These top 3 secrets can massively increase your chances of earning when gambling.

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There are two types of gaming options in casinos. This includes those based on luck like slots. While others require players to have a specific skill set. A good example of this is the fish game. This article will unveil secrets that players can employ to increase their earnings from these types of games in 2023.

What are Fish Games?

Before discussing the top 3 fish table game secrets 2023, we need to understand the gameplay itself first.

For those who are not familiar, the fish game is a type of casino gambling where players use water cannons to shoot at underwater creatures. It is similar to the target you play at fairs or amusement parks.

Top 3 Fish Table Game Secrets to Increase Your Earnings in 2023

The process of gameplay is very simple and straightforward. Each creature has a specific value attached to them. Hitting them increases your points, and ultimately, your payout. Outside the basic methods, there are a few tricks players can employ for a bigger payout.

These processes are legal and not contrary to the rules of gameplay. There are no penalties for exploiting these avenues. Without much ado, here are the top 3 fish table game secrets to increase your earnings in 2023.

Turn on Fish Information

How do you identify which fish to shoot if you do not understand how much it is worth? You can be very good at aiming, but will not make a significant score if you do not hit the right creatures. Many players are of the opinion that bigger fishes mean a more significant reward. However, this is not always the case.

In turn, it is hard to determine the most significant ones to go for when you do not know their value. As such, players are encouraged to turn on the feature that gives details of this fish. This is one of the top 3 fish table game secrets 2023 that are rewarding other players.

Enable the Auto-Aim Feature

Not everyone is excellent at playing a fish table game. However, there are ways to augment your lack of experience. Another of these secrets to use in 2023 is enabling the auto-aim feature. This process involves outsourcing the aiming to the computer.

The system locks on to a specific fish if it is within your target radius. While this may not seem like some top fish table secrets to employ in 2023, it is actually very effective. Unlike having to do it manually, auto-aim reassures you that the creature is within range.

Shoot Fishes in a School

Unless you are targeting a rare fish, it is in your best interest to aim for fishes swarmed together. One reason for this is that it increases your chances of hitting a target. With the auto-aim feature on, the possibility of missing out is very low. Nevertheless, you should always time your shots.


As shown above, these top 3 fish table game secrets 2023 are not difficult to implement. They are simply hidden features that you either didn’t know existed or never really bothered to use. The top earners are using it and you should do too.