• No Deposit Bonus

    No Deposit Bonus There are multiple types of online casino bonuses and they come in all shapes and sizes. One just has to look at the Promotions page of any online casino to understand the range available. One of the bonuses that players will come across at an online casino is known as a No […]

  • All Ways Slots

    ‘All Ways‘ slots will usually tell you how many ways you’ll win at the slot, such as ‘720 ways to win’ or ‘243 ways to win’, these numbers being much larger than 25 ways to win you’ll have at a 25 win line slot. Online casinos have a huge range of choice in terms of slot games and they all work differently, but All Ways slots are growing quickly […]

  • Juval Noah Harari

    Juval Noah Harari: “Will we lose our freedom in the battle with the mocker? Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli historian and professor of history at the Jewish University of Jerusalem. He is also the author of the well-known books “Sapiens: A Brief History of Man” (2014), and “Homo Deus: A Brief History of the […]

  • Bonus Slot

    A term referring to a winning round while playing a slot machine. Additional Information: All You Need To Know About Bonus Features in Online Slots There was a time when slot games were simple – when you pulled the lever, the reels spun and paid you cash if they aligned – that was all. Sounds […]

  • Marrakesh Express

    Definition: a slang term for smoking marijuana Uses: I’m gonna take the marrkesh express tonight and chill. Additional Resources: If you were to play a game of word association with cannabis, you’d probably last a fair few rounds. The plant, whose compound is also used in medicine, can be referred to by any number of […]

  • Reeti

    a gorgeous, sp-nky, kind person. pretty crazy, but down to earth. she’ll be the most random person and tries to find the good in eveything. she’s so friendly, she’s like a total reeti a reeti is a loveable, sweet, s-xy person with a great personality. talking to her makes you smile no matter how dull […]

  • cellborg

    noun – a person who has completely merged with their cell phone. fairly indistinguishable from a schizophrenic, as it is difficult to determine if they are talking to themselves, or to spider demons at large. play on “cyborg” q.v. and a merger of cell (phone) + “borg” q.v. that guy is such a cellborg! he […]

  • dog shit snow ball

    a snow ball containing hidden dog sh-t. tommy knew that the nuclear option was using a dog sh-t snow ball.

  • mexican gazebo

    portable toilets , outhouse “man i gotta take a sh-t , ill go in that mexican gazebo

  • hollie collie dollie

    girls at hollins college in roanoke, virginia d-mn look at that hollie collie dollie’s pearls!