Cats are incredible creatures that always manage to surprise us with their agility. When one kitten was discovered abandoned out on the streets, no one thought he would survive – after all, he couldn’t use his back legs at all. However, this little guy proved to be quite the trooper and when he suddenly got a sweet new pair of wheels there was no stopping him!

20. Stray Kitten

Image: Instagram/wrennrescues

One day, on the streets of Oxnard, California, there was a stray kitten discovered on the streets. Despite not having use of his back legs, this little kitten was still on the move. There was nothing slowing him down!

19. Animal Services

Image: Love Meow

The kitten was eventually taken off the streets and brought into the Ventura County Animals Services in Camarillo, California. He was then given the name Bernard and was seen by one of the veterinary technicians there. Then, it was time to find him a foster home.

18. Reaching Out

Image: Love Meow

The veterinary technician that looked over Bernard then decided to look for a foster home for him. The vet tech immediately got in contact with Jenifer Hurt of Wrenn Rescues. They wanted to see if Hurt would be willing to foster the sweet kitten.

17. Jenifer’s Answer

Image: Instagram/jenifers_foster_kitties

As soon as Jenifer was filled in on the information she answered with a resounding “yes!.” She quickly rushed over and picked up Bernard. However, she knew that he would have to be looked over by professionals since Bernard didn’t seem to be using his hind legs at all.

16. Urgent Care

Image: Instagram/jenifers_foster_kitties

So with Bernard in her care, Jenifer quickly rushed him over to the Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, California. He was then examined by Dr. Rachel Wallach. It was evident that he wasn’t using his hind legs but no one could understand why…

15. Unsure

Image: Instagram/jenifers_foster_kitties

We aren’t 100% sure why he isn’t using his hind legs. It could possibly be a dislocation,” Alissa Smith of Wrenn Rescues told Love Meow. “He does have to get his bladder expressed since he doesn’t have the ability to urinate on his own.

14. Full of Life

Image: Instagram/jenifers_foster_kitties

Despite not having full use of his back legs, Bernard was still quite the active kitten! As soon as Jenifer brought him home she saw his dazzling personality shine through. There was nothing that could hold this kitten back.

13. Running Around

Image: Love Meow

Even though he only had his front legs, Bernard would still run across the house and have tons of fun. Still, Jenifer hated to see him struggle and decided that she wanted to help increase his mobility. But, how could she do it?!

12. An Idea

Image: Love Meow

That’s when Jenifer got an amazing idea! She decided that she would craft together a set of wheels for Bernard. After all, Bernard already loved to run around and she couldn’t imagine how much more fun he would have if she made things easier on him.

11. Makeshift Wheels

Image: Love Meow

So Jenifer decided to get to work on crafting some makeshift wheels for little Bernard. Jenifer headed to the store to get some supplies. She picked up a little cart with a trailer from a toy store and was excited to finally put Bernard on some wheels.

10. Running Free

Image: Love Meow

Finally, the moment had come to put Bernard on the wheels. As soon as Jenifer attached the wheels to Bernard he was off and running! She could hardly control the kitten as he was so excited to be able to move at such a quick pace.

9. Zooming Off

Image: YouTube/Love Meow

The second he got his wheels, he was off to the races with no hesitation. He really seemed to enjoy himself and zoomed around all over!” Alissa explained. She was so happy that Bernard was greatly enjoying his new set of wheels.

8. No Stopping Him

Image: YouTube/Love Meow

Over the next couple of days, Jenifer saw a side to Bernard that she had never seen before. Bernard showed that he could be just as capable as any kitten that has full use of both their front and back legs. There was nothing that could stop Bernard and Jenifer was amazed by his overall demeanor.

7. Capable Cat

Image: Instagram/jenifers_foster_kitties

He has no idea he is not like the other kitties. He is a sweetheart, loves to snuggle and makes friends with everyone,” Alissa added. Then, Jenifer began to notice something else pretty astounding. It seemed that Bernard was starting to use one of his legs.

6. Small Improvements

Image: YouTube/Love Meow

She has noticed him starting to use one of his legs from time to time but the other one is still non-functional. He gets along very well even without the use of his legs.” Bernard has been making phenomenal progress and everyone is always so excited when they receive updates on him.

5. Another Check-Up

Image: Instagram/jenifers_foster_kitties

Soon Bernard will be heading to the vet’s office for another check-up. There they will take another look at his legs to see what has been going on. In the meantime, they have plans on upgrading Bernard’s set of wheels…

4. Major Upgrade

Image: YouTube/Love Meow

For now, there are plans being made to upgrade Bernard’s wheels to a more durable set. “But for now, he seems to be enjoying his new freedom,” Alissa said. Bernard seems to be eternally grateful for his wheels that help him move about with ease.

3. Always Playing

Image: YouTube/Love Meow

In fact, when Bernard isn’t resting for a cat nap, you can find him playing around with his foster siblings. He is always running around and playing and getting into some trouble. However, he is so lovable that nobody seems to mind!

2. Snuggly

Image: Love Meow

Bernard also happens to be quite a snuggly kitty. He loves to curl up on one of his foster siblings and take a nice cuddle break. His foster siblings never seem to mind!

1. Amazing Progress

Image: Facebook/Wrenn Rescues

Bernard’s perseverant personality is quite inspiring. Despite not having full use of his body, this tiny kitty finds a way to stay happy, uplifted and motivated. Thanks to his new set of wheels there is nothing stopping Bernard from living a happy and fulfilled life.