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  • mehkaila

    mehkaila is a girl that’s funny and entertaining. she’s weird in a good way and i’m her is way. but to tell you she is not the person to mess with. she will really beat a b-tch -ss if she have to. but she has a good side too. she only have like three best […]

  • camryn glanville

    a gorgeous girl with perfect eyes and a gorgeous hair. people treat her like absolute trash, and she deserves way better. god d-mn camryn glanville is so hot! buy the domain for your travel site

  • rock and rick roll

    when you listening to rock music and the dude on the aux changes the song “i swear shawn, if you rock and rick roll me, i am beating yo -ss.”

  • manner

    a term used for internet games. when a player just plays games in a good mannered way and doesn’t talk cr-p or complain. usually manner players will always type gg gl hf before games and at the end of the game they will wait for the losing player to type gg before they themselves type […]

  • gaqe

    term used inplace of p-n-s. this term has be mistaken for gat. brian: suck my gat me: why would i suck your gun, but you can suck my gaqe buy the domain for your travel blog

  • virgin claw

    cramped hand condition resulting from awkwardly holding hands all night when dating a virgin. that eddie always be getting that virgin claw.

  • leifried

    beasty -ss football player leifried beasty -ss football player

  • dripping tea bag

    when you squat above your girl and she takes your sack in her mouth as you jerk off on to her t-ts. visualize the definition

  • Polish Hookah

    this lovely act, is called the polish hookah, due to the number of poles involved in it. the act is when a girl sits in a public restroom, and begins to defecate. while moving her bowels, she gives oral s-x to a man in front of her, as well as the occasional attention to the […]

  • Dezso

    well hung norseman with a hankering for small boys, cheese, and bondage. dezso ate all the weed and shrooms. we got owned.

  • Illegalizes

    Synonyms for illegalizes verb officially forbid prohibit bar halt prevent suppress outlaw restrict exclude proscribe inhibit curse blackball disallow interdict enjoin banish pass by shut out illegalize close down close up declare illegal ice out pass up Antonyms for illegalizes permit release include welcome allow push let go admit Synonyms verb prohibit; make illegal prevent […]

  • Post mark

    Synonyms for post mark verb write directions for delivery forward send route dispatch mark consign remit transmit ship label inscribe superscribe postmark Antonyms for post mark avoid cut disregard ignore shun slight hold keep retain receive overlook pass

  • Takes ones death

    Synonyms for takes ones death verb catch disease decline develop acquire obtain incur weaken disorder afflict get derange upset induce sicken sink fall cause take bring on come down with indispose be afflicted with be ill with become infected with fall victim to go down with succumb to take one’s death Antonyms for takes ones […]

  • Re flexest

    Synonyms for re flexest adj mechanical automatic habitual involuntary knee-jerk responsive spontaneous unthinking Synonyms adj done by habit natural mechanical reflex unconscious routine habitual impulsive instinctive intuitive involuntary knee-jerk perfunctory spontaneous unintentional unthinking instinctual unforced autogenetic unmeditated unwilled Antonyms manual stilted unnatural by hand thought-out Synonyms adj automatic; not done willingly forced uncontrolled spontaneous compulsory […]

  • Turning a deaf ear

    Synonyms for turning a deaf ear verb ignore; make light of omit disobey overlook neglect forget disparage disdain miss slight despise contemn overpass discount snub fail scorn pooh-pooh brush aside brush off pass over vilipend cold-shoulder blink at brush away have no use for laugh off leave out of account let go let off easy […]

  • Was bigot

    Synonyms for was bigot verb show prejudice segregate incline separate favor judge disfavor hate victimize single out contradistinguish be bigot be partial set apart show bias treat as inferior treat differently Antonyms for was bigot mix up confuse

  • Re issue

    Synonyms for re issue noun issue of publication publication volume program version release copy impression printing number imprint reprinting reissue reprint Synonyms verb produce writing, impression; reproduce disseminate stamp publish mark imprint engrave set impress compose letter offset issue reissue reprint go to press let roll publication calligraph put to bed run off set type […]

  • Most starving

    Synonyms for starving/starved adj deprived of food craving drawn dying emaciated empty faint famished haggard hungry peaked ravenous skinny thin underfed weakened could eat a horse dehydrated hungering malnourished peckish perishing pinched undernourished Antonyms for most starving satisfied fed full Synonyms adj deprived emaciated dying hungry peaked weakened faint famished skinny empty thin starved drawn […]

  • Masterstroke

    Synonyms for masterstroke noun feat coup consummation conquest accomplishment enterprise triumph act attainment exploit adventure venture performance action stunt deed execution effort achievement victory tour de force gest Antonyms for masterstroke forfeit loss surrender idleness inactivity passiveness cessation inertia repose stoppage inaction failure defeat passivity rest neglect

  • Apply to

    Synonyms for apply to verb make request, suggestion feel advise greet address beseech implore tumble propose plead confer entreat accost consult supplicate thumb appeal to feel one out give a play give a tumble make advance make overture make up to sound out speak to take aside talk to Antonyms for apply to distance answer […]

  • Most unconfident

    Synonyms for most unconfident adj uncertain, worried afraid unsure hesitant touchy shaky apprehensive anxious uptight troubled diffident jumpy questioning up in the air vague Delphic choked hanging by thread on thin ice touch and go unassured unconfident unpoised Antonyms for most unconfident composed unafraid unwavering peaceful collected confident guarded protected cool happy certain definite sure […]

  • Infested

    Synonyms for infested adj overrun beset full jammed overwhelmed crowded Antonyms for infested empty Synonyms adj diseased grubby lousy ratty ravaged wormy

  • Legibilities

    Synonyms for legibilities noun clearness simplicity brightness certainty precision purity transparency lucidity accuracy perspicuity evidence articulateness openness perceptibility palpability exactness limpidity tangibility plainness definition distinctness exactitude prominence limpidness directness intelligibility penetrability obviousness unambiguity salience conspicuousness explicitness comprehensibility legibility cognizability decipherability explicability manifestness overtness unmistakability Antonyms for legibilities inaccuracy obscurity dirtiness unintelligiblity Synonyms noun clarity perspicuity […]

  • Most satyric

    Synonyms for most satyric adj lustful, lewd carnal concupiscent corrupt fast hot and heavy incontinent lascivious libertine libidinous licentious prurient raunchy salacious sensual wanton unchaste low-down lubricous satyric Antonyms for most satyric chaste clean Synonyms adj lustful carnal coarse concupiscent debauched fast hot impure incontinent lascivious lecherous libertine loose obscene passionate prurient salacious sensual wanton […]

  • Takes from the top

    Synonyms for takes from the top verb prepare for performance hone recite work out go through go over ready describe recount relate study practice reiterate tell test experiment narrate drill act train iterate recapitulate review repeat depict dry run run through tune up reenact warm up do over hold a reading run lines take from […]

  • Receiving not-guilty verdict

    Synonyms for receiving not-guilty verdict verb escape without penalty acquit get off walk clear of charges escape punishment find not guilty get away with get off scot-free go free go scot free receive not-guilty verdict

  • Throw book at

    Synonyms for throw book at verb penalize in monetary way punish levy confiscate extort seize alienate tax dock mulct amerce exact sequestrate sconce hit with make pay pay through the nose slap with Antonyms for throw book at release award reimburse reward give compensate Synonyms verb put in jail, confinement detain jail confine imprison immure […]

  • Decollate

    Synonyms for decollate verb decapitate execute guillotine kill head neck bring to the block Synonyms verb behead guillotine ax execute bring to the block chop off one’s head

  • Ideate

    Synonyms for ideate verb contemplate ponder resolve consider study appreciate reflect judge speculate examine ruminate estimate brood deliberate comprehend cogitate analyze infer cerebrate mull evaluate muse reason meditate stew imagine revolve rationalize conceive deduce weigh appraise turn over figure out have in mind intellectualize logicalize mull over sort out stop to consider take under consideration […]

  • More irreverential

    Synonyms for more irreverential adj disrespectful derisive profane rude mocking cheeky flippant tongue-in-cheek cocky contemptuous crusty flip fresh iconoclastic impertinent impious impudent insolent sacrilegious sassy saucy ungodly unhallowed unholy aweless irreverential out-of-line Antonyms for more irreverential respectful reverent religious Synonyms adj immoral, crude, disrespectful of religion blasphemous abusive vulgar indecent sacrilegious obscene irreverent nasty coarse […]

  • Brought out into the open

    Synonyms for brought out into the open verb reveal uncover expose bring to light disclose exhibit show leak confess acknowledge divulge unveil admit display bare unearth unclothe announce tell come out with bring out into the open let cat out of the bag make known make public Antonyms for brought out into the open conceal […]

  • Tourist guide

    Synonyms for tourist guide noun guide for visitors chaperon cicerone docent escort guide sherpa tour guide

  • Took the count

    Synonyms for took the count verb be defeated decline drop fall miss succumb yield be humbled be outdistanced be sunk be taken to cleaners be the loser be worsted come up short drop a bundle kiss goodbye lose out suffer defeat take a beating take the count take the heat Antonyms for took the count […]

  • Cultural levels

    Synonyms for cultural levels noun social class stratum status standing degree estate grade station rank order sphere race lineage position species cultural level social order Synonyms noun societal group, background league family degree grade company club place position circle origin estate hierarchy influence strain quality moiety standing pedigree title source breed pigeonhole extraction state station […]

  • More caressing

    Synonyms for more caressing adj faint, temperate low pastel subdued sweet smooth quiet comfortable gentle mild delicate bland mellow soothing dull cool diffuse ashen balmy cushy dim dulcet dusky hazy lenient light low-key mellifluous melodious misty pale pallid pleasing restful sober tinted twilight wan whispered shaded muted caressing dimmed murmured toned down understated Antonyms for […]