• shopression

    feeling the need to shop or feeling depressed due to the fact that one has not shopped in a long time person 1: i feel so sad. person 2: why? person 1: i think i have shopression

  • rabbi’s handshake

    when you’re a jewish prophet but you need to nut bad so you give yourself a handy since you can’t let any of the dirty heathens touch your holy trinity. peter walked in on the lord savior, jesus of nazareth, preforming a divine rabbi’s handshake with his wooden cross.

  • broken zipper

    peed sleeping bag at camp. code word for a wet bunk bed or wet sleeping bag. mesd outdoor school code words for wet sleeping bag (enuretic in camp!) putley, i have a broken zipper in antelope cabin, i’m taking it to the camp nurse to fix it. (get it washed and dried before anyone else […]

  • sirelis

    an amazing ( probably tall ) friend you can trust with any thing loves pizza and is beautiful person 1: hey wanna go get some pizza? person 2: ya we but have to call sirelis or else she’ll kill us.

  • shower elbow

    shower elbow is when you m-st-rb-t- in the shower and bang your elbow on the wall or the soap dish, etc. can be pretty painful. i went too hard this morning and got freaking shower elbow!

  • ass hat pirate cat

    some dump sh-t that should’nt play the same game you play you just pulled the “f-cking eggs -50 dkp for you -ss hat pirate cat

  • JJ – The King of Beepers

    a fuggin jack-ss who made annoying commercials for years, broadcast in the los angeles area, claiming that he had a better deal on beepers and other wireless communication equipment than everyone else. the commercials were the b-tt of many jokes that did him far more harm than good, fuggin jack-ss. jj: “i am jj – […]

  • Brown Boy Blasted

    the equivalent of “white boy wasted”, but rather is used for brown (middle-eastern) males. this term implies that this brown boy has consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and is heavily under the influence. hasan: yo wana get drunk tonight? mohammed: h-ll yea bro, we are about to get brown boy blasted

  • Foday

    a swamp-dwelling troll with 3 v-g-n-s. usually of a black heritage. most sightings of these creatures can be found in gay swamps masterbating to gay duck p-rn. “what the f-ck is that?” don’t worry, it’s just a foday. a male usually of black heritage who has a long p-n-s and is highly intelligent “did you […]

  • fair warning

    to give “fair warning” is to let someone know you are going to do something before you do it. in order to be cl-ssified as “fair warning”, you need to give the person between 1 and 5 seconds before the action takes place. anything occurring before or after those times would then be considered “unfair”. […]

  • Fawn upon

    Synonyms for fawn upon verb praise, flatter congratulate applaud laud commend cajole endorse extol toast satisfy glorify magnify felicitate eulogize sanction please hail worship soothe exalt cheer acclaim charm celebrate recommend commemorate adulate honor salute butter up pat on the back panegyrize give bouquet hand it to ingratiate oneself with kudize make much of pay […]

  • Creedal statement

    Synonyms for creedal statement noun basic undoubted belief article of religion doctrinal statement formulated belief stated belief Synonyms noun very basic belief articles of religion doctrinal statement formulated belief stated belief

  • Dost on one own volition

    Synonyms for dost on one own volition verb offer to do something suggest come forward enlist tender advance proffer present propose chip in speak up step forward sign up bring forward go in let oneself in for offer services put forward stand up submit oneself take bull by the horns take initiative take the plunge […]

  • Overawed

    Synonyms for overawed verb amaze dazzle intimidate frighten alarm stupefy impress startle astonish appall horrify daunt stun scare terrify flabbergast cow grandstand strike overawe showboat hotdog blow away knock socks off Antonyms for overawed assist calm comfort gladden reassure soothe embolden delight bore encourage help expect please Synonyms verb castigate, nag bully hector intimidate coerce […]

  • Ruled

    Synonyms for ruled adj governed controlled managed administered Synonyms adj having lines marked lined graphed squared marked off Other adjectives related to ruled abdicant arbitrary aulic basilic clothed with authority cruel decretory dirigent dynastic feudal hegemonical imperious inexpugnable irresponsible monarchical overruling popular puissant republican rumbustical tricameral undemocratic absolute aristocratic authoritative bicameral commanding cunctipotent designate ditionary […]

  • Most elating

    Synonyms for most elating adj promising, auspicious pleasant good probable exciting fortunate encouraging cheerful likely favorable reasonable gracious rosy fair fit rousing cheering halcyon pleasing fine stirring advantageous beneficial bright conducive convenient expeditious flattering golden helpful inspiring lucky opportune propitious roseate suitable sunny timely well-timed enlivening heartening providential reassuring uplifting arousing elating fortifying inspiriting promiseful […]

  • Gotten steamed up

    Synonyms for gotten steamed up verb get very upset about rave chafe seethe bristle smoke rage burn rant storm anger boil blow up chomp at the bit get hot get steamed up Antonyms for gotten steamed up be happy be calm

  • Disengaged

    Synonyms for disengaged adj detached separated free unattached disjoined unengaged

  • Drive in movie

    Synonyms for drive in movie noun place where movies are shown cinema movie house multiplex circuit theater dream palace drive-in movie drive-in theater film theater fleapit grind house motion-picture theater movie palace picture house picture palace picture show picture theater revival house

  • Eyeopening

    Synonyms for eyeopening adj amazing, intense astonishing mind-boggling overwhelming psychedelic staggering stunning wonderful hallucinatory eye-opening mind-altering Synonyms adj overwhelming startling breathtaking spectacular surprising staggering stunning astonishing amazing wonderful mind-blowing stupendous eye-opening Antonyms ugly Synonyms adj overpowering staggering devastating astounding amazing stunning mind-boggling vast exciting breathtaking crushing paralyzing overcoming shattering eye-opening Synonyms adj surprising startling accidental […]

  • In the gravy

    Synonyms for in the gravy adj having good luck profitable helpful prosperous successful well-off lucky encouraging healthy fortuitous wealthy affluent happy advantageous auspicious blessed bright charmed convenient favorable favored felicitous flourishing golden hopeful on a roll opportune promising propitious rosy sitting pretty thriving timely triumphant victorious well-to-do providential born with a silver spoon gaining get […]

  • Make a todo

    Synonyms for make a todo verb talk endlessly freak out rant go crazy babble fume orate declaim prate storm harangue rage roar thunder rail splutter gabble mouth perorate prattle jabber wander carry on come unglued bloviate be delirious go ape go bananas go mad make a to-do rattle on run amuck talk wildly blow one’s […]

  • Ordinal

    Synonyms for ordinal noun unit of the mathematical system sum total figure count digit emblem prime symbol character sign cipher cardinal fraction representation numeral statistic googol numerator integer denominator folio decimal chiffer whole number Antonyms for ordinal part letter one

  • In conceived

    Synonyms for in conceived adj unknown improbable unprecedented inconceived

  • Poliscis

    Synonyms for poliscis noun political philosophy government politics governance civics art of the possible poli-sci political theory realpolitik statesmanship

  • Relevancy

    Synonyms for relevancy noun relevance correspondence bearing congruence appositeness pertinence importance accordance germaneness materiality application applicability significance aptness pertinency concernment relatedness relativity Antonyms for relevancy insignificance

  • Have a right

    Synonyms for have a right verb be entitled to deserve warrant justify rate incur earn be in line for be worthy get what is coming have a claim have coming get one’s comeuppance get one’s due get one’s just desserts

  • Get up

    Synonyms for get up verb mount; get out of bed climb awaken awake stand arise ascend increase rise rise and shine scale turn out uprise upspring move up pile out roll out spring out Antonyms for get up deaden go to sleep Usage Notes For nearly 400 years, forms of get have been used with […]

  • More sub rosa

    Synonyms for more sub rosa adj sneaky, secretive clandestine covert surreptitious artful calculating cautious circumspect cloaked crafty creepy cunning disguised elusive evasive foxy hidden hush-hush insidious masked scheming shifty sly stealthy tricky under wraps undercover underhand underhanded wily guileful conspiratorial skulking slinking sub-rosa under-the-table Antonyms for more sub rosa aboveboard honest forthright truthful open Synonyms […]

  • Leant over

    Synonyms for leant over verb hang over, adorn sprawl don swathe hang dangle cover cloak fold enclose envelop wrap dress clothe model suspend droop spread-eagle drop line roll spread enwrap array display enswathe lean over let fall Antonyms for leant over uncover unwrap release conceal hide lay bare reveal free let go open unclothe rise […]

  • Art watchful

    Synonyms for art watchful verb guard, protect keep attend wait patrol oversee mind tend superintend police look out take care of be on alert be on the lookout be vigilant be wary be watchful care for keep eyes open keep eyes peeled keep watch over look after pick up on ride shotgun for take heed […]

  • Un snapped

    Synonyms for un snapped verb set free; unbind alleviate break up deliver detach discharge disconnect disengage disjoin ease emancipate extricate free liberate mitigate relax release separate slacken unbuckle unbutton undo unfasten unhitch unleash unlock untie manumit unclasp unloose untighten become unfastened disenthrall ease off let go let out unbar unbolt unchain unfix unhook unlace unlash […]

  • Mentally disabled

    Synonyms for mentally disabled adj thwarted disabled disadvantaged crippled wounded limited restricted burdened restrained stymied checked balked curbed hampered impeded foiled obstructed encumbered deterred blocked physically challenged physically disabled Antonyms for mentally disabled healthy helped aided supported

  • Batched

    Synonyms for batched verb formulate, think up dream up envision fabricate create contrive discover invent devise hatch plot prepare frame originate batch project brew design plan mature compound vamp scheme envisage cook up make up ad lib prefab slap together throw together Antonyms for batched demolish destroy ruin wreck disorganize ignore tell truth forget neglect […]

  • Word power

    Synonyms for word power noun command of language articulation elocution eloquence fluency gift of gab oratory articulateness expressiveness facility of speech silver tongue