When it comes to your outdoor furniture, they’re prone to adverse conditions such as heat, strong winds, UV rays, and heavy snowfall or downpours. These external elements can damage your patio sofa, chairs, dining tables, and benches.

According to an article published in Cosmopolitan, your patio or small garden is a place where you like to spend time and even invite people to unwind and have fun. Then, worn or damaged garden furniture pieces will spoil the look of your outdoor space. You can prepare, clean, and use patio furniture covers to make all chairs, sofas, and tables look new this season.

Consider adding a patio awning

Your garden or patio is open and so add an awning to provide shade to protect your outdoor furniture from the heat, UV light, and other climatic elements. It will help in protecting the expensive sofa fabric and other pieces from color fading. Awnings will also keep your outdoor furnishings dry during snowfall and rain causing structural decay and stains.

These days, homeowners are using retractable awnings to take delight in the warmth of the sun during the cold season.

Use best quality patio furniture covers

Quality garden furniture covers keep your sofas, tables, benches, and chairs looking new. Yes, they look as good as if you’ve just bought them the other day. Furniture covers are protective coverings to keep them safe from the sun’s heat, rain, wind, snow, and bugs. Using furniture covers will not make the wood lose its original color due to the sun beating down on it. The covers also protect your patio furniture from critters damaging the wood.

For outdoor chair covers, remember to use materials having air vents to cut down on condensation collecting on the insides.

Clean garden furniture cushions regularly

You decorate your garden sofa and chairs with bright cushions to add a pop of color to the seating area. If you invest in the best fabrics for cushions and pillows, they can endure heavy hits from natural elements for years. And with weekly cleaning every month, your cushions look new for a long time.

Keep your outdoor furniture cushions looking new and fresh with a regular deep cleaning to eliminate mold or mildew. Use water and a mild cleaning solution to wash the cushion covers. Borax is also effective. Remember to use a garden hose and scrub brush for pressure cleaning.

Additionally, to keep your outdoor cushions spick and span, use fabric sprays to eliminate UVA or UVB rays and too much moisture. Use these sprays for your patio furniture covers, awnings, umbrellas, etc.

Store expensive garden furniture during rough weather

When there’s a severe hurricane or storm warning, it’s wiser to store your premium patio garden furniture inside the house. You can even store furnishings in your garage or shed to protect them from high winds, heavy rain, or snow.


Keep these tips in mind to keep your patio furniture looking new this season and for the rest of the year! Use furniture covers and patio awnings.