• laserpointism

    it is the religion, in which you always have a laser pointer in your possession. friend: hey! why do you have a laser pointer? you: i converted to laserpointism. buy the domain for your pet site

  • toledo

    a city dying faster then a bullet can move. toledo has been run to the ground by its 2 wonderful mayors (finkf-ggot and jack ford). this city has been rated one of the worst cities to live in america on many different lists. its a giant f-cking sh-thole. i live here. run get the f-ck […]

  • uni culture

    common att-tudes, beliefs and behaviours of university students. for example; uni culture is not engaging or listening in a lecture but still being proud you went buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • sevs

    7-11. this is a popular term on longisland, where there is an overabundant amount of 7-11s, so much so that one is never more than 5 minutes away. “yo lets walk up to sevs before we blaze” 7-11 convenience store. im broke lets knock over a sevs. slang for the 7-11 convenience store, most commonly […]

  • kenad

    kenad is bosnian. and ugly look at that ugly bosnian! his name must be kenad buy the domain for your art site

  • packing bricks

    when some is scared and they sh-t them selves we got mugged the other day and i was packing bricks

  • The United States Navy

    in response to the fellow that said the navy was, and i quote, “a bunch of weiner lickers from day one”, here is the truth. the united states navy is the first line of defense for the country. if you like living on the coast, thank the navy. if you like living at all, thank […]

  • Beach plum

    a shrub, prunus maritima, of the rose family, of the seash-r-s of northeastern north america, having sharply toothed leaves and white flowers. the purple or blackish edible fruit of this shrub. historical examples the wind whined among the pines which grew along the ridge of beach plum point. ruth fielding down east alice b. emerson […]

  • Bush Dive

    verb. to perform oral s-x on a woman with a large amount of pubic hair. “no way would i ever bush dive on her.”

  • in my wheelhouse

    someone that fits the profile of exactly what you’re looking for in a partner or hookup. it also happens to be someone in your league and you have a good chance of hitting it off with. that woman is in my wheelhouse; she’s single, not crazy and attractive.

  • Most flaxen haired

    Synonyms for most flaxen haired adj light-complexioned, light-haired neutral pale pearly light faded argent blond blanched white sallow blonde chalky colorless creamy milky pallid snowy fair-haired bleached fair-skinned flaxen-haired pale-faced silvery tow-haired tow-headed whitish Antonyms for most flaxen haired biased unfair unjust repulsive cloudy stormy colorful black dark darkened brunette colored partial prejudiced unreasonable ugly […]

  • Assets and liability

    Synonyms for assets and liability noun financial statement including gains and losses for a period account budget ledger report annual report assets and liabilities

  • Japping

    Synonyms for japping verb lie in wait; attack assault trap surround waylay hide decoy ensnare lurk bushwhack jump hook surprise assail entrap ambuscade net wait jap box in dry gulch hem in lay for set trap Antonyms for japping release liberate let go free

  • Airstrips

    Synonyms for airstrips noun center for transportation by air runway installation strip hangar home plate landing strip airfield airstrip heliport airdrome aerodome helipad Synonyms noun airplane landing area field landing landing strip port air base air harbor airfield airstrip aviation field flight deck flight strip flying field landing deck takeoff strip Synonyms noun track ramp […]

  • Talismanic

    Synonyms for talismanic adj magic bewitched charismatic clairvoyant diabolic eerie enchanted enchanting entrancing extraordinary fascinating fey fiendish ghostly haunted imaginary magical magnetic marvelous miraculous mysterious mystic mythical occult otherworldly spectral spellbound spooky thaumaturgic thaumaturgical theurgic theurgical uncanny unusual weird wonderful conjuring demoniac ensorcelled entranced necromantic parapsychological runic sorcerous spellbinding spiritualistic telekinetic tranced witching witchlike wizardly

  • Skimped on

    Synonyms for skimped on verb economize; hold back scrimp grudge save squirrel withhold pinch scrape restrain limit stash begrudge spare confine define sock away penny-pinch be frugal be parsimonious be sparing be stingy cut corners go easy on make ends meet roll back save for rainy day skimp on tighten belt Antonyms for skimped on […]

  • Am aboveboard

    Synonyms for am aboveboard verb be honest come clean be above-board be frank be on the up and up be open be straight be straightforward be up-front come to terms keep nothing back talk straight tell the truth Antonyms for am aboveboard rough up construct deceive jag build lie turn point away

  • Shiner

    Synonyms for shiner noun bad reputation black mark blemish disgrace dishonor shame smear stain stigma bad name lost face

  • Is current

    Synonyms for is current verb dominate, control prove beat win reign succeed overcome triumph abound preponderate obtain command gain master carry conquer domineer overrule best predominate make out take off be common be current be prevalent be usual be victorious be widespread come out on top exist generally get there go great guns go places […]

  • Most edged

    Synonyms for most edged adj limited, confined surrounded restricted fringed enclosed contiguous definite finite determinate bordered belted enveloped edged circumscribed walled defined fenced girdled compassed flanked rimmed encircled hog-tied delimited encompassed hedged ringed boundaried limitary Antonyms for most edged unconfined unlimited free loose unbounded Synonyms adj sharp, piercing acute strong intense penetrating acid pointed cutting […]

  • Radio beams

    Synonyms for radio beams noun navigation signal radio beam radio marker radio navigation radio range beacon radio range station

  • Elaborate promotional event

    Synonyms for elaborate promotional event noun elaborate presentation meant to impress ambitious presentation

  • Party crasher

    Synonyms for party crasher noun person who is unfamiliar outsider visitor foreigner immigrant alien newcomer intruder guest wanderer outlander unknown migrant transient interloper drifter squatter foreign body incomer itinerant person migratory worker new arrival out-of-stater outcomer perfect stranger uninvited person unknown person Antonyms for party crasher citizen local native national acquaintance friend

  • Plusser

    Synonyms for plus adj added, extra positive surplus additional enlarged increased supplementary augmented boosted expanded Antonyms for plusser detrimental negative minus

  • Was amateur

    Synonyms for was amateur verb play at; tinker trifle play monkey dilly-dally idle dally horse around kid around mess around play around amuse oneself with be amateur fiddle with flirt with monkey around muck around not be serious play games with toy with trifle with work superficially Antonyms for was amateur take seriously

  • High handednesses

    Synonyms for high handednesses noun exaggerated self-opinion chutzpah pretension disdain hubris aloofness ego pride egotism vanity nerve pompousness self-importance gall superciliousness presumption self-love crust pretentiousness airs swagger hauteur priggishness haughtiness ostentation pomposity brass loftiness conceit cheek audacity braggadocio bluster insolence smugness imperiousness contemptuousness disdainfulness conceitedness high-handedness overbearance scornfulness Antonyms for high handednesses humility modesty shyness […]

  • Art taken aback

    Synonyms for art taken aback verb be amazed stare admire marvel boggle gape gawk be astonished be awestruck be confounded be dumbstruck be fascinated be flabbergasted be startled be taken aback look aghast Antonyms for art taken aback believe know anticipate expect

  • Parthree golf

    Synonyms for parthree golf noun recreational golf mini golf par-three golf peewee golf putt-putt putting

  • Un stuck

    Synonyms for un stuck adj unfastened loose unglued Synonyms verb set free; unbind alleviate break up deliver detach discharge disconnect disengage disjoin ease emancipate extricate free liberate mitigate relax release separate slacken unbuckle unbutton undo unfasten unhitch unleash unlock untie manumit unclasp unloose untighten become unfastened disenthrall ease off let go let out unbar unbolt […]

  • Pulsejets

    Synonyms for pulsejets noun gas airplane engine rocket fanjet pulsejet ramjet reaction engine rocket motor turbofan turbojet turboprop Synonyms noun airplane powered by jet engine(s) jet Concorde blowtorch business jet jet liner jumbo jet multi-jet pulse-jet ramjet single-jet supersonic jet supersonic transport turbojet twin-jet

  • Cunning do

    Synonyms for cunning do verb be able commit manage may make out take care of be capable of be equal to be up to can do could cut the mustard have it made make it make the grade be within one’s area be within one’s control lie in one’s power Antonyms for cunning do hire […]

  • Marched in review

    Synonyms for marched in review verb show off; march flash strut prance demonstrate swagger brandish trot out exhibit reveal disport boast declare expose proclaim divulge publish air brag flaunt advertise sport disclose display vaunt march in review Antonyms for marched in review conceal hide suppress deprecate withhold cover secrete be quiet be modest

  • Genesiological

    Synonyms for genesiological adj coming from heredity ancestral historical hereditary patrimonial abiogenetic digenetic eugenic genital matriclinous phytogenetic sporogenous xenogenetic Antonyms for genesiological acquired

  • Get rid of

    Synonyms for get rid of verb discard dump exterminate dispose of remove kill eliminate assassinate chuck cut ditch do away with eighty-six exclude expel omit reject slaughter throw away throw out cast aside deep-six part with Antonyms for get rid of create hold keep bear begin start give birth

  • Un bearing

    Synonyms for un bearing adj unable to support growth desolate sterile arid parched impoverished infertile empty dry fallow waste desert depleted effete fruitless impotent unfruitful unproductive infecund unbearing uncultivable unfertile Antonyms for un bearing fruitful productive damp moist wet cultivated fecund fertile filled growing useful profitable full developing Synonyms adj not bearing fruit, young sterile […]