• ZhanXG

    Meaning: A Dream as a gamer, never be a given up person Usage: I had a crazy ZhanXG last night. Let me tell you all about it.

  • Decarceration

    Decarceration involves government policies and community campaigns to reduce the number of people held in custody or under custodial supervision in the… – is the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons.

  • Performative

    People who more concerned with self-promotion, social media “likes”, or selling books & lectures; than they are about Actual Deliverables. People thought Tina cared about labor issues, considering how much she Tweeted about it, but it was all performative wokeness – she had no problems crossing picket-lines if the business offered a sale.

  • Wet Market

    A market selling live animals and a big place to become ill. Often found in China, the origin of SARS and COVID-19. Kyle: Hey, how was your trip to China? Chris: It was fine, though I did feel a little sick from eating that pangolin at a wet market.

  • Bubble

    To simply invest money with the purpose to make a profit. Bubble is to make something more than what it is. When you blow bubbles they multiply. I’f you say I’m blowin bubbles, this means to re-invest profit to make more money. If you say I’m tryna bubble, it means to make a profitable investment. “Yea man I’m tryna bubble” “I’m finna flip […]

  • blazilion wax

    when multiple women get together and remove unwanted private area hair by lighting each others farts. “hold on, let me get my legs up behind my head. ok, got the lighter ready?….1…2..3..go!!! teeheehee…wheeeewwww…stinky…but smooth as a baby’s bottom. thanks sweetey, blazilion waxes are the best!”

  • sunshine shower

    when you and your girlfriend take a shower and she sings you are my sunsine to you. dude that chick was so hot and after the movie we went home and took a sunshine shower

  • mexican short bus

    the act of using taco sause or salsa as lubricant either for the -n-s or v-g-n- we ran out of lube last night so while rosita wasn’t looking i gave her a mexican short bus

  • Rebel Beck

    an awesome nickname for rebekah. usually given to them by awesome people such as marines. rebel becks are kick–ss. they never back down from a challenge or logical debate. they are naturally loved by people, and can be sweet when they want. sometimes misunderstood by people who don’t totally understand them. always want what is […]

  • saltfix

    sucking sweaty d-ck. she sucked his salty d-ck to get her saltfix.