• Dry Bud

    Definition: The word Dry Bud often refers to marijuana leafs that have sat for too long and are now dry. Usage: That’s some dry bud you got there. Additional Resources: Drying Marijuana buds properly is essential for producing a good crop. Learn the different ways to dry Cannabis and choose the best way for your […]


    Definition : The word PRAYCIOUS is made of the root word PRAY and the suffix – CIOUS. The suffix CIOUS essentially means “Full Of” So the word PRAYCIOUS means “FULL OF PRAY”. SENTENCE : Our LIFE in our ETERNAL LIVING GOD is so PRAYCIOUS (FULL OF PRAY).

  • Woey

    A slang terms for bullsh-t. An example use would be “I bought a 10 piece nugget from McDonald’s and they only gave me 9. This is some woey!”

  • Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP) refers to the percentage of the bets placed over an online casino game that the online casino will pay back to players over a period of time. The RTP all depends on the type of slot game you are playing. These include classic slots, video slots, 3D slots and many more […]

  • Okurtt

    Something Cardi B says. You have to roll your tongue for the ‘r’. The ‘r’ kinda sounds like a bird call depending where you live. Anyways you say it when you are happy or like speech sis. Also can be spelled Okurrr and Okurt

  • str8 away

    in regular termonology, it means immedietly. as soon as humanly possible something that needs to be done before anything else can occur a contingent event that must come before another andrea: what are you doing tonight lee: probably studying, maybe jamming to “s-xy b-tch” andrea: we need to smoke, str8 away lee: andrea, i need […]

  • Kegstand Motorboat

    a variation on the traditional motorboat, in which a friend holds your legs up in the air, like a kegstand, while you have your hands on the girls shoulders and your face in her chest. i can’t believe he kegstand motorboated her. his legs were over her head!

  • Hippomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

    possibly the longest real word in english, other than antidisestablishmentarianmism. defined medically as “the fear of long words.” patient: doctor, i think i have a fear of long words. doctor: ah! yes! you have hippomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. patient: ahh!

  • Roast Beefing

    when a woman stamps her l-b– majora on a person’s forehead to claim dominance over them; the female version of tea bagging. she like roast beefing her men to claim dominance on them.

  • Mexican Doggy Bag

    after performing a mexican hot pocket on your girlfriend, you forget to wash your p-n-s before your wife gives you oral s-x. man my wife threw me out on my -ss last night after i gave her a mexican doggy bag.