• bleat about the bush

    make degradory comments about a hirsuite female i think he prefers shaved women as he will always “bleat about the bush”

  • penisexual

    when one is p-n-s-xual they love p-n-s so much that they sleep on p-n-s, eat p-n-s, drink p-n-s, and will even marry a p-n-s. when a person want to be p-n-s-xual they must first be a woman or translate themselves into a woman. g-ys are not allwed in the p-n-s-xual group because they have d-cks […]

  • willed up

    the act of taking a p-n-s and rubbing it all over someone. bro i willed up debbie last night all over the face

  • cornhouse

    a social outcast that cant fit into society’s rules. jimmy you cornhouse what are you doing in the bathroom?

  • dank davis

    the guy who has better pot than you do. he probably kissed your sister also. dank davis finessed my sister with his precious pungent herbs.

  • Col. Jacobson

    a pseudonym that people usually use, whenever they want to post racist comments about black people on a p-rn site. (most commonly seen on xnxx.com) (guy reading comments on p-rn site): “man, this col. jacobson is a racist mudaf-cker, f-ck him!”

  • Proverb Overload

    when you use proverbs in regular conversation. due to you or friends using them excessively on social networks to describe what’s going through your/their mind. person 1- “i’m really starting to see the gl-ss half-full ever since tom put up the ‘a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush’ proverb.” […]

  • jordash

    a word that’s not on the american flag. no, jordash isn’t on the flag.

  • Interstate 394

    a 3-digit spur route off i-94 in minneapolis, minnesota. it connects 4th st/washington ave/3rd st (the actual end of the freeway is uncertain to me) to i-494. it is about 10 miles long. between state highway 100 and interstate 94, there is a “high occupancy vehicle” lane which in the morning rush hour is used […]

  • bffltylthsfw

    (acronym) best friend for life that you like to have s-xual fun with. “marrisa, we have been best friends for like ever and your hot, so i think we should become bffltylthsfw’s.”

  • Pavlovian psychologies

    Synonyms for pavlovian psychologies noun reflex conditioning Pavlovian psychology classical conditioning conditioning

  • Attestable

    Synonyms for attestable adj provable, evident verifiable undeniable unmistakable obvious irrefutable conclusive axiomatic certain deducible incontrovertible indubitable palpable positive self-evident ascertainable evincible inferable Antonyms for attestable indefinite uncertain distorted vague doubtful obscure unverifiable undemonstrable

  • Haddest a lot to do with

    Synonyms for haddest a lot to do with verb have influence count tell weigh be influential cut ice deserve notice have a hold upon have a lot to do with have the upper hand have weight weigh heavy

  • Service stops

    Synonyms for service stops noun restroom break brief stop call of nature refueling stop rest stop service stop

  • The execution of christ

    Synonyms for the execution of Christ noun the death of jesus or the artistic representation of his death the Martyrdom the Passion the Sacrifice on the Cross

  • Wellfurnished

    Synonyms for wellfurnished adj fully equipped luxurious fully furnished well-equipped well-furnished

  • Assured

    Synonyms for assured adj absolutely certain settled sure guaranteed pronounced confirmed set secure clear-cut insured decided sealed fixed definite dependable in the bag indubitable irrefutable undoubted unquestionable racked clinched ensured cinched beyond doubt made certain nailed down on ice sewed up surefire Antonyms for assured indefinite uncertain unsure vague undecided feared distrustful doubting hesitant nervous […]

  • Bring downs

    Synonyms for bring downs noun humiliation abasement disgrace affront embarrassment condescension chagrin dishonor degradation shame put-down ignominy resignation bring down humbling loss of face Antonyms for bring downs esteem honor respect Synonyms noun ruin defile wrack beggar downfall sack total rape bankrupt destroyer botch bust crush overthrow exhaust mar pillage break spoil overturn undoing destruction […]

  • Osseous

    Synonyms for osseous adj of or like bone skeletal hard ossified anatomical Antonyms for osseous beefy overweight plump fat heavy

  • Halfblood

    Synonyms for halfblood noun composite, mixture combination bastard cross compound half-breed mongrel amalgam miscegenation half-caste crossbreed mule half-blood incross outcross Antonyms for halfblood separation division homogeneous pedigreed pure purebred thoroughbred unmixed Synonyms noun animal of mixed background bastard mixture cur hybrid cross mutt half-breed crossbreed mule half-blood mixed breed

  • Buyest

    Synonyms for buyest adj inexpensive low-cost reasonable low-priced competitive economical bargain budget buy dime a dozen irregular moderate nominal reduced sale standard steal utility at a bargain bargain-basement bargain-counter bought for a song cheapo cost next to nothing cut-price cut-rate depreciated easy on the pocketbook half-priced low tariff lowered marked down on sale popularly priced […]

  • Steam pipe

    Synonyms for steam pipe noun pipe through which water moves conduit main sluice plumbing water main hookah hubble-bubble kalian nargileh water conduit

  • Crackpot

    Synonyms for crackpot noun eccentric kook screwball oddball lunatic maniac nut flake crank insane wacko

  • Choralist

    Synonyms for choralist noun person who can carry a tune artist musician voice troubadour songbird songster minstrel diva soloist crooner vocalist artiste warbler chorister accompanist chanter nightingale chanteuse intoner melodist serenader yodeler

  • Am made up of

    Synonyms for am made up of verb contain, involve incorporate receive cover introduce add combine consist of have enter carry encompass hold comprise build count interpolate implicate entail encircle interject number bear comprehend constitute admit embrace inject insert embody enclose subsume append accommodate take in take into account allow for be composed of be made […]

  • Am stripped of

    Synonyms for am stripped of verb give up something in sacrifice relinquish abandon surrender renounce lose sacrifice drop be deprived of be stripped of give over Antonyms for am stripped of gain profit keep win

  • Blanket drill

    Synonyms for blanket drill noun short sleep catnap crash nap snooze wink siesta power nap rack time sack time some Zs spot of sleep wink of sleep zizz

  • Pokes holes in

    Synonyms for pokes holes in verb prove false invalidate impugn refute contradict belie confound discredit negate rebut shoot break deny contravene expose traverse negative explode controvert confute puncture overthrow overturn weaken blow up tear down throw out blow sky high disconfirm find unfounded knock bottom out of knock props out poke holes in set aside […]

  • Dietary deficiencies

    Synonyms for dietary deficiencies noun poor nutrition starvation hunger malnourishment bulimia undernourishment anorexia nervosa dietary deficiency

  • Goodnessed gracious

    Synonyms for goodnessed gracious interj imagine lord dear me gee golly goodness gracious Synonyms interj my goodness gosh well dear me gee whiz gesundheit golly good gracious goodness gracious gracious sakes oh dear phew

  • Estop

    Synonyms for estop verb impede bar obstruct plug preclude prevent prohibit

  • Murphies

    Synonyms for murphies verb trick fool dupe fleece rook deceive frame gull hoodwink con flimflam sting bluff swindle bamboozle delude set up take in chicane murphy gammon fake out play games with run a game on take for a ride pull one’s leg Antonyms for murphies give be honest Synonyms noun vegetable spud tuber plant […]

  • Illegal sales

    Synonyms for illegal sales noun illegal commerce run underground bootleg market gray market illegitimate business illicit business shady dealings underground market underworld market

  • Girt in

    Synonyms for girt in verb circumscribe encompass enclose surround envelop enfold invest cover girdle band environ circuit compass circle ring cincture halo begird hem in wreathe inclose enring gird in Antonyms for girt in release unloose free let go

  • Provisional governments

    Synonyms for provisional governments noun government by multiple parties caretaker government interregnum provisional government