• extreme ass whooping

    something you didn’t get as a kid, it’s not like a slap. soldier boy thought he was gonna get slapped over a bike, instead turkey didn’t hold back on an extreme -ss whooping. enjoy soldier boy.

  • earnestly

    with sincere and intense convention serous i take my grades earnestly

  • l7 position

    when two guys, g-y or straight, suck each other off at the same time in a standing 69 but because they are both men it looks like a l7 you have to be incredible fit to suck eachother off in the l7 position

  • undesizeable

    a size that is questionable or unable to guess ones dress size from a far what size shoe do you think those are? ; im not to sure it looks bigger then a 9 its undesizeable while ordering in the drive thru and they ask what size would you like on the combo small medium […]

  • i bit a pillow

    an iconic line by edward cullen in twilight breaking dawn i bit a pillow- edward cullen

  • pillo

    puerto rican slang for a thief. someone who robs. the spanish equivalent would be ladron. only people from pr use this. so saying this to other hispanics from other countries would probably confuse them. ¡oye! ¡este “pillo” robó mi dinero! english translation: hey! this thief took my money! “standard” spanish translation:¡oye! ¡este ladron robó mi […]

  • mic n ric

    michael and eric. they are awesome people and can only be “mic” or “ric” together not seperately. they have huge d-cks. mic has a slightly bigger d-ck than ric. mic n ric

  • Buckfast

    aka. buckie, tonic wine. a fortified wine invented by the monks of buckfast abbey in devonshire, england. the main area of consumption however is concentrated in central and western scotland. also known as ‘tonic wine’. the word ‘tonic’, however, “does not imply health giving or medicinal properties. in fact, the high caffiene & mineral content […]

  • Cornfoozled

    confused and frustrated at the same time, over stressed. being extremely busy has me all cornfoozled over the new regulations being imposed.

  • Wappnin

    used by west indian’s to fuse the sentence , what is happening? or what is going on?, into one word. eyy bwoi wappnin wit di jam tonight na?!!

  • Plume feathers

    Synonyms for plume feathers noun medium external feather body feather down feather penna plume feather plumule

  • More solved

    Synonyms for more solved adj made public uncovered discovered naked unprotected bare shown open caught manifest stripped exhibited clear apparent evident unconcealed unsheltered visible resolved defined solved disclosed peeled unmasked debunked denuded bared divulged unsealed unveiled revealed brought to light dug up for show found out laid bare made manifest on display on the spot […]

  • Takes course

    Synonyms for takes course verb sign up for membership engage join register recruit accept enlist employ admit enter obtain muster subscribe matriculate serve take on become student call up join up sign on take course Antonyms for takes course eject oust refuse reject shun erase deny dispute avoid dodge ignore dismiss expel fire let go […]

  • Liver

    Synonyms for live adj existent alive living animate breathing aware conscious vital Antonyms for liver apathetic dispirited inactive lethargic dead non-existent Synonyms adj energetic, vigorous hot working lively prevalent burning unsettled brisk alert running pressing functioning active controversial current dynamic earnest effective effectual efficacious efficient operative pertinent topical vital vivid Antonyms unimportant sluggish apathetic dispirited […]

  • Assess too highly

    Synonyms for assess too highly verb assign too much value, importance magnify exaggerate exceed build up overestimate overvalue oversell overpraise expect too much of make too much of overassess overesteem overprize overreckon rate too highly think too highly of think too much of Antonyms for assess too highly play down underrate undervalue

  • Breaks bulk

    Synonyms for breaks bulk verb take off; empty dump disgorge jettison get rid of remove discharge clear out unpack disencumber lighten relieve cast unlade void disburden slough discommode rid unburden off-load break bulk take a load off Antonyms for breaks bulk burden hold keep load fill upset put on Synonyms verb unload disencumber dump disgorge […]

  • Forefelt

    Synonyms for forefelt verb prophesy visualize foresee deduce foretell discern infer surmise guess apprehend suppose anticipate conjecture perceive predict see suspect prognosticate understand intuit forebode foreknow previse forefeel go out on a limb see in the cards take a shot take a stab Antonyms for forefelt measure misunderstand disbelieve calculate know neglect overlook misinterpret Synonyms […]

  • Good examples

    Synonyms for good examples noun ideal instance epitome exemplar ideal model nonpareil paragon perfection role model good example ideal beauty perfect model perfect type person to look up to shining example Synonyms noun proper behavior manners best behavior good behavior good example Synonyms noun someone worth imitating hero heroine exemplar mentor example idol epitome paragon […]

  • Bankrupts

    Synonyms for bankrupts noun person in financial trouble vagrant down-and-out bankrupt dependent suppliant mendicant pauper indigent street person guttersnipe alms person poor person poverty-stricken person ward of state Synonyms verb weaken, cause instability subdue incapacitate impair controvert cripple impoverish demote enervate bankrupt refute ruin bust tame disprove demoralize reduce degrade downgrade pauperize undermine humiliate confound […]

  • Ander

    Synonyms for ander adj additional, greater extra also other further new higher major spare and another besides else extended farther fresh increased innumerable likewise numerous supplementary added bounteous larger aggrandized amassed augmented deeper enhanced exceeding expanded heavier in addition massed more than that over and above too many wider Antonyms for ander less fewer

  • Most legitimatized

    Synonyms for most legitimatized adj allowable, legitimate justifiable constitutional legal statutory valid authorized permissible proper rightful bona fide canonical due enforced established innocent judicial just kosher licit mandated official on the level ordained ordered protected ruled warranted jurisprudent legit vested card-carrying commanded condign decreed enacted enjoined judged jural juridical legalized legislated legitimatized of right on […]

  • Plumpish

    Synonyms for plumpish adj plump beefy burly buxom chubby chunky corpulent filled fleshy full obese portly pudgy roly-poly rotund round stout tubby zaftig

  • Improve mind

    Synonyms for improve mind verb acquire information enroll get read study pick up receive master gain determine grasp review matriculate memorize prepare imbibe peruse grind lucubrate attain cram con apprentice brush up on take in be taught be trained become able become versed burn midnight oil commit to memory crack the books drink in get […]

  • More underivative

    Synonyms for more underivative adj earliest initial authentic prime infant opening beginning primary pioneer aboriginal primitive starting first archetypal autochthonous early elementary embryonic genuine introductory primeval primordial pristine rudimentary inceptive prototypal rudimental commencing first-hand underivative underived Antonyms for more underivative last derivative latest borrowed hackneyed used worn newest old Synonyms adj basic, fundamental basal beginning […]

  • Contrarious

    Synonyms for contrarious adj contrary antagonistic difficult impossible inimical inimitable ornery perverse refractory wayward

  • Technique

    Synonyms for technique noun method style capacity art facility means system capability craft know-how mode routine performance skill approach procedure manner delivery artistry fashion tactics course execution proficiency usage way address touch wise knack modus operandi modus technic Antonyms for technique inability incompetence lack ignorance ineptitude impotence

  • Nigs

    Synonyms for nigs verb cancel, revoke invalidate annul wipe out veto void undo abolish restrict quash offset negate abrogate repeal rescind countervail scrub abate neutralize scratch squash renege compensate limit vitiate counterbalance ax kill counteract confine trash zap annihilate stamp out torpedo blue pencil bring to naught call all bets off disannul forget it nig […]

  • Low-key

    Synonyms for low-key adj subdued easygoing relaxed quiet laid-back sober subtle restrained loose muffled low-pitched muted understated played down soft-sell softened toned down Antonyms for low-key agitated noisy high-strung nervous energized pumped up high-key

  • Gaudiness

    Synonyms for gaudiness noun waste, nonsense toy frill ornament trinket ostentation decoration pretentiousness adornment knickknack bauble showiness flashiness tawdriness meretriciousness fussiness fanciness fandangle Antonyms for gaudiness plainness Synonyms noun brilliance, sparkle glamour glitz sheen luster radiance glare show zap glisten twinkle gleam flash shimmer glister beam shine brightness pageantry coruscation splendor glint scintillation display showiness […]

  • Cushioned

    Synonyms for cushion verb pad, protect from blow bolster dampen insulate soften buttress seclude suppress support cradle muffle deaden stifle pillow Antonyms for cushioned let down release encourage let go

  • More gawkish

    Synonyms for more gawkish adj not agile; awkward bulky ungainly unwieldy inept ponderous heavy-handed bungling crude elephantine gauche gawky graceless heavy helpless hulking incompetent inelegant inexperienced inexpert lumbering lumpish maladroit oafish unable uncoordinated uncouth uneasy unskillful untoward bumbling untactful weedy all thumbs blundering blunderous butterfingered clownish gawkish ham-handed ill-shaped lubberly splay stumbling unadept undexterous unhandy […]

  • Get to meat

    Synonyms for get to meat verb cut short; abridge trim cut back halt reduce shorten downsize decrease slash lessen diminish cramp cut clip truncate retrench contract chop dock lop abbreviate minify boil down pare down put in nutshell roll back Antonyms for get to meat grow increase enlarge lengthen stretch amplify prolong develop expand extend […]

  • Sophistry

    Synonyms for sophistry noun deception trickery casuistry ambiguity inconsistency fallacy paralogism paralogy Antonyms for sophistry certainty Synonyms noun sophism misconception deception fallacy subtle argument Antonyms honesty truth

  • More cliché

    Synonyms for more cliché adj overused, out-of-date hackneyed tired corny threadbare dull shopworn antiquated stereotyped bent out banal cliché clichéd common commonplace dead drab dusty effete flat fusty insipid mawkish moth-eaten passé past platitudinous repetitious timeworn trite unoriginal worn-out cliché-ridden like a dinosaur well-worn zestless yesterday’s Antonyms for more cliché current fresh new original active […]

  • Cost next to nothing

    Synonyms for cost next to nothing adj inexpensive low-cost reasonable low-priced competitive economical bargain budget buy dime a dozen irregular moderate nominal reduced sale standard steal utility at a bargain bargain-basement bargain-counter bought for a song cheapo cut-price cut-rate depreciated easy on the pocketbook half-priced low tariff lowered marked down on sale popularly priced real […]