• laserpointism

    it is the religion, in which you always have a laser pointer in your possession. friend: hey! why do you have a laser pointer? you: i converted to laserpointism. buy the domain for your pet site

  • toledo

    a city dying faster then a bullet can move. toledo has been run to the ground by its 2 wonderful mayors (finkf-ggot and jack ford). this city has been rated one of the worst cities to live in america on many different lists. its a giant f-cking sh-thole. i live here. run get the f-ck […]

  • uni culture

    common att-tudes, beliefs and behaviours of university students. for example; uni culture is not engaging or listening in a lecture but still being proud you went buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • sevs

    7-11. this is a popular term on longisland, where there is an overabundant amount of 7-11s, so much so that one is never more than 5 minutes away. “yo lets walk up to sevs before we blaze” 7-11 convenience store. im broke lets knock over a sevs. slang for the 7-11 convenience store, most commonly […]

  • kenad

    kenad is bosnian. and ugly look at that ugly bosnian! his name must be kenad buy the domain for your art site

  • oopy

    another word meaning a mistake. or oopsies i dropped the cup, i made a oopy. pediatric definition for fecel matter. i have to go oopy. that mexican food made me have to go oopy severely.

  • LAC + USC

    the name of the major county hospital in los angeles california which is exempt from all osha regulations, labor laws, civil rights, and trains what can only be described as partic-p-ting m-s-ch-stic slaves to become health experts by employing hands on procedures with little to no supervision on unsuspecting victims who may or may not […]

  • milking the udder

    another term for taking a p-ss. usually said by a man. man i was in the bathroom milking the udder sorry for taking so long. i had been holding that one for awhile

  • fasld

    an intimate love act in which one is inside the body of a nose-tackle while listening to american idol music. last night was awesome i fasld bj raji to adam lambert till the sun came up if haloti ngata keeps lining up across from center he’s begging for a good faslding

  • Giano

    an intersting gothy type of man. usually bigger built, but extravegently gorgeous. often has a warm heart, but can be pushed towards aggression for the things he loves. loyal to those he respects. easy to love. although he keeps all of his secrets bottled up. “i saw a guy that could have totally been giano.” […]

  • Chamberlain

    Synonyms for chamberlain noun manager administrator purser agent representative Synonyms noun financial officer officer comptroller cashier curator purser bursar financier exchequer quaestor Synonyms noun custodian waiter attendant administrator curator foreman proctor guardian bailiff director manager agent magistrate officer seneschal reeve major-domo purveyor dapifer manciple

  • Additional benefit

    Synonyms for additional benefit noun bonus perk perquisite extra gravy lagniappe plus privilege reward compensation package allowances benefits employee benefit perks perquisites solatium

  • Crystal gazings

    Synonyms for crystal gazings noun astrological forecast astrology prediction crystal gazing Synonyms noun declaration made in advance guess indicator forecast prognosis prophecy conjecture hunch horoscope dope augury tip divination foresight cast prognostication vaticination presage soothsaying omen forecasting palmistry prevision zodiac foretelling crystal gazing fortune-telling of event anticipation surmising Antonyms reality proof truth Synonyms noun prediction […]

  • Clear mind

    Synonyms for clear mind noun mental health; soundness of judgment prudence normality stability common sense wit rationality soundness acumen saneness intelligence understanding sagacity reason comprehension sense lucidity balance lucidness marbles judiciousness reasonableness good judgment healthy mind levelheadedness right mind sound mind Antonyms for clear mind ignorance inability misinterpretation mistake insanity instability madness unsoundness ineptness misunderstanding […]

  • More heart to heart

    Synonyms for more heart to heart adj friendly, sociable sympathetic affectionate warmhearted welcoming cozy jovial earnest sincere polite hearty cheerful neighborly warm congenial heartfelt amicable gracious tender glowing social affable agreeable companionable convivial genial happy invigorating mellow palsy-walsy responsive wholehearted heart-to-heart buddy-buddy clubby red-carpet Antonyms for more heart to heart uncaring unconcerned unfeeling unsympathetic unfriendly […]

  • Slipping into coma

    Synonyms for slipping into coma verb faint pass out collapse swoon lose consciousness crap out draw a blank go out like a light slip into coma zone out Antonyms for slipping into coma uncover resuscitate revive add pencil in

  • China cupboard

    Synonyms for china cupboard noun place for storing and displaying china hutch breakfront china closet

  • Theory of relativity

    Synonyms for theory of relativity noun einstein’s theory relativity continuum theory e=mc2 energy-matter relationship general theory of relativity principle of equivalence principle of relativity special theory of relativity

  • Garden fence

    Synonyms for garden fence noun shared wall buffer partition dividing line property line

  • Rices

    Synonyms for rices noun edible grain wheat grain corn rice bran rye oats breakfast food

  • Tenderizing

    Synonyms for tenderizing verb calm, soothe mitigate thaw abate relax modify ease lessen lower melt temper relent lighten alleviate dissolve diminish mellow moderate cushion tone down weaken moisten appease subdue palliate give quell disintegrate assuage enfeeble yield mash qualify bend mollify allay still knead turn down tenderize become tender Antonyms for tenderizing incite increase intensify […]

  • Becomes member

    Synonyms for becomes member verb embark on; take part in start begin join open enroll muster enlist subscribe inaugurate commence take up become member commit oneself get oneself into join up lead off participate in set about set out on set to sign on sign up tee off Antonyms for becomes member complete avoid dodge […]

  • De regulation

    Synonyms for de regulation noun the removal of imposed free trade free enterprise laissez-faire isolationism noninterference liberalism nonintervention controls on a system disinvolvement free competition self-regulating market

  • Whip hand

    Synonyms for whip hand noun domination advantage authority command control dominance dominion edge influence jump mastery power predominance prevalence reign rule sovereignty superiority supremacy sway upper hand preeminence leg up on top prepotence Antonyms for whip hand inferiority subordination decline powerlessness Synonyms noun power, control jurisdiction force rule government pizzazz right weight influence clout supremacy […]

  • On high

    Synonyms for on high prep higher in position raised high superior over overhead aloft atop beyond upon on top of Antonyms for on high below under deficient fewer less inferior Synonyms adv above off upstairs overhead covering aloft beyond farther up higher than in heaven in the sky on top of overtop straight up traversely […]

  • Jet bombers

    Synonyms for jet bombers noun diving aircraft that bombs bomber fighter-bomber jet bomber strategic bomber

  • Denominatings

    Synonyms for denominatings noun designating showing noticing calling distinguishing denominating recognizing characterizing naming terming indicating specifying pointing out Synonyms noun choosing determining appointment choice denomination determination election isolation selection separation denominating appointing culling separating picking isolating indicating electing

  • Ability

    noun power to act, perform Synonyms for ability noun power to act, perform strength capacity intelligence understanding capability qualification talent skill competence competency aptitude facility dexterity might resourcefulness comprehension potentiality faculty endowment Antonyms for ability lack weakness inability incompetence ignorance incapacity limitation clumsiness inadequacy inanity impotence ineptness incapability paralysis stupidity noun natural or acquired power […]

  • Be gone

    Synonyms for be gone interj go away away depart leave off out scat scoot scram vamoose hightail shoo skiddoo Synonyms verb leave, often quickly beat it begone decamp depart go retire scram skedaddle split take off vamoose withdraw hightail kite make oneself scarce remove oneself take a hike Antonyms fill fill up put arrive rush […]

  • Most off white

    Synonyms for most off white noun light brown color tan cream fawn mushroom neutral oatmeal ecru buff taupe khaki camel off-white biscuit sand café au lait Synonyms adj opalescent iridescent milky pearl ivory silver fair frosted off-white nacreous opaline

  • In effectualnesses

    Synonyms for in effectualnesses noun ineffectuality powerlessness helplessness uselessness feebleness weakness inadequacy infirmity inefficacy incapability ineffectiveness impotence Antonyms for in effectualnesses soundness ability strength Synonyms noun lack of strength; ineffectiveness incapacity languor inadequacy flimsiness enervation exhaustion frailness senility weakness incompetence delicacy decrepitude insufficiency malaise frailty infirmity debility disease inability insignificance lassitude ineffectualness unhealthiness etiolation lameness […]

  • Sauntered

    Synonyms for saunter verb stroll along sashay traipse ramble toddle loiter mosey roam mope meander amble wander stump percolate linger tarry drift promenade ooze rove ankle dally trill Antonyms for sauntered hurry stay go rush run go direct

  • Groove on

    Synonyms for groove on verb hold in high regard extol prize applaud treasure appreciate laud honor commend credit adore hail praise cherish respect worship revere idolize glorify eulogize value venerate esteem approve delight in fall for go for marvel at be crazy about be crazy for be crazy over be mad about be nuts about […]

  • Double checks

    Synonyms for double checks verb make sure find out confirm verify determine divine dig eye read fix discover tell see settle identify learn peg establish check size check out pick up double-check eyeball learn the ropes catch on check up on get down cold get down pat get hold of get it down get the […]

  • Hump

    Synonyms for hump noun swelling, projection knob protrusion ridge hunch bulge protuberance prominence mound dune bump excrescence elevation eminence swell hill kyphosis hummock knap tumescence gibbosity convexity convexedness knurl Antonyms for hump flat ditch depression unimportance