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  • Custom Essay

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  • Courtsiding

    Courtsiding is a term used in relation to tennis, which is where this method of gambling began, though it can actually be used to explain the method across a number of other sports. It is a way to gain an advantage over the bookmakers by being at the event in question and seeing everything that […]

  • NAP Horse Racing

    The term NAP is something associated with gambling in particular, but mainly when we are talking about horse racing gambling. There is nothing stopping the term being used for any other sport as there is no specific link to horse racing, but no one really seems to do so. It is engrained into the history […]

  • Jhandi Munda

    Jhandi Munda is a traditional Indian casino game that has been very popular for many years. While the exact origins of the game are not known, we do know it came from Arunachal Pradesh. Other names of the game include Langur Burja, which is how the game is known in Nepal and Crown and Anchor, […]

  • Star Treknology

    current technology that was first mentioned or shown on a star trek tv series or movie. the ipad is the latest example of star treknology, electronic devices based on gadgets (in this case, the padd) that first appeared in the star trek series and are now available to the public.

  • plab

    a mixed breed dog which is part pit bull terrier and part labrador retriever that’s such a sweet plab puppy! the art of supa-coool. a strong reference to the style of the 1980’s, not only in the fashion rhelm but also applicable to the unique life style. 1983 to 1987 are very representing of plab. […]

  • dual deucing

    when two mobile solution employess go and drop a deuce together in the mall while racing and trash the bathroom justin and rami were dual deucing at 3 oclock

  • disalexia

    someone who has dislexia and is named alexia. commonly used as a finsta name. disalexia typically has a strong m-ssachusetts accent and says many words wrong. disalexia is one of a kind and a great source of entertainment at any time of day. everyone loves disalexia disalexia thinks that the gararge is full of pellows

  • bobandcarole

    anti-pedophile activists recognized by perverted justice’s now defunct wikisposure project. they are dedicated to har-ssing and reporting internet groups catering to pedophiles and those containing child p-rnography. they have been on the internet for well over a decade and are veterans of many battles with those who believe over eight is too late. they have […]