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  • mehkaila

    mehkaila is a girl that’s funny and entertaining. she’s weird in a good way and i’m her is way. but to tell you she is not the person to mess with. she will really beat a b-tch -ss if she have to. but she has a good side too. she only have like three best […]

  • camryn glanville

    a gorgeous girl with perfect eyes and a gorgeous hair. people treat her like absolute trash, and she deserves way better. god d-mn camryn glanville is so hot! buy the domain for your travel site

  • rock and rick roll

    when you listening to rock music and the dude on the aux changes the song “i swear shawn, if you rock and rick roll me, i am beating yo -ss.”

  • manner

    a term used for internet games. when a player just plays games in a good mannered way and doesn’t talk cr-p or complain. usually manner players will always type gg gl hf before games and at the end of the game they will wait for the losing player to type gg before they themselves type […]

  • gaqe

    term used inplace of p-n-s. this term has be mistaken for gat. brian: suck my gat me: why would i suck your gun, but you can suck my gaqe buy the domain for your travel blog

  • Globalgirl

    a very uncool person that travels the world. “i’m so lame, i might aswel be a globalgirl.”g

  • exsocial

    the condition of not being social. henry isn’t opposed to being social he just doesn’t socialize; he’s exsocial.

  • epic wank

    when you’ve been spanking the monkey for an hour or more, doing your hand mantra and exceptional kamasutra to almost, almost, almost.. ..and then finally release a load so great it’s almost comparable to s-x – this is what we call an epic w-nk. -i just had the most epic w-nk last night, to some […]

  • Schnuffendoodles

    when all words seem to fail, this is the ultimate answer to everything 2(x-4y+z)-30456=schnuffendoodles

  • ilusmml

    i love you so much my love (sabrina) me: tstl sabrina: fu 😮 me: ilusmml :3 sabrina : …

  • Was on

    Synonyms for was on verb entertain by playing a role perform portray play enact represent feign rehearse ham personify characterize dramatize pretend stooge mug strut emote burlesque mimic mime simulate impersonate star parody go on go over ham it up tread the boards personate be on bring down the house do a turn lay an […]

  • Recidivous

    Synonyms for recidivous adj bad, hopeless hardened abandoned beastly incurable intractable inveterate irreparable loser useless wicked irredeemable uncorrectable unreformed Antonyms for recidivous manageable obedient good nice reformable

  • Metallurgic

    Synonyms for metallurgic adj made of metal golden iron hard leaden silvery mineral fusible geologic ory rocklike stannic tinny

  • Indirection

    Synonyms for indirection noun dishonesty falsehood infamy duplicity falsity stealing shiftiness shadiness deceit artifice racket fraud graft double-dealing infidelity cheating trickery trickiness bunk faithlessness cunning corruption perfidy craft slyness mendacity craftiness treachery swindle flimflam chicanery guile perfidiousness deviousness sneakiness hocus-pocus crookedness rascality hanky-panky improbity underhandedness unscrupulousness insidiousness wiliness chicane criminality fraudulence fourberie sharp practice Antonyms […]

  • Stirring embers

    Synonyms for stirring embers verb incite, stimulate rouse arouse inspire energize whip up inflame trigger galvanize affect kindle touch prompt spark provoke spur raise abet set move actuate agitate rile rally animate waken craze quicken electrify rout motivate whet vitalize urge excite wake spook awaken foment thrill challenge drive impel roust work up bestir add […]

  • Quantum physic

    Synonyms for quantum physic noun atomic science particle physics quantum mechanics atomic physics atomics atomistics atomology nucleonics quantum physics

  • In vented

    Synonyms for in vented adj fictitious made-up assumed fictional unreal fanciful simulated imaginary imagined made improvised queer misleading feigned fashioned fake sham mock counterfeit apocryphal artificial bogus chimerical deceptive delusive delusory dishonest ersatz factitious fantastic fantastical fictive illusory make-believe mythical phony romantic spurious suppositious supposititious synthetic created fabricated concocted faked cooked-up false figmental hyped up […]

  • Walking trip

    Synonyms for walking trip noun heavy walk jaunt tread trek traipse march ramble expedition hike footstep excursion turn tour slog stomp cruise saunter stroll footfall Antonyms for walking trip run tiptoeing

  • Olden day

    Synonyms for olden day noun distant past time immemorial classical times days of old days of yore former age old days olden days remote time ancient times Antonyms for olden day newness convention modernity now Synonyms noun past events, experiences past yesteryear yesterday antiquity good old days ancient times bygone times days of old days […]

  • Enrobed

    Synonyms for enrobed verb clothe dress put on wear enrobe Antonyms for enrobed disrobe

  • Wear off

    Synonyms for wear off verb go away subside diminish disappear stop wear away

  • Raise from the dead

    Synonyms for raise from the dead verb breathe new life into rejuvenate invigorate reinvigorate recreate reproduce reconstruct reestablish restore revivify revive refresh reanimate renovate exhilarate renew produce reawaken inspirit uplift change Antonyms for raise from the dead destroy ruin damage kill

  • Deviating from

    Synonyms for deviating from verb avoid omit circumvent sidestep ignore skirt neglect circumnavigate outflank finesse detour burke blink at depart from deviate from get around go around go around the barn let go pass around take back road wink at Synonyms verb be dissimilar, distinct vary disagree diverge modify contradict alter contrast turn qualify diversify […]

  • Coming to school

    Synonyms for coming to school verb achieve settlement mediate intervene interpose adjudicate adjust reconcile referee parley conciliate placate smooth negotiate soothe determine settle decide judge adjudge umpire bring to terms play ball step in straighten out meet halfway come to school come to terms hammer out a deal make a deal pass judgment strike happy […]

  • Is in the driver’s seat

    Synonyms for is in the driver’s seat verb manage an organization or effort execute oversee supervise conduct direct govern administrate carry out control head run render superintend boss ride herd on be in the saddle crack the whip head up hold the reins pull the strings pull the wires run the show sit on top […]

  • Cinerarium

    Synonyms for cinerarium noun columbarium ossuary crypt sepulcher vault tomb sepulture mausoleum ossuarium

  • Terra

    Synonyms for terra noun the world planet dust globe star universe creation sphere macrocosm cosmos orb terra firma terrene apple vale big blue marble sublunary world terrestrial sphere Synonyms noun the earth personified Gaea Gaia Ge Great Mother Magna Mater Tellus earth mother mother goddess Synonyms noun firm ground earth ground terrain dry land ground […]

  • Speak out

    Synonyms for speak out/speak up verb make one’s position known assert come out with declare insist let voice be heard make oneself heard make plain say loud and clear sound off speak loudly stand up for have one’s say speak one’s mind Antonyms for speak out shut up be quiet

  • Silo

    Synonyms for silo noun repository cellar granary safe arsenal warehouse magazine depository vault depot archive storehouse stockroom storage place Synonyms noun depository warehouse depot repository archive arsenal vault armory barn cache corncrib cornhouse grain elevator granary magazine repertory storage place store terminal

  • Fizzy

    Synonyms for fizzy adj effervescent bubbling bubbly sparkling aerated carbonated gassy spumante Antonyms for fizzy still flat

  • Get involved with

    Synonyms for get involved with verb take an interest in; participate take up begin develop enter take on undertake engage in be absorbed in take upon oneself Antonyms for get involved with complete ignore conclude end finish stop

  • More cleanliving

    Synonyms for more cleanliving adj good, ethical; innocent noble wholesome honest honorable principled righteous blameless celibate chaste effective effectual efficient excellent exemplary faithful guiltless incorruptible inculpable kosher moral on the level praiseworthy pure regular spotless straight true-blue unsullied untarnished up front upright worthy irreprehensible legit right-minded untainted clean-living high-principled in the clear moralistic on the […]

  • Feel confident

    Synonyms for feel confident verb long for, dream about count on hold assume wish anticipate expect cherish believe desire rely foresee pray await contemplate suspect sweat presume aspire suppose trust surmise be sure of deem likely depend on hang in have faith keep fingers crossed knock on wood look at sunny side look forward to […]

  • Being frank

    Synonyms for being frank verb be honest come clean be above-board be frank be on the up and up be open be straight be straightforward be up-front come to terms keep nothing back talk straight tell the truth Antonyms for being frank rough up construct deceive jag build lie turn point away

  • Yorkshire dresser

    Synonyms for Yorkshire dresser noun cabinet with drawers bureau chest chiffonier dresser chifforobe highboy lowboy tallboy