• nozzle fucking

    the act of using a nozzle to f-ck someone or something, typically used in the nose region. often nozzle f-cking is a religious term used by the vudamimes, the vudamimes would insert a epidermalicall nozzle into the nasal cavity, immediately following, the vudamimes would insert there p-n-s inside the nozzle, is the p-n-s is too […]

  • kubenetes

    from pig latin origins- a highly infectious disease typically -ssociated with those of the code monkeys whereby the brain becomes infatuated with the latest software developer stack. typically kubenetes results in excessive amounts of money spent to silence certain people in the it profession. that guy has a bad case of kubenetes!

  • mitsubishi challenger

    most underrated 4wd on the market, don’t need big bucks to get far off road. challenger owners enjoy the confused look on patrol owners faces when one out drives them. i’m p-ssed my patrol can’t keep up with that mitsubishi challenger

  • sadlands

    the badlands, a roleplaying group on bearbonesrp.com, when the majority of characters are sad or have angsty plots going on. wow, the badlands is becoming the sadlands.

  • willow dick

    just before entering your d-ck into a stank p-ssy it becomes limp and sad. much like the branches of a willow tree. i hope i don’t get willow d-ck again!

  • Demi-demisexual

    a person who can feel a minimal s-xual attraction to someone upon seeing them, but not have the desire to actually engage in s-x until a strong emotional bond is formed. a: are you a demis-xual? b: no, i’m more of a demi-demis-xual i still think that girl is hot, but i wouldn’t want to […]

  • Neasden

    cultural capital of north london. famous for its magnificent rail depot and neasden temple which is supposed to be the largest hindu temple outside india. also home to neasden fc, one of the country’s finest football clubs. “a holiday in neasden is better than a soapy t-t w-nk off a p-rn star.” (british tourist board, […]

  • vadrama

    when v-g-n- meets drama it is called vadrama. it is common with dumb -ss b-tches. tom: what is this b-tch-s problem? she has been drunk and dumb all night. gary: i am not sure but it has been nothing but vadrama all night. tom: d-mn man, you are right. lets get out of here.

  • spitzer

    to unexpectedly — and spectacularly — destroy your career in a single act so obviously wrong that having someone tell you “you should know better” would be blatantly redundant bob was on track to make regional manager until he spitzered himself to lay pipe on a prost-tute. it can also refer to getting c-ckblocked by […]

  • [doghoussin]

    doghoussin: inserting your p-n-s into your partners v-g-n- and going to sleep. no pushing involved, just a warm place for your dog to spend the night. after having hot s-x with shiela, jonathan decided to end the night doghoussin her.

  • Carry to completion

    Synonyms for carry to completion verb carry out, accomplish function do execute finish complete work behave observe take act meet implement operate achieve satisfy end perk transact move effect enforce react percolate discharge fulfill tick realize comply bring about bring off dispose of pull off wind up be engaged in carry through deliver the goods […]

  • Legal rights

    Synonyms for legal rights noun civil liberties human rights freedom freedom of speech freedom of religion God-given rights civil liberties constitutional rights freedoms freedoms of citizens natural rights rights rights of citizenship unalienable rights Synonyms noun right of way access passage legal right means of access

  • Latch on

    Synonyms for latch on verb understand pick up appreciate perceive accept fathom comprehend realize get apprehend make dig see take have compass catch follow envisage know take in cognize catch on get the drift get the picture Antonyms for latch on misunderstand dissuade disallow refuse avoid release neglect overlook misinterpret fail lose miss discourage stop […]

  • Inaugural

    Synonyms for inaugural noun initiation inauguration investiture entrance installation beginning admission debut indoctrination enrollment inception baptism induction commencement instatement preliminaries Antonyms for inaugural completion ending expulsion conclusion end finish

  • Provisioned

    Synonyms for provisioned verb provide, help gratify humor purvey supply procure outfit pamper spoil indulge baby coddle provision furnish cotton victual minister to pander to Antonyms for provisioned disappoint ignore hurt neglect Synonyms verb give nourishment; augment satisfy bolster nourish supply provide give deliver encourage maintain sustain stuff fuel find fill cram dine strengthen dispense […]

  • Rimier

    Synonyms for rimier adj chilly, freezing wintry crisp snowy frozen brisk raw icy frosty cool bitter intense bleak frigid arctic stinging keen cutting sharp chill biting gelid glacial inclement nippy penetrating piercing polar severe snappy benumbed boreal shivery chilled Siberian hyperborean icebox algid below freezing below zero blasting brumal frore have goose bumps hawkish hiemal […]

  • Internet publishing

    Synonyms for Internet publishing noun published material distributed electronically E-publishing online demand publishing online publishing

  • More inerrant

    Synonyms for more inerrant adj unerring, dependable authoritative flawless unbeatable foolproof acceptable accurate agreeable certain correct effective effectual efficacious efficient exact faultless handy helpful impeccable incontrovertible omniscient perfect positive reliable satisfactory satisfying sure trustworthy unfailing unimpeachable unquestionable useful true apodictic inerrable inerrant surefire undeceivable Antonyms for more inerrant erring fallible faulty imperfect Synonyms adj inevitable […]

  • Presses down

    Synonyms for presses down verb push down lower droop level squash couch settle sink dip flatten let down demit press down smoosh Antonyms for presses down comfort excite stimulate increase uplift rise raise cheer encourage lift make happy push up Synonyms verb depress overburden overload sadden bear down burden get down oppress press prey on […]

  • Domestic relations court

    Synonyms for domestic relations court noun family court court of domestic relations

  • Advantageously

    Synonyms for advantageously adv most excellently extremely greatly honorably sincerely attractively creditably gloriously illustriously magnanimously most deeply most fortunately most fully most highly Antonyms for advantageously worst Synonyms adv economically inexpensively reasonably poorly cheap moderately at a bargain price at a discount at a reduced price dirt cheap discounted on sale shabbily shoddily Synonyms adv […]

  • Most hyperbolic

    Synonyms for most hyperbolic adj overstated, embellished farfetched abstract overblown preposterous melodramatic pretentious extravagant distorted excessive inflated unrealistic overwrought exalted strained overdone steep artificial fabulous fantastic histrionic impossible sensational spectacular tall too much schmaltzy false hyperbolic fabricated stylized magnified bouncing embroidered amplified overestimated a bit thick caricatural hammy highly colored out of proportion overkill too-too […]

  • Most gimcrack

    Synonyms for most gimcrack adj cheap, tasteless tacky sleazy vulgar blatant brazen chintzy common crude dirty flashy flaunting garish gaudy gimcrack glaring glittering jazzy loud meretricious obtrusive offensive plastic poor raffish showy sporty flaring glitzy junky screaming tinsel Antonyms for most gimcrack tasteful nice sophisticated

  • Are in debt

    Synonyms for are in debt verb have an obligation incur lost behind ought to be beholden be bound be contracted be in arrears be in debt be indebted be into one for be obligated be under obligation feel bound get on credit have borrowed in hock on the tab run up a bill Antonyms for […]

  • Supported

    Synonyms for supported adj backed personally backed sustained financed promoted Synonyms adj supported physically firm held up braced bolstered floated lifted up Concept Thesaurus for word supported 2. LINEAR DIMENSIONS Synonyms – noun support basis bait [U.S.] purchase footing landing stage rest riprap supporter anvil monkey rib stirrup heel rod ratlings. alpenstock cowlstaff pillar pilaster […]

  • At this time

    Synonyms for at this time adv presently straightaway forthwith directly immediately instantly away first off here and now in a moment momentarily on the double promptly pronto right away soon today nowadays PDQ any more at once at the moment at this moment in a minute in nothing flat instanter just now like now right […]

  • Scabby

    Synonyms for scabby adj rough blotchy coarse notched scaly encrusted lepidote unsmooth Synonyms adj rough flaky branlike flaking furfuraceous lepidote

  • Whiskers

    Synonyms for whiskers noun hair beard stubble sideburns goatee bristles mustache Synonyms noun beard stubble sideburns goatee burnsides bristles mustache muttonchops side whiskers

  • Foretokens

    Synonyms for foretokens noun omen harbinger precursor auspice forerunner sign herald token warning prognostication promise prophecy presage forewarning portent foretoken boding Synonyms verb predict, warn presage foresee omen portend betoken forecast foreshadow indicate forewarn foretell promise augur prognosticate divine bode foretoken premonish Synonyms noun misgiving, bad omen apprehension premonition dread anxiety prognostic prophecy augury prediction […]

  • Dropt it

    Synonyms for dropt it verb take apart; uncouple disengage cut off detach sever sideline divide disassociate separate abstract disjoin dissociate part disunite dissever break it off break it up drop it unfix Antonyms for dropt it connect unite combine couple hitch hook link attach join plug Synonyms verb stop action adjourn break up terminate dissolve […]

  • Tossing a few crumbs

    Synonyms for tossing a few crumbs verb stoop, humble oneself vouchsafe accord submit acquiesce grant oblige yield accommodate favor concede descend deign agree comply bend unbend be courteous come down off high horse degrade oneself demean oneself high hat lower oneself see fit talk down to toss a few crumbs Antonyms for tossing a few […]

  • Am divulged

    Synonyms for am divulged verb make public break debut appear get out leak out transpire be announced be brought out be disclosed be divulged be exposed be issued be made known be promulgated be published be released be reported be revealed Antonyms for am divulged hide

  • Trans mutes

    Synonyms for trans mutes verb convert mutate metamorphose interchange transpose make modify transform remodel turn switch commute reorganize transmogrify transubstantiate apply download transfigure appropriate translate alter revise downlink restyle switch over Antonyms for trans mutes refuse stagnate increase preserve leave alone keep Synonyms verb change develop amend modify transform revamp adjust change shift vary revise […]

  • Working one’s way up

    Synonyms for working one’s way up verb progress in business advance progress prosper succeed flourish thrive get on be elevated be promoted better oneself climb the ladder get somewhere go places work one’s way up Antonyms for working one’s way up languish decrease lessen recede slump regress comply cooperate give in decline fail lose descend […]

  • Greenwich longitude

    Synonyms for Greenwich longitude noun base of longitudinal lines zero meridian