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  • holydivertv

    1). some aussie guy who live-streams the making of his dinner and who gets wasted on alcohol, while live-streaming. 2). the twitch version of dio. people watch holydivertv on twitch.tv for entertainment

  • bowel towels

    toilet paper. grab me a few pages of the new york times, please. we’re out of bowel towels again. noun; after taking a sh-t and being unaware that you are out of toilet paper, your next best option is to use a towel conveniently hung near the toilet. “after michael dropped a deuce, his next […]

  • trouble pussy

    when the p-ssy so good, that when you stick it in you just go “oh f-ck.” don’t even try making it last cause you only gonna get four pumps in it. “i went to that party last night. i found out linda has trouble p-ssy. i lasted a whole 30 seconds it was so bomb.”

  • nootered

    an animal that will be taken to the vet for an appointment i’m going to nootered my dog.

  • dumber than a rock

    a guy named michael who acts like he knows everything and does stupid sh-t. michael: how do you spell “s-xist” me: you’re dumber than a rock

  • uh huh

    1.yes. 2.a term use by men world wide in responce to a women who is either naggin him or talking about something of absolut zero relevance to his life…as he’s only interested in having s-x with her at the time. mom: are you ever going to clean your room ? kid: uh huh. girl: then […]

  • Advocatism

    the belief that an opposing opinion of what is proposed is the correct position to take. friend 1: i think football and basketball are the greatest sports. friend 2: well i think baseball and hockey are. friend 1: why do you say that? friend 2: i don’t know, i’m not really into sports. friend 1: […]

  • translocsexual

    in the computer game unreal tournament…one who uses the “translocator” in excessive, creative, and unique ways. some people are combo wh-r-s, some people are mini wh-r-s, some people are flak wh-r-s…i’m a translocs-xual.

  • Bennette

    bennettes the quitest guy you can ever meet, hes also one of the cutest guys on earth, he usually has more then one girlfriend, he can smile and make girls fall. his favorite colors blue and usually has a sibling or more.he likes both guys and girls but leans more towards straight then bi. bennettes […]

  • Brick Pokemon

    a man who only loves pokemon and his boyfriend bigfoot. a complete spazz, who wont stop screaming until he draws a picture and forces people to compliment it. they may greet you 5 times in an hour, asking the same questions over and over again. also, claims to love anime, but they only like one […]

  • Transmitting signal

    Synonyms for transmitting signal verb make electronic transfer transmit radiate emit send out transfer file transmit signal Antonyms for transmitting signal scowl frown be dark

  • Common measures

    Synonyms for common measures noun common factor common divisor common measure denominator numerator

  • Neuroticisms

    Synonyms for neuroticisms noun anxious state tension stress impatience agitation sensitivity disquiet jitters uneasiness stage fright anger turbulence worry flap perturbation stimulation animation to-do tizzy fuss timidity discomfiture fluster disquietude delirium all-overs feverishness neuroticism shakes neurasthenia dithers butterflies moodiness jumps fidgets touchiness willies creeps trembles excitability quivers cold sweat tremulousness Antonyms for neuroticisms relaxation calmness […]

  • Galleasses

    Synonyms for galleasses noun a ship tender dinghy rowboat galleon trireme bireme galiot galleass quarter galley

  • Sow dissension

    Synonyms for sow dissension verb disagree, alienate break up differ vary split separate estrange dissent part disaccord disunite come between cause to disagree pit against set against set at odds Antonyms for sow dissension combine unite append connect couple link disarrange disorganize convince persuade join attach collect gather hold keep maintain retain agree

  • Wish fulfillment

    Synonyms for wish fulfillment noun dream come true ignis fatuus dream vision wish-fulfillment fantasy will-o’-the-wisp

  • Fixin’s

    Synonyms for fixin’s noun determinant circumstance influence point component element thing part aspect consideration cause ingredient antecedent means agency instrument agent item portion board aid constituent instrumentality part and parcel makin’s Antonyms for fixin’s whole

  • Most refrigerated

    Synonyms for most refrigerated adj cold, nippy chilly refreshing frosty frigid arctic biting chilling chill gelid snappy wintry shivery chilled air-conditioned nipping refrigerated algid coldish frore hawkish Antonyms for most refrigerated responsive agitated annoyed excited upset friendly kind unpopular hot warm temperate approving poor square uncool Synonyms adj extremely cold ice-cold frozen freezing chilly icy […]

  • Is eager for

    Synonyms for is eager for verb desire strongly chafe itch hunger covet thirst hanker crave pine ache lust dream want long languish wish for be desirous of be eager for be passionate have a crush on have a yen for set one’s heart on Antonyms for is eager for dislike hate abjure despise not want

  • Houseparties

    Synonyms for houseparties noun party at someone’s home at-home houseparty housewarming weekend party

  • Duologues

    Synonyms for duologues noun talk, exchange of ideas chat colloquy communication conference conversation converse discourse discussion parlance parley powwow repartee script small talk confab confabulation duologue interlocution lines remarks sides Synonyms noun talk conference exchange communication discussion conversation discourse confab repartee converse chat parley script powwow colloquy confabulation rap parlance flap small talk rap session […]

  • Mythomaniac

    Synonyms for mythomaniac adj dishonest, hypocritical misleading deceptive malicious deceitful apostate base canting corrupt crooked delusive devious dishonorable disloyal double-dealing duplicitous faithless foul lying malevolent mean perfidious recreant renegade traitorous treacherous two-faced underhanded unfaithful unscrupulous untrustworthy venal villainous wicked perjured treasonable beguiling deceiving deluding falsehearted forsworn rascally scoundrelly Antonyms for mythomaniac honest truthful frank factual […]

  • Pards

    Synonyms for pards noun colleague crony cohort comrade buddy assistant accomplice fellow friend collaborator partner companion ally compatriot sidekick auxiliary helper consort chum accessory offshoot mate affiliate branch confederate peer aid pal co-worker cooperator playmate joiner clubber kissing cousin one of the folks pard Antonyms for pards enemy foe opponent antagonist competitor rival stranger Synonyms […]

  • Dictionary

    Synonyms for dictionary noun book of word meanings glossary language vocabulary concordance lexicon reference encyclopedia palaver terminology cyclopedia promptory

  • Dartings

    Synonyms for dartings noun competition sport contest track hurrying flying running dashing sporting rushing darting sprinting sailing trotting whizzing competing tearing galloping

  • Pits oneself against

    Synonyms for pits oneself against verb go up against in contest contend play wrestle clash contest challenge vie face try spar battle fight essay bandy attempt fence emulate rival bid collide grapple joust oppose struggle tilt tussle encounter strive go for lock horns take on be in the running cope with go after go for […]

  • Examinee

    Synonyms for examinee noun experimental subject subject victim rodent Cavia porcellus cavy experimental animal experimental subject lab animal lab rat laboratory animal test animal test subject testee

  • Dressdown

    Synonyms for dressdown verb criticize harshly reprimand dress-down haul over the coals give a piece of one’s mind

  • Most unmilled

    Synonyms for most unmilled adj unrefined, natural primitive harsh rude simple rudimentary makeshift raw unprocessed coarse homemade amateurish outline rustic green thick rough homespun callow immature impure inexpert sketchy undeveloped unfinished unformed unpolished unprepared untaught untrained prentice in the rough rough-hewn ungraded unmatured unmilled unproficient unsorted unworked unwrought Antonyms for most unmilled kind polite tasteful […]

  • Cutting aways

    Synonyms for cutting aways noun shearing trim clipping shortening pruning snipping cropping cutting away paring down shaving off Antonyms for cutting aways achievement success victory extending increasing triumph

  • Minimized

    Synonyms for minimize verb make smaller; underrate lessen reduce play down decrease underestimate diminish downplay curtail derogate dwarf deprecate prune knock attenuate discount decry cheapen pan detract belittle disparage pooh-pooh shrink depreciate abbreviate put down run down miniaturize underplay cut down to size cut rate knock down make light of make little of poor-mouth Antonyms […]

  • Crossquestions

    Synonyms for crossquestions verb interrogating an opposing witness catechize check debrief examine grill inquire interrogate investigate pump question quiz scrutinize sweat ask pointed questions cross-question give the third degree go over with a fine-tooth comb put on the hotseat put the screws to third-degree Synonyms verb ask pointed questions grill investigate query examine quiz inquire […]

  • Animal oils

    Synonyms for animal oils noun fat lubricant oil lard tallow vegetable oil drippings animal oil unctiousness unctuosity

  • Dis mount

    Synonyms for dis mount verb get off something higher disembark light alight descend debark get down deplane detrain Antonyms for dis mount get up mount Synonyms verb land disembark get off descend perch light settle dismount debark come down touch down Antonyms mount Synonyms verb come to a destination land appear visit reach turn up […]

  • Winning positions

    Synonyms for winning positions noun advantageous position control lead mastery head start flying start commanding lead connections networking right people winning position