• bleat about the bush

    make degradory comments about a hirsuite female i think he prefers shaved women as he will always “bleat about the bush”

  • penisexual

    when one is p-n-s-xual they love p-n-s so much that they sleep on p-n-s, eat p-n-s, drink p-n-s, and will even marry a p-n-s. when a person want to be p-n-s-xual they must first be a woman or translate themselves into a woman. g-ys are not allwed in the p-n-s-xual group because they have d-cks […]

  • willed up

    the act of taking a p-n-s and rubbing it all over someone. bro i willed up debbie last night all over the face

  • cornhouse

    a social outcast that cant fit into society’s rules. jimmy you cornhouse what are you doing in the bathroom?

  • dank davis

    the guy who has better pot than you do. he probably kissed your sister also. dank davis finessed my sister with his precious pungent herbs.

  • Scrompladute

    definition 1: word used to express excitement within friends. usually used as a greeting to let your presence known. defintion 2: universal word for an object that has never been seen before, it takes 65 licks to reach the center of a scrompladute. as you walk in to work in the morning you could say: […]

  • cockdracula

    a nightwalker who feeds on c-cks and d-cks like blood to survive. he will stalk your c-ck for nights on end to fullfill his insatiable urge to suck and f-ck your c-ck off. ” rodney was slain by c-ckdracula.”

  • crackasyn

    the girl who sits at the chemistry table in front of you, whom everyone thought was a babe at one point until she turned in to a (2)kraken. or the monster that is in the pants of a (2)kraken. lynn : alisyn is such a babe. david: not anymore, look at the moster. hutch: watch […]

  • JoRhetta

    milf. loves to watch jersey sh-r- and teen mom while drinking skinny girl margaritas. enjoys playing with cats and gets pedis on the reg. guy 1: did you see that girls mom?! guy 2: ya she’s such a jorhetta! guy 1: maybe she’ll treat me to a pedicure later…

  • Pandingo

    an asian male who has a huge p-n-s, with a wide girth, often compared to a stack of hockey pucks, that can hit all night and keep a white female comin back fo more. i use to screw white boys till i found my pandingo, now i just want to ride his hockey pucks all […]

  • Wolfs down

    Synonyms for wolfs down verb swallow, consume wipe out inhale exhaust feed on absorb ravage ingest gobble destroy go through eat enjoy annihilate imbibe appreciate dispatch spend gulp stuff wolf bolt cram guzzle gorge waste relish take delight in pig out polish off take in use up Hoover be engrossed by be preoccupied bolt down […]

  • Art supported

    Synonyms for art supported verb lie, recline pause sit lean prop settle lay stand lounge repose loll stretch out roost be quiet be supported lie still stand still Antonyms for art supported activate carry out energize walk do move be active Synonyms verb depend, hinge reside lie hang stay count rely bottom predicate turn base […]

  • Become rich

    Synonyms for become rich verb be fortunate; succeed blossom bloom multiply flourish thrive advance flower score augment batten rise bear yield increase benefit produce gain progress arrive fatten get on hit the jackpot make out do well catch on be enriched bear fruit become wealthy do wonders fare well feather nest get there go places […]

  • Riles

    Synonyms for rile verb anger, upset annoy disturb roil exasperate peeve bother vex inflame irk irritate gall provoke aggravate acerbate nettle pique grate bug put out get under skin rub one the wrong way get one’s goat try one’s patience Antonyms for riles aid soothe appease calm comfort pacify placate assist delight mollify make happy […]

  • Re scheduled

    Synonyms for re scheduled adj altered limited developed revised moved conditioned aged renovated remodeled matured reformed qualified modified deteriorated adapted adjusted redone rescheduled mutated reconditioned shifted edited amended modernized reorganized done over reprogrammed Antonyms for re scheduled unlimited unrestricted young placed stored unchanged permanent kept unmodified unvaried final stabilized Synonyms verb defer, delay suspend shelve […]

  • Puts a damper on

    Synonyms for puts a damper on verb check, inhibit from action hinder prevent discourage avert prohibit intimidate frighten preclude stop daunt impede forestall dissuade restrain obstruct scare block dampen debar cool obviate warn caution divert chill damp put off rule out shut out stave off turn off forfend act like a wet blanket disadvise put […]

  • Moonlightings

    Synonyms for moonlightings noun secondary occupation recreation diversion subsidiary hobby distraction moonlighting leisure activity leisure pursuit second job side job side project Antonyms for moonlightings vocation profession work

  • Lung

    Synonyms for lung noun body part bronchi alveolus pleura

  • Cock a doodle do

    Synonyms for cock a doodle do noun farm fowl poultry biddy chick cock hen cockerel pullet capon rooster banty barnyard fowl cock-a-doodle-do cockalorum gump heeler

  • Holding a sale

    Synonyms for holding a sale verb lower, reduce cost modify diminish deduct allow remove rebate redeem abate subtract depreciate knock off take off mark down undersell hold a sale make allowance for sell at discount strike off take away Antonyms for holding a sale grow increase mark up raise attend pay attention recognize

  • Collogue

    Synonyms for collogue verb discuss, deliberate huddle negotiate consult advise argue brainstorm speak confab flap deal parley jaw converse blitz bargain gab powwow discourse breeze treat debate talk confabulate get heads together give meeting groupthink kick ideas around toss ideas around pick one’s brain Antonyms for collogue refuse dishonor keep quiet be quiet taking Synonyms […]

  • Barrio

    Synonyms for barrio noun area, neighborhood sector region part place point province division direction position zone district locality bearing section spot domain zoo station location slum turf precinct territory side inner city neck of the woods skid row ghetto old town stomping ground Antonyms for barrio whole disfavor mercilessness Synonyms noun city center downtown slum […]

  • Pointing up

    Synonyms for pointing up adj giving prominence to showing pushing turning recommending headlining promoting presenting starring highlighting displaying calling attention to drawing attention to giving center stage to making much of showing off turning the spotlight on Synonyms verb focus attention on highlight emphasize underscore underline stress accent spotlight feature point up bring attention to […]

  • Remittance

    Synonyms for remittance noun money paid in support of a former spouse living upkeep livelihood subsistence keep maintenance sustenance provision Antonyms for remittance entertainment fun neglect Synonyms noun amount of money or other supply salary wage fee gift grant ration quota stipend subsidy allotment allocation pension alimony aid contribution scholarship taste share legacy measure endowment […]

  • Wast durable

    Synonyms for wast durable verb endure hold up stand remain last bear up be durable stand up Antonyms for wast durable disrobe freshen refresh delight refuse reject take off rebuild cheer please

  • Schizophrenic psychosis

    Synonyms for schizophrenic psychosis noun schizophrenia dissociation of personality mental dissociation

  • Fearsome

    Synonyms for fearsome adj alarming scary awe-inspiring impressive intimidating imposing awesome horrible powerful terrible frightful terrifying formidable shocking frightening distressing massive striking tremendous Antonyms for fearsome calming soothing ineffective unimportant trivial pleasant comforting ordinary unimpressive weak nice Synonyms adj afraid alarmed apprehensive fearful panicky scared skittish timid timorous worried

  • Human rights

    Synonyms for human rights noun rights of man civil rights civil liberties constitutional rights natural rights rights of citizenship unalienable rights

  • Suppressio veris

    Synonyms for suppressio veris noun confusing word dodge evasion confusing statement equivocal saying misleading statement misleading word suppressio veri waffling

  • De filer

    Synonyms for de filer noun someone hated or competed against murderer spy terrorist competitor attacker rival guerrilla agent detractor bandit foe villain traitor rebel opposition invader criminal adversary antagonist opponent revolutionary inquisitor falsifier contender betrayer assailant informer assassin fifth column archenemy prosecutor defiler backbiter vilifier defamer disputant emulator traducer saboteur slanderer asperser bad person calumniator […]

  • Due seasons

    Synonyms for due seasons noun great fun ball big time picnic due season good time high old time

  • Drunk in

    Synonyms for drunk in verb physically take in a liquid take in swallow consume ingest imbibe blot ingurgitate devour drink in osmose soak up sop up sponge up suck in Antonyms for drunk in abstain disperse eject emit exude spew vomit misunderstand distract dissipate not get Synonyms verb swallow, consume wipe out inhale exhaust feed […]

  • Radio performer

    Synonyms for radio performer noun individual who plays recorded music on the radio or at social events announcer radio announcer disk jockey broadcaster deejay DJ pancake turner radio personality shock jock video jockey vj

  • Syndication

    Synonyms for syndication noun partnership, organization union league association tribe alliance family combination pool coalition crowd crew gang syndicate entente mob ring outfit amalgamation confederacy bunch federacy Antonyms for syndication separation disunion division

  • The other half

    Synonyms for the other half noun common laborers grass roots proletariat rank and file blue-collar workers common laborer factory laborer factory laborers laboring class plebeians proles unskilled laborer unskilled laborers wage-earners workers workfolk working people working stiff working stiffs workpeople