Fast Track Your Casino Self-Exclusion with GamStop

A quick look over the list of casino and gambling sites that are licensed and regulated in the UK on the UK Gambling Commissions website will reveal to you that there are certainly no shortages of sites at which you can very quickly sign up to and start to gamble at.

However, it does have to be noted that some people are going to start to experience gambling related problems when they set about gambling online, and that Gambling Commission has put into place a number of initiatives to ensure those who need help to give up gambling can set about doing so.

Take for example the GamStop scheme, that has been going strong for quite some time now and any gambling site operator that does hold a UK issued gambling license is now legally obliged to become part of that scheme. What GamStop offers is a way for anyone in the United Kingdom to self-exclude themselves from every single gambling site that is both part of that scheme and is licensed in the UK too.

The other operators that don’t have a UK license are known as non GamStop casinos and will still be available online and listed on sites that offer players the possibility to register and play at a casino not on GamStop.

By singly adding your name and your personal details onto the GamStop self-exclusion register those UK based and licensed gambling site operators must then close and quickly close down any accounts that you currently hold with them, and all other gambling sites that are part of the GamStop scheme must not allow you to be able to sign up to their respective gaming sites at any time in the future.

Ensure You Self-Exclude from All Online Casinos

Now, what I do also need you to be fully aware of, is that whilst you will of course be as good as instantly self-excluding yourself for every single casino and gambling site that holds a current UK Gambling Commission issued gambling license when you register with GamStop, that does not mean you are additionally self-excluded from those gambling sites that are licensed elsewhere.

As the gambling site operators that are required by law to become GamStop members, gambling sites licensed and located anywhere else in the world are not, and therefore the only way you are going to be able to successfully remove temptation from your way regarding signing up to any such casino or gambling site will be to self-exclude yourself from those other sites as well.

As for where you can find out just which casinos they are, well have a look at this list of Casinos not on GamStop as it is a very comprehensive list of those casinos and you will soon be able to contact the operators of each of those casinos and ask to be self-excluded from each of them.

Be aware too that be signing up to GamStop you will also have your mobile gambling app accounts closed at the member sites, so you will not be given access to a mobile gambling app as your accounts much like your online accounts will be closed and you will not be given access to them in the future which is good to know of course.

Make it Your Mission to Give Up Gambling

I am sure that there will be plenty of you out there that are reading this article who do know deep down that you do have a gambling problem, but at the end of the day it is going to be down to you to reach out and get that all important help and support you are going to need to stop gambling altogether.

With that in mind there are three organisations that have a rock-solid reputation for helping and supporting whilst at the same time offering practical advice to anyone that does have a gambling related problem, all of whom you should consider reaching out to and asking for assistance.

The first of them is Gamblers Anonymous, they have been around for an exceedingly long time and a huge, and I do mean huge number of people have manged to give up gambling altogether with their support.

I would also very strongly advise you to check out the information that you will find contained over on the GamCare website, and also do additional consider seeking help with gambling problems via the NHS who can also help you recover from gambling problems as well.