• nozzle fucking

    the act of using a nozzle to f-ck someone or something, typically used in the nose region. often nozzle f-cking is a religious term used by the vudamimes, the vudamimes would insert a epidermalicall nozzle into the nasal cavity, immediately following, the vudamimes would insert there p-n-s inside the nozzle, is the p-n-s is too […]

  • kubenetes

    from pig latin origins- a highly infectious disease typically -ssociated with those of the code monkeys whereby the brain becomes infatuated with the latest software developer stack. typically kubenetes results in excessive amounts of money spent to silence certain people in the it profession. that guy has a bad case of kubenetes!

  • mitsubishi challenger

    most underrated 4wd on the market, don’t need big bucks to get far off road. challenger owners enjoy the confused look on patrol owners faces when one out drives them. i’m p-ssed my patrol can’t keep up with that mitsubishi challenger

  • sadlands

    the badlands, a roleplaying group on bearbonesrp.com, when the majority of characters are sad or have angsty plots going on. wow, the badlands is becoming the sadlands.

  • willow dick

    just before entering your d-ck into a stank p-ssy it becomes limp and sad. much like the branches of a willow tree. i hope i don’t get willow d-ck again!

  • Asyana

    asyana is an amazing girl, she will stand up for her rights. speaks her mind. nothing can stop this girl. this girl is also beautiful, she is a heart breaker. a strong person with a wonderful personality. cares for everyone. a really easy person to talk to about anything and everything. never lies. but did […]

  • cruntch

    the combination of the words crazy, c-nt and b-tch. this word is used to describe a girl or woman who has a paranoid, psycho, schizo or bipolar personality (or personalities) combined with vicious, vulgar or abusive tendencies. most of us know a friend or family member who is dating or living with one. r: “she […]

  • Neon Kidd

    the new type of emo/scene kid. it originally occurred when a group of people want to define themselves in a way that no other social group is described. neon kidds often wear bright colours and listen to electronic music, such as synths using mario© sounds. you will often find them in groups generally having a […]

  • Cosby Show

    when you go to the bathroom and the previous user failed to flush, thus leaving behind several n-gg-r colored pieces of sh-t, that resembles the cast of the cosby show. see also cleveland show. hey -ssh-l- you didn’t flush, thanks for making me watch the cosby show. something that is taped in front of a […]

  • Fools Gold Loaf

    a meal or a sandwich (whatever u call it) which consists of a pound of the grape jelly, pound of a peanut b-tter, one loaf and a thick sliced fried bacon.. person 1: did u ate the entire fools gold loaf? person 2: yes i did!? person 1: boy, you’re fat!

  • Pacifism

    Synonyms for pacifism noun abstention from violence passiveness nonagression pacification peaceableness passivity Synonyms noun harmony, agreement reconciliation accord love unity truce friendship conciliation concord union amity treaty neutrality cessation unanimity order armistice pacification Antonyms hate hatred discord disharmony fighting war agitation frustration upset worry disagreement distress

  • Wast uncontrollable

    Synonyms for wast uncontrollable verb be angry blow up rampage roar erupt seethe tear chafe fulminate bristle rant fume scold splutter surge yell steam storm rave overflow scream fret boil over be beside oneself be furious be uncontrollable blow a fuse champ at bit fly off the handle foam at the mouth go berserk have […]

  • Log out

    Synonyms for log out verb transfer data from one computer system to another load compute program run boot up keyboard log in digitize computerize initialize input crunch numbers key in

  • Gets up

    Synonyms for get up verb mount; get out of bed climb awaken awake stand arise ascend increase rise rise and shine scale turn out uprise upspring move up pile out roll out spring out Antonyms for gets up deaden go to sleep

  • Expendings

    Synonyms for expendings noun bestowing offering permitting yielding furnishing conferring conveying distributing granting remitting transferring ceding imparting awarding contributing donating presenting dispensing expending endowing supplying bequeathing allowing doling out handing out passing out Antonyms for expendings appropriating getting taking

  • Vendibilities

    Synonyms for vendibilities noun corruptness dishonesty sordidness vendibility

  • Paletot

    Synonyms for paletot noun sleeveless coat mantle shawl cope cloak wrapper cardinal wrap poncho gabardine tippet pelisse Vandyke capote mantilla tabard dolman fichu bertha manteau mantelletta overdress pelerine talma victorine Synonyms noun heavy coat raincoat parka capote raglan ulster surtout topcoat great coat inverness

  • Good examples

    Synonyms for good examples noun ideal instance epitome exemplar ideal model nonpareil paragon perfection role model good example ideal beauty perfect model perfect type person to look up to shining example Synonyms noun proper behavior manners best behavior good behavior good example Synonyms noun someone worth imitating hero heroine exemplar mentor example idol epitome paragon […]

  • Mis interpret

    Synonyms for mis interpret verb misconstrue misread err miscalculate distort misrepresent falsify misunderstand garble mistake Synonyms verb misunderstand misread err misconstrue distort miscalculate pervert misconceive Synonyms verb deform; falsify pervert misinterpret disfigure warp twist belie misconstrue deceive misrepresent mangle alter scam color whitewash sag bias bend fake decline angle doctor buckle snow melt crush fudge […]

  • Flies open

    Synonyms for flies open verb blow up, break out blow break rush disintegrate shatter detonate pop explode erupt barge crack rupture pierce run fracture fragment spout splinter shiver split puncture discharge perforate prick fly open gush forth rend asunder tear apart Antonyms for flies open mend combine fix join agree

  • Most have not

    Synonyms for most have not adj afflicted, abused exploited needy oppressed distressed destitute abject have-not helpless overcome subservient underdog underfoot persecuted a slave to led by the nose maltreated mistreated subjugated suppressed tyrannized at one’s beck and call at one’s feet at one’s mercy in one’s clutches in one’s pocket in one’s power under one’s […]

  • Takes notice

    Synonyms for takes notice verb hear and pay attention attend get accept admit observe audit welcome hark obey eavesdrop receive adopt mind concentrate hearken catch entertain monitor hear out tune in take notice overhear harken auscultate auscult be all ears be attentive get a load of give an audience to give attention give heed to […]

  • Mathematical statements

    Synonyms for mathematical statements noun equating comparison equalization mathematical statement

  • Photographed

    Synonyms for photograph verb take a picture with a camera shoot print illustrate reproduce capture picture turn get lens record mug snapshot film snap copy roll take photo Photostat microfilm cinematize X-ray capture on film close-up get a likeness get a shot make a picture photoengrave Antonyms for photographed misunderstand fail lose

  • Un boxed

    Synonyms for un boxed verb remove unload unlade empty take out unbox uncrate Antonyms for un boxed fill load pack

  • More picture

    Synonyms for more picture adj beautiful, charming; agreeable alluring engaging pleasing splendid sweet stunning pleasant delightful delicate delicious gorgeous graceful enchanting pretty exquisite handsome picture fair knockout winning dainty nice admirable adorable amiable attractive comely delectable enjoyable good-looking gratifying rare scrumptious beauteous bewitching pulchritudinous captivating lovesome Antonyms for more picture repulsive undesirable insignificant unfriendly unpleasant […]

  • Adjustings

    Synonyms for adjustings noun repairing mending adjustment repairing adapting ordering adjusting arranging

  • Free trade areas

    Synonyms for free trade areas noun free competition Common Market free enterprise free trade competitive market free market free port free-trade area open trade Synonyms noun economic unit European Economic Community EEC EU European Union customs union economic community free trade area

  • Bws

    Synonyms for bws noun germ warfare BW biological operation

  • Slowgoing

    Synonyms for slowgoing adj slow apathetic crawling creeping delaying deliberate dilatory disinclined dreamy drowsy easy gradual heavy idle imperceptible inactive indolent inert lackadaisical laggard lagging leaden leisurely lethargic listless measured moderate negligent passive phlegmatic ponderous quiet reluctant remiss slack sleepy slothful slow-footed slow-paced sluggish stagnant supine tardy torpid dawdling loitering plodding postponing procrastinating slow-moving snaillike […]

  • Was rotten

    Synonyms for was rotten verb smell badly offend reek funk be offensive be rotten have an odor smell up stink to high heaven Antonyms for was rotten perfume be good be excellent Synonyms verb be lousy, bad smell be abhorrent be detestable be held in disrepute be no good be offensive be rotten have a […]

  • Nest egg

    Synonyms for nest egg noun saved money savings account cache stash savings stockpile backup funds investment mad money means provisions reserve resources reserve fund emergency funds life savings money in the bank piggy bank rainy day fund reserves sinking fund something for a rainy day something to fall back on unexpended balance

  • Material goods

    Synonyms for material goods noun money, possessions, natural resources revenue backing nut wealth holdings sock income supplies collateral means funds capital kitty bankroll effects belongings wherewithal basics assets riches budget savings stuff property nest egg ways and means reserves ace in hole the goods Antonyms for material goods debt

  • Makes go of it

    Synonyms for makes go of it verb manage, contend wrestle handle confront get by grapple endure survive suffer tussle deal buffet face dispatch weather struggle hack tangle encounter carry on hack it make out battle with get a handle on live with make go of it make it make the grade pit oneself against rise […]

  • Kneeling

    Synonyms for kneel verb get down on one’s knees bow stoop genuflect kowtow curtsey bow down do obeisance prostrate oneself