• kadarion

    a young s-xy man who will always be there for you at any time you need love and affection get me a man like kadarion

  • strx

    it is short for streaks on snapchat. hey did u send your strx today? no lemme do that now!

  • gimmelstump

    another name for some really crucial pressure and the name of the town where doctor me: ay bro, you got any of that pressure? plug: h-ll yeah, i got that gimmelstump; that big boy pressure

  • temporary girlfriend

    a non committed female usually a friend that will have hot freaky s-x with you but does not want anyone to know about it and has no intention of entering into a committed relationship with you. “dude, i hooked up with my temporary girlfriend last night and we had some bad -ss s-x.”

  • touching teeth

    when a gentleman or gentlelady, gently touches his/her teeth on to their corresponding subject, gently. i wasn’t going to bite you, i was just ‘touching teeth’.

  • barney on speed

    barney the dinasaur or barney rubble is on the drug, speed. lol, barneys on speed….lol…

  • Flanked Skank

    a sk-nk who has been ambushed from the side or the back and finds herself suddenly having s-x, but likes it. -dude did you hear about jackie? -no. what happened? -jared just popped out of the bushes naked and started having s-x with her. it was the craftiest thing i had ever seen in my […]

  • dog waffle

    result of a shoe being imbossed upon a dog t-rd. rick stepped on a dog fece and created a dog waffle. waffles made from dogs or from the school cafeteria… whichever comes first. me: wtf bbqs4uc3 is this? lunch lady: dogwaffle. me: delicious?

  • tostadocrastination

    this is when you’re watching tv and you have a bag of tostados and the dip, and you procrastinate opening it because you don’t want to miss whats on tv. i am procrastinating right now, by entering this definition for tostadocrastination.

  • kyss

    acronym for keep your sh-t straight person 1 ” yo, you called my sister a b-tch?” person 2 ” nahh, i called your mom a b-tch, kyss” person 1 ” oo, ight”

  • Dead certainty

    Synonyms for dead certainty noun certain thing belief certainty cinch destiny foregone conclusion lock surety positiveness shoo-in all sewn up cert definiteness open and shut case open-and-shut case rain or shine safe bet small risk sure bet surefire

  • Bobcats

    Synonyms for bobcats noun feline animal, sometimes a pet puma panther tabby kitty lynx tiger cougar lion puss kitten leopard bobcat jaguar tomcat pussy ocelot tom cheetah mouser grimalkin malkin Synonyms noun large cat feline lynx bobcat caracal Synonyms noun large cat wildcat cat bobcat catamount caracal

  • Battering

    Synonyms for batter verb strike and damage clobber mar demolish pummel wreck beat shatter ruin injure bruise cripple hurt crush wallop buffet smash pelt lash destroy punish bash deface dash pound disfigure lame mangle drub break assault disable lambaste thrash lacerate mutilate pommel maul contuse Antonyms for battering aid heal construct create assist protect surrender […]

  • In docile

    Synonyms for in docile adj unruly assertive bawdy drunken fractious headstrong heedless impervious impetuous imprudent impulsive incorrigible inexorable insubordinate intractable lawless mutinous obstinate obstreperous opinionated ornery out of control perverse quarrelsome rash rebellious recalcitrant reckless restive riotous rowdy uncontrollable undisciplined unmanageable unyielding wayward disorderly forward intemperate mean out of line refractory turbulent ungovernable untoward violent […]

  • Rapidly

    Synonyms for rapidly adv very quickly swiftly fast speedily immediately promptly briskly flat out hastily lickety-split posthaste expeditiously at speed full tilt hurriedly in a hurry in a rush in haste like a shot precipitately with dispatch Antonyms for rapidly leisurely slowly sluggishly

  • Floating hotel

    Synonyms for floating hotel noun passenger ship ocean liner liner luxury liner floating palace ocean greyhound passenger steamer Synonyms noun very large ship cruise ship liner luxury liner floating palace ocean greyhound passenger steamer

  • Antiquating

    Synonyms for antiquating verb become obsolete obsolesce obsolete outdate archaize antiquate show one’s age

  • Most assessed

    Synonyms for most assessed adj put off till a later time postponed delayed protracted prolonged retarded charged held up indebted negotiated pigeonholed adjourned funded temporized remanded stalled assessed scrubbed renegotiated in waiting on hold on the shelf staved off Antonyms for most assessed advanced forwarded hurried furthered hastened Synonyms adj paying taxes assessed levied demanded […]

  • Look square in the eye

    Synonyms for look square in the eye verb accept the consequences bite the bullet come to grips with be punished face the facts face up to face up to it grin and bear it pay the piper swallow the pill take the consequences make one’s bed and lie on it take one’s lumps take one’s […]

  • Crust

    Synonyms for crust noun stiff outer layer; coating layer surface skin bloom shell covering coat rind band outside edge concretion verge hull integument border film scab incrustation encrustation caking Antonyms for crust core interior middle inside center

  • Autarchical

    Synonyms for autarchical adj absolute autarchic absolutistic authoritarian autocratic autocratical despotic dictatorial monocratic totalitarian tyrannical tyrannous iron-handed monarchical

  • Be in the cards

    Synonyms for be in the cards verb appear, often imposingly emerge hover stand out overshadow mount come on portend brew threaten dominate soar lower gather figure show issue top rise impress emanate dawn bulk near await overhang tower menace approach impend rear make up overtop be at hand be coming be forthcoming be imminent be […]

  • Laid finger on

    Synonyms for laid finger on verb fight contend defend compete vie withstand traverse scuffle wrangle hassle battle row tilt scrap sock cross attack strike conflict brawl struggle buck duel rival feud repel rumpus quarrel break with gang up on lay out take on altercate fight over knuckle with lay a finger on put on gloves […]

  • Data sheet

    Synonyms for data sheet noun document that requires answers or information application questionnaire letter paper sheet chart blank Antonyms for data sheet disarrangement disorganization shapelessness

  • Un impressed

    Synonyms for un impressed adj composed, cool (animate) levelheaded temperate serene unflappable impassive relaxed gentle placid sedate laid-back aloof amiable moderate amicable kind patient satisfied neutral detached collected still pleased civil disinterested dispassionate equable imperturbable inscrutable listless restful self-possessed unconcerned undisturbed unemotional unmoved unruffled untroubled cool-headed poised cool as cucumber unexcitable unexcited unimpressed Antonyms for […]

  • By product

    Synonyms for by product noun side product outgrowth consequence offshoot repercussion result after-effect side effect spinoff fall-out Antonyms for by product source cause origin Synonyms noun harvest of fruit, vegetable output product produce yield vintage gathering reaping crops gleaning fruitage byproduct fruits annual production season’s growth Synonyms noun adverse or unwanted secondary effect reaction aftermath […]

  • Cofunction

    Synonyms for cofunction verb work together collude participate conspire cooperate concur concert get together hook up coact be in cahoots come together coproduce do business with glue oneself to go partners hook on interface join forces join together join up with team up throw in together throw in with tie in work with Antonyms for […]

  • Art up to one’s ears in

    Synonyms for art up to one’s ears in verb exist in abundance proliferate flourish thrive teem crowd swell flow swarm infest overflow be alive with be all over the place be knee deep in be no end to be plentiful be thick with crawl with have a full plate be up to one’s ears in […]

  • Transliterates

    Synonyms for transliterates verb figure out, solve resolve work out render transpose decode adapt decipher translate interpret transliterate puzzle out Antonyms for transliterates destroy put off defer fail idle lose miss neglect pass undo Synonyms verb translate, explain reproduce deliver interpret transcribe transpose turn state reword pass put restate paraphrase construe transliterate Antonyms conceal suppress […]

  • Showed error of ways

    Synonyms for showed error of ways verb argue, persuade contend urge prove dispute move discuss discourse expostulate dissuade demonstrate remonstrate establish debate justify bring around point out prevail upon show error of ways talk into talk out of win over Antonyms for showed error of ways give in dissuade disprove discourage agree go along be […]

  • Sharpies

    Synonyms for sharpies noun industrious person doer dynamo pistol spark plug go-getter live wire active person aholic ambitious person ball of fire beaver busy bee busy person fireball hot shot no slouch self-starter sharpy workhorse Synonyms noun confidence man crook swindler hustler con man deceiver fraud mountebank cheater barricuda bilker bunco clip artist fleecer flimflammer […]

  • More enclosing

    Synonyms for more enclosing adj encircling neighboring encompassing around enclosing circumambient circumferential circumforaneous

  • More bizarre

    Synonyms for bizarre adj strange, wild unusual ridiculous freakish ludicrous grotesque fantastic offbeat extraordinary outlandish curious weird odd peculiar comical camp eccentric far-out oddball off the wall queer singular way-out kooky outre bugged out grody outré Antonyms for more bizarre standard usual sensible commonplace customary common familiar normal regular reasonable serious ordinary

  • Cuneiform

    Synonyms for cuneiform noun printing on paper print handwriting script chirography hand scrawl scribble autograph calligraphy shorthand hieroglyphics longhand manuscription Synonyms noun expression by pictures script cuneal writing curiology hieroglyphics ideography phonographic writing runes symbolical writing symbology

  • Bums a ride

    Synonyms for bums a ride verb take a lift hitch thumb bum a ride