Sometimes, you buy wall art to create a centerpiece in a room. You are sure and excited that it will make your room look stylish. But once you put it on display, something does not seem right.

Do not worry about this problem. Interior designing and choosing posters or prints seem pretty overwhelming. So, just follow the basic rules to ensure that you select the quality photo prints or right art piece for your room.

Wall art helps to define your style and personality. Moreover, it is helpful to pull all the aspects, build a character, and make a home look inviting. Therefore, it is a wise investment to make.

Although selecting an art piece may seem a challenging task, it instantly upgrades the appearance of a room. Here are some essential tips for deciding photo prints or posters for the space:

Size Matters


The most common mistake made by many people is that they ignore the impact of the size of art pieces on a wall. Generally, they purchase wall art but underestimate this fundamental aspect.

Pick small art pieces if you have a small vertical space or want to create a gallery wall. Otherwise, whatever size you have decided for ample wall space, it is best to buy the one size up.

As you know, people mostly look at your art piece by passing from a few feet away. So, it will look like a postage stamp from a distance. So, they will not be able to notice wall art and admire it lately.

Therefore, select an appropriate art size. Otherwise, the wrong art size disturbs the room’s balance. The following are some primary things always to remember while purchasing an artwork:

  • Art pieces should not be bigger than your sofa.
  • Hang a print or poster above 15 centimetres of your furniture. Moreover, be considerate about the ceiling height while hanging wall art.
  • Display a combination of smaller art pieces instead of hanging mini pictures in the ample space.

Refer Color-Palette

Do you often look for different ways to make a room look fabulous? If yes, then visualize a color you desire for your room. Pick 2-3 colors from artwork and feature them in your space.

This technique only works during the absence of an already set color theme. Mostly, people choose neutral wall colors and furniture shades. But, if you do not want neutral shades, refer to the color palette.

Then, include some accent pieces complementing your art piece.

Do not Forget the Style

It is not very easy to nail down your personality and style. But your home might have an established style and theme. So, while choosing wall art, make sure it fits and complements with existing décor.

But if you already have an art piece, tie it with interiors, adding matching wall paint, throw pillows, rugs, etc. The following are some of the art categories:


Nowadays, typography is highly in trend. People like art that features symbols or texts. This style basically fits with bohemian, contemporary, or eclectic decor.


Animal prints are a beautiful way to add sophistication as well as contemporary cuteness to a room. You can wall art related to peacocks, tigers, puppies, or any other animal that interests you.

Safari Animal Friends Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art



Some people love beaches or oceans. But, they can not visit there often while living in a stressful city far from beaches. So, you can choose wall art that reflects the coastal look. It will keep you relaxed and calm even if you are at home.


Are you a nature lover? If yes, you can hang pictures of flowers, trees, or plants to showcase your love for natural properties. There are different botanical styles prints available online or at the market.

Classic wall art, such as landscapes, nature still life prints, can fit your traditional décor. However, abstract art represents real life with surrealistic colors, compelling shapes, and plants close up.


Bonus Tips

Pick the right picture frame that highlights the poster or print. Make sure that the size of a frame should not be too big as it will steal the attention of the art piece. Moreover, it will give a cheap look to the print.