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  • mehkaila

    mehkaila is a girl that’s funny and entertaining. she’s weird in a good way and i’m her is way. but to tell you she is not the person to mess with. she will really beat a b-tch -ss if she have to. but she has a good side too. she only have like three best […]

  • camryn glanville

    a gorgeous girl with perfect eyes and a gorgeous hair. people treat her like absolute trash, and she deserves way better. god d-mn camryn glanville is so hot! buy the domain for your travel site

  • rock and rick roll

    when you listening to rock music and the dude on the aux changes the song “i swear shawn, if you rock and rick roll me, i am beating yo -ss.”

  • manner

    a term used for internet games. when a player just plays games in a good mannered way and doesn’t talk cr-p or complain. usually manner players will always type gg gl hf before games and at the end of the game they will wait for the losing player to type gg before they themselves type […]

  • gaqe

    term used inplace of p-n-s. this term has be mistaken for gat. brian: suck my gat me: why would i suck your gun, but you can suck my gaqe buy the domain for your travel blog

  • S.B.C.S.

    an acronym for sweaty b-tt crack syndrome, also used for slippery b-tt crack syndrome after a vigorous bike ride, armstrong had bad case of s.b.c.s.

  • pin pwned

    to surp-ss a pwn by infinite mult-tudes. undoubtably the best form of owning someone. after being pin pwned one can never show their face anywhere. “man that guy got pwned” “no he got pin pwned!” “fo shizzle”

  • daw yea

    1. said in eclamation 2. come on 3. really used any exclamation: anger, joy, etc. swkard: daw yeah hurry up and m-st-rb-t- and come over

  • Jenny Parker

    a polyvore site model who’s images are being used by thousands of girls claiming to be her including youtube users wowzersluv95 and blueandpink4ever she is sometimes known as jenny greenwood that girl is pretending to be jenny parker

  • Smorelston Mouthfuck

    a smore with a charleston chew bar replacing the chocolate. oh my sweet jesus , jenna just made me the best smorelston mouthf-ck ever !

  • Information service

    Synonyms for information service noun sciences concerned with information information theory library science informatics information processing information services information studies

  • Throttle

    Synonyms for throttle verb choke control inhibit suppress smother silence gag strangle stifle strangulate burke Antonyms for throttle release let go free help encourage

  • Trans place

    Synonyms for trans place verb reverse; turn upside down revert convert capsize renege backtrack transpose tip modify upset flip turn flip-flop introvert overturn alter change double back inverse turn down turn over upturn upend evert transplace turn inside out turn the tables Antonyms for trans place grow persist remain straighten hold keep stay leave alone […]

  • Monumentalizations

    Synonyms for monumentalizations noun honoring, observance ceremony remembrance tribute celebration recognition custom memorial service monumentalization Antonyms for monumentalizations negligence forgetting neglect unobservance

  • Mess up

    Synonyms for mess up verb disorder, dirty befoul besmirch botch bungle clutter confuse damage derange destroy disarrange discompose dishevel disorganize disturb foul jumble litter muddle pollute ruin rummage scramble screw up smear soil spoil unsettle upset gum up louse up bobble bollix goof up Antonyms for mess up organize tidy arrange order

  • Commit sin

    Synonyms for commit sin verb defile, desecrate pervert debase pollute blaspheme curse violate swear damn vitiate contaminate scorn trash mock cuss hoodoo despoil befoul misuse prostitute revile abuse flame voodoo vice tar darn be evil commit sacrilege do wrong mudsling put double whammy on talk dirty Antonyms for commit sin clean purify cherish exalt praise […]

  • Strike off

    Synonyms for strike off verb lower, reduce cost modify diminish deduct allow remove rebate redeem abate subtract depreciate knock off take off mark down undersell hold a sale make allowance for sell at discount take away Antonyms for strike off grow increase mark up raise attend pay attention recognize Synonyms verb produce writing, impression; reproduce […]

  • Frenzied

    Synonyms for frenzied adj uncontrolled feverish delirious frantic rabid agitated furious frenetic hysterical berserk distracted distraught excited mad maniacal nuts wild convulsive corybantic Antonyms for frenzied collected peaceful pleased calm unexcited balanced happy controlled

  • Mixing in

    Synonyms for mixing in verb mediate intrude intervene arbitrate plead reconcile advocate interpose negotiate intermediate speak barge in butt in step in mix in monkey with Antonyms for mixing in leave alone Synonyms verb meddle, intervene hinder prevent intrude inhibit impede obstruct hamper suspend thwart interlope tamper make jam conflict balk handicap interpose inconvenience stop […]

  • Perseverative

    Synonyms for perseverative adj determined, persistent tenacious stubborn unshakable steadfast indefatigable resolute unflagging hard-nosed unyielding staunch single-minded relentless firm unbending obstinate steady persevering adamant bullheaded hardheaded inexorable inflexible insistent mulish obdurate pertinacious pigheaded rigid hanging tough perseverant tough nut Antonyms for perseverative unreliable irresolute unstable indifferent undetermined surrendering weak yielding flexible soft

  • More clocklike

    Synonyms for more clocklike adj itemized, particularized precise comprehensive meticulous definite thorough specific complicated intricate exhaustive exact accurate full complete developed elaborate exhausting specified narrow abundant all-inclusive circumstantial copious finicky fussy individual minute nice blow-by-blow described elaborated unfolded enumerated disclosed individualized amplified circumstantiated at length clocklike point-by-point seriatim Antonyms for more clocklike inaccurate inexact questionable […]

  • Receives not guilty verdict

    Synonyms for receives not guilty verdict verb escape without penalty acquit get off walk clear of charges escape punishment find not guilty get away with get off scot-free go free go scot free receive not-guilty verdict

  • Pre dominance

    Synonyms for pre dominance noun reign preponderance control supremacy domination command power Antonyms for pre dominance weakness surrender subservience yielding Synonyms noun domination advantage authority command control dominance dominion edge influence jump mastery power predominance prevalence reign rule sovereignty superiority supremacy sway upper hand preeminence leg up on top prepotence whip hand Antonyms inferiority subordination […]

  • Kernel

    Synonyms for kernel noun seed, essence grain nut fruit morsel meat core keynote substance center hub heart root matter germ crux pith part atom upshot marrow piece nub bit gist nubbin Antonyms for kernel exterior outside surface periphery whole exteriority

  • Art wasteful

    Synonyms for art wasteful verb pamper, shower expend squander heap fritter deluge give pour spend dissipate waste scatter go through run through be generous be wasteful spend money like water thrust upon Antonyms for art wasteful hoard economize limit hold save collect gather starve Synonyms verb fritter away, use up blow misuse expend waste lavish […]

  • Making rough guess

    Synonyms for making rough guess verb estimate, consider put predict place guess reckon prophesy regard approximate adumbrate forecast vaticinate foretell augur judge prognosticate portend presage think make rough guess Antonyms for making rough guess disbelieve disregard ignore conceal listen refrain remove displace neglect cancel stop receive

  • Have bone to pick

    Synonyms for have bone to pick verb argue claim urge defend charge insist assert say maintain allege tell dispute hold vindicate affirm enjoin prescribe cross rip aver mix avow dictate report blast warrant debate zap justify come at gang up on lay into take on fly in face of go at have at jump on […]

  • Highstakes gambler

    Synonyms for highstakes gambler noun gambler of large amounts of money bettor high-stakes gambler money player plunger

  • Looking at sunny side

    Synonyms for looking at sunny side verb long for, dream about count on hold assume wish anticipate expect cherish believe desire rely foresee pray await contemplate suspect sweat presume aspire suppose trust surmise be sure of deem likely depend on feel confident hang in have faith keep fingers crossed knock on wood look at sunny […]

  • Hitting high spot

    Synonyms for hitting high spot verb come to top; culminate satisfy finish end please conclude terminate top cap crown content orgasm succeed accomplish peak fulfill tower come achieve come to a head break the record hit high spot reach a peak reach the zenith rise to crescendo Antonyms for hitting high spot anger commence create […]

  • Family lives

    Synonyms for family lives noun home life domestication family life staying at home

  • Full values

    Synonyms for full values noun whole effect import burden result value body core substance purport sense matter significance thrust upshot full value Antonyms for full values nothing nothingness insignificance meaninglessness

  • Breastfeeded

    Synonyms for breastfeeded verb nurse nurture nourish breastfeed Antonyms for breastfeeded deprive neglect starve

  • Bramblier

    Synonyms for bramblier adj thorny or difficult complicated knotty nettlesome tricky ticklish annoying barbed bothersome bristly intricate involved pointed sharp stimulating troublesome trying spiny brambly briery echinated Antonyms for bramblier uncomplicated pleasant easy simple smooth happy Synonyms adj uneven, irregular rugged rocky coarse bumpy fuzzy choppy harsh sharp ridged bearded jagged broken tangled nappy disheveled […]

  • Money making

    Synonyms for money making adj intended for financial gain monetary mercenary investment Wall Street exploited materialistic pecuniary venal money-making for profit profitmaking Antonyms for money making noncommercial not-for-profit Synonyms adj business-related; financial fiscal industrial commercial monetary material pecuniary productive profitable remunerative solvent viable budgetary bread-and-butter mercantile money-making profit-making Synonyms adj productive, well-paid profitable good worthwhile […]