What kitchen is to your home, the oven is to your kitchen! You cook delicious meals on this appliance to serve your family their daily dose of nutrients, nourishment, and some laughter over a hearty dish. That’s why making a quick decision about this cooking device can be challenging. You will want to evaluate your pick from every aspect and compare it with your cooking habits, meal requirements, affordability, safety, and more. Let’s make your choice simple by breaking it down into main categories. If you get them right, it will be easy to take a call about any add-ons available with a specific variety or model.

Gas ovens

These can be low-cost options than electric models in terms of long-term use. But the initial price can be higher, costing more than one thousand dollars. Your monthly bill will be lower if you have a natural gas line connection at home. It can be your thing if you are willing to pay a high upfront cost and save money over time. You can rely on this type of oven for baking and roasting needs. It can keep your recipes desirably juicy and moist. Your meal cooking time may also reduce.

Electric ovens

The common household appliance can be easy to buy at an affordable price. Browse the best kitchen oven and stove at The Appliance Guys store. Many brands offer excellent options in them. Due to this, you can pick any model of your choice depending on your specific requirement. Busy people can benefit from it for ease of cleaning and use. Since newer models feature various cleaning, safety, and cooking settings, you can naturally lean toward these. You can get a good oven from AUD$ 450-10,00. One more thing you need to note is that electric ovens can be convection and conventional types. Their heating style is the differentiator. Conventional ovens cook food by heating it from the bottom, while the convection models contain a fan to spread warm air evenly. Convections can also operate at low temperatures.

You can enjoy brown and crispy meals if you choose a convection oven. Your roasting skills will also get much appreciation. Plus, multiple racks eliminate the need to rotate dishes frequently. Your baked items can also be more enjoyable. With conventional style, you can always go right with your cakes. Plus, you will be more familiar with its functions.

Steam ovens

You usually get this one in the range of above AUD$ 900. Earlier, this style was less popular. However, its demand has increased recently. People have started using this for cooking needs to reduce their dependency on oils. Hence, it has become a healthy alternative for everyone. The oven needs a water supply to cook food through steam. It can make your meals ready faster while preserving their nutrients. However, you may miss your crispy food.

When you know your expectations, it feels easier to make decisions. So, these are the typical types of ovens you see in the market. There can be options in sizes also, with the availability of two broad categories like single ovens and double ovens. Larger families can opt for the second one. Once you determine these areas, you can focus on other features to improve your choice.