If you feel like you have two left thumbs and couldn’t put together even a thought without breaking something, you should try this DIY project. You won’t be disappointed, it is that easy. I ran across this DIY turntable onĀ  toptenthebest and it was everything I could have wanted it to be.

They claim it takes 18 minutes to assemble a Spinbox. Surprisingly, I can tell you this claim is on the generous side. I’m no engineer but I had mine up and running in about 15 minutes. Since then, I’ve been dusting off my old vinyl and reliving my glory days. A CD might sounds great, but there is something great and nostalgic about the sound of vinyl, even down to the little scratch sounds as the record spins under the needle.

Easy Assembly and Lots of Features

The Spinbox is incredibly easy to assemble, broken into 5 easy to follow steps. Like vintage turntables, it has 3 speeds to play any speed record you’ll run into. It’s touted as an all-in-one unit and the Spinbox doesn’t disappoint having built-in dual stereo speakers. But don’t worry. If you need extra volume for that house party, the Spinbox also has a line-out to play through whatever speaker system you wish to use.

Likewise, it comes with a line-in, so you can not only play records but connect a smartphone or tablet and play your favorite playlist through it. Speaking of which, for most smart devices, you’ll not even need the line-in at all. Spinbox comes with a built-in micro USB port as well. So you can play your favorite music while helping to keep your device charged.

While it won’t handle your record player bluetooth speaker wirelessly, it does support a standard 3.5 mini RCA jack which your speaker likely has. More importantly though, the Spinbox is about price. It proves you don’t need to pay big money for a quality record player. You also don’t have to deal with those archaic cabling arrangements old component systems used to have. The lightweight Spinbox is easy to carry and built to run with nothing more than a power cord and your favorite records. Did I say light?

This thing is so light the company makes a good living selling tote bags for it because you’ll be carrying it around with you for special functions. It’s just too convenient not to. The trick is in its paper construction. Yes, paper. Not the get wet kind though. This water-resistant paper housing is made the same way Apple product packaging is and is built to last. But it’s not only a key factor in making the Spinbox light, it also helps make it one of the most affordable turntables on the market today.