• Woey

    A slang terms for bullsh-t. An example use would be “I bought a 10 piece nugget from McDonald’s and they only gave me 9. This is some woey!”

  • Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP) refers to the percentage of the bets placed over an online casino game that the online casino will pay back to players over a period of time. The RTP all depends on the type of slot game you are playing. These include classic slots, video slots, 3D slots and many more […]

  • Okurtt

    Something Cardi B says. You have to roll your tongue for the ‘r’. The ‘r’ kinda sounds like a bird call depending where you live. Anyways you say it when you are happy or like speech sis. Also can be spelled Okurrr and Okurt

  • tennpain

    tenpainn is a sri lankan-american rapper. birth name : sajith geethanjana, born : 4th march 1997 in colombo, west side, sri lanka. submitted by: darol dannis

  • jeona

    it’s the cutest ship between teona flemino and johnny orlando! we don’t know if it’s a thing….but we hope it is they are so adorable! submitted by: emma jules

  • Vag-Cav

    another name for v-g-n-. short for v-g-n-l c-n-l. used for f-cking, and for calling out our friends. “hey brian quit being such a vag-cav” “man i bet katy has a cutle little vag-cav


    attention deficit hyperactive talking disorder hyper and talkative and gets off topic very easily adhtd

  • popularity

    what is popularity anyway? is it being able to be atheletic, friendly, pretty/handsome, and accepted by todays standards? is it being able to follow all the trends? is it being rich in order to have lots of friends? the world may never know. here’s what i think:: who cares. if you have a lot of […]

  • diversitile

    means to adjust to any situation or any culture change and adapt to it in a timely but productive manner i’m a black guy listening to country music so therefore i’m diversitile

  • Swabasaur

    n. 1.) a name for someone or something in which the speaker wishes to display how gohly someone or something is. 2.) a name for someone who is a jokester. adj. 1.) to be gohly or full of awesomeness. originated from the word bulbasaur in which that word was then “gohlified” to its current spelling […]