The Odyssey of Homer is a classic Greek Poem that narrates the journey of Odysseus, the main characters, to the island of Ithaca, from the great war of Troy. The poem narrates the various struggles, including mythical creatures that Odysseus faced during the ten-year period that was characterized by the brutal war.

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Homer, a Greek poet, wrote the poem. It was first published at around 700 B.C. Since then, Homer’s The Odyssey has been used by numerous institutions for case study purposes. Rightly so, this famous piece of literature has a ton of themes encrusted in it. Whether you are genuinely interested or working on your essays, here is a free guide to The Odyssey.

The Synopsis of the Poem

The poem’s main character, Odysseus, was a Greek hero known for his excellent combat skills and war antics. In fact, some might argue that he had a major, if not the most significant hand in the victory against the resilient Trojans. However, following the fall of Troy, Odysseus finds himself in a problematic situation that ultimately sets him on a treacherous path as he seeks to find his way back home. Coincidentally, the Trojan war lasted ten years, which is the same period it took Odysseus to get home.

During his journey back home, Odysseus faced obstacles, including Poseidon, the god of the seas and other water bodies. Realistically, the journey should have taken him a couple of weeks. However, he faces challenges from mythical creatures and possibly his crewmen who happen to be lazy and greedy.

Back at home, his wife, Peloponnese, simply known as Penelope, struggles to ward off interest from other men asking her for her hand in romance. During Odysseus’ long absence, both her and their son, Telemachus, are constantly battling people who are convinced that Odysseus is dead. His son, moved by compassion for his father, is compelled to embark on a journey to find his father. This comes in the wake of encouragement by Athena, goddess of wisdom and military victory.

The story is full of adventures and unexpected turns that conjure great themes perfect for a school essay. Speaking of which, should you need help with essays, consider looking up free essays online. There are a handful of free that will prove useful. Besides, we could all use some help and valuable insight on literary works such as The Odyssey by Homer.

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What is Odyssey About

The famous poem that is Homer worked on many pieces, most notably and relevant to the Odyssey, is the Iliad. These two compositions were meant to be sung as opposed to reading. However, compared to the Iliad, the Odyssey has several scene changes. Furthermore, the latter has numerous and complex themes.

The poem opened the doors for modern literature works to start the story with what is usually considered the end, and chronologically narrate the overall tale, describing prior events through storytelling or flashbacks. However appropriate as this may be, Homer was merely connecting to his audience with a familiar story regardless of the minor plots that are quite evident. Such a clever move guarantees the audience stays free from confusion.

Odysseus, as a character, embodies traits that the Greeks aspired to be, such as intelligence, manly courage, piety, and loyalty. His intelligence comes as a blend of excellent life observation skills, street smartness, fast-thinking, and caution. Nevertheless, the author does not fail to bring out the human side of Odysseus as he makes mistakes, is quick to temper, and often finds himself in tricky situations. Throughout the poem, Odysseus assumes many roles and titles, including husband, friend, lover, captain, athlete, sailor, storyteller, and, to a certain degree, a better.

Most of the characters in the Odyssey ‘feel’ like secondary cast members. However, his son Telemachus stands out. The author shows us his development from a boy to a man. At first, he seems passive and naive; however, with time, he grows into a man of action and courage. He is respectful to both older adults and the gods. He remains loyal to his mother and is committed to finding his father. In fact, Homer’s first four books of the Odyssey are also called the Telemachy as they follow Odysseus’ son on the journey to find his father.

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In Conclusion

The Odyssey is a great example of literature that takes a dig at a host of themes. Love, homecoming, vengeance, belief in the gods, respect, strength, hospitality, and, most importantly, loyalty are the major themes depicted in the Odyssey. Loyalty and love can be seen in just about all subplots. For instance, Odysseus remains loyal to his kingdom and people. He is compelled to return home to serve his people in his capacity as a leader. Additionally, he has a duty to his wife and son. He remains loyal to his family and people.

Telemachus’ loyalty to his father is quite evident. He embarks on the journey to find his father, regardless of what lies ahead of him. He meets with some of his fathers’ war comrades who instill a degree of fear for what lies ahead of his journey. Gods also confront him. However, Telemachus remains loyal to his father.

Odysseus’ wife, Penelope, remains loyal to his husband. Regardless of the 20 years, she has gone without seeing her husband, she remains hopeful that one day he will return. She is continuously plagued with vicious requests from men wanting her hand in marriage. However, she remains loyal to her husband, Odysseus.

Ultimately, the Odyssey is a compelling tale of strength and loyalty. Hopefully, the guide above will prove useful when you are working on your assignment or essays.