• kadarion

    a young s-xy man who will always be there for you at any time you need love and affection get me a man like kadarion

  • strx

    it is short for streaks on snapchat. hey did u send your strx today? no lemme do that now!

  • gimmelstump

    another name for some really crucial pressure and the name of the town where doctor me: ay bro, you got any of that pressure? plug: h-ll yeah, i got that gimmelstump; that big boy pressure

  • temporary girlfriend

    a non committed female usually a friend that will have hot freaky s-x with you but does not want anyone to know about it and has no intention of entering into a committed relationship with you. “dude, i hooked up with my temporary girlfriend last night and we had some bad -ss s-x.”

  • touching teeth

    when a gentleman or gentlelady, gently touches his/her teeth on to their corresponding subject, gently. i wasn’t going to bite you, i was just ‘touching teeth’.

  • rettard

    a term originally established by taipan20. taipan20: you are rettard, obviusly

  • Jasel

    amazing jasel is an amazing person

  • quarter burn

    a gang burn using a quarter placed mostly on a part of the arm. the burn leaves an imprint of the picture on the quarter. it’s used for many reasons in many gangs. in some a member will receive burns from smaller peices of change to signify accomplishments and work up to a quarter. it’s […]

  • terrell owens

    a pompous, arrogant, immature child who is a sad excuse for an nfl player. currently, this wiesel’s outcries have put him out for the rest of the 2005-2006 season. he has single handedly torn apart two nfl teams (49ers and eagles). he always publicly humiliates his quarterback, his team, and the organization. he loves being […]

  • mikhaeel

    there aren’t any definitions for mikhaeel yet. can you define it?

  • Unasked

    Synonyms for unasked adj voluntary arrogant gratuitous impudent overbearing presumptuous spontaneous supererogatory uncalled-for undesired uninvited unsought unwanted unwelcome voluntarily willing not asked unbidden undemanded unprompted unrequested without prompting of one’s own accord Antonyms for unasked involuntary solicited asked invited

  • Networked with

    Synonyms for networked with verb combine, link attach associate relate join bridge affix span correlate wed couple conjoin unite tag yoke equate fasten cohere marry ally hook up consociate come aboard get into hitch on hook on interface join up with meld with network with plug into slap on tack on tag on tie in […]

  • Sealants

    Synonyms for sealants noun gluing, binding material adhesive plaster mud size gum concrete binder bond solder glue paste mucilage sand gunk tar birdlime sealant mortar lime putty lute epoxy grout rubber cement stickum

  • Wert subject to

    Synonyms for wert subject to verb be contingent on hinge on bottom hang rest stay found ground hang on pend turn on revolve around rest on be at mercy of be based on be conditioned be connected with be determined by be in control of be in the power of be subject to be subordinate […]

  • Loss of honor

    Synonyms for loss of honor noun disgrace ignominy infamy obloquy blemish humiliation tarnish dishonor discredit degradation disrespect shame disrepute debasement stigma stain black eye ill repute debasing Antonyms for loss of honor elevation credit esteem honor respect pride

  • Co wing

    Synonyms for co wing verb browbeat, intimidate dishearten terrorize subdue faze frighten unnerve appall bludgeon rattle embarrass daunt strong-arm bully dismay discomfit bluster disconcert enforce hector abash awe bulldoze scare overawe dragoon showboat buffalo lean on push around turn on the heat walk heavy Antonyms for co wing hearten calm incite comfort gladden embolden soothe […]

  • Wast careful

    Synonyms for wast careful verb be wary beware check out listen mind notice peg scope spot spy hearken be alert be careful be on guard have a care heads up keep an eye out keep tabs pay attention pick up on shotgun size up watch out Antonyms for wast careful disregard ignore neglect

  • Affixed a date to

    Synonyms for affixed a date to verb assign a time come from register determine mark record fix isolate chronicle measure belong to affix a date to carbon-date exist from fix the date of originate in put in its place

  • Faint-heartedness

    Synonyms for faint-heartedness noun cowardice cowardliness cravenness fearfulness pusillanimity timidity poltroonery Synonyms noun cowardice pusillanimity timidity unmanliness fearfulness dastardliness chickenheartedness spinelessness pusillanimousness Synonyms noun cowardice pusillanimity timidity unmanliness fearfulness cowardliness dastardliness chickenheartedness spinelessness pusillanimousness Synonyms noun cowardice pusillanimity timidity unmanliness fearfulness cowardliness chickenheartedness spinelessness pusillanimousness Synonyms noun cowardice faintheartedness pusillanimity unmanliness cowardliness fear cravenness dastardliness […]

  • Monopolizing

    Synonyms for monopolize verb dominate, control exclude possess utilize absorb engross use acquire consume devour hog patent manage employ own restrain have syndicate corner hold take up take over copyright bogart corner the market exercise control keep to oneself lock up own exclusively sew up sit on Antonyms for monopolizing ignore reject abstain lack need […]

  • Un civilly

    Synonyms for un civilly adv impolitely harshly crudely imprudently loudly roughly sharply bluntly discourteously barbarously boorishly brazenly coarsely contemptuously crassly curtly disrespectfully indecently indecorously insolently sassily snootily tactlessly unabashedly uncivilly uncouthly ungraciously vulgarly Antonyms for un civilly courteously politely civilly suavely Synonyms adv acidulously angrily bitingly bitterly impolitely uncivilly

  • Stringers

    Synonyms for stringers noun length of material used as support girder scaffolding joist shaft pillar pole plank timber strip bail bolster stanchion prop trestle pile boom stud spar brace rafter balk reach stay axle post strut column jamb transverse piling sill crosspiece lintel crossbar lath stringer cantilever two-by-four scantling Synonyms noun person communicating in writing […]

  • Baby grand piano

    Synonyms for baby grand piano noun small grand piano piano grand piano parlor grand

  • Most dogweary

    Synonyms for most dogweary adj tired exhausted listless weary prostrate beat jaded spent worn bushed wasted tuckered enervated bedraggled blasé dead done in droopy languid pooped worn-out zonked languorous overtired dropping all in burned out dead-beat dead-tired dog-tired dog-weary fagged out lassitudinous out of gas played out ready to drop washed out Antonyms for most […]

  • Paleohistories

    Synonyms for paleohistories noun study of the physical remains of ancient cultures or eras excavation paleontology paleology prehistory antiquarianism paleohistory

  • Be amateur

    Synonyms for be amateur verb play at; tinker trifle play monkey dilly-dally idle dally horse around kid around mess around play around amuse oneself with fiddle with flirt with monkey around muck around not be serious play games with toy with trifle with work superficially Antonyms for be amateur take seriously

  • Roll around in

    Synonyms for roll around in verb slosh around in totter flounder lurch lie stumble immerse tumble toss welter loll sway sprawl stagger wade blunder reel roll bathe in be immersed get stuck move around in roll about splash around Antonyms for roll around in straighten steady

  • Un sexed

    Synonyms for un sexed verb sterilize emasculate decontaminate neuter fix purify incapacitate fumigate disinfect spay sanitize clean geld alter change castrate autoclave desexualize pasteurize antisepticize make sterile Antonyms for un sexed aid assist corrupt adulterate dirty pollute remain help continue keep Synonyms verb sterilize animal fix change emasculate neuter unsex spay geld mutilate castrate caponize […]

  • Day to remember

    Synonyms for day to remember noun very special day anniversary holiday gala day special day

  • Most bad natured

    Synonyms for most bad natured adj hateful vengeful malicious murderous sinister vicious malignant wicked baleful catty dirty evil evil-minded hellish hostile lousy malign murder pernicious poison rough spiteful tough vindictive waspish despiteful rancorous bad-natured Antonyms for most bad natured benevolent friendly kind pleasant amiable harmless loving good nice liking Synonyms adj hateful vengeful petty spiteful […]

  • Did on the sly

    Synonyms for did on the sly verb wrap, hide protect coat blanket shroud enclose dress bury layer overcast shield mantle eclipse crown surface daub disguise stash hood carpet overlay cache cloak camouflage house curtain clothe screen envelop superimpose veil canopy enfold conceal invest cap mask enshroud shade ensconce obscure secrete put on overspread superpose encase […]

  • Insomnolences

    Synonyms for insomnolences noun inability to sleep soundly restlessness tension stress indisposition vigil vigilance wakefulness sleeplessness insomnolence Antonyms for insomnolences relaxation sleep

  • Most bangup

    Synonyms for most bangup adj great fly top fine champion capital awesome excellent first-rate wonderful bang-up whiz-bang Antonyms for most bangup unimportant poor Synonyms adj highest quality marvelous exceptional excellent outstanding superb best first-class great premium super superior superlative supreme top-drawer top-notch unmatched A number 1 A-1 bang-up best-quality highest-quality of the first water of […]

  • Level lines

    Synonyms for level lines noun map line showing height contour hachure isoheight isohypse isoline layer tint level curve level line

  • Gave a tip

    Synonyms for gave a tip verb offer recommendation urge charge prepare suggest encourage commend direct warn admonish instruct caution recommend point out counsel advocate prompt prescribe move exhort update forewarn tout enjoin dissuade opine guide steer preach kibitz give a pointer give a tip level with put bug in ear put in two cents Antonyms […]