• healthy eating

    The food that you eat has a significant impact on your health and the quality of your life. Though eating healthy is simple, there is a constant rise in dieting trends. Unfortunately, this dieting trend has caused a lot of confusion. What is worse is that these trends actually distract oneself from the basic nutrition […]

  • non toxic mattress

    Definition: A non–toxic memory foam mattress is a mattress that is made without using harsh chemicals. These chemicals include toxic flame retardants, plastics, and various petrochemicals that are found in many conventional mattresses. Additional Information:  It’s the age of the conscious consumer, as more and more people realize the toxic effect that everyday objects can have on human […]

  • Popular CS: GO Betting Markets

    Esports have been steadily rising in popularity for a number of years with larger prize pools and increased viewership. It is no coincidence that betting on esports has also increased and esports gambling revenue is expected to double from $7 billion to $14 billion in 2020 in part due to the cancellation of traditional sporting […]

  • No Deposit Bonus

    No Deposit Bonus There are multiple types of online casino bonuses and they come in all shapes and sizes. One just has to look at the Promotions page of any online casino to understand the range available. One of the bonuses that players will come across at an online casino is known as a No […]

  • All Ways Slots

    ‘All Ways‘ slots will usually tell you how many ways you’ll win at the slot, such as ‘720 ways to win’ or ‘243 ways to win’, these numbers being much larger than 25 ways to win you’ll have at a 25 win line slot. Online casinos have a huge range of choice in terms of slot games and they all work differently, but All Ways slots are growing quickly […]

  • Samoan Drum Solo

    when you repeatedly bang your head against a girls -ss and then shove your head up it. i have a migraine this morning from giving amanda the biggest samoan drum solo.

  • on the regular

    frequently; with regularity. i go down south on the regular.

  • in the back seat

    when you see a extremely attractive person, but you want to be discrete about it. you basiclly want to f-ck them in the back seat. sam: man, check out sara! i wanna take a nibble out of her! chris: in the back seat, fosho. a very nice place to have s-xual intimacy with your sucnificant […]

  • ace loc

    a real gansta from new york yo i heard you’re now an ace loc

  • courdney

    a fine, cute and handsome man or boy that has all the qaulities a woman or girl wants doesn’t take cr-p and goes about things in a sneaky way to find out what he wants. he is the life of the party and everyone calls on him for everything d-mn that is a fine courdney […]