As an Ohio resident, an adult person can carry his gun even with no license. Things go awry if you have hidden handguns. Likewise, there are regulations around who can possess firearms, where, and what types. The only exceptions can be the military, law enforcement, and other officially authorized individuals whose jobs require the use of guns. Since this area is varied, it makes sense to go into some specific territories for a better idea.

Concealed weapons

Ohio laws don’t allow you to carry hidden guns without a license. Or, one has to be in the military or law enforcement. Typically, roaming with concealed guns or lethal weapons is against state law and calls for first-degree misdemeanor charges. You can face a high penalty if you have any criminal history. The penalty amount could be severe if it were a loaded weapon. Consequently, the cost of bail for a gun charge can increase.

Nevertheless, suppose the police charge you for carrying a hidden weapon (not a handgun, explosive, or dangerous tool). In that case, you can defend yourself by saying that you took such a step for your and your family’s protection. Furthermore, separate rules apply for guns carried in vehicles. If you keep a loaded gun in the easily accessible area of your car, it can be a case of a fourth-degree felony. You can also face legal action if you don’t keep an unloaded gun inside its cover or rack. If you have concealed carry license or proper permits for hunting, you may not need to worry much. Still, you will want to ensure that you carry your gun, abiding by the rules. For example, you cannot even have a licensed handgun in college or university, government buildings, holy places, etc.

Also, if the police stop your vehicle and you have a concealed gun on you, it’s best to inform them. Let them also know you have a license too.

Illegal use of the gun

It is a first-degree misdemeanor if you carry or use a firearm or explosive after consuming illegal drugs or alcohol. You will face a penalty for this, which can be the same as bringing a gun with a damaged serial number. Plus, you cannot use guns in many places in the state, such as a home, school area, public road, in or from a car, etc. Using a firearm to create panic in school or residential areas will invite second-degree felony charges. Using a gun on public roads can bring first-degree misdemeanor or second or third-degree felony charges based on the degree of damage. And it’s a four-degree misdemeanor if you use a gun in school, church, and other building grounds. The criminal charges might become severe if you brandished a weapon during robbery or assault.

What should one not have or carry?

In Ohio, possession of weapons like ballistic knives, ammunition, mines, rocket launchers, bombs, silencers, sawed-off firearms, and a few others can lead to a fifth-degree felony. If you get caught with any of these, you must fight a legal battle to defend yourself. For this, you must seek bail first. Since the bail amount can be higher depending on criminal charges, you can approach a bail bonds agency for help, as hinted above.

Playing safe when it comes to having guns or other weapons is critical to avoid unnecessary legal complications.