• nozzle fucking

    the act of using a nozzle to f-ck someone or something, typically used in the nose region. often nozzle f-cking is a religious term used by the vudamimes, the vudamimes would insert a epidermalicall nozzle into the nasal cavity, immediately following, the vudamimes would insert there p-n-s inside the nozzle, is the p-n-s is too […]

  • kubenetes

    from pig latin origins- a highly infectious disease typically -ssociated with those of the code monkeys whereby the brain becomes infatuated with the latest software developer stack. typically kubenetes results in excessive amounts of money spent to silence certain people in the it profession. that guy has a bad case of kubenetes!

  • mitsubishi challenger

    most underrated 4wd on the market, don’t need big bucks to get far off road. challenger owners enjoy the confused look on patrol owners faces when one out drives them. i’m p-ssed my patrol can’t keep up with that mitsubishi challenger

  • sadlands

    the badlands, a roleplaying group on bearbonesrp.com, when the majority of characters are sad or have angsty plots going on. wow, the badlands is becoming the sadlands.

  • willow dick

    just before entering your d-ck into a stank p-ssy it becomes limp and sad. much like the branches of a willow tree. i hope i don’t get willow d-ck again!

  • Thomas-Up

    to do something incredibly stupid, repeatedly. usually involves an action that is more harmful to yourself than others. esp when involves lying. i tried to help him out after his girlfriend kicked him out, but he thomas-upped and i had to bail him out of jail. she was all over him, but he thomas’d it […]

  • Subsequent Wipe

    a wipe of the -ss that usually takes place an hour or more after the actual cr-p because you didn’t get it all the first time. typically it is undertaken because of extreme discomfort resulting from residue that festers between -ss cheeks. i took a big dump right after i birdied the third hole, but […]

  • balldét

    a custom built shower feature, consisting of a high pressure water jet designed to clean a man’s b-lls. this is a luxurious and thorough means to clean an often neglected area. often seen accompanied by led lights and magnifying mirrors. “hey, what did you think of my new shower?” “yeah that balldét polished my taint […]

  • FACED!!!!!!!!!!

    when someone gets uberly headshotted in a video game tim you just got faced!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brain so good

    suck d-ck, hahaha. brain so good, suppose you went to college. brain so good, suppose you went to college.

  • More jeweled

    Synonyms for more jeweled adj fancily decorated beautiful gilded glamorous lavish sumptuous sparkling magnificent opulent elegant fancy baroque rococo gaudy aureate bright brilliant busy colored convoluted dazzling elaborate fine flamboyant flashy flaunting florid flowery fussy glossy luscious meretricious ostentatious overdone pretentious resplendent rich showy splashy superficial tawdry variegated embroidered adorned bedecked glitzy high-wrought jeweled ornamented […]

  • Myrrhs

    Synonyms for myrrhs noun strongly fragrant smoke odor aroma scent perfume balm bouquet essence punk redolence flame fuel spice frankincense myrrh burnt offering Antonyms for myrrhs odor stink stench

  • Test run

    Synonyms for test run noun test experiment testing investigation examination struggle probation effort essay lick shot shakedown hassle experience go endeavor check experimentation crack whack assay fling workout audition stab attempt undertaking analysis try venture tryout proof dry run trial and error trial run try on showcase striving R and D research and development Antonyms […]

  • Immersion methods

    Synonyms for immersion methods noun computer-assisted education induction computer-aided instruction immersion method

  • Imaginable

    Synonyms for imaginable adj believable, possible plausible sensible conceivable calculable comprehensible convincing credible likely thinkable apprehensible conjecturable supposable under the sun Antonyms for imaginable unbelievable improbable incomprehensible unimaginable unthinkable unreasonable impossible unbelieveable

  • Pilot balloon

    Synonyms for pilot balloon noun test feeler barometer fishing question test of public reaction toe in the water ballon d’essai

  • Sub limed

    Synonyms for sub limed verb make honorable; glorify exalt magnify advance ennoble raise prefer erect honor elevate aggrandize distinguish promote grace sublime adorn uprear Antonyms for sub limed decrease raze lessen spurn denounce disgrace dishonor shame condemn demote degrade belittle detract humiliate insult stop drop lower depress hurt Synonyms verb promote, praise glorify magnify dignify […]

  • Hopping

    Synonyms for hop verb jump on one leg caper dance skip bound bounce skitter leap hurdle spring step vault lop trip lope Antonyms for hopping permit allow

  • Huns

    Synonyms for huns noun crude, savage person clod ruffian monster philistine lout boor hooligan rascal brute cannibal bigot beast ignoramus vandal troglodyte hun Antonyms for huns humanitarian sophisticate Usage Notes The disparaging and offensive use of this term likens the Germans to the barbarous and warlike Huns of the 4th and 5th centuries. The source […]

  • Spinal

    Synonyms for spinal noun sleep-inducing or numbing drug analgesic anodyne dope gas hypnotic narcotic opiate shot soporific inhalant pain-killer Synonyms noun sleep-inducer opiate shot dope gas soporific analgesic anodyne hypnosis inhalant general anesthetic local anesthetic pain-killer Antonyms stimulant analeptic

  • Absent without leaves

    noun abrupt departure Synonyms for absent without leaves noun abrupt departure absent without leave absenteeism cut hooky truancy AWOL secret departure unannounced departure noun unexcused absence Synonyms noun unexcused absence cutting hooky cut absent without leave AWOL skipping truantry

  • Fuzzinesses

    Synonyms for fuzzinesses noun vagueness darkness uncertainty obscureness ambiguity dimness indistinctness fuzziness Antonyms for fuzzinesses certainty definiteness Synonyms noun obscurity darkness uncertainty obscureness ambiguity dimness anonymity indistinctness fuzziness Antonyms certainty definiteness

  • Parcel posts

    Synonyms for parcel posts noun transfer, transmittal transmission distribution consignment shipment drop commitment dispatch conveyance rendition post surrender carting portage mailing freighting giving over handing over impartment intrusting parcel post Antonyms for parcel posts hold quiet secrecy capture confinement keeping retention imprisonment restraint Synonyms noun mail direction post snail mail domestic mail parcel post poste […]

  • Were up to

    Synonyms for were up to verb be able commit manage may make out take care of be capable of be equal to be up to can do could cut the mustard have it made make it make the grade be within one’s area be within one’s control lie in one’s power Antonyms for were up […]

  • Overpluses

    Synonyms for overpluses noun balance, residue rest stump surplus garbage excess remnant oddment wreck remains obverse scrap hangover waste junk leavings relic trace fragment butt detritus leftover vestige refuse ruins dregs wreckage salvage heel odds and ends residuum overplus carry-over bottom of barrel Antonyms for overpluses lack whole core need want lot possessions base Synonyms […]

  • Scummiest

    Synonyms for scummiest adj despicable, shameful worthless vile disgusting odious abhorrent hateful abominable abject bad base beggarly cheap crass degenerate detestable dirty heel ignoble ignominious inferior low lowest mean outcast paltry pitiful poor sad shabby sordid sorry unworthy wretched pitiable currish despisable low-down scummy scurvy swinish Antonyms for scummiest kind pleasant pleasing delightful lovable admirable […]

  • Eagle

    Synonyms for eagle noun person who flies aircraft navigator flier pilot jockey ace hotshot aeronaut barnstormer airperson bird legs Synonyms noun person who guides aircraft, ship, or other vehicle flier navigator captain aviator leader scout jockey dean conductor lead bellwether director ace flyer guide aerialist coxswain steerer aeronaut doyen/doyenne helmsperson one at the controls one […]

  • Most unrepresentative

    Synonyms for most unrepresentative adj deviating from normal, usual atypical unnatural incongruous abnormal peculiar divergent aberrant bizarre eccentric exceptional foreign inconsistent irregular odd preternatural prodigious rare strange unorthodox untypical unusual heteroclite unrepresentative Antonyms for most unrepresentative standard usual conforming normal ordinary regular Synonyms adj nonconforming anomalous unnatural abnormal strange odd peculiar divergent aberrant deviant different […]

  • Vital center

    Synonyms for vital center noun center of activity focal point command post headquarters core focus heart hub hotbed HQ control center epicenter esoteric reality ganglion inner reality intrinsic reality switchboard vital principle

  • Most overbalancing

    Synonyms for most overbalancing adj superior, controlling preeminent prevalent principal leading commanding powerful effective assertive main predominant prevailing ascendant demonstrative sovereign governing chief imperative ruling first authoritative bossy despotic domineering foremost imperious overbearing paramount predominate preponderant presiding regnant reigning supreme transcendent obtaining outweighing overbalancing overweighing surpassing Antonyms for most overbalancing unimportant auxiliary extra minor trivial […]

  • Reminiscence

    Synonyms for reminiscence noun account remembrance recollection anecdote remembering story chronicle nostalgia yarn memory memoirs reliving firsthand account

  • Lawed

    Synonyms for lawed verb bring action against in court sue litigate summon try indict arraign do contest law prefer charges pull up put away bring suit bring to trial haul into court involve in litigation put on docket put on trial see in court seek redress take to court turn on the heat Antonyms for […]

  • Art delivered of

    Synonyms for art delivered of verb give birth develop form provide create produce make fructify engender breed invent reproduce propagate yield beget generate be delivered of bring forth parturitate Antonyms for art delivered of destroy ruin refuse avoid dodge evade shun halt stop kill take throw away be unproductive

  • Un wrapping

    Synonyms for un wrapping verb open unroll untie peel free husk undo uncover unpack shuck Antonyms for un wrapping suppress wrap cover pack Synonyms verb clear, expose; spread release free expand disclose jimmy tap puncture burst vent pop unlock unblock bare unfasten gape unseal ventilate fissure unwrap broach unroll untie split sever crack perforate disrupt […]

  • Derives pleasure

    Synonyms for derives pleasure verb lie in glory savor revel relish indulge enjoy wallow welter rollick luxuriate delight in derive pleasure take comfort take pleasure Antonyms for derives pleasure dislike hate hide cover