• nozzle fucking

    the act of using a nozzle to f-ck someone or something, typically used in the nose region. often nozzle f-cking is a religious term used by the vudamimes, the vudamimes would insert a epidermalicall nozzle into the nasal cavity, immediately following, the vudamimes would insert there p-n-s inside the nozzle, is the p-n-s is too […]

  • kubenetes

    from pig latin origins- a highly infectious disease typically -ssociated with those of the code monkeys whereby the brain becomes infatuated with the latest software developer stack. typically kubenetes results in excessive amounts of money spent to silence certain people in the it profession. that guy has a bad case of kubenetes!

  • mitsubishi challenger

    most underrated 4wd on the market, don’t need big bucks to get far off road. challenger owners enjoy the confused look on patrol owners faces when one out drives them. i’m p-ssed my patrol can’t keep up with that mitsubishi challenger

  • sadlands

    the badlands, a roleplaying group on bearbonesrp.com, when the majority of characters are sad or have angsty plots going on. wow, the badlands is becoming the sadlands.

  • willow dick

    just before entering your d-ck into a stank p-ssy it becomes limp and sad. much like the branches of a willow tree. i hope i don’t get willow d-ck again!

  • Skiid

    used to describe being high. specifically in public places where saying “i’m blazed” or “i’m so high right now” would be inappropriate. a great alternative to use with you and your buddies to know your state of mind. “dude i am so unbelievably skiid right now.” (lady working at subway has no idea). “for real […]

  • cwunt

    a cute and nice way of calling someone a c-nt. melissa said to martin “stop being such a silly cwunt!”

  • polytricks

    politics. from the great peter tosh that douche is involved in all kinds of polytricks, that is why everything is all f-ck-d up. dirty politics that involve many (poly-) underhanded tricks. we’re sick of dishonest politicians and their polytricks.

  • irish slip

    when you leave a bed after copulation without the other party knowing that you’ve left mike slept with alexandra. when the parking lot lights were too bright and the fan was too loud to sleep, mike used his feet to check her id to get her name(in case she heard him leaving), and to gather […]

  • kttb

    acronym for “kick to the b-lls.” synonym for “epic fail.” used mainly for instant messaging, and texting. person 1: “man, i just lost us the state champ” person 2: “kttb”

  • Acidify

    Synonyms for acidify noun sour; change into coagulated substance thicken acerbate condense clot turn spoil ferment congeal coagulate go off acidulate clabber curd turn sour Synonyms verb split into simpler substances; be agitated fester ripen simmer froth effervesce seethe provoke churn concoct incite sparkle moil bubble boil fizz rise foam excite evaporate inflame heat overflow […]

  • Activating

    Synonyms for activate verb initiate something;t a function trigger mobilize stimulate turn on move prompt propel energize motivate actuate impel t arouse rouse stir switch on call up actify set in motion take out of mothballs Antonyms for activating dissuade calm check halt stop end discourage arrest

  • Suffered privation

    Synonyms for suffered privation verb want something desire require lack call for demand claim miss hunger wish covet necessitate thirst hanker lust crave long pine exact yearn do without be deficient be deprived be down and out be hard up be in need of be in want be inadequate be needy be poor be short […]

  • Wide receiver

    Synonyms for wide receiver noun football position receiver pass receiver primary receiver wide out

  • Codification

    Synonyms for codification noun categorization designation grade analysis arrangement allocation regulation allotment distribution echelon group apportionment gradation division assignment denomination department systematization consignment disposition assortment kind graduation order disposal organization ordination grouping coordination taxonomy grading ordering pigeonholing collocation sizing sorting alloting cataloguing categorizing distributing tabulating typecasting Antonyms for codification disorganization keeping retention Synonyms noun law […]

  • Art stricken with

    Synonyms for art stricken with verb contract illness catch contract sicken take be stricken with fall ill fall victim to take sick Antonyms for art stricken with be immune

  • Crayolas

    Synonyms for crayolas noun chalk pastel colored wax crayola

  • Enucleates

    Synonyms for enucleates verb clarify, expand expound elucidate amplify untangle develop dilate expatiate explain unfold demonstrate construe interpret illustrate clear up run down spell out work out enucleate enlarge upon give the big picture make clear make explicit make plain tell why Antonyms for enucleates compress lessen obscure conceal hide complicate mystify tangle stop confuse […]

  • Basket

    Synonyms for basket noun woven container box crate bin bassinet cradle hamper bushel creel nacelle pannier

  • Existed side by side

    Synonyms for existed side by side verb exist together synchronize coincide exist side-by-side

  • Glamour girls

    Synonyms for glamour girls noun attractive woman dish babe angel broad honey chick bathing beauty beauty queen cover girl sex kitten bunny tomato centerfold peach sexpot fox pin-up cupcake cutie cutie-pie dollface dream girl dreamboat glamour girl good-looking woman hot dish hot number raving beauty sex bunny Synonyms noun beautiful woman beauty queen cover girl […]

  • Art needy

    Synonyms for art needy verb want something desire require lack call for demand claim miss hunger wish covet necessitate thirst hanker lust crave long pine exact yearn do without be deficient be deprived be down and out be hard up be in need of be in want be inadequate be needy be poor be short […]

  • Meddle

    Synonyms for meddle verb intervene, interfere hinder intrude tamper impose infringe impede advance snoop encumber inquire interlope interpose trespass encroach obtrude molest pry invade barge in busybody butt in horn in mess around kibitz abuse rights break in on chime in come uninvited crash the gates dabble in fool with intermeddle mix in push in […]

  • Does on one own volition

    Synonyms for does on one own volition verb offer to do something suggest come forward enlist tender advance proffer present propose chip in speak up step forward sign up bring forward go in let oneself in for offer services put forward stand up submit oneself take bull by the horns take initiative take the plunge […]

  • Dose up

    Synonyms for dose up verb put under influence of medication medicate dope poison sedate benumb hit numb relax fix stupefy dose desensitize treat narcotize deaden blunt knock out anesthetize analgize dope up Antonyms for dose up enliven increase ignore neglect Synonyms verb drug desensitize sedate benumb hit numb relax dope poison dose treat narcotize stupefy […]

  • Pre occupations

    Synonyms for pre occupations noun mental state fixation obsession Synonyms noun absorption daydreaming engrossment amusement distraction captivation preoccupancy Synonyms noun total attention toward something concentration enthrallment immersion hang-up engagement fascination involvement holding engrossment occupation preoccupation captivation intentness raptness Antonyms surrender boredom distraction Synonyms noun state of being lost in thought remoteness contemplation reflection reverie thinking […]

  • Circularizing

    Synonyms for circularizing verb publicize for the purpose of selling or causing one to want disclose exhibit reveal communicate proclaim tout sponsor endorse announce promote display show divulge flaunt notify pitch acquaint apprise splash advise boost blazon expose unmask spot hype puff plug advance drum ballyhoo bill promulgate herald inform push uncover declare beat the […]

  • Go shopping

    Synonyms for go shopping verb purchase purchase get acquire obtain procure take market redeem score secure bargain for barter for contract for get in exchange invest in pay for shop for sign for Antonyms for go shopping surrender misunderstand forfeit market sell fail lose yield Synonyms verb buy, obtain shop earn invest acquire pick up […]

  • Cripeses

    Synonyms for cripeses interj damn doggone dang confound it cripes damn it darnation drat gosh-darn

  • Vale of tear

    Synonyms for vale of tear noun very unhappy life hard case hard life hard plight miserable life tough row to hoe vale of tears

  • Gets for the record

    Synonyms for gets for the record verb ask questions and evaluate question interrogate quiz examine consult talk converse get for the record get opinion give oral examination hold inquiry sound out talk to Antonyms for gets for the record reply answer

  • Hand in resignation

    Synonyms for hand in resignation verb give up responsibility relinquish quit waive drop abdicate renounce retire terminate yield secede leave fold forgo capitulate vacate cede abandon surrender forsake bail out bow out drop out hand over step down turn over demit cease work divorce oneself from end service give notice give up the ship hang […]

  • Mis dating

    Synonyms for mis dating verb occur or cause to occur earlier predate pace accelerate precede antecede backdate misdate anachronize date back forerun Antonyms for mis dating predate

  • Wert created

    Synonyms for wert created verb be published; perform perform play come out enter oblige come on be created be developed be invented become available come into being come into existence come on stage make an appearance play a part present oneself take part Antonyms for wert created disappear hide stop direct be real

  • Dead march

    Synonyms for dead march noun funeral procession cortege