Twitter’s new shopping functions should make two groups particularly happy: online sellers and Twitter itself. They are still being tested. In addition to the paid Super-Follows, the short message service is currently trying out other ways to make money. To do this, Twitter is using new e-commerce tools, such as the Twitter Shopping Card. It should serve in the app to better connect tweets with online shops. It attaches to promotional tweets and shows product and shop names, the price and a shop button. However, you should be able to use the new tools to create organic tweets, reports media. In this case, not only brands but also influencers will get better recognition. For instance, artists can market their music easily.

People and brands

Twitter’s product marketing man, Bruce Falck, told journalists last week that people were coming to the platform to interact with brands and discuss their favorite products. Therefore, one is working on ways to bring customers and companies together. He added, “This demand gives us confidence in the power of combining real-time conversation with an engaged and aware audience. Imagine that with just a few clicks you can discover a new skin care product or a trendy sneaker from a brand that you follow and buy it quickly.”

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Twitter warns: Very early implementation

Falck emphasized that although they were “excited” about the potential of e-commerce on the platform, they were still at the beginning. Observers think the idea of turning Twitter into a discovery portal for e-commerce products is interesting. Social commerce has high growth rates and other operators are already further, it is said. A lot is happening, especially in the short video sector. The Twitter Shopping Card could just be the beginning of the commerce tools that are yet to come. “This is the first of many experiments in the field of commerce,” said a spokesman.

Twitter’s clubhouse clone reaches Android before the original

While the audio chat app Clubhouse is still only available for iOS, Twitter has now also made its competing product Spaces available for Android. There are, however, limitations.

Twitter Spaces is a pretty blatant copy of the concept of the Clubhouse app . Just like with the model, users can meet in rooms that are called Spaces on Twitter and talk to each other in groups. At the end of 2020, Twitter started the new service as a private beta under iOS and has since approved new beta testers in quick succession. Availability for Android users had been on the roadmap from the start. Now the time has come. As announced by Twitter on Twitter, the beta user base is to continue to grow and to include Android users. Anyone who is already a beta tester can now use Spaces on Android as an extension of the Twitter app.

The full functionality is not yet available. In the current version, Android users can take part in conversations in any open space. But you cannot start your own spaces. However, this function is to be delivered at short notice, as Twitter promises.