• Bonus Slot

    A term referring to a winning round while playing a slot machine. Additional Information: All You Need To Know About Bonus Features in Online Slots There was a time when slot games were simple – when you pulled the lever, the reels spun and paid you cash if they aligned – that was all. Sounds […]

  • Marrakesh Express

    Definition: a slang term for smoking marijuana Uses: I’m gonna take the marrkesh express tonight and chill. Additional Resources: If you were to play a game of word association with cannabis, you’d probably last a fair few rounds. The plant, whose compound is also used in medicine, can be referred to by any number of […]

  • Dry Bud

    Definition: The word Dry Bud often refers to marijuana leafs that have sat for too long and are now dry. Usage: That’s some dry bud you got there. Additional Resources: Drying Marijuana buds properly is essential for producing a good crop. Learn the different ways to dry Cannabis and choose the best way for your […]


    Definition : The word PRAYCIOUS is made of the root word PRAY and the suffix – CIOUS. The suffix CIOUS essentially means “Full Of” So the word PRAYCIOUS means “FULL OF PRAY”. SENTENCE : Our LIFE in our ETERNAL LIVING GOD is so PRAYCIOUS (FULL OF PRAY).

  • Woey

    A slang terms for bullsh-t. An example use would be “I bought a 10 piece nugget from McDonald’s and they only gave me 9. This is some woey!”

  • tumpo

    to get sloshed let’s get fwking tumpo

  • race-reflected

    a phrase or sentence that sounds like its about race when in fact its not when i told my dad that i liked dark chocolate best, it sounded like something related to race but it was only race-reflected.


    stands for “booty in the most inappropriate places”. in other words, bitmip is when you twerk (or do any other booty activities) in random and public sp-ces and places. twerking in disneyland is soooooo bitmip, i mean who does that? 1 more definition stands for “booty in the most inappropriate places”. in other words, bitmip […]

  • fag pissed

    f-g p-ssed: a verb getting mad in a way that the person sounds like a teen, middle aged or grown men/women sounds like a baby throwing fits over simple things. commonly used abbv. spaz man tj, when you told spencer that his woman was promoted to “d-ck seargent”, he totally got f-g p-ssed at you!

  • iphone bitch

    the only member of a group who has an iphone and thus everyone asked this person to look up movie times or scores of games etc. hey iphone b-tch what time does that movie start