• carmel the stupid bitch

    a sometimes annoying girl that can be the equivalent to a idiot female dog hence stupid b-tch. a carmel is proud to be a stupid b-tch and embraces the fact she isn’t any normal b-tch she is a stupid one. the stupid b-tch is unique and has normally has the first name or nickname of […]

  • cahleesi

    cahleesi is the mother of dragons and is very fierce! yet, she is beautiful and very loyal. she can be mean at times but only for reasons. can she be a b-tch? yes a lot! but makes a good friend and is very different than others. wow! i want to be friends with that girl! […]

  • young dick

    young d-ck- a man with a small c-ck that is a disciple of the rapper lil d-cky. usually has a small c-ck and doesn’t care if people know. it’s your boy young d-ck

  • yeety mcdabingtonjith

    an expression of surprise used when the yeet is so c-mbersome that abhijith appears in a cloud of crustiness “yeety mcdabingtonjith! that yeet was certainly c-mbersome.”

  • darron su

    the s-xiest man alive darron su is pretty s-xy

  • hylophobia

    hylophobia, also known as xylophobia, ylophobia, and dendrophobia, is a psychological disorder defined by an irrational fear of wood, forest or trees. the term hylophobia is derived from the greek ὕλη hylo-, meaning “wood or forest”, and phobo- meaning “fear”.

  • The Happening

    a waste of money and your life. we went to a amish party it was still better than the happening the worst film ever made, written directed by lame -rs- director m. night shaylaman. the idea isn’t that bad but the ending explained nothing and looked as if it had been finished in 10 minutes […]

  • stone bro

    a bloke who thinks skyrim is overrated and cant spell. riley: yo did you play skyrim last night jezza: yeah dude skyrim is amazing *stone bro comes out of nowhere* liam: skirem as ovaretad!!!! everyone: f-ck off you stone bro!!!!

  • ecopocalypse

    (n) the legendary end of the world as prophesied in the theological teachings of the first church of the environment (fundamentalist) by envirofundamentalists. the most common vision of the ecopocalypse involves the global climate p-ssing a “tipping point” and the earth turning into a burnt-out hulk no longer able to support life. other variations on […]

  • Netvestite

    when a member of one s-x pretends to be another s-x online. male1: “hey, i had great cybers-x with this hot chick call jill the other night – she sent photos and all” male2: “haha you tool, that was me pretending to be jill” male1: “d-mn you, you netvest-te”

  • Sniper

    Synonyms for sniper noun gunman assassin sharpshooter killer marksman markswoman

  • Going astray

    Synonyms for going astray verb make a mistake; do wrong stumble misbehave stray miscalculate blow goof deviate lapse flub muff snafu blunder trespass misjudge misapprehend fall offend sin wander foul up mess up screw up louse up bollix transgress be in error be inaccurate be incorrect be mistaken boo-boo drop the ball go astray go […]

  • More subaltern

    Synonyms for more subaltern adj at the mercy of; answerable exposed susceptible conditional accountable apt sensitive likely inferior liable dependent secondary vulnerable prone directed sub satellite controlled contingent collateral disposed governed captive subordinate tributary open subaltern ruled obedient provisional servile slavish submissive subservient tentative under enslaved subjugated bound by in danger of substract at one’s […]

  • Washes hands of

    Synonyms for washes hands of verb leave behind, relinquish quit drop out pull out dump ditch discontinue stop leave withdraw vacate discard surrender desert screw abdicate drop yield duck dust back out bail out bow out chicken out cop out cut loose opt out throw over walk out on flake out fly the coop give […]

  • Ostentatiousness

    Synonyms for ostentatiousness noun public showing; spectacle exhibit parade demonstration act array presentation example unfolding dash pretension affectation fanfare splurge layout exposure revelation arrangement spread splash exposition exhibition scheme blaze pomp frippery ostentation manifestation front pedantry flourish vanity shine sample pageant pretentiousness splendor panorama frame-up expo bravura showboat arrayal for show grandstand play Antonyms for […]

  • More towardly

    Synonyms for more towardly adj timely, appropriate apropos apt auspicious convenient favorable fit opportune pertinent propitious prosperous relevant suitable welcome well-timed providential seasonal timeous towardly Antonyms for more towardly inappropriate unseasonable unsuitable untimely inclement unfitting Synonyms adj at the right time up-to-date prompt convenient appropriate up-to-the-minute proper well-timed auspicious favorable fit fitting in the nick […]

  • Sevenelevens

    Synonyms for sevenelevens noun local general store corner store mom-and-pop store Seven-Eleven®

  • Unflinchingly

    Synonyms for unflinchingly adv immovably strongly thoroughly hard fast inflexibly solid steadily substantially tight rigidly tightly soundly securely solidly durably enduringly fixedly like a rock motionlessly stably stiffly unshakeably Antonyms for unflinchingly indefinitely weakly flexibly movably changeably waveringly Synonyms adv courageously valiantly boldly gamely heroically gallantly fearlessly audaciously chivalrously daringly dauntlessly gutsily valorously Antonyms fearfully […]

  • Dernier ressort

    Synonyms for dernier ressort noun someone or something that takes the place of another surrogate backup replacement vicar alternate deputy expediency proxy stopgap sub supply makeshift resort symbol fill-in delegate temporary relay assistant equivalent understudy representative recourse refuge successor ghost dummy resource auxiliary standby double relief agent expedient reserve ghost writer stand-in changeling locum supplanter […]

  • Call into play

    Synonyms for call into play verb call upon draw on impress muster recruit draw upon press into service set in motion

  • Co operating

    Synonyms for co operating adj assisting agreeing helping cooperative collaborating Synonyms verb aid, assist collaborate help uphold contribute conspire unite participate coordinate further agree advance abet befriend concur concert conduce league band second succor combine espouse forward partner coincide back up chip in pitch in play ball comply with be in cahoots coadjute go along […]

  • Get free

    Synonyms for get free verb escape leave depart flee abscond bolt break loose burst out bust out Antonyms for get free wait come continue stay

  • Canicules

    Synonyms for canicules noun dog days heat wave canicule hot spell hot wave Synonyms noun very hot days canicular days summer Indian Summer canicule hot weather

  • Setting sail

    Synonyms for set sail verb get started on trip go ahead dive in set out start out

  • Peelers

    Synonyms for peelers noun dancer who provides erotic entertainment exotic dancer bump-and-grinder burlesque queen ecdysiast lap dancer peeler stripper striptease artist striptease dancer stripteaser stripteuse Synonyms noun dancer who provides erotic entertainment erotic dancer stripper bump-and-grinder burlesque queen ecdysiast lap dancer peeler striptease artist striptease dancer stripteaser stripteuse

  • In toners

    Synonyms for in toners noun person who can carry a tune artist musician voice troubadour songbird songster minstrel diva soloist crooner vocalist artiste warbler chorister accompanist chanter nightingale chanteuse choralist intoner melodist serenader yodeler

  • Of the highest type

    Synonyms for of the highest type adj highest quality marvelous exceptional excellent outstanding superb best first-class great premium super superior superlative supreme top-drawer top-notch unmatched A number 1 A-1 bang-up best-quality highest-quality of the first water top of the line world-class Antonyms for of the highest type unexceptional expected ordinary regular inferior unnoteworthy bad poor […]

  • Swollenheaded

    Synonyms for swollenheaded adj bragging bombastic pretentious cocky exultant pompous arrogant big conceited egotistic egotistical know-it-all puffed-up smart-alecky snooty stuck-up swanky vainglorious windbag big-headed crowing full of hot air hifalutin hot stuff loudmouth on ego trip self-aggrandizing self-applauding strutting swaggering swollen-headed vaunting too big for one’s britches Antonyms for swollenheaded humble modest deprecating unconceited Synonyms […]

  • Sells down the river

    Synonyms for sells down the river verb attack indirectly backbite betray double-cross slander smear play Judas sell down the river Synonyms verb be disloyal abandon mislead forsake deceive seduce jilt cross trick finger bluff desert knife delude blow the whistle break faith break with double-cross let down sell out stab in the back take in […]

  • Second stringers

    Synonyms for second stringers noun subordinate attendant gofer slave helper deputy servant assistant lackey aide serf minion second flunky peon scrub inferior second fiddle second stringer Antonyms for second stringers superior master Synonyms noun secondary role player second banana second string understudy back seat benchwarmer low man on totem pole reserves second stringer second team […]

  • De terminative

    Synonyms for de terminative adj conclusive final certain crucial decided decisive definitive determined determining settled determinant Synonyms adj definite, final unambiguous precise undeniable convincing indisputable compelling unmistakable decisive irrefutable irrevocable absolute clear cogent deciding demonstrative flat out incontrovertible litmus test telling ultimate unconditional unquestionable determinative all out clinching determinant irrefragable irrefrangible resolving revealing settling straight […]

  • Scritched

    Synonyms for scritched verb make sharp, high-pitched sound creak screech squeal sound pipe yelp cry whine cheep grate sing peep shrill scream talk scritch Antonyms for scritched be quiet

  • Obscenity

    Synonyms for obscenity noun indecency, immorality; vulgarism indecency profanity vulgarity smut pornography four-letter word impropriety abomination scatology prurience offense dirtiness curse impurity swearword outrage filthiness smuttiness evil blight wrong licentiousness foulness coarseness scurrility affront indelicacy atrocity lewdness bawdiness dirty word suggestiveness porn vileness blueness salacity immodesty sleaze lubricity X-rating dirty name Antonyms for obscenity decency […]

  • Gave ovation

    Synonyms for gave ovation verb clap for; express approval encourage laud commend cheer hail praise recommend approve compliment plug glorify magnify boost eulogize acclaim rave root extol give a hand give ovation hear it for kudize Antonyms for gave ovation dissuade blame censure disapprove refuse denounce condemn decrease depress discourage criticize keep silent

  • Concealed

    Synonyms for concealed adj hidden, secret covered camouflaged veiled buried guarded screened masked obscure obscured covert hush-hush incognito inconspicuous privy recondite ulterior under wraps unseen planted secreted cached enshrouded shrouded stashed covered up holed up hushed up incog on the Q. T. perdu put in the hole tucked away Antonyms for concealed obvious uncovered bare […]