• ZhanXG

    Meaning: A Dream as a gamer, never be a given up person Usage: I had a crazy ZhanXG last night. Let me tell you all about it.

  • Decarceration

    Decarceration involves government policies and community campaigns to reduce the number of people held in custody or under custodial supervision in the… – is the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons.

  • Performative

    People who more concerned with self-promotion, social media “likes”, or selling books & lectures; than they are about Actual Deliverables. People thought Tina cared about labor issues, considering how much she Tweeted about it, but it was all performative wokeness – she had no problems crossing picket-lines if the business offered a sale.

  • Wet Market

    A market selling live animals and a big place to become ill. Often found in China, the origin of SARS and COVID-19. Kyle: Hey, how was your trip to China? Chris: It was fine, though I did feel a little sick from eating that pangolin at a wet market.

  • Bubble

    To simply invest money with the purpose to make a profit. Bubble is to make something more than what it is. When you blow bubbles they multiply. I’f you say I’m blowin bubbles, this means to re-invest profit to make more money. If you say I’m tryna bubble, it means to make a profitable investment. “Yea man I’m tryna bubble” “I’m finna flip […]

  • TDA

    london police jargon for “taking and driving away” aka stealing a car/automobile. dizzee rascal: “go ahead check my files all day/bit of criminal damage and t-d-a/might be a little bit of violent disorder/but i aint never been locked away” twitter display of affection when two people that you follow on twitter will not even try […]

  • tauntiana

    the one and only girl who knows how to pleasure a man, and that is very sweet and kind to everyone around her, she is very pretty in her own unique way, she is most likely a pisces, she has a nice booty and very big t-ts tauntiana has a huge -ss/booty

  • mersey

    the best ship in the world. it will never sink for as long as it sails mersey will never sink!!!!

  • The Adele Effect

    a disease that causes humans to feel severe emotional pain from listening to adele. symptoms include calling exes, eating excessive amount of cookie dough ice cream and then as a result severe obesity. the adele effect is spreading save yourself while you can 0 0

  • book driveby

    when you chose to buy college textbooks through other students, and when you meet up, it’s basically like a drug deal but with books. quick, discreet, and to the point. a book driveby dialogue: j: hey man, you got that psych 101 we talked about? m: for sure man, 50 dolla j: here you go.. […]