• tennpain

    tenpainn is a sri lankan-american rapper. birth name : sajith geethanjana, born : 4th march 1997 in colombo, west side, sri lanka. submitted by: darol dannis

  • jeona

    it’s the cutest ship between teona flemino and johnny orlando! we don’t know if it’s a thing….but we hope it is they are so adorable! submitted by: emma jules

  • vericen

    something that is verified, and central to growth of another business. submitted by: kevin rhodes

  • cat ellington

    \’kat ‘el’ling’tən\ noun a famous american songwriter, poet, and casting director. submitted by: brian wolinski

  • hebrewed warfare

    a hybrid warfare which is subordinated to the idea of extermination of the non-hebrews submitted by: volodymyr knyr

  • f0r3v3r

    – comes from the englsih word “forever” just another l33t way of spelling the word. want to marry m3h? no! f-ck off! why not?? pleasee? because you’re lame! you and your “l33t” talk.

  • cunning linguist of the high seas

    a man that rides around the seas on a rowing boat and also likes to eat the fine vag and get the juices flowing. old man: i used to be a fine cunning linguist and loves the p-ssy juice. dein fuhrer: true that mate, a cunning linguist of the high seas if ever there was […]

  • laicee

    a sweet smart girl who everyone likes. usually tall and athletic. likes all the boys but is not a hoe or sl-t. she’s strong and is not afraid of a fight if she believes in a cause. boy 1: dam is that laicee? boy 2: ya, she’s s-xy as a fox! boy 1: she’s rocking […]

  • debt ceiling

    a debt limit which is set by congress and determines the absolute amount of federal debt the united states can hold. the us governments borrowing limit. us stocks are sinking under the weight of the debt ceiling so it was necessary for congress to vote to raise it, no matter what the consequences.

  • Fry Stealer

    a ‘fry stealer’, is someone who steals your fry at mcdonalds after you have just scooped the fry for your order. a ‘fry stealer’s are usually front counter workers that are just trying to get the customer to go away and eat thier food. this term is used between crew at mcdonalds i’m making these […]