• bleat about the bush

    make degradory comments about a hirsuite female i think he prefers shaved women as he will always “bleat about the bush”

  • penisexual

    when one is p-n-s-xual they love p-n-s so much that they sleep on p-n-s, eat p-n-s, drink p-n-s, and will even marry a p-n-s. when a person want to be p-n-s-xual they must first be a woman or translate themselves into a woman. g-ys are not allwed in the p-n-s-xual group because they have d-cks […]

  • willed up

    the act of taking a p-n-s and rubbing it all over someone. bro i willed up debbie last night all over the face

  • cornhouse

    a social outcast that cant fit into society’s rules. jimmy you cornhouse what are you doing in the bathroom?

  • dank davis

    the guy who has better pot than you do. he probably kissed your sister also. dank davis finessed my sister with his precious pungent herbs.

  • leaderboard whore

    a leaderbord wh-r- is someone who takes world ranks serious or leaderboard stats to the next level. shylo is #1 in his games leaderboards, roch-lle is #2 but she is also getting higher to steal shylo’s ranked position but they continue until the other gives up, which makes them leaderboard wh-r-s

  • Dutch Wonderland

    the state of -rg-sm after really good s-x. how about i open my rusty dusty for you to pogo stick in, until my queen bee bounces up so hard it knocks me into dutch wonderland? while having s-xual intercourse under the covers, you let out a stinky fart, and refuse your partners escape. “i dutch […]

  • seybrielle

    seybrielles are dirty -n-l beads, often found hanging from dogs -sses. often looks identical to a rotten v-g-n-. often refered to as, “c-ck pockets” “goop chute”, or my all time favorite, “vertical bacon sandwich” usually wizards, pull seybrielles out of their sleeves. often resembles pickachu…on crystal meth. dude, did you see that old grandma pickachu […]

  • pieless

    without pie our dinner was pieless.

  • Megode

    1. second death 2. to kill over and over 3. 2nd ruler of h-ll meg-ode 1.megode just rofl stomped my -ss 2. i got pwnd like megode pwns 3 i just got megode’d

  • Standard english

    Synonyms for Standard English noun english of educated people Received Pronunciation Received Standard correct English good English King’s English Queen’s English

  • Changeability

    Synonyms for changeability noun irresponsibility giddiness flippancy frivolity instability dizziness lightness levity volatility variability fickleness inconstancy whimsicality capriciousness airheadedness mercurialness whimsicalness Antonyms for changeability seriousness responsibility Synonyms noun imbalance, inconstancy anxiety vulnerability weakness fluctuation uncertainty insecurity volatility oscillation alternation immaturity vacillation hesitation pliancy disquiet unsteadiness inquietude wavering fluidity precariousness irresolution frailty inconsistency restlessness irregularity shakiness […]

  • Most subjugated

    Synonyms for most subjugated adj defeated overwhelmed frustrated overcome disappointed overthrown ruined undone humbled overpowered routed thwarted bested surmounted vanquished disheartened discomfited subjugated worsted crushed circumvented baffled trounced licked mastered conquered cowed Synonyms adj physically held by force incommunicado imprisoned bound confined jailed restricted caged enslaved ensnared in custody incarcerated locked up penned subjugated under […]

  • More noncombustible

    Synonyms for more noncombustible adj resistant to burning concrete asbestos fire-resistant incombustible noncandescent noncombustible nonflammable noninflammable Antonyms for more noncombustible waterproof

  • Bombsight

    Synonyms for bombsight noun a locating device sight telescopic sight radar periscope sonar viewfinder gunsight homing device Antonyms for bombsight loser owner stray

  • Submit to

    Synonyms for submit to verb put up with acknowledge recognize tolerate take respect agree stomach acquiesce assent bear bow endure swallow suffer capitulate stand bear with stand for defer to fit in go along with live with play the game sit still for yield to don’t make waves don’t rock the boat Antonyms for submit […]

  • Model after

    Synonyms for model after verb pretend to be; do an impression of resemble emulate pretend duplicate echo reproduce assume mimic replicate simulate mirror impersonate mock ape feign follow counterfeit caricature travesty forge falsify match sham repeat clone Xerox reflect burlesque mime affect spoof copy parallel ditto borrow parody carbon put on take off act like […]

  • Most embossed

    Synonyms for most embossed adj sticking out; conspicuous outstanding bulging extended eye-catching flashy hilly jutting marked noticeable obtrusive obvious projecting pronounced raised relieved remarkable rough rugged salient signal striking unmistakable arresting beetling easily seen embossed extrusive hanging out in the foreground protruding protrusive protuberant shooting out standing out to the fore Antonyms for most embossed […]

  • Primming

    Synonyms for primming verb make ready, prepare physically educate comb prim tend prime coach drill curry tidy refresh sleek train refine clean primp ready nurture preen dress brush spruce up turn out prep lick into shape make attractive make presentable pretty up put through grind put through mill rub down shape up slick up smarten […]

  • Total memory

    Synonyms for total memory noun photographic memory recollection eidetic imagery eidetic memory exercise of memory

  • Most critic

    Synonyms for most critic adj fault-finding, detracting demanding analytical biting captious carping censorious choleric critic cutting cynical derogatory diagnostic discerning discriminating disparaging exacting finicky fussy hairsplitting hypercritical lowering niggling particular penetrating sarcastic satirical scolding severe sharp trenchant withering nagging overcritical belittling calumniatory caviling cavillous censuring condemning demeaning disapproving exceptive humbling nit-picking reproachful Antonyms for most […]

  • Digitize

    Synonyms for digitize verb transfer data from one computer system to another load compute program run boot up keyboard log in computerize initialize input crunch numbers key in log out

  • Signing on

    Synonyms for signing on noun working for a living; business service enrollment trade job function office profession mission avocation racket vocation post occupation enlistment field exercise exertion assignment number game craft pursuit situation using line hire setup work calling employ thing position engaging métier occupying retaining hiring recruitment contracting commissioning exercising awarding servicing carrying engagement […]

  • Fulgurated

    Synonyms for fulgurated verb burn brightly shine flash illuminate flare flicker shimmer explode sparkle gleam radiate glow incandesce illumine glare jet fire light beam flame scintillate coruscate burst out fulgurate Antonyms for fulgurated darken dull

  • Handmade

    Synonyms for handmade adj made by hand homemade handicraft homespun handcrafted Antonyms for handmade manufactured factory-made machine-made

  • Singles clubs

    Synonyms for singles clubs noun meeting place for single people bar club cocktail lounge lounge nightclub pub dating bar meat market meat rack pickup joint singles club

  • Greed

    Synonyms for greed noun overwhelming desire for more longing hunger avarice excess selfishness edacity covetousness indulgence rapacity voracity acquisitiveness ravenousness avidity cupidity eagerness intemperance craving gluttony esurience piggishness gormandizing graspingness insatiableness swinishness the gimmies Antonyms for greed apathy indifference dislike distaste benevolence generosity Other adjectives related to greed avaricious close extortionate grudging mean near penny […]

  • Put one wise

    Synonyms for put one wise verb warn, advise urge forewarn exhort admonish alert flag tip give the high sign give the lowdown on tip off wave a red flag wise one up pull one’s coat Synonyms verb caution that something may happen dissuade admonish apprise alarm tip portend flag advise alert tip off telegraph forbode […]

  • Falsity

    Synonyms for falsity noun dishonesty, deception falsehood duplicity insincerity inaccuracy deceit mendacity canard disingenuousness fake double-dealing lie story cheating hypocrisy fib faithlessness sham prevarication infidelity perfidy fraud unfaithfulness misrepresentation treachery tale perfidiousness untruth error erroneousness fallacy deceptiveness unreality fraudulence uncandidness Antonyms for falsity honesty reality constancy faithfulness loyalty truthfulness truth forthrightness fidelity certainty right

  • Purposefully

    Synonyms for purposefully adv actively; intently vigorously nimbly eagerly hastily carefully earnestly energetically laboriously briskly industriously seriously speedily strenuously zealously arduously diligently painstakingly enthusiastically restlessly ardently hurriedly assiduously agilely animatedly expeditiously fervently indefatigably like all get out like the devil like the dickens perseveringly persistently spiritedly studiously unremittingly unweariedly vigilantly vivaciously Antonyms for purposefully idly […]

  • More familiarized

    Synonyms for more familiarized adj be or become prepared, used to addicted confirmed acquainted seasoned trained adapted habituated familiar given to inured grooved disciplined familiarized acclimatized habituated in in the habit settled in Antonyms for more familiarized abnormal unusual unaccustomed Synonyms adj aware informed abreast conversant enlightened advised familiarized apprised of clued in familiar with […]

  • Most hysteric

    Synonyms for most hysteric adj mentally maladjusted manic distraught compulsive disturbed upset deviant aberrant abnormal anxious disordered disoriented erratic hung up inhibited nervous overwrought unhealthy unstable uptight wired obsessive hysteric psychoneurotic basket case bundle of nerves choked clutched nervous wreck Antonyms for most hysteric sane stable normal adjusted balanced

  • Poured it on

    Synonyms for poured it on verb adjoin, increase; make further comment reply include boost continue augment annex hike sweeten affix tag snowball supplement pad spike ante parlay append beef up build up figure in step up piggyback charge up cue in flesh out heat up hike up hitch on hook on hook up with jack […]

  • Left out in cold

    Synonyms for left out in cold adj not wanted, desired disagreeable distasteful uninvited objectionable unacceptable unpleasant unwanted undesirable obnoxious ill-favored inadmissible lousy rejected repellent shut out thankless unasked unpopular unsought displeasing exceptionable unwished-for blackballed excess baggage excluded not in the picture Antonyms for left out in cold pleasant pleasing welcome acceptable delightful agreeable nice good […]

  • Being equal to

    Synonyms for being equal to verb be able commit manage may make out take care of be capable of be equal to be up to can do could cut the mustard have it made make it make the grade be within one’s area be within one’s control lie in one’s power Antonyms for being equal […]