• ZhanXG

    Meaning: A Dream as a gamer, never be a given up person Usage: I had a crazy ZhanXG last night. Let me tell you all about it.

  • Decarceration

    Decarceration involves government policies and community campaigns to reduce the number of people held in custody or under custodial supervision in the… – is the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons.

  • Performative

    People who more concerned with self-promotion, social media “likes”, or selling books & lectures; than they are about Actual Deliverables. People thought Tina cared about labor issues, considering how much she Tweeted about it, but it was all performative wokeness – she had no problems crossing picket-lines if the business offered a sale.

  • Wet Market

    A market selling live animals and a big place to become ill. Often found in China, the origin of SARS and COVID-19. Kyle: Hey, how was your trip to China? Chris: It was fine, though I did feel a little sick from eating that pangolin at a wet market.

  • Bubble

    To simply invest money with the purpose to make a profit. Bubble is to make something more than what it is. When you blow bubbles they multiply. I’f you say I’m blowin bubbles, this means to re-invest profit to make more money. If you say I’m tryna bubble, it means to make a profitable investment. “Yea man I’m tryna bubble” “I’m finna flip […]


    i will love you all the days of my life!

  • midas

    someone who brings good things where ever they go. based off of the story of king midas who couldn’t touch anything without it turning into gold. stick with gregg, he’s got the midas touch really good, golden that girls midas son colloquial shortening for “might as well”. nothing better to do. midas. the act of […]

  • Ron Merrill

    the esteemed editor of insidefighting.com. i met ron merrill at ufc 47 and all i got was this lousy shirt.

  • Nigga kryptonite

    any woman that would bring a n-gg- to his knees, specifically thick, big-booty white girls d-mn!! look at dat b-tch! dats n-gg- kryptonite, fo real.

  • toe2toe

    someone who is not quite a geek, but not quite cool either. in some sort of middle grey area. considers themselves to be better than most people. usually into some form of cool minority, such as emo punk. xander from buffy is so like, toe2toe