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  • mehkaila

    mehkaila is a girl that’s funny and entertaining. she’s weird in a good way and i’m her is way. but to tell you she is not the person to mess with. she will really beat a b-tch -ss if she have to. but she has a good side too. she only have like three best […]

  • camryn glanville

    a gorgeous girl with perfect eyes and a gorgeous hair. people treat her like absolute trash, and she deserves way better. god d-mn camryn glanville is so hot! buy the domain for your travel site

  • rock and rick roll

    when you listening to rock music and the dude on the aux changes the song “i swear shawn, if you rock and rick roll me, i am beating yo -ss.”

  • manner

    a term used for internet games. when a player just plays games in a good mannered way and doesn’t talk cr-p or complain. usually manner players will always type gg gl hf before games and at the end of the game they will wait for the losing player to type gg before they themselves type […]

  • gaqe

    term used inplace of p-n-s. this term has be mistaken for gat. brian: suck my gat me: why would i suck your gun, but you can suck my gaqe buy the domain for your travel blog

  • wwwest

    (n), pretty much anything negative, ever. an even sillier word probably coined by skip and her mates. or maybe some southerners. shares etymology with heavy gwarning 20 albion road wreckhead “i just injected crack into both my eyeb-lls woo!” none wreckhead “wwwest” person a: “fiddlesticks. i seem to have dropped my herring sandwich down a […]

  • Nervous Nigel

    nervous nigel the neurotic spider see above, man.

  • Took The Fag Out The Packet

    when a h-m-s-xual male comes out of the closet. did you barnabas finally took the f-g out the packet today.

  • Godwill

    an awesome human being capable of doing anything and everything his name is the meaning g-dwill meaning he is put on this earth to do g-ds will he is the modern day jesus. “wow he just done a double backflip he must be g-dwill”

  • TownerFest

    an annual celebration of a towner…usually hosted by a good friend called sam. they are totally awesome and take place sometime in the month of june. for some people, having summer birthdays means they get forgotten about or don’t really celebrate it like they should…not for a towner. “hey did you go to townerfest last […]

  • Pulled for

    Synonyms for pulled for verb give support; help bolster subsidize advocate develop invite strengthen boost support assist reassure favor reinforce further aid promote spur ease improve abet befriend relieve back second fortify sanction prevail console solace uphold comfort foster sustain endorse forward brace instigate serve countenance advance succor push approve back up egg on go […]

  • Per unit of population

    Synonyms for per unit of population noun per person per head proportionately

  • Myrrh

    Synonyms for myrrh noun strongly fragrant smoke odor aroma scent perfume balm bouquet essence punk redolence flame fuel spice frankincense burnt offering Antonyms for myrrh odor stink stench

  • Unreal hope

    Synonyms for unreal hope noun unrealistic hope wishful thinking daydream castle in the air chimera fantasy pie in the sky air castle airy hope castle in the sky false hope fantastic notion golden dream fool’s paradise Antonyms for unreal hope reality

  • Re lied

    Synonyms for re lied verb have confidence in count depend calculate reckon confide await lean build expect hope bet commit entrust trust bank look swear by be confident of be sure of believe in bet bottom dollar on gamble on have faith in lay money on ride on coattails Antonyms for re lied disregard ignore […]

  • Un truenesses

    Synonyms for un truenesses noun unfaithfulness infidelity treason treachery sedition double-dealing falseness falsity perfidy perfidiousness faithlessness violation disaffection deceitfulness apostasy recreancy seditiousness breach of trust inconstancy bad faith betrayal of trust breaking of faith subversive activity untrueness Antonyms for un truenesses faithfulness loyalty devotion honesty truthfulness fidelity trueness trustworthiness

  • Lifted up

    Synonyms for lifted up adj supported physically firm held up braced bolstered floated Synonyms verb raise spirits excite uplift boost inspire refine glorify elate sublimate brighten hearten cheer exhilarate animate rouse bring up perk up buoy up lift up Antonyms bring down dishearten decrease lessen condemn demote denounce deprecate disdain spurn disgrace distress shame discourage […]

  • Keeps time with

    Synonyms for keeps time with verb coordinate integrate harmonize mesh adjust organize proportion set pool agree match atune keep time with pull together put in sync

  • Hurls defiance at

    Synonyms for hurls defiance at verb challenge, frustrate resist spurn thwart violate withstand confront ridicule elude flout ignore oppose disregard provoke mock repulse despise brave insult slight face baffle front foil repel beard stick venture defeat scorn gibe contemn dare deride hang tough fly in face of hurl defiance at make my day outdare stick […]

  • Dissatisfied

    Synonyms for dissatisfied adj discontented, unhappy complaining displeased disappointed bothered offended jaundiced disaffected grumbling frustrated annoyed disgruntled crabby critical envious faultfinding fretful grumpy insatiable jealous malcontent picky plaintive querulous sulky sullen unsatisfied sniveling vexed begrudging kvetching grudging griping irked fretting ennuied fed-up malcontented not satisfied put-out unappeased unassuaged unfulfilled ungratified unsated Antonyms for dissatisfied pleased […]

  • Roofed

    Synonyms for roofed adj provided with a cover camouflaged painted protected enclosed closed wrapped hidden concealed veiled disguised bound masked sheltered coated topped shielded capped enveloped hooded sheathed secreted varnished surfaced overlaid lidded Antonyms for roofed uncovered unheeded unnoticed open bare exposed unmasked revealed empty unfurnished passed over Synonyms verb provide safety, cover protect hide […]

  • Close of day

    Synonyms for close of day noun fall of sun below horizon nightfall twilight sundown dusk eventide evening eve gloaming crepusular light Antonyms for close of day daybreak sunrise

  • Tuneups

    Synonyms for tuneups noun exercise, application discipline training study use experience preparation drill action operation seasoning assignment iteration effect rehearsal recitation background repetition recounting tune-up drilling relating homework prepping work-out Antonyms for tuneups idleness inaction abstention refrain ignorance neglect Synonyms noun preparation discipline instruction workout practice schooling drill teaching education guidance exercise foundation basics seasoning […]

  • Stepping back

    Synonyms for stepping back verb shrink away blanch hesitate balk waver cringe tremble blink shudder demur backfire reel wince flinch dodge swerve withdraw jerk falter spring rebound duck react start blench stick quake shake quail shirk carom shrink kick draw back turn away stickle resile pull back shy away step back Antonyms for stepping back […]

  • Troweled

    Synonyms for troweled verb dig into task, action inquire burrow prospect rummage search shovel unearth explore dig investigate research probe examine dredge ransack sift seek excavate spade ferret out go into look into trowel gouge out jump into leave no stone unturned really get into scoop out turn inside out Antonyms for troweled ignore find […]

  • A lot of

    adj plenty Synonyms for a lot of adj plenty enough great full scads abundant adequate ample complete considerable copious countless endless everywhere extravagant galore generous immeasurable lavish many plentiful profuse satisfying sizable substantial sufficient voluminous plenteous heaps loads jam-packed lotsa mega mucho no end very many Antonyms for a lot of little

  • Mitigating

    Synonyms for mitigate verb check, diminish, lighten dull lessen ease relieve reduce temper soothe alleviate mollify allay soften blunt assuage weaken moderate appease subdue palliate extenuate modify quiet remit placate calm abate pacify tranquilize cool tone down meet halfway come together take the edge off Antonyms for mitigating increase worsen worry intensify incite extend raise […]

  • Allencompassing

    Synonyms for allencompassing adj broad in scope sweeping all all-inclusive blanket broad complete comprehensive encompassing everything extensive global total wide widespread all-embracing all-encompassing broad in content including all categories including all members panoptic Synonyms adj comprehensive exhaustive extensive vast thorough all-inclusive broad catholic complete discursive general universal widespread wide-ranging all-embracing all-encompassing thorough-going Antonyms incomplete summary […]

  • Crashlanded

    Synonyms for crashlanded verb fall smash plunge hurtle collapse tumble ditch dive drop collide bump slip meet topple overturn sprawl upset lurch pancake pitch bite the dust overbalance prang washout crash-land drive into fall flat fall headlong fall prostrate give way go in plough into splash down Antonyms for crashlanded ascend increase straighten rise

  • La-de-da

    Synonyms for la-de-da adj arrogant cheeky cocky conceited fresh haughty high and mighty impertinent know-it-all pompous pretentious sassy self-important smart-alecky smug snippy snooty stuck-up uppity puffed up snobby highfalutin’

  • Aristotelianisms

    Synonyms for aristotelianisms noun traditional logic syllogism Aristotelian philosophy Aristotelianism categorical logic formal logic syllogistic logic term logic

  • Fussbudgets

    Synonyms for fussbudgets noun nosy, impertinent person buttinsky rubberneck meddler snoop eavesdropper snooper fink intruder gossip tattletale troublemaker scandalmonger backseat driver yenta newsmonger butt-in fussbudget intermeddler nosey parker sidewalk superintendent Synonyms noun old-fashion person square fogy stick-in-the-mud old maid stuffed shirt granny fusspot dotard dull person fussbudget fussy person old fart old fogy old geezer […]

  • Most casuistic

    Synonyms for most casuistic adj deceitful, tricky ambiguous unclear deceptive misleading cagey vague cunning devious elusive fugitive greasy indirect intangible lying oblique shifty slippery sly false casuistic casuistical dissembling elusory equivocating prevaricating shuffling sophistical stonewalling Antonyms for most casuistic honest truthful forthright clear definite direct ready straight straightforward Synonyms adj wrong, made up fake untrue […]

  • Most carmine

    Synonyms for most carmine noun color of blood; shade resembling such a color rose flaming maroon glowing cardinal crimson pink cherry sanguine carmine brick blooming blush rust bloodshot florid flushed healthy inflamed roseate rosy rubicund ruddy coral wine copper russet puce bittersweet garnet vermilion infrared scarlet claret magenta fuchsia burgundy geranium cerise chestnut salmon dahlia […]

  • Face as long as a fiddle

    Synonyms for face as long as a fiddle noun sullen face frown gloom black look glumness dejected look hangdog look sad face sullen look