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  • holydivertv

    1). some aussie guy who live-streams the making of his dinner and who gets wasted on alcohol, while live-streaming. 2). the twitch version of dio. people watch holydivertv on twitch.tv for entertainment

  • bowel towels

    toilet paper. grab me a few pages of the new york times, please. we’re out of bowel towels again. noun; after taking a sh-t and being unaware that you are out of toilet paper, your next best option is to use a towel conveniently hung near the toilet. “after michael dropped a deuce, his next […]

  • trouble pussy

    when the p-ssy so good, that when you stick it in you just go “oh f-ck.” don’t even try making it last cause you only gonna get four pumps in it. “i went to that party last night. i found out linda has trouble p-ssy. i lasted a whole 30 seconds it was so bomb.”

  • nootered

    an animal that will be taken to the vet for an appointment i’m going to nootered my dog.

  • dumber than a rock

    a guy named michael who acts like he knows everything and does stupid sh-t. michael: how do you spell “s-xist” me: you’re dumber than a rock

  • stuz0r

    a lonely person who writes the meaning of his name in a dictionary “omg lame” a very leet cs player. neally a god “omg he is like stuz0r” a very leet cs player, a god “omg he is like stuz0r”

  • bernwashed

    someone who supports bernie sanders solution to make the government bigger, and give it more control, even after he just explained to him/her how corrupt the government is and how corporations control it. that guy must be bernwashed. i told him i had a headache, and he told me i should bang my head against […]

  • yvng codyne

    yvng codyne is a up and coming soundcloud rap sensation of camp hill pa. the new riff raff of 2021. he sounds just like every rapper that can’t rap. he is the biggest rapper you’ve never heard of or cared about. the wackest beats. the lamest ryhmes. give him a few years he might do […]

  • cakemail

    an email which makes such little sense that the only appropriate response is “i like cake!” “man, i got some cakemail from fred this morning. made no sense.”

  • Black Beard

    when you grow your p-b-s really long, shave them right before s-x and hide them in a convenient place close to where you’re having s-x. you then c-m on the girls face, grab your p-b-s and throw them on her face and shout black beard b-tch the woman now has a black beard of p-b-s […]

  • Anoraks

    Synonyms for anoraks noun personal outerwear frock raincoat overcoat cloak jacket suit wrap threads trench cape tuxedo windbreaker tux anorak slicker mink ulster cutaway mackinaw topcoat tails greatcoat pea flogger duffle coat

  • Art wary

    Synonyms for art wary verb be careful heed shun avoid mind notice attend look out take care be cautious be wary guard against keep eyes open refrain from steer clear of take heed walk on eggs watch out keep on one’s toes keep one’s distance mind p’s and q’s watch one’s step Antonyms for art […]

  • Behind the scenes operator

    Synonyms for behind the scenes operator noun power behind the throne behind-the-scenes operator eminence grise friend at court hidden hand kingmaker powerbroker wire-puller

  • Ground rounds

    Synonyms for ground rounds noun ground beef sandwich burger beefburger cheeseburger Salisbury steak chopped beefsteak ground chuck ground round ground sirloin Synonyms noun ground-up beefsteak burger hamburger chopped steak ground round ground sirloin hamburger patty hamburger sandwich hamburger steak

  • Under compulsion

    Synonyms for under compulsion adj obligated; destined constrained obligated restrained firm forced indentured made bent fated obliged pledged urged required driven intent pressed doomed certain sure bounden enslaved coerced contracted articled impelled compelled necessitated apprenticed duty-bound having no alternative under necessity Antonyms for under compulsion irresolute permitted unrestricted allowed free unbounded unobliged

  • Welts

    Synonyms for welt noun red mark scar bruise stripe contusion streak wale ridge mouse weal wound injury wheal

  • Role playing game

    Synonyms for role playing game noun indoor game board game party game role-playing game

  • Line item veto

    Synonyms for line item veto noun authority to reject individual provisions of bill item veto budget item veto budget-line veto Synonyms noun authority to reject individual provisions of bill line-item veto selective veto

  • Lintiest

    Synonyms for lintiest adj soft, furry creamy gossamer feathery silky downy fleecy flocculent pile featherlike flossy linty velutinous Antonyms for lintiest coarse rough smooth Synonyms adj fluffy hairy furry downy frizzy woolly down-covered flossy linty napped pilate velutinous Antonyms smooth clear

  • Gotten in shape

    Synonyms for gotten in shape verb bounce back; ricochet pick up overcome revive return rejuvenate recuperate boomerang recoil backfire convalesce mend rally heal kick back pull through get better get in shape get well make a comeback return to form snap back spring back start anew get back on one’s feet regain one’s health Antonyms […]

  • Most endeared

    Synonyms for most endeared adj adored loved dear favorite respected popular hallowed pet sweet darling pleasing fair-haired precious admired prized venerated treasured cherished well-liked esteemed revered dearest cared for doted on endeared highly regarded highly valued idolized worshiped near to one’s heart Antonyms for most endeared hated disliked despised Synonyms adj beloved, favorite pet familiar […]

  • Operate

    Synonyms for operate verb perform, function do move run complete engage transport work serve keep produce take act promote conduct achieve convey exert contrive direct bend determine go click concern accomplish proceed influence compel behave percolate progress roll finish hit hum burn react lift cook revolve tick spin advance ordain turn benefit contact fulfill enforce […]

  • Becomes wealthy

    Synonyms for becomes wealthy verb be fortunate; succeed blossom bloom multiply flourish thrive advance flower score augment batten rise bear yield increase benefit produce gain progress arrive fatten get on hit the jackpot make out do well catch on be enriched bear fruit become rich become wealthy do wonders fare well feather nest get there […]

  • More up-front

    Synonyms for more up-front adj open, unaffected real simple genuine easy instinctive provincial primitive frank rustic innocent plain artless candid childlike credulous direct folksy forthright homey ignorant impulsive ingenuous laid-back naive sincere spontaneous straightforward trusting unfeigned unpolished unpretentious unschooled unsophisticated unstudied unworldly unforced being oneself inartificial simplehearted unassumed uncontrived undesigning unembarrassed unlabored up-front Antonyms for […]

  • Was one obligation

    Synonyms for was one obligation verb be necessary, proper befit suit beseem be expected be fitting be incumbent upon be needful be required be requisite be right owe it to be one’s obligation

  • Run through one’s mind

    Synonyms for run through one’s mind verb happen again; repeat in one’s mind reappear persist reiterate repeat return revert recrudesce iterate come back be remembered be repeated come again come and go crop up again haunt thoughts return to mind turn back Antonyms for run through one’s mind halt stop Synonyms verb recur come back […]

  • American footballs

    Synonyms for american footballs noun a sport soccer rugby American football Association football Canadian football grid game gridiron pastime the pigskin sport

  • Most fantasized

    Synonyms for most fantasized adj imagined, unreal imaginary fictional simulated fantasy pretend dream mock sham fraudulent made-up pretended false acted fantasized Antonyms for most fantasized real genuine true unimagined

  • Regained health

    Synonyms for regained health verb bounce back; ricochet pick up overcome revive return rejuvenate recuperate boomerang recoil backfire convalesce mend rally heal kick back pull through get better get in shape get well make a comeback return to form snap back spring back start anew get back on one’s feet regain one’s health Antonyms for […]

  • Insecurity

    Synonyms for insecurity noun anxiety uncertainty doubt hesitancy indecision vacillation self-doubt Synonyms noun danger instability vulnerability precariousness hazard Other adjectives related to insecurity adventurous at the last extremity built upon sand defenseless expugnable guideless helpless in the lion’s den nodding to its fall on a lee shore on the edge on the wrong side of […]

  • Re trenches

    Synonyms for re trenches verb save curtail cut down conserve trim scrimp economize reduce Synonyms verb economize curtail delete reduce confine shorten omit lessen diminish decrease remove slash abridge limit save eliminate Antonyms grow increase release enlarge lengthen include add expand extend raise strengthen free let go develop fix Synonyms verb cut short; abridge trim […]

  • More nocturnally

    Synonyms for more nocturnally adv each evening; after dark nocturnal nighttime every night at night by night in the night night after night nights nocturnally

  • De merits

    Synonyms for de merits noun fault punishment bad mark loss of credit loss of points mark against one Synonyms verb weaken, cause instability subdue incapacitate impair controvert cripple impoverish demote enervate bankrupt refute ruin bust tame disprove demoralize reduce degrade downgrade pauperize undermine humiliate confound cow demerit enfeeble dispirit rebut confute declass disconfirm Antonyms aid […]

  • More under

    Synonyms for more under adj indirect, secondary ancillary supporting satellite concomitant auxiliary complementary dependent lateral parallel accessory incident roundabout subsidiary coordinate subordinate attendant tributary side sub accompanying circuitous coincident concurrent corresponding corroborative related subservient under added adjuvant adjunctive appurtenant confirmatory not lineal Antonyms for more under unrelated independent dissimilar chief primary principal different important necessary […]

  • Levering

    Synonyms for levering verb force or break open wrest pull extract jimmy divide move twist elevate elicit uplift heave raise tilt upraise separate disjoin lift hoist press wring rear extort prize tear disengage turn push lever pick up take up turn out uprear Antonyms for levering combine connect unite dissuade straighten decrease lessen demote hide […]