CBD bath bombs are a relatively new addition to the cannabinoid industry, offering a new way to soak up some of the benefits that CBD offers. Despite being the new product on the block, CBD bath bombs have become many people’s new favorite way to use this compound.

As their name suggests, CBD bath bombs are designed to be used just like regular bath bombs, dissolving in a tub of water. The big difference is the addition of CBD extract, which only adds to the bath bomb’s calming effects.

CBD bath bombs fall under the category of topicals. This means that the primary purpose of a CBD bath bomb is to treat external ailments and provide naturally calming effects. But just how effective are CBD bath bombs at providing such benefits, and how do they compare to other topicals?

How Are CBD Bath Bombs Different from Other Bath Bombs?

In many ways, CBD bath bombs are the same as regular bath bombs and are used in precisely the same way. The CBD versions come in a variety of fun colors and aromas, just like other bath bombs. Some brands also add fun additions such as flower petals and gems, another similarity that they share with traditional bath bombs.

CBD bath bombs are also used in precisely the same way. Simply drop a bath bomb into a tub of bath water and watch as it fizzes, and the water transforms into a rainbow of colors and takes on the bath bomb’s beautiful scent.

The main difference is that CBD bath bombs also contain CBD, which slowly dissolves into the water. While sitting in the bath, this CBD can be soaked up by the outer layers of the skin, acting like other cannabinoid topicals. However, bath bombs cover the entire body.

When Are CBD Bath Bombs the Most Effective?

CBD bath bombs are a type of topical and, as such, are not the most effective form of CBD in every situation. This is because the way that the CBD enters the body means that it can only provide localized effects.

While the way in which CBD topicals work means they might not be the best option for treating internal issues, they are often the most effective way to treat skin issues and other external ailments.

CBD topicals are often used for their hydrating effects, and bath bombs are no different. CBD bath bombs are actually one of the best options for targeting large areas of skin as all areas of the body immersed within the water can benefit.

CBD bath bombs can also be highly effective at treating painful skin irritations. CBD bath bombs are one of the only methods of applying a topical that provides the skin with prolonged exposure to CBD.

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Compare to Other CBD Topicals?

CBD bath bombs have many advantages over other topicals. The main benefit is that bath bombs can target large areas of the skin in a way that other topicals cannot.

The relaxing nature of CBD bath bombs also makes them one of the best topicals for experiencing the calming effects of CBD and treating anxiety. This is further enhanced by the fact that baths are generally considered to be an activity that most people associate with relaxation.

The one downside of choosing bath bombs over other CBD topicals is that they can only be used infrequently. CBD topicals are often used to treat aches and pains and, as such, require regular application throughout the day. With CBD bath bombs, this is not possible and means that they are most effective when used alongside other products.

Where to Find CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are still a relatively niche product and, as such, are not always the easiest to find. Many popular CBD brands, like Premium Jane, have started offering their own range of CBD bath bombs and are always a great place to start.

It can also be worth checking out the bath section in pharmacies and cosmetic stores as they sometimes offer a limited range of CBD products.