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  • tennpain

    tenpainn is a sri lankan-american rapper. birth name : sajith geethanjana, born : 4th march 1997 in colombo, west side, sri lanka. submitted by: darol dannis

  • jeona

    it’s the cutest ship between teona flemino and johnny orlando! we don’t know if it’s a thing….but we hope it is they are so adorable! submitted by: emma jules

  • vericen

    something that is verified, and central to growth of another business. submitted by: kevin rhodes

  • cat ellington

    \’kat ‘el’ling’tən\ noun a famous american songwriter, poet, and casting director. submitted by: brian wolinski

  • hebrewed warfare

    a hybrid warfare which is subordinated to the idea of extermination of the non-hebrews submitted by: volodymyr knyr

  • john cunningham

    a leopluredon, charlie! john is one of the most awesome, funny, guys you will ever meet. he’s almost like a girl. he will listen to all your problems and share gossip too! he’s very athletic and enjoys playing minecraft, lisening to dubstep, and most of all… being a leopluredon. girl: that guy is so funny! […]

  • coerse

    to come, to go, move, go along with get him to coerse; lets coerse; hey you, coerse;

  • wwccd?

    what would ceiling cat do? comes from icanhascheezburger.com, a lolcat site the kitten wondered, wwccd? bite mommy cat’s tail or not?

  • ass-wiping instructions

    patronizing and/or obvious instructions humble worker: “i just thought you’d want to know that docid # 1390882 in the database won’t convert to pdf.” jack-ss supervisor: “did you tag it as a conversion error?” humble worker: “um, yeah… i don’t need -ss-wiping instructions.”

  • zedane

    a very dark teenager, little p-n-s, and a bald ollll head , who’s nickname is usually murdock that guy is a real zedane over there.

  • Snitcher

    Synonyms for snitcher noun informer adviser propagandist interviewer accuser reporter announcer tattler double-crosser blabbermouth sneak betrayer preacher source rat messenger herald tattletale informant journalist stool pigeon canary crier deep throat newscaster/newsperson notifier

  • Carapace

    Synonyms for carapace noun structure; covering case integument scale skeleton chassis hull frame shard shuck framework husk skin pod crust nut pericarp plastron Antonyms for carapace core inside interior middle center Synonyms noun outer covering, especially of animate being fur coating crust surface jacket husk membrane rind bark sheath integument parchment film hide pelt outside […]

  • Divisivenesses

    Synonyms for divisivenesses noun dispute, quarrel discord dissent disunity argument friction wrangle controversy debate fight split spat tension squabble clash antagonism hostility misunderstanding opposition animosity difference division strife feud conflict contention contest disunion vendetta break hassle altercation words breach variance rupture dissidence clashing ill will jarring bickering atmospherics cross-purposes divisiveness falling out ill feeling Antonyms […]

  • De spoilers

    Synonyms for de spoilers noun person who steals raider burglar looter pickpocket thief con artist bandit crook swindler thug marauder pirate mugger fence cheat hijacker plunderer corsair operator buccaneer pilferer prowler chiseler desperado stickup stealer brigand fraud punk cat burglar shoplifter rustler despoiler pillager cardsharper housebreaker sandbagger safecracker forager cattle thief grafter holdup artist second-story […]

  • Girl friday

    Synonyms for girl Friday noun lady assistant assistant gal Friday hired hand right-hand girl Antonyms for girl friday man Friday

  • Gunsight

    Synonyms for gunsight noun a locating device sight telescopic sight radar periscope sonar viewfinder bombsight homing device Antonyms for gunsight loser owner stray

  • Forest managers

    Synonyms for forest managers noun forest protector ranger forest manager forester

  • Pre views

    Synonyms for pre views noun preliminary showing examination research survey sneak show viewing preliminary study sneak peek Antonyms for pre views ignorance criticism Synonyms noun short preliminary event lead-in kickoff preliminary preview inaugural warm-up countdown curtain lifter curtain warmer opener opening gun opening shot run-up walk-up Synonyms noun first performance debut premiere preview sneak preview […]

  • Was reluctant

    Synonyms for was reluctant verb wish that someone did not have envy stint pinch covet grudge resent be jealous be reluctant be stingy eat one’s heart out Antonyms for was reluctant be generous give Synonyms verb feel resentful; give unwillingly envy pinch covet mind deny resent refuse begrudge stint complain hold back be reluctant be […]

  • Makes sexless

    Synonyms for makes sexless verb remove sex organs sterilize spay mutilate castrate doctor fix unsex geld dress alter change desexualize make barren make impotent make infertile make sexless Antonyms for makes sexless remain continue keep

  • Anti sera

    Synonyms for anti sera noun agent for negating the effect of an infection or poison antibiotic medicine antiseptic antiserum vaccine antibody serum preventive antivenin antipoison counteractant counteragent neutralizer Synonyms noun antitoxin antibody antiserum agglutinin agglutinogen vaccine antigen agglutinoid immunizer immunotoxin

  • Unthriftinesses

    Synonyms for unthriftinesses noun spending, use without thought misuse squander dilapidation misapplication extravagance havoc prodigality devastation lavishness decay ruin ravage exhaustion loss desolation expenditure dissipation wastefulness destruction improvidence disuse fritter squandering overdoing wastage lost opportunity unthriftiness Antonyms for unthriftinesses building improvement construction creation development growth hoarding saving possessions

  • Yakety yakked

    Synonyms for yakety yakked verb gab, chatter prate babble jaw spout spiel rattle tattle clack yak prattle blab jabber yakety-yak hold forth Antonyms for yakety yakked be quiet be silent

  • Most germinating

    Synonyms for most germinating adj developing, flowering incipient promising growing fledgling maturing opening blossoming young potential beginning embryonic fresh burgeoning nascent sprouting pullulating germinal germinating vegetating bursting forth pubescent shooting up Antonyms for most germinating dying shrinking withering Synonyms adj increasing spreading thriving viable flourishing maturing budding animate living swelling crescent burgeoning developing expanding sprouting […]

  • Gotten one just desserts

    Synonyms for gotten one just desserts verb be entitled to deserve warrant justify rate incur earn be in line for be worthy get what is coming have a claim have a right have coming get one’s comeuppance get one’s due get one’s just desserts

  • Were concerned with

    Synonyms for were concerned with verb be busy with employ involve take up attend fill busy immerse entertain absorb amuse utilize preoccupy engross engage interest soak monopolize divert tie up be active with be concerned with hold attention keep busy Antonyms for were concerned with ignore dry tire refuse reject eject anger surrender bore forget […]

  • Pack ’em in

    Synonyms for pack ’em in verb fill to overflowing; compress load wedge shove crowd ram stuff squeeze pack force choke thrust guzzle overeat compact slop crush charge jam satiate slosh squash devour heap ingurgitate press gorge drive wolf gobble jam-pack overcrowd overfill chock tamp pack in pack it in pack like sardines sardine stive Antonyms […]

  • Strobe

    Synonyms for strobe noun pulsating light blinking light searchlight sodium light stroboscope stroboscopic light

  • Almsgivers

    Synonyms for almsgivers noun giver of gift contributor benefactor patron backer angel subscriber philanthropist savior benefactress Santa Claus donator altruist almsgiver bestower presenter conferrer grantor heavy hitter Antonyms for almsgivers antagonist opponent opposer Synonyms noun donor contributor benefactor patron backer angel subscriber philanthropist savior benefactress donator Santa Claus altruist bestower presenter grantor conferrer almsgiver heavy […]

  • Sunday best trapping

    Synonyms for sunday best trapping noun best clothing apparel regalia frippery gear suit decoration splendor caparison trimmings bib and tucker full dress trinkets formals Sunday best trappings fancy dress Antonyms for sunday best trapping rags

  • More girdered

    Synonyms for more girdered adj made of wood beamed constructed carpentered raftered trussed scaffolded girdered timbered

  • More costconscious

    Synonyms for more costconscious adj careful, economical close saving mean avaricious canny chary frugal humane parsimonious provident prudent stingy thrifty tight tolerant wary cost-conscious money-conscious stewardly tight-fisted ungiving unwasteful Antonyms for more costconscious lavish generous careless spendthrift uncareful

  • Oneparty systems

    Synonyms for oneparty systems noun political system of dictatorship absolutism regimentation autocracy bureaucracy racism authoritarianism despotism totalitarianism Nazism one-party system party government Antonyms for oneparty systems democracy

  • Para professional

    Synonyms for para professional noun assistant servant companion collaborator attendant apprentice help deputy aide follower subordinate partner supporter accomplice adjunct abettor henchman coadjutor friend colleague adherent backer accessory appointee gofer helpmate ally backup secretary gal Friday girl Friday man Friday coadjutant temp temporary worker paraprofessional fellow worker right-hand man/woman right-hand person Antonyms for para professional […]

  • Admensuration

    Synonyms for admensuration noun portion, scope part quota breadth shot weight share height quantum frequency pitch duration size depth amplification capacity area fix proportion amount mensuration hit degree ratio ration reach volume bang strength extent span nip slug distance bulk range magnitude mass allotment amplitude sum allowance dimension quantity admeasurement meed Antonyms for admensuration whole […]