable staunch strong explicit established set constant bent stated settled bound persevering exact unbending going intent enduring abiding fixed prevailing hang tough inflexible obdurate stand pat sure unchangeable unqualified unshaken resolved stipulated true […]