• shopression

    feeling the need to shop or feeling depressed due to the fact that one has not shopped in a long time person 1: i feel so sad. person 2: why? person 1: i think i have shopression

  • rabbi’s handshake

    when you’re a jewish prophet but you need to nut bad so you give yourself a handy since you can’t let any of the dirty heathens touch your holy trinity. peter walked in on the lord savior, jesus of nazareth, preforming a divine rabbi’s handshake with his wooden cross.

  • broken zipper

    peed sleeping bag at camp. code word for a wet bunk bed or wet sleeping bag. mesd outdoor school code words for wet sleeping bag (enuretic in camp!) putley, i have a broken zipper in antelope cabin, i’m taking it to the camp nurse to fix it. (get it washed and dried before anyone else […]

  • sirelis

    an amazing ( probably tall ) friend you can trust with any thing loves pizza and is beautiful person 1: hey wanna go get some pizza? person 2: ya we but have to call sirelis or else she’ll kill us.

  • shower elbow

    shower elbow is when you m-st-rb-t- in the shower and bang your elbow on the wall or the soap dish, etc. can be pretty painful. i went too hard this morning and got freaking shower elbow!

  • Pigs and troughs

    something so good that it will draw people in. “that offer is amazing, it’s going to be like pigs and troughs” “we need something that will draw them in, like pigs and troughs”

  • Hairy Bambilla

    a hairy bambilla is the biggest insect that inhabit planet earth. bambillas can grow to a size often comparable to that of a small, cute little puppy. as like most other insects, hairy bambillas have three sets of legs and two pairs of wings. unfortunately, due to their overwhelming size and strength, there is only […]

  • Besecker

    theirs a lot of beseckers in the usa they mean a lot to the world..they are realgous in some family’s but also very good to get along with. they have different heritages in them like mexican, irish, native american, and possibly more. there is more to find out on the internet of this amazing family. […]

  • neurodivergent

    a person who has a developmental disorder and/or a mental illness amy, who has asperger’s, prefers to think of herself as neurodivergent rather than flawed or ill. peter is schizophrenic, and he also thinks “neurodivergent” is a better way to describe his brain, because it does not pathologize him. sam is both autistic and bipolar, […]

  • low altitude bombing

    code for taking a cr-p dam guys i need to do some low alt-tude bombing is the bathroom clean cuz it wont be.

  • Swear off

    Synonyms for swear off verb have nothing to do with abandon renounce avoid forgo forswear shun shy abstain double sacrifice abjure refrain elude evade duck shy away from give up have no truck with let well enough alone not touch steer clear of Antonyms for swear off keep face meet take on embrace like love […]

  • Meaning something

    Synonyms for meaning something verb be of consequence, importance count signify involve imply affect mean weigh express value import carry weight be important be of value be substantive cut ice have influence make a difference mean something Antonyms for meaning something exclude

  • Most well regulated

    Synonyms for most well regulated adj appropriate; matching adapted agreeable alike amenable applicable assorted comparable compliant consistent docile fitted fitting harmonious in agreement like matched obedient orderly proper regular resembling similar submissive suitable suited tractable unified useable well-regulated Antonyms for most well regulated inappropriate nonconforming mismatched Synonyms adj organized, precise analytical businesslike by the numbers […]

  • Shout down

    Synonyms for shout down verb make buzzing sound; ridicule spit whisper jeer hoot whistle seethe boo wheeze blow revile sibilate disapprove deride decry whiz mock rasp damn catcall shrill condemn whirr siss Antonyms for shout down compliment praise exalt laud approve commend flatter Synonyms verb cry jeer boo whistle hiss heckle scream howl scorn razz […]

  • Dualized

    Synonyms for dualized verb make two of; make twice as large increase grow repeat augment magnify pleat enlarge plait dupe fold duplicate supplement redouble multiply replicate loop amplify infold plicate dualize duplify Antonyms for dualized decrease lessen abridge compress condense curtail halve diminish reduce divide disect Synonyms verb make a copy; repeat imitate clone reproduce […]

  • Scrutinizers

    Synonyms for scrutinizers noun examiner detective monitor investigator police officer auditor sleuth overseer reviewer private eye controller tester scrutinizer checker assessor Synonyms noun tester inspector auditor investigator questioner proctor researcher inquisitor inquirer reviewer interrogator analyst prober appraiser assayer quizzer quizmaster scrutinizer checker Synonyms noun inquirer analyst auditor examiner inquisitor investigator querier quester questioner researcher checker […]

  • Group

    Synonyms for group noun number of individuals collectively body crowd faction club company band gang party society organization class association troop bevy gathering set chain grade syndicate clot cluster cartel bunch category trust combination platoon posse crew battery combine lot suite circle passel sort assembly parcel coterie mess aggregation collection conglomerate congregation formation bundle clique […]

  • Selectee

    Synonyms for selectee noun person beginning service rookie soldier sailor newcomer trainee volunteer convert tenderfoot helper beginner proselyte novice learner neophyte initiate novitiate fledgling greenhorn apprentice draftee plebe GI enlisted person new person serviceperson Antonyms for selectee expert professional Synonyms noun person serving in military fighter mercenary guerrilla veteran soldier guard officer volunteer marine pilot […]

  • Congratses

    Synonyms for congratses noun expression of approval blessing compliment congratulations encouragement flattery praise stroke support congrats felicitation

  • Most ear splitting

    Synonyms for most ear splitting adj deafening vulgar strident boisterous clamorous crying harsh loud loudmouthed noisy obstreperous obtrusive piercing scurrilous vociferous ear-splitting screaming vociferant Antonyms for most ear splitting inconspicuous quiet subtle unpronounced silent Synonyms adj very loud ringing blaring vociferous rowdy thunderous roaring noisy booming screaming at full volume ear-piercing ear-popping ear-splitting turned up […]

  • Extension

    Synonyms for extension noun enlargement, continuation delay increase development expansion postponement purview sweep production supplement radius arm stretch broadening amplification span addition adjunct spread branch scope protraction annex reach appendix augmentation extent compass prolongation elongation orbit appendage addendum wing continuing lengthening widening stretching dilatation distension drawing out spreading out Antonyms for extension decrease shortening lessening […]

  • Sur-mises

    Synonyms for sur-mises noun guess, conclusion presumption conjecture attempt theory inference deduction idea supposition suspicion thought assumption hypothesis possibility guesswork opinion speculation notion hunch guesstimate sneaking suspicion Antonyms for sur-mises reality knowledge information measurement truth fact proof certainty calculation Synonyms verb come to a conclusion pretend theorize hypothesize deduce presume speculate opine infer conjecture consider […]

  • Most umber

    Synonyms for most umber adj dark, burnished color fawn ginger tan toast amber brick nut buff coffee drab dust bronze bay ecru beige rust auburn tawny terra-cotta copper cinnamon russet puce mahogany sepia cocoa sorrel umber henna bister chestnut khaki hazel chocolate ochre burnt sienna snuff-colored Synonyms noun light brown beige drab brown natural gold […]

  • Petrous

    Synonyms for petrous adj rugged, stony jagged craggy rough flinty hard inflexible petrified solid bouldered lapidarian lithic pebbly rock-ribbed rockbound stonelike Antonyms for petrous dependable healthy even smooth flat flexible steady yielding happy

  • Scruples

    Synonyms for scruple noun misgiving, doubt conscience compunction anxiety hesitation reluctance censor twinge difficulty demur pause uneasiness qualm perplexity caution hesitancy second thought superego reconsideration faltering squeamishness reluctancy Antonyms for scruples calmness contentment tranquility ignorance negligence unconcern ease peace Synonyms verb balk, have misgivings hesitate vacillate shy question falter demur doubt stick waver gag boggle […]

  • Passing judgment

    Synonyms for passing judgment verb achieve settlement mediate intervene interpose adjudicate adjust reconcile referee parley conciliate placate smooth negotiate soothe determine settle decide judge adjudge umpire bring to terms play ball step in straighten out meet halfway come to school come to terms hammer out a deal make a deal pass judgment strike happy medium […]

  • Gotten oneself into

    Synonyms for gotten oneself into verb embark on; take part in start begin join open enroll muster enlist subscribe inaugurate commence take up become member commit oneself get oneself into join up lead off participate in set about set out on set to sign on sign up tee off Antonyms for gotten oneself into complete […]

  • Walling in

    Synonyms for walling in verb delimit, outline delineate set mark limit distinguish establish encircle rim girdle fix envelop bound surround edge flank gird settle enclose verge compass curb circumscribe encompass confine border demarcate belt fence in mark out set bounds to stake out wall in Antonyms for walling in unloose unsettle aid assist release center […]

  • Renegements

    Synonyms for renegements noun dismissal, refusal of belief in rejection veto disapproval repudiation rebuttal retraction repulse dissent negation negative rebuff nay prohibition renunciation nix turndown contradiction protestation refutation declination disclaimer cold shoulder noncommittal disallowance brush-off forswearing nonacceptance refutal disavowal renouncement disproof adjuration abstaining controversion dismissing gainsaying no way refraining refusing rejecting renegement repudiating statement abnegation […]

  • Say nothing doing

    Synonyms for say nothing doing verb disagree contradict differ balk demur buck refuse divide pettifog discord shy object vary decline wrangle protest oppose disaccord argue break with stickle fly in the face of put up a fight put up an argument say no way say not a chance Antonyms for say nothing doing consent assent […]

  • Most unrightful

    Synonyms for most unrightful adj vulgar, immoral untoward unjust indecent wrongful wrong unseemly unethical blue dirty impolite indecorous indelicate lewd malodorous naughty risqué rough salacious suggestive unbecoming unconventional ungodly unequitable unrighteous unrightful Antonyms for most unrightful acceptable suitable ethical honest moral appropriate fitting proper fair just decent good right correct formal uncorrupt Synonyms adj prejudiced, […]

  • Gave nod

    Synonyms for gave nod verb receive by agreeing, consenting affirm acknowledge assume recognize adopt sign admit buy undertake approve comply accede okay acquiesce assent bear avow agree to check out go for take on thumbs up concur with cooperate with give stamp of approval give the go-ahead give the green light give the nod lap […]

  • Hadst a shot at

    Synonyms for hadst a shot at verb attempt to achieve something aspire undertake strive essay scratch strain hassle determine apply intend seek try hump labor hustle assay risk offer purpose address plug buck dig grind aim sweat venture push struggle drive at go for take on take pains bid for go for broke hammer away […]

  • Have a flash

    Synonyms for have a flash verb conjure up scenario visualize daydream conceive invent crave fantasize think picture long concoct sublimate formulate hunger devise sigh create hatch fancy hanker lust hallucinate thirst imagine pine idealize brainstorm envisage cook up make up stargaze be delirious be moonstruck be up in clouds build castles in air have a […]

  • Most unobscured

    Synonyms for most unobscured adj illuminated sunny bright shiny luminous rich polished clear glowing glossy shining ablaze brilliant cloudless lambent lustrous radiant refulgent resplendent vivid lucent unclouded burnished fluorescent flashing aglow phosphorescent scintillant unobscured well-lighted well-lit Antonyms for most unobscured cloudy dusky gloomy unhappy dark dull obscure black darkened dim brunette heavy weighted difficult laborious […]