• biane

    biane is one of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and kind people out here livin. if you’ve ever met a biane, you’d be so all up in her face cause she is so darn lovely. “oh wow, is that biane!? i want to be her friend too.”

  • birthday tits

    a southern tradition where a guy is shown t-ts for his birthday it’s my birthday. time for some birthday t-ts!

  • libreh

    pr-nounced (lee-bray) a female “breh” (see breh) breh 1: i would never have s-x with shanon, she’s like a breh. breh 2: breh, i feel you breh. she’s like one of us with a vag and t-ts. she’s almost like a sister. breh 1: ja feel breh. shanon’s a libreh. breh 2: i still wonder […]

  • mlesia

    mlesia is usually a very outgoing girl. very loyal and only seems to trust a few people. she’s very nice but once you mess with her your gonna regret it. she’s loud and sometimes weird when she’s comfortable. she’s very funny and can keep a crowd laughing. she’s one of the most gorgeous girls you’ll […]

  • junkalanche

    junk + avalanche. when a large pile of stuff falls and envelopes around something or the unfortunate someone. person 1 – watch out! a junkalanche!!! person 2 – (gets covered in stuff)

  • laryngal rape

    literally, rape of the larynx. “time for a little laryngal rape!” “sometimes i wonder why i hang out with you.”

  • chyler

    has a sweet personality, unless you get on her bad side. this girl will find you and kill you, but she will make sure to hide the body because she hates getting in trouble. she’s extremely clingy and is very attracted to mexicans but is open to other options. what is with chyler and all […]

  • mork and mindy

    a television show with robin williams that ran from 1978-1983. an alien named mork from the planet ork lives with his girlfriend. mork has hilarious catchphrases such as nanu nanu and shazbot. the creators changed around the show though and ruined it. mork even had a son that aged backwards named mearth. don’t mess with […]

  • cheebnormous

    conglomeration of cheeba and enormous used when excited about some cannibis smoking adventure dude, that will be a cheebnormous journey.

  • southern style biscuit

    n. the act of taking a sh-t in your lovers mouth while masturbating. your lover then pinches your left b-ttcheek to signify he/she has a mouth full of feces. one then positions themself properly to -j-c-l-t- on top of the feces giving the appearance of syrup. then, as an option, you may or may not […]

  • Gravelled

    Synonyms for gravelled verb cover with asphalt, concrete surface tile brick gravel tar flagstone cobblestone macadamize lay asphalt lay concrete Antonyms for gravelled strip dig up

  • Eagerly

    Synonyms for eagerly adv anxiously willingly cordially vigorously sincerely promptly intently zealously heartily gladly earnestly energetically readily fiercely rapidly speedily strenuously breathlessly actively hungrily impatiently enthusiastically ardently fervently longingly thirstily anticipatorily cravingly expectantly full tilt spiritedly with enthusiasm with gusto zestfully Antonyms for eagerly unwillingly grudgingly listlessly

  • Clamors against

    Synonyms for clamors against verb belittle, ridicule lower undervalue discountenance disgrace asperse discredit malign slam deride rap vilify condemn traduce attack decry underestimate scorn derogate slight slur denounce denigrate discount abuse spurn censure detract knock revile deprecate minimize smear humble defame contemn slander roast fault disparage calumniate underrate look down on put down run down […]

  • Covers all bases

    Synonyms for covers all bases verb take care of; guard from harm preserve safeguard shield shelter defend cover insulate conserve assure secure cushion save support keep fend champion bulwark harbor screen watch stonewall chaperon foster shade hedge go to bat for sentinel care for look after cover all bases cover up give refuge give sanctuary […]

  • Scientific

    Synonyms for scientific adj systematic; discovered through experimentation mathematical objective experimental accurate clear exact logical methodical precise sound controlled deductive Antonyms for scientific artistic

  • Folio

    Synonyms for folio noun published document essay album novel publication dictionary pamphlet text work manual textbook fiction volume edition magazine booklet brochure writing copy tome lexicon periodical portfolio primer dissertation opus handbook reader roll thesaurus tract compendium Bible treatise omnibus leaflet encyclopedia scroll monograph paperback hardcover nonfiction speller codex atlas quarto reprint octavo offprint bestseller […]

  • Juicy morsel

    Synonyms for juicy morsel noun gossip news rumor talk buzz intimate intelligence the lowdown Antonyms for juicy morsel cleanliness pureness sterility morality purity Synonyms noun published article conveying gossip scandal sheet choice bit of dirt scandalmongering

  • Going down line

    Synonyms for going down line verb choose or take something as one’s own use ratify take up support accept maintain embrace endorse follow approve select opt mimic tap seize assume affirm assent utilize borrow imitate appropriate affiliate adapt espouse take on go down the line go in for take over Antonyms for going down line […]

  • More dilated

    Synonyms for more dilated adj exaggerated bloated swollen overblown grown extended diffuse enlarged spread puffed ranting distended filled aureate bombastic flatulent flowery fustian grandiloquent magniloquent ostentatious pompous pretentious prolix rhetorical showy tumescent tumid turgid verbose windy wordy magnified dilated overestimated aggrandized surcharged stretched amplified augmented dropsical euphuistic pumped up rhapsodical Antonyms for more dilated shrunken […]

  • Getting down to brass tacks

    Synonyms for getting down to brass tacks verb examine and determine resolve consider evaluate study inspect investigate spell out scrutinize test interpret rehash assay figure confab judge hash estimate beat a dead horse figure out chew over get down to brass tacks kick around sort out talk game think through Antonyms for getting down to […]

  • Italian

    Synonyms for Italian noun languages derived from latin insular Catalan Continental French Indo-European language Italic language Latin Portuguese Provencal Spanish

  • More debit side

    Synonyms for more debit side adj detrimental, inconvenient derogatory prejudicial hurtful disparaging adverse unfavorable injurious contrary damaging deleterious downside harmful ill-timed inexpedient inopportune objectionable pejorative slighting unprofitable depreciative depreciatory debit-side detracting dyslogistic on the debit side uncomplimentary Antonyms for more debit side assisting helpful advantageous well-timed complimentary favorable aiding nice good convenient

  • Advertences

    Synonyms for advertences noun remark, citation allusion hint innuendo note mention quotation plug mentioning insinuation resource source connecting implication stating attributing advertence associating relating indicating bringing up pointing out

  • Glide by

    Synonyms for glide by verb go by; slip away transpire expire pass by lapse vanish flow pass pass away run out roll by roll on Synonyms verb go by, elapse; move onward run give move reach cross leave catch go develop happen occur fly fare wend depart proceed glide repair transpire lapse rise flow drag […]

  • Monetary worths

    Synonyms for monetary worths noun financial worth profit price rate amount cost expense appraisal charge assessment equivalent market price monetary worth Antonyms for monetary worths detriment disadvantage

  • Peeped out

    Synonyms for peeped out verb appear briefly emerge become visible crop up open to view peep out peer out show partially

  • Frankliest

    Synonyms for frankliest adj without restriction candidly willingly voluntarily openly advisedly deliberately designedly fancy-free frankly intentionally plainly purposely spontaneously as you please at will unchallenged unreservedly without hindrance without prompting without reserve without restraint without urging at one’s discretion at one’s pleasure of one’s own accord of one’s own free will Antonyms for frankliest bound […]

  • Commonly named

    Synonyms for commonly named adj supposed alleged formal allegedly nominal ostensible pretended professed self-styled purported itular self-named soi-disant wrongly named

  • Incoming

    Synonyms for incoming adj arriving approaching coming entering coming in Antonyms for incoming outgoing Synonyms adj succeeding elected future elect designate new next to-be Antonyms outgoing

  • Undersized

    Synonyms for undersized adj little miniature petite puny short small stunted tiny Antonyms for undersized enormous oversized

  • Relic areas

    Synonyms for relic areas noun people sharing language or dialect society ethnic group isogloss linguistic ambience linguistic community linguistic island relic area speech island

  • Laughingstock

    Synonyms for laughingstock noun fool dupe sport mockery butt Antonyms for laughingstock seriousness Concept Thesaurus for word laughingstock 2. Discriminative Affections Synonyms – noun laughingstock game oddity square toes buffoon (jester) jestingstock fair game queer fish old monkey pantomimist (actor) gazingstock April fool (dupe) odd fish fogey monkey jest (wit) butt original quiz fogy monkey […]

  • Huggy

    Synonyms for huggy adj having or showing fondness sympathetic friendly warm warmhearted loving dear devoted doting fond kind mushy partial tender caring all over attached crazy over lovey-dovey nutty about soft on Antonyms for huggy uncaring unfeeling unfriendly unsociable aloof antagonistic undemonstrative cold cool disliking

  • Alleviation

    Synonyms for alleviation noun relief mitigation assuagement easement ease comfort abatement remedy palliation palliative salving Antonyms for alleviation injury Other adjectives related to alleviation acopic balmy curative lenitive anodyne balsamic demulcent palliative assuaging balsamical emollient phrontifugic assuasive consolatory hesychastic soothing

  • Plumb rules

    Synonyms for plumb rules noun weight on plumb line bob lead plumb plummet plumb line plumb rule