• biane

    biane is one of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and kind people out here livin. if you’ve ever met a biane, you’d be so all up in her face cause she is so darn lovely. “oh wow, is that biane!? i want to be her friend too.”

  • birthday tits

    a southern tradition where a guy is shown t-ts for his birthday it’s my birthday. time for some birthday t-ts!

  • libreh

    pr-nounced (lee-bray) a female “breh” (see breh) breh 1: i would never have s-x with shanon, she’s like a breh. breh 2: breh, i feel you breh. she’s like one of us with a vag and t-ts. she’s almost like a sister. breh 1: ja feel breh. shanon’s a libreh. breh 2: i still wonder […]

  • mlesia

    mlesia is usually a very outgoing girl. very loyal and only seems to trust a few people. she’s very nice but once you mess with her your gonna regret it. she’s loud and sometimes weird when she’s comfortable. she’s very funny and can keep a crowd laughing. she’s one of the most gorgeous girls you’ll […]

  • junkalanche

    junk + avalanche. when a large pile of stuff falls and envelopes around something or the unfortunate someone. person 1 – watch out! a junkalanche!!! person 2 – (gets covered in stuff)

  • i love you johnny cakes

    what you say to a same s-x friend when you feel affection towards them in a non s-xual way. gee larry you are swell at pitching a camping tent. i love you johnny cakes!

  • Thinite

    –noun 1.a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward the thin people. 2.the belief that size accounts for differences in human character or ability and that the large/husky size is superior to the thin. 3.discrimination or prejudice based on weight. hey john, they look at them sitting over there, thier so thin […]

  • Fastball

    a very nice band that formed in austin, texas in the 1990s. “dude, did you hear that song by fastball, “the way?” it’s amazing!” infamous hashtag that is trending nationwide thanks to charlie sheen. ready for my next #fastball, world? plan better applies to everything where an excuse now sits. try it. u won’t be […]

  • NovaWorld

    a server-like community which almost all of novalogic- games are played. right now most players are played on novaworld 2. however, each game has its own “world”, so that you can play the game that is on your game cd…one advantage of novaworld games are that, it is an immense gameplay (each stat server can […]

  • Pheki

    south african slang: racist term describing an african or black person. very offensive. alan: get out the way you stupid f-ck-ng pheki! anne: alan, that so racist!

  • Twill

    Synonyms for twill noun fabric material goods cotton stuff bolt weave dry goods yard goods synthetics tissue calico textiles Usage Notes See contraction.

  • Re plication

    Synonyms for re plication noun copy reproduction impression archetype similarity effigy image imprint replica portrait counterfeit simulacrum impersonation cast photocopy forgery duplicate print type ersatz clone Xerox carbon transcript parallel ditto photograph likeness reflection reduplication study simulation counterpart miniature facsimile pattern representation model carbon copy microfiche mirror rubbings transcription mimeograph reprint offprint tracing Photostat ectype […]

  • Binet test

    Synonyms for Binet test noun standardized iq test intelligence test Binet-Simon test IQ test Stanford-Binet test

  • Abrasions

    noun scraped area Synonyms for abrasion noun scraped area scrape chafe scratch injury scuff noun scraping or wearing down by friction Synonyms noun scraping or wearing down by friction scratching erosion grating rubbing chafing abrading scuffing

  • Foggiest ideas

    Synonyms for foggiest ideas noun idea, clue indication hunch impression conception intimation lead hint innuendo whisper tip cue suspicion suggestion notion glimmering faintest idea foggiest idea hot lead sneaking suspicion tipoff Antonyms for foggiest ideas information

  • Freudian slip

    Synonyms for Freudian slip noun slip of the tongue misstep faulty action lapsus linguae sus linguae verbal mistake

  • Absurdness

    noun idiocy, nonsense Synonyms for absurdness noun idiocy, nonsense irrationality silliness craziness lunacy bunk folly insanity stupidity rubbish indiscretion absurdity inanity claptrap weakness insensibility imprudence senselessness poppycock impracticality tommyrot twaddle mistake preposterousness ludicrousness unreasonableness irresponsibility foolery unwiseness carrying-on dumb trick fool trick horse feathers witlessness Antonyms for absurdness wisdom circumspection thoughtfulness sense judgment care carefulness […]

  • Non uniformity

    Synonyms for non uniformity noun unlikeness discord incongruity discrepancy difference severance disparity heterogeneity contrast diversity dissimilitude divergence variation divergency separation offset variance inconsistency distance discordance distinction divarication dissemblance unrelatedness nonuniformity otherness alterity incomparability inconsonance Antonyms for non uniformity concurrence accord alikeness likeness sameness similarity equality compatibility harmony agreement consistency conformity uniformity relatedness

  • Pre dominant

    Synonyms for pre dominant adj ruling; most important dominant prevalent potent dominating main weighty prevailing absolute almighty arbitrary authoritative capital chief controlling effective efficacious governing imperious influential leading mighty official omnipotent overbearing overpowering paramount predominate preponderant primary prime principal prominent reigning sovereign superior superlative supreme transcendent ascendant supervisory all-powerful directing holding the reins surpassing Antonyms […]

  • Wert forthcoming

    Synonyms for wert forthcoming verb appear, often imposingly emerge hover stand out overshadow mount come on portend brew threaten dominate soar lower gather figure show issue top rise impress emanate dawn bulk near await overhang tower menace approach impend rear make up overtop be at hand be coming be forthcoming be imminent be in the […]

  • Cosigned

    Synonyms for cosigned verb countersign a check sign underwrite authenticate notarize subscribe undersign autograph cosign superscribe put John Hancock on put signature on rubber-stamp say amen to sign off on sign on dotted line add one’s name to Antonyms for cosigned censure disapprove protest reject oppose repel unauthorize Synonyms verb pledge, promise insure protect secure […]

  • Burgundies

    Synonyms for burgundies noun color of blood; shade resembling such a color rose flaming maroon glowing cardinal crimson pink cherry sanguine carmine brick blooming blush rust bloodshot florid flushed healthy inflamed roseate rosy rubicund ruddy coral wine copper russet puce bittersweet garnet vermilion infrared scarlet claret magenta fuchsia burgundy geranium cerise chestnut salmon dahlia ruby […]

  • Bringing together

    Synonyms for bringing together noun group, accumulation selection compilation number set assemblage lot assortment store gathering crowd cluster digest combination anthology pile hoard stock levy assembly agglomeration mess company convocation kit congregation heap collation stack congeries muster batch medley omnibus stockpile mass miscellany cumulation clump acquisition quantity securing amassment assembling caboodle mobilization acquiring accumulating amassing […]

  • Drave off

    Synonyms for drave off verb throw or be thrown out dislodge oust dump expel dismiss sack bump vomit eliminate discharge exclude bounce evict banish reject disgorge spew spout ejaculate displace rout extrude fire erupt unloose dispossess debar ditch emit eruct eradicate do away with eighty-six get rid of kick out send packing turn out force […]

  • Unmentioned

    Synonyms for unmentioned adj not specified undetermined undefined general vague Antonyms for unmentioned known specified Synonyms adj vague undefined general Antonyms known specified

  • Badeyes

    Synonyms for badeyes verb bother, frighten terrorize intimidate jeopardize imperil endanger threaten lower peril risk impend alarm hazard portend loom compromise overhang spook torment chill scare browbeat bully bad-eye lean on push around put heat on scare hell out of whip around Antonyms for badeyes assist guard protect compliment praise calm reassure soothe aid help […]

  • Dragging over the coals

    Synonyms for dragging over the coals verb criticize severely penalize criticize pummel chastise excoriate scold censure berate upbraid lambaste rebuke reprimand lash punish flog blister discipline cane chasten scourge beat flay drub rail baste scarify rate scorch ream thrash correct whip bawl out chew out come down on dress down lay out scathe drag over […]

  • Snack shop

    Synonyms for snack shop noun portable kitchen snack bar chuck wagon mobile kitchen

  • Most natal

    Synonyms for most natal adj innate, inherent natural endemic indigenous real constitutional essential fundamental wild original built-in congenital genuine hereditary inborn inbred ingrained inherited instinctive intrinsic inveterate connate connatural natal implanted inwrought unacquired Antonyms for most natal auxiliary minor unimportant alien secondary foreign outside Synonyms adj normal, everyday innate logical legitimate reasonable instinctive ordinary usual […]

  • Art afflicted with

    Synonyms for art afflicted with verb catch disease decline develop acquire obtain incur weaken disorder afflict get derange upset induce sicken sink fall cause take bring on come down with indispose be afflicted with be ill with become infected with fall victim to go down with succumb to take one’s death Antonyms for art afflicted […]

  • Emblazes

    Synonyms for emblazes verb make beautiful; decorate bedeck dress up exaggerate gild overstate festoon embroider adorn trim magnify deck color enrich elaborate ornament beautify enhance array garnish fudge grace amplify fix up spruce up spiff up add bells and whistles emblaze give details gussy up Antonyms for emblazes decrease lessen harm deface disfigure mar simplify […]

  • Train line

    Synonyms for train line noun railroad track line rail line

  • In cahoots

    Synonyms for in cahoots adj combined; in agreement homogeneous unified concerted undivided linked unanimous cooperative integrated incorporated allied conjugate affiliated cognate collective congruent corporate like-minded one conjoint consolidated amalgamated pooled associated agreed banded leagued confederated assembled coadunate concordant conjunctive federal hooked up in accord joined up lined up of one mind of the same opinion […]

  • Coined money

    Synonyms for coined money verb make money clean up coin money get rich have the golden touch make a bundle make a fortune make a mint make a wad strike it rich feather one’s nest fill one’s pockets have one’s ship come in put money in one’s pocket

  • Variousness

    Synonyms for variousness noun variety array assortment change collection conglomeration cross section departure discrepancy divergency diverseness diversification diversity fluctuation heterogeneity heterogeneousness incongruity medley miscellaneousness miscellany mishmash mixed bag mixture modification multifariousness multiformity multiplicity mélange potpourri range shift stew variance variation variegation combo disparateness intermixture many-sidedness soup